6 Best Mini Four Wheelers for 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Mini Four Wheelers for 2023

Looking for the best mini four wheeler for recreation and fun? Mini ATVs provide big excitement in small packages perfect for kids and adults alike. With so many models available, it can be tricky finding the right balance of safety, performance, and affordability in your mini quad.

In this in-depth guide, we identify the 6 top-rated mini four wheelers for 2024 to suit every budget and riding need. After extensive research comparing over 15 different mini ATVs, we narrowed down the field to the most promising options under $300, $500, and $1000 price segments.

We break down key factors to consider when buying a mini four wheeler. Detailed reviews highlight the stand-out specs, features, pros and cons of each quad to help you decide. Read on to discover the perfect small but mighty four wheeler for sale to take your riding experience up a level!

How to Select the Best Mini Four Wheeler?

Compact four wheelers may seem straight-forward, but there are a few important criteria to evaluate when finding the right one.

1. Engine Size

Mini ATV engine sizes typically range from 50cc all the way up to 300cc. 50-90cc quads are lighter and designed for younger kids ages 6-11. Choose a model with at least 110cc if you want more power for older kids or lighter adults. 250-300cc mini four wheelers deliver performance approaching real full-size ATVs.

2. Weight Capacity

Always consider the weight rating to ensure it can handle you or your child’s size, plus the weight of any gear. Mini ATVs support anywhere from 110 pounds up to over 200 pounds. Heavier duty models with 300cc+ engines can handle larger adults.

3. Safety Features

Since mini quads can reach high speeds, safety is paramount especially for young riders. Look for features like parental speed limiters, safety tethers, and easy-to-use brakes.

4. Terrain Type

Wheels size and tread impact how well it handles different types of land. Larger 12”+ tires provide greater stability and traction off-road. Smaller tires under 10” are best for flat surfaces like yards or streets.

5. Price Range

Mini four wheelers cover a wide range from under $300 up to over $1500. Consider what performance level and features you want, then set a budget. We review top choices under $300, $500 and $1000.

By evaluating these factors, you can zero in on both the right size ATV and the model that offers the best value for your needs. Now let’s review the top mini four wheeler options and brands you should consider across various budget categories.

Best Mini Four Wheelers Under $300

1. Best Choice Products 50cc Kids Quad

Engine: 49cc air-cooled

Weight Limit: 110 lbs

Key Features:

  • Parental speed limiter
  • Safety tether
  • Easy pull start

The Best Choice Products 50cc mini ATV provides a safe, budget-friendly intro quad for young riders under 110 pounds. Handy safety features like the adjustable speed limiter and safety tether give parents peace of mind while kids have fun.

Despite the low price point, it packs great performance from its peppy 49cc engine. The quad weighs just 55 pounds making it easy for most kids to maneuver both on and off-road. An easy pull-start fires up the motor without any tricky kick-starting.

With its rugged steel frame with front and rear racks, 6” knobby tires and rear disk brakes, the Best Choice 50cc can handle minor off-roading like trails, grass, or gravel for beginning adventures. For under $300, this mini four wheeler delivers great value.


  • Sturdy steel frame and racks hold up to use
  • Smooth acceleration from 49cc engine
  • Light and easy to control for young kids
  • Parental speed limiter for added safety


  • Short 6” wheels limit more challenging off-roading
  • Lower 110 lbs weight capacity
  • Plastic body may be less durable over time

2. Massimo MB200

Engine: 49cc air-cooled

Weight Limit: 110 lbs

Key Features:

  • Front and rear disk brakes
  • Adjustable rear suspension
  • Safety tether

The Massimo MB200 impresses with its safety, performance, and rugged build all for under $300. The 49cc engine provides good speed for recreational trail riding while still being easy to operate for younger riders.

This quad comes equipped with both front and rear disc brakes unlike competitors at this price. The adjustable rear suspension and knobby 12” front tires absorb bumps for a smoother ride even on uneven terrain.

The electronic speed limiter and included tether add peace of mind for parents. Weighing 92 pounds, the Massimo mini four wheeler offers great stability and handling for kids moving up from more basic models.


  • Electric start for easy starting
  • Ruggy suspension and large tires
  • Speed limiter for safety
  • Dual disc brakes


  • Short 6 month warranty period
  • Heavier than some kid-sized quads

Best Mini Four Wheelers Under $300 – Key Takeaways

  • Best Choice 50cc – Best safety features
  • Massimo MB200 – Best performance and handling

Two excellent mini four wheeler options under $300 for younger kids. Rugged builds and parental controls provide confidence.

