Top 6 1000cc ATVs for Off-roading in 2024

Top 6 1000cc ATVs for Off-roading

Are you an avid ATV rider looking for a new high-performance machine in 2024? If you want maximum power, acceleration, and exhilaration on the trails, a 1000cc ATV is tough to beat. These large displacement models offer incredible speed combined with versatility to handle everything from recreational trail riding to utility work and racing.

After extensive research comparing over a dozen 1000cc ATVs on the market this year, we narrowed it down to the top 6 models that deliver the best mix of power, features, reliability and value. Read on for full reviews of our picks for the best 1000cc ATVs of 2024.

How We Chose the Best 1000cc ATVs?

We evaluated over a dozen of the latest 1000cc ATVs from all the major manufacturers based on the following criteria:

  • Engine Performance: Horsepower, torque, throttle response, top speed, acceleration.
  • Transmission: Type, speed, clutch feel, gearing for optimal power band.
  • Handling: Suspension components, steering geometry, balance and stability at speed and on turns.
  • Build Quality: Component durability, fit and finish, reliability reputation.
  • Features: Accessories, storage, tech features, customization options.
  • Value: Balance of performance, quality and price.

We compared manufacturer specs, read reviews from experts and owners, watched test drives and videos, and drew on our experience riding and reviewing ATVs.

From mud-slinging monster trucks to high speed desert racers, the 1000cc class offers incredible power and versatility. Let’s look at the top models that stood out in our research.

Reviews of the 6 Best 1000cc ATVs for 2023

1. Yamaha YFZ450R

The Yamaha YFZ450R is our pick for the best high performance sport ATV, packing a potent engine into a nimble, race-ready chassis.


Engine449cc liquid-cooled single cylinder 4-stroke
Horsepower110 hp
Transmission5-speed manual clutch
Wheelbase50.8 in
Weight405 lb
Seat Height31.9 in

This lightweight sport ATV is powered by a 4-stroke single cylinder engine putting out 110 hp, one of the most powerful in its class. The 5-speed manual transmission with hydraulic clutch provides quick acceleration and a wide power band to keep the YFZ450R in its sweet spot.

Performance And Handling

The potent engine launches the YFZ450R from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds. It rips through trails, powers up steep hills and screams to a top speed over 75 mph. The snappy throttle response and broad powerband keep the YFZ450R in the meat of its power, while the transmission ratios let you optimize gearing for any riding condition.

The fully adjustable suspension soaks up rough trails and keeps the tires glued for hard cornering and high speed handling. The throttle limiting system helps reign things in to avoid accidental wheelies or rollovers. Dual counterbalanced axles reduce vibration for smoother performance.

Reviewers praise the YFZ450R for its incredible power yet predictable high speed handling. The ergonomics give you excellent control and agility. It remains stable and inspires confidence even at its limits.


The YFZ450R was built for performance, but still includes several nice features:

  • Push button electric start for easy firing up.
  • Digital instruments display speed, RPM, hours and more.
  • Adjustable handlebar positioning.
  • Standard front and rear racks for cargo.
  • Customizable with a range of Yamaha Genuine Accessories.

With its race-ready suspension and chassis, the YFZ450R is best suited for experienced sport riders looking for a potent machine to dominate trails and sand dunes. It’s an absolute blast to ride.


  • Potent engine pumps out 110 hp
  • Race-tuned suspension for high speed handling
  • Incredible acceleration and throttle response
  • Lightning quick steering and handling
  • Durable and reliable powerplant


  • On the pricier side
  • Not recommended for inexperienced riders
  • Limited cargo and accessory options
  • Can be a handful at its limits

2. Polaris RZR 1000

The Polaris RZR 1000 made our list for its world-class combination of horsepower, suspension, comfort and trail conquering abilities.


Engine999cc twin cylinder DOHC 4-stroke
Horsepower110 hp
TransmissionAutomatic PVT
Wheelbase90.6 in
Weight1,379 lb
Seat Height12.5 in

This side-by-side packs a 110 hp twin cylinder engine mated to a variable transmission for blistering acceleration whether climbing rocky trails or blasting across open desert.

