ATV Registration in Maine: Steps and Requirements for 2024

ATV Registration in Maine

Are you wondering if you need to register your ATV in the state of Maine? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out the process and costs associated with registering an all-terrain vehicle in the Pine Tree State? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In short: Yes, you do need to register any ATV you plan to operate in the state of Maine, unless it falls under certain exceptions.

Registration is handled through the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (DIF&W) and requires submitting an application, paying a registration fee, and properly displaying your registration number and expiration stickers.

This detailed guide will walk through everything you need to know about properly and legally registering an ATV for use in Maine, including:

  • Who needs to register their ATV in Maine
  • Registration costs and fees
  • Where to register your ATV
  • What documentation you’ll need
  • Step-by-step instructions for new registrations
  • Tips for used and previously registered ATVs
  • Displaying your registration decals
  • Renewing expired registrations

Let’s start by looking at Maine’s ATV registration requirements and any exceptions that apply.

Do I Need to Register My ATV in Maine?

Maine state law requires that any ATV operated within the state must be registered, with few exceptions. This applies to both ATV owners who are residents of Maine, as well as out-of-state visitors bringing an ATV into Maine temporarily.

Specifically, you must register your ATV in Maine if:

  • You are a Maine resident and operate your ATV anywhere in the state of Maine. All resident-owned ATVs must be registered.
  • You are an out-of-state resident who plans to operate your ATV in Maine, whether on public or private land. This includes trail riding, accessing lodging, camping, etc.
  • You purchase a new or used ATV in Maine. Newly acquired ATVs must be registered before they can be operated.

The only exceptions are:

  • ATVs operated exclusively on land owned or leased by the owner of the ATV do not need to be registered. However, this only applies to operation on that private land. Registration is still required if you plan to ride on any public land, trails, roadways, etc.
  • Out-of-state ATVs passing through Maine do not need to be registered as long as they are not being operated during transport. This applies to ATVs registered in another state or Canadian province just traversing Maine to reach a destination outside the state.

If you plan to ride your ATV anywhere in the State of Maine outside of your own private property, you should complete the registration process to avoid violations or penalties. Next let’s look at what it costs to register an ATV in Maine.

How Much Does It Cost To Register An ATV In Maine?

Registering an ATV in Maine requires paying a registration fee to the DIF&W. The fees for registering an ATV in Maine for 2023 are $71 for residents, $101 for non-residents (7-day registration), and $116 for non-residents (full season).

Some key things to note about ATV registration costs in Maine:

  • The fees apply per ATV, not per person. If registering multiple ATVs, you must pay the full registration fee for each one.
  • Fees are non-refundable if you no longer need the registration. Let your registration expire naturally rather than seeking a refund.
  • Late fees apply if you renew your registration after the expiration date. Renew early to avoid late penalties.
  • Dealer registrations are available for ATV dealers to use temporarily while demonstrating vehicles. These have a lower registration fee.

Now that you know the associated costs, let’s look at where you can complete the ATV registration process in Maine.

Where To Register An ATV In Maine?

There are two main options for registering your ATV in the state of Maine:

  1. Online through the DIF&W online recreational vehicle registration portal

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife offers online ATV registration renewals through their online portal. This allows you to quickly and easily renew existing registrations online.

To use the online system, you just need your current registration number and expiration date. You can then complete the renewal application and pay your registration fees electronically.

  1. In person through a registration agent

The other option is to visit a registration agent in person to handle new registrations or registration transfers. Agents include certain town offices, recreational stores, and other third party locations approved by the DIF&W.

This is the only option if you are registering a new ATV in Maine or need to transfer an existing registration to a new owner. The $17 agent fee applies to registrations through third party agents.

You can find a list of approved agents on the DIF&W website. Call ahead to confirm their registration services and hours.

In person registration is also available directly through DIF&W offices, located in Augusta, Bangor, Gray, Greenville, and Sidney. No agent fee applies at DIF&W offices.

Whichever registration method you choose, you will need to provide certain documentation. Let’s look at what you need to successfully register your ATV.

What You Need to Register an ATV in Maine

When registering an ATV in Maine, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of ownership: This may include an existing registration, bill of sale, or title showing you own the ATV. Required for all new registrations.
  • Valid driver’s license or Maine ID: All registrants must show a valid form of ID. Out-of-state visitors can provide an unexpired driver’s license from their home state.
  • Proof of residency (for Maine residents): To qualify for resident registration fees, you must show documentation confirming your Maine residency, such as:
    • Valid Maine driver’s license
    • Utility bill or bank statement with Maine address
    • Property tax bill for a Maine residence
  • Completed registration application: You must fill out the registration application form in full. Blank forms are available through agents, DIF&W offices, or online.
  • Registration fees: Have your chosen registration period fee ready to complete the process. Agent and late fees also apply if relevant. Accepted payment methods vary by location.