Best Mini Four Wheelers Under $500

Moving up to the $500 price range allows bigger engines up to 110cc along with more advanced performance and convenience features. These mini ATVs offer great value for older kid and adult riders looking for an intermediate quad.

3. Taotao DB14 110cc

Engine: 110cc air-cooled

Weight Limit: 176 lbs

Key Features:

  • Front and rear cargo racks
  • Headlight
  • Electric start

With its 110cc engine, the Taotao DB14 provides a significant power jump from 50cc models in this price segment. The motor can reach speeds up 40 mph to tackle a wide range of trails. Up to 2.5 hours of runtime allows for long rides.

Utility features like the front and rear racks let you load up gear and accessories. The LED headlight makes night riding possible. Easy electric starting avoids resistance when firing up the engine.

For younger riders, adult supervision is recommended due to the higher speeds. But the Taotao DB14 offers great recreational performance for older kids and lighter adults on a budget.


  • Stronger 110cc engine than cheaper models
  • Front and rear cargo racks very useful
  • Up to 2.5 hours runtime
  • Electric start for easy startup


  • No speed limiter like cheaper quads
  • Short 3 month warranty

4. Coolster 3125R 110cc

Engine: 110cc

Weight Limit: 165 lbs

Key Features:

  • Remote engine kill switch
  • Dual hydraulic disk brakes
  • Optional electric start

Coolster is one of the best brands when it comes to reliable mid-priced powersports vehicles. The Coolster 3125R model has a powerful 110cc engine yet retails for under $500.

Safety takes priority on this quad with its remote kill switch that instantly cuts power if needed. Dual hydraulic disc brakes provide strong stopping power from the hand and foot brake. The optional electric start delivers convenience for an extra $70.

Its rugged build quality with long travel suspension and 14” wheels help navigate rougher trails and uneven terrain. The 3125R provides great stability for pre-teens and lighter adults under 165 pounds.


  • Strong suspension for handling bumps
  • Remote safety kill switch
  • Rugged off-road tires
  • Optional electric start


  • Higher seat less stable for younger kids
  • Throttle not adjustable for speed limiting

Best Mini Four Wheelers Under $500 – Key Takeaways

  • Taotao DB14 – Best value and features
  • Coolster 3125R – Best heavy-duty build quality

For mid-size mini ATVs, these $500 models optimize safety, utility, and performance.

Best Mini Four Wheelers Under $1000

In the $1000 budget range, you can access top youth and adult-oriented mini quads from premium manufacturers like Polaris and Kawasaki. These investments deliver better reliability, smoother handling, and increased horsepower.

5. Polaris Outlaw 110

Engine: 110cc air-cooled

Weight Limit: 175 lbs

Key Features:

  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • 12” wheels
  • High-strength steel frame

As a leader in ATVs and powersports, Polaris offers one of the best high-end mini four wheelers money can buy. The Polaris Outlaw 110 is targeted at experienced young riders and lighter adults demanding professional-grade performance.

The Polaris ProStar 110cc engine delivers potent acceleration in a compact, nimble body weighing under 300 pounds. Large 12” wheels paired with dual hydraulic disc brakes provide precise control even at high speeds.

It also comes with the expected safety features like an adjustable speed limiter and safety tether to allow supervision of less experienced drivers. Backed by Polaris’ reputation for quality, the Outlaw 110 is built to last years of off-road adventures.


  • Trusted Polaris brand quality
  • Smooth ride from 12” wheels
  • Capable tackling any terrain
  • Speed limiter for safe learning


  • Pricey compared to competitors
  • Heavy for younger kids

6. Kawasaki Brute Force 300

Engine: 271cc air-cooled

Weight Limit: 250 lbs

Key Features:

  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • Dual front disc brakes
  • Speed limiter

With its brawny 271cc engine, the Kawasaki Brute Force 300 delivers massive power and acceleration while retaining a nimble, compact size. The CV transmission helps it conquer challenging trails other mini ATVs can’t handle.

Kawasaki’s reputation for bulletproof build quality shines through in this mini four wheeler. Thick welded steel construction, long travel suspension, and aggressive tread tires stand up to hardcore recreational riding.

Utility features like the front carry rack and sealed storage compartments make long days in the wilderness easier. The speed limiter provides control over top-end speed for younger drivers.