The RZR 1000 features an On-Demand true AWD system that engages all four wheels when you need maximum traction. Fox internal bypass shocks provide a plush 18 inches of suspension travel to soak up rugged terrain and land jumps smoothly.

The RZR 1000 offers unmatched capabilities over the toughest trails with its power, suspension and AWD – yet still delivers a comfortable ride.

Performance And Handling

Step on the gas and the 999cc engine rockets the RZR 1000 forward reaching 60 mph in 4.4 seconds – while still providing controllable power. The PVT transmission keeps engine rpm in the ideal range for maximum acceleration and efficiency. On-Demand AWD engages the front wheels instantaneously when rear wheel slippage is detected, ideal for mud, rocks and hills.

The 3-mode throttle system lets you tailor engine response from mellow cruising to aggressive sport driving. Fox Podium suspension soaks up rough conditions and big hits with ease while eliminating body roll. Beefy 29″ Maxxis Bighorn tires add traction and resist punctures.

In turns and at speed, the RZR 1000 handles predictably with quick steering and stability. The strong braking performance hauls it down from speed. In all conditions, the RZR 1000 gives you confidence to push harder into the throttle and take on rugged terrain at speed.


Polaris packs the RZR 1000 with features to enhance the ride:

  • 3-mode throttle for performance customization.
  • High-bolstered bucket seats for comfort and support.
  • 7″ LCD color display with speedometer, gauges and alerts.
  • Integrated storage compartments and dual glove boxes.
  • High clearance wheel wells allow 29″ tire upgrades.
  • Optional audio system, roof, windshield and other accessories.

The RZR 1000 is well suited as a high performance recreational sport UTV, though it can be configured for utility work as well. The comfortable interior and plush ride balance its blistering speed for less fatiguing days on the trails.


  • Incredible power from 999cc twin cylinder engine
  • Dialed-in long travel suspension for rough trails
  • On-Demand AWD for max traction
  • Comfortable interior and ride quality
  • Highly customizable and great accessory options


  • Heavy curb weight over 1300 lbs
  • Can be pricey with all the accessory upgrades
  • Thirsty engine averages 10 mpg
  • Limited front storage space

3. Honda Pioneer 1000

The Honda Pioneer 1000 is our top pick as the best 1000cc ATV for recreational and utility use with its class-leading towing capacity, storage space, and comfort features.


Engine999cc twin cylinder
Horsepower83 hp
TransmissionAutomatic DCT / 6-speed manual
Wheelbase76 in
Weight1538 lb
Towing Capacity2500 lb

The 999cc twin cylinder engine produces a respectable 83 horsepower yet remains docile and controllable during work use. You have the option of the easy-to-use automatic DCT transmission or 6-speed manual.

With its long wheelbase and independent rear suspension, the Pioneer 1000 provides an exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride over rough terrain. The hydraulic disc brakes give strong, reliable stopping power even when loaded or towing heavy cargo.

Honda designed the Pioneer for serious utility use with huge front storage capacity, a 2500 pound tow rating, dual doors, and serious off-road capabilities. Yet it retains Honda’s reputation for quality, comfort, and reliability.

Performance And Handling

The 999cc engine provides smooth controllable power ideal for utility use, along with decent torque for towing heavy loads up to 2500 pounds. The automatic DCT makes shifting easy, while the manual transmission allows gearing control.

Long suspension travel, dual wishbone independent rear suspension, and standard engine braking give the Pioneer stability and traction on steep hills, rough conditions, and when carrying cargo or towing. The strong disc brakes provide reliable stopping when loaded. Generous ground clearance enables traversing rocky trails.

Despite its size and capabilities, the Pioneer 1000 is surprisingly maneuverable on trails with light steering and a tight turning radius. The adjustable tilt steering column and spacious cabin offer comfort even during long days.