Having these documents ready in advance will ensure your registration process goes smoothly. Now let’s walk through what the process looks like step-by-step.

Steps to Register a New ATV in Maine

Follow these steps when registering a new, never-before-registered ATV in the state of Maine:

1. Gather Required Ownership Documentation

  • Locate proof that you own the ATV, such as the bill of sale, title, or fully signed over previous registration (for used ATVs).
  • This confirms your ownership and right to register the vehicle.

2. Complete the Registration Application

  • Get a blank registration application form, available online or through agents/DIF&W offices.
  • Fill in all required applicant information, including legal name, mailing address, ATV details, and contact info.
  • Double check that all fields are complete before submitting.

3. Pay the Registration Fee

  • Determine whether you want a 1, 2, or 3 year registration period. Choose the option that makes the most sense based on how long you plan to own/operate the ATV.
  • Be ready to pay the associated registration fee, plus agent fee if applicable. Bring an approved payment method.

4. Get Assigned a Registration Number and Decals

  • Once your application is processed and fees paid, you will get assigned a new registration number for your ATV.
  • You’ll also receive two registration decals featuring this number – one for the front and one for the rear of your ATV.

5. Affix the Registration Decals to Your ATV

  • Once you have your new registration materials, put the decals on your ATV before operating it.
  • Decals must be attached visibly on the front and rear of the vehicle. We’ll discuss proper display shortly.

And that covers the basic process for successfully registering a new ATV! Next we’ll go over some tips for registration situations involving used or previously registered ATVs.

Tips for Registering Used/Previously Owned ATVs

Purchasing a used ATV or transferring ownership on an existing registration in Maine requires a few extra steps:

  • Make sure to transfer the title into your name first: The title must be signed over from the previous owner to you in order to prove ownership and register the used ATV.
  • Bring the bill of sale for purchase documentation: Provide the signed bill of sale detailing the ATV purchase to show you are the new rightful owner.
  • Reference the previous owner’s name/info: The previous owner’s details will be needed during the registration application process to link the new registration to the existing ATV record.
  • Remove old registration decals: Take any expired registration decals off the ATV before applying your new ones. Make sure no old numbers or info is still visible.
  • Consider getting new keys/changing locks: Re-keying the ATV ensures previous owners can no longer access the vehicle once sold. This provides extra security.

Following these tips will make your used ATV registration process straightforward. The DIF&W or registration agent can guide you through any other situation-specific requirements.

Displaying Your ATV Registration Decals

Once you’ve completed the registration process, proper decal display is required by Maine law. Here are the rules for showing your registration decals:

  • Front and rear: Your new registration decals must be visibly affixed on both the front and rear of the ATV.
  • Upright: Decals should be displayed vertically and right-side up. Do not place at an angle or upside down.
  • Unobstructed: Decals must be clearly visible and not blocked by any accessories, racks, etc. Give them plenty of clear space.
  • Expiration stickers: Smaller stickers are provided showing the month and year your registration expires. These help law enforcement quickly identify expired registrations.

Make sure both registration decals are always displayed according to these guidelines when riding your ATV. Obstructed or hard-to-read decals can result in warnings or citations, so check them periodically.

Now that you know the drill for getting your new ATV registered, let’s talk about keeping that registration current…

Renewing Your Maine ATV Registration

ATV registrations in Maine expire annually on June 30th. Here are some tips for hassle-free renewal:

  • Renew early to avoid any lapse in registration. Give yourself 1-2 months before expiration to complete the process.
  • Mark your calendar with renewal deadlines to remember when it’s time. Set reminders on your phone as the date approaches.
  • Double check registration numbers when renewing to match to the correct ATV. Avoid input errors.
  • Consider multi-year renewals to extend your registration period and avoid yearly renewals. Multi-year registrations provide convenience.
  • Watch out for late fees if renewing after expiration. These penalties start accruing after the June 30th deadline.
  • Use online renewal for quick and easy process through the DIF&W portal. Have your registration number and expiration date handy.

Following these guidelines will help you renew your Maine ATV registration in a timely manner each year it’s required. Be sure to display the new expiration sticker once you receive it.

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to properly registering your ATV for legal operation in Maine. Following the application steps, showing valid decals, and staying on top of renewals will keep you compliant and enjoying the amazing trail riding opportunities across the state. Ride safely and responsibly out there!


In summary, ATV registration in Maine is mandatory for most riding purposes across the state, with few exceptions. The registration process includes submitting ownership documentation, a completed application, and applicable fees to the Maine DIF&W, either online or through an approved third-party agent. Properly displaying your registration decals and keeping your information current through timely renewals also ensures you stay compliant with Maine’s ATV laws.

Use this guide as a helpful reference when getting ready to register an ATV of your own for use in Maine. And be sure to always ride responsibly by wearing proper safety gear, respecting the environment, and staying sober when operating your ATV.

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