The Pioneer 1000 includes a range of features to enhance utility and comfort:

  • Massive front storage trunk with seals and drains.
  • Standard winch mount and tow hitch pkg.
  • Dual doors for easy entry and secure storage.
  • Bluetooth/smartphone integration and USB charging.
  • Tilt adjustable steering column.
  • Plush adjustable seats.
  • Available cab accessories for weather protection.

The Pioneer 1000 is highly regarded for its incredible durability, reliability, and comfort – especially impressive given its capabilities and price point. It’s the Swiss Army knife of 1000cc ATVs.


  • Huge storage capacity and towing ability
  • Proven reliability and build quality
  • Smooth 999cc engine power
  • Comfort-tuned long travel suspension
  • Available in 2 seat and 4 seat models
  • Great value compared to rivals


  • Automatic transmission only available in 2 seat
  • Less sporty and nimble than rivals
  • Entry can be tricky with bulky cargo
  • Accessory doors/cab are added expenses

4. Can-Am Outlander 1000R

With hardcore off-road capabilities and a huge accessory catalog, the Can-Am Outlander 1000R is one of the most versatile big bore ATVs around.


Engine976cc V-twin Rotax
Horsepower91 hp
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Wheelbase59 in
Weight895 lb
Towing Capacity1650 lb

This Rotax ATV motor pumps out 91 hp and intelligent throttle control for power on demand. The drivetrain options include an easy-to-use automatic CVT transmission for control.

Can-Am equips the Outlander 1000R with excellent all-terrain components like tri-mode dynamic power steering and Visco-Lok auto-locking front differential for max traction in mud, sand and snow. Beefy Carlisle tires and upgraded FOX HPG shocks improve rough trail capability.

The modular design enables you to transform the Outlander from a 2-seat trail machine to a 4-seat utility workhorse or hunting ATV with Can-Am’s unrivaled accessory catalog.

Performance And Handling

The 976cc V-twin provides muscular acceleration when you need it, yet controlled low end response for technical riding. The throttle system optimizes power based on riding mode and conditions. The CVT transmission keeps rpm in the right zone for efficiency and response.

FOX HPG shocks provide up to 9.5 inches of suspension travel to absorb obstacles. Visco-Lok autoclocks the front diff for max traction over mud and snow. The tri-mode steering optimizes steering effort for cruising, trail riding or work. 12″ ground clearance lets you traverse rocks and fallen logs.

Impressively, the Outlander 1000R handles tight trails remarkably well for its size thanks to the dialed in suspension balance and steering geometry. The mid-size wheelbase enhances maneuverability while retaining stability. Triple disc brakes provide strong stopping power.


Key features that enhance its capabilities include:

  • Surprisingly nimble handling for a big bore ATV.
  • Tri-mode power steering for optimized effort.
  • Visco-Lok autoclocking front differential.
  • Heavy duty front and rear racks with LinQ system.
  • 3000 lb winch kit available.
  • Unrivaled accessory catalog for customization.

The Outlander 1000R is one of the most versatile big bore ATVs money can buy thanks to its accessories and modular design. It offers extreme off-road performance right out of the box.


  • Muscular 976cc V-twin engine
  • Smoothest automatic transmission in class
  • Extremely capable and stable suspension
  • Highly customizable and modular design
  • Class-leading accessory catalog


  • Manual transmission not offered on 4-seat
  • Handling suffers when loaded down
  • Requires more maintenance than rivals

5. Arctic Cat Wildcat XX

The Arctic Wildcat XX is one of the purest sport UTVs available, delivering racing-inspired high speed performance on trails with its big bore engine.


Engine998cc, 3-Cylinder, Naturally Aspirated EFI Engine
Horsepower130 hp
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Wheelbase90.6 in
Weight1816 lb
Ground Clearance14 in

This EFI engine pumps out a class-leading 130 hp, giving the Wildcat XX phenomenal acceleration. The automatic CVT transmission keeps it in the upper rev range for immediate throttle response.

Built purely for recreation, the Wildcat XX features race-inspired suspension geometry with 18 inches of wheel travel, ride-enhancing Sway Bar system, and beadlock capable aluminum wheels wrapped in 30 inch Zillas. Fox 2.5 PODIUM RC2 piggyback shocks provide damping and rebound control across rough terrain.

Though designed for performance first, the Wildcat XX still offers excellent ergonomics, cargo storage, and optional accessories to create your ideal trail machine.

Performance And Handling

With its 130 hp engine, the Wildcat XX rockets from 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds – putting it among the fastest in its class. The engine pulls hard through its entire powerband. The clutched transmission keeps revs ideal in all conditions for instant power delivery.

The fully adjustable FOX PODIUM suspension soaks up harsh impacts over jumps and rough trails thanks to its massive 18 inches of wheel travel, re-tuned springs, and compression adjustability. The Wildcat stays planted and inspires confidence even at high speeds.

Despite its 60 inch width, the Wildcat XX handles tight trails surprisingly well thanks to its optimized steering geometry. The strong throttle and steering response gives you precise control. It carves turns with stability and poise.


The Wildcat XX focuses on performance, but includes several nice functional features:

  • Rear storage box with 210 pound capacity.
  • High backed bucket seats with lateral support.
  • Tilt steering column for fit adjustment.
  • Optional roof, sound system, storage bags and other accessories.

Make no mistake, the Wildcat XX is built for one purpose: delivering an adrenaline-pumping recreational sport UTV experience with its outrageous power and tuned suspension.


  • Outstanding power from 130 hp engine
  • Dialed-in long travel suspension
  • Remarkably nimble for its size
  • Race-inspired components like beadlock wheels
  • Comfortable cockpit and seating


  • Few standard utility features
  • Low ground clearance limits rocky terrain
  • Expensive initial and operating costs
  • Poor fuel efficiency and range

6. Suzuki KingQuad 1000AXi Power Steering

The Suzuki KingQuad 1000AXi Power Steering is a utility ATV that specializes in towing capacityversatility, and all-day comfort – ideal for ranchers, farmers, and utility use.


Engine1000cc single cylinder 4-stroke
Horsepower71 hp
TransmissionAutomatic CVT / 5-speed manual
Wheelbase50.6 in
Weight722 lb
Towing Capacity1323 lb

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Suzuki’s 1000cc single overhead cam engine produces 71 hp paired to either an automatic CVT transmission or 5-speed manual.

The selectable 2WD/4WD system engages the front axle when needed for wet or rough conditions. Other utility focused features include engine braking for downhill control, LCD gauge cluster, and 2500lb winch kit.

Major convenience and comfort features like power steeringlocking storage, and thick cushioned seating make full days of riding or working comfortable and hassle-free.

Performance And Handling

Despite its 1000cc displacement, the engine produces smooth and steady power focused on low end torque rather than peak power. This makes it ideal for towing heavy loads up to 1323 pounds, where low end grunt matters more than horsepower. The CVT transmission optimizes rpm for efficiency and response.

The torquey engine, 4WD, and engine braking enable the KingQuad to confidently traverse steep hills, muddy conditions, and handle heavy loads. The dual A-arm suspension smooths out rough terrain and resists bottoming out.

Power steering significantly reduces steering effort for less fatigue over long days. Combined with the plush seating and adjustable positioning, the KingQuad remains comfortable even after hours of riding. Dual front discs and a rear drum provide strong braking.

For a large utility ATV, the KingQuad 1000 is remarkably agile with a narrow 50.6 inch wheelbase and light steering courtesy of the power assist. The wheels tuck in allowing a tight turn radius – helpful weaving through brush or trees.


Key features that improve daily use include:

  • Selectable 2WD and 4WD with diff lock.
  • High/low forward ranges for steep hills.
  • 2500 lb winch kit for utility work and recovery.
  • Large front rack with 120 lb capacity.
  • 5.3 gallons of storage under the seat.
  • DC outlet and storage hooks in compartments.

Owners praise the KingQuad’s durability, comfort, and towing power for farm, ranch and hunting use. Despite its age, it remains relevant thanks to its proven performance and versatility.


  • Strong low end torque for towing
  • Smooth automatic or manual transmissions
  • All day comfort from plush seating
  • Nimble handling despite its size
  • Proven reliability over decades


  • Less sporty with lower horsepower
  • No EPS on manual transmission model
  • CVT auto can be slow to downshift
  • Smaller aftermarket accessory selection

Key Factors When Choosing a 1000cc ATV

When shopping for a high performance 1000cc ATV, keep these key factors in mind:

Intended Use

Sport/recreation, utility/towing, farm/ranch work, etc. Match the ATV’s strengths to your needs.

Transmission Type

Manual for control, automatic for convenience. Some models offer both.

Power Tuning

Opt for strong mid-range power for towing, or high strung power for sport performance.

Suspension Travel

More travel soaks up rough conditions. Look for at least 9 inches, preferably more.

Comfort Features

Plush seating, tilt steering, power steering reduce fatigue for all day riding.


4-wheel disc brakes, stability control systems, protective cages.


Look for a large aftermarket catalog of accessories to customize the ATV.

Reliability Reputation

Research forums and reviews for proven reliability, durability and dealer support.


Balance performance and features with MSRP. Look for deals on prior model years.

Prioritize the factors above based on your needs and budget to choose the right 1000cc ATV for you.

Model Comparison And Pricing

Here’s a comparison of some key specs and MSRP pricing of the models reviewed:

ModelEngineHPTow CapacityStarting MSRP
Yamaha YFZ450R449cc110 hpN/A$9,599
Polaris RZR 1000999cc110 hpN/A$22,999
Honda Pioneer 1000999cc83 hp2000 lb$15,799
Can-Am Outlander 1000R976cc91 hp1500 lb$16,499
Arctic Cat Wildcat XX998cc130 hpN/A$21,999
Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi722ccN/AN/A$11,099

Use this comparison as a starting point, but closely consider the performance, features, accessories and pricing for your particular needs. Shop around for deals – buying prior model years can save substantially.


Do I Need A 1000cc ATV?

For recreational riders, a 1000cc model provides an extremely powerful and exciting riding experience – but requires experience and respect. Many riders are better served with a mid-size 400cc-700cc model.

For utility use, the extra torque and power of a 1000cc engine makes sense if you frequently carry very heavy loads or tow over 1500 pounds.

How Much Do 1000cc ATVs Cost?

Base MSRP prices for 1000cc ATVs range from around $9,000 up to $22,000 for the most powerful sport UTV models. Expect to spend $12,000 to $16,000 for a well-equipped recreation or utility focused 1000cc ATV.

Are 1000cc ATVs Safe For Beginners?

Due to their very high power output, most manufacturers recommend 1000cc models for experienced adult riders only. The power and weight make them more difficult to control at speed for beginners. Riders should respect the power by taking a safety course and starting slowly.

What Upgrades Are Most Important For A 1000cc ATV?

Upgraded aftermarket tires are important for improving traction in mud and rugged terrain. A suspension lift kit can increase ground clearance for rocks and obstacles. Protective accessories like bumpers and skid plates shield the ATV. For utility use, upgrade the winch for heavy loads.


The 1000cc class offers an exciting world of high powered ATVs and UTVs. We hope these reviews and tips help you select the right model to conquer trails, dominate dunes, or take on utility work in 2023.

For recreational riders, the Yamaha YFZ450R and Polaris RZR 1000 deliver thrilling speed and wicked handling.

For utility use, the Honda Pioneer 1000 shines for towing, cargo capacity, accessories and comfort.

Whichever model you choose, respect the power these machines offer, ride within your limits and prioritize safety equipment. Your next off-road adventure awaits! Please note that the Yamaha YFZ450R is not a 1000cc ATV but has a 449cc engine. Also, there is no Suzuki KingQuad 1000 model mentioned in your list.

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