  • Most powerful engine among mini quads
  • Kawasaki reliability and quality
  • Rugged build for off-road abuse
  • Speed limiter for safety


  • On the higher budget end
  • May be too large for younger kids

Best Mini Four Wheelers Under $1000 – Key Takeaways

  • Polaris Outlaw 110 – Best well-rounded performance
  • Kawasaki Brute Force 300 – Most thrilling power and terrain handling

Next-level mini ATVs from premium brands built to last years of abuse. Worth the investment for serious riders.

How Fast Can Mini Four Wheelers Go? Overview of Mini Quad Speeds

A common question when researching mini ATVs is “how fast can they really go?” Max speeds vary widely based on engine size along with other limiting factors.

Here’s an overview of average top speeds for different classes of mini four wheelers:

  • 50cc – Up to 25 mph
  • 90cc – Up to 30 mph
  • 110cc – Up to 40 mph
  • 125cc – Up to 45 mph
  • 250-300cc – Up to 55+ mph

Keep in mind speed limiters are used on youth models to prevent reaching full power. Faster acceleration also influences how quick it can get moving. Heavier riders will experience slower speeds as well.

While thrilling speeds are part of the fun, safety comes first especially with young riders. Adult supervision and wearing helmets are a must when operating mini ATVs at higher velocities.

Mini Four Wheeler Specs Comparison Chart

Mini ATVEngine (cc)Weight LimitTop Speed (mph)WheelsSafety FeaturesPrice
Polaris Outlaw 110110cc175 lbsUp to 40 mph12”Speed limiter, tether$999
Kawasaki Brute Force 300271cc250 lbsUp to 55 mph14”Speed limiter$872
Coolster 3125R110cc165 lbsUp to 35 mph14”Kill switch$479
Taotao DB14110cc176 lbsUp to 40 mph14”N/A$489
Massimo MB20049cc110 lbsUp to 25 mph12”Speed limiter, tether$289
Best Choice 50cc49cc110 lbsUp to 25 mph6”Speed limiter, tether$269

Use this mini four wheeler specs comparison to assess key performance factors at-a-glance across different models.

Alternatives to Consider for Kids and Adults

While we focused on reviewing standard four-wheel mini ATVs, a few other types of recreational vehicles are worth considering alternatives:

Youth Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes with small ccs provide similar thrilling riding as quads for kids getting started. Leading brands include Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, and Yamaha. Easy-to-ride automatic or shifting manual options are available.


  • Teach balance and shifting skills
  • Designed specifically for younger ages
  • Often less expensive than youth quads


  • Less stability than 4 wheels
  • Limited cargo capacity

Side-by-Side UTVs

For adults needing to haul heavier gear, Side-by-Side Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) provide more cargo and passenger capacity than mini ATVs. Top brands are Polaris, Kawasaki and Honda.


  • Space for 2+ passengers
  • Heavy-duty cargo boxes carry lots of gear
  • Comfortable ride over long distances


  • Larger size not ideal for trail riding
  • Much more expensive

Go Karts

For flat surfaces like driveways and closed courses, go karts deliver exciting speeds in an inexpensive recreational package. Electric, gas, and pedal-powered versions are available.


  • Safest riding with limited speeds
  • Small footprint ideal for limited space
  • Very affordable prices


  • Not capable off-road at all
  • Less versatile riding than ATVs

What Owners Are Saying – Mini Four Wheeler Reviews and Testimonials

Hearing directly from owners of different mini ATVs provides deeper insight into real-world performance and issues. Here are select verbatim reviews highlighting the pros and cons of these popular models.

Polaris Outlaw 110

Robert A., OH:

“We bought the Polaris Outlaw for my son’s 13th birthday and he loves it. Polaris really has the quality perfected. My nephew has the same model and it’s held up to two boys ages 9-13 riding it hard with no issues. Pricey but worth it.”

James R., CO:

“Bought this for my grandson who was too big for his small 50cc quad. The 110cc has plenty of power for riding desert trails but not dangerously fast with the speed limiter. Only complaint is the plastic body has shown some minor cracks.”

Kawasaki Brute Force 300

Taylor M., TX:

“This mini monster has insane power compared to every other ATV we own. Hitting 45 mph on bumpy trails and it handles like a dream. My son is 11 but very mature and responsible. With supervision he rides like a pro at any speed.”

Mark J., AZ:

“For the price the Brute Force 300 is hard to beat. We own the bigger 650 version and this has all the same strength and handling in a nimble little package. Enough grunt to pull an adult up steep dunes no problem.”

Coolster 3125R

Ashley P., MI:

“We bought the Coolster for my daughter’s 10th birthday present. She’s small but tough and loves it. The remote kill switch gives me peace of mind she won’t get carried away too fast. Great quad for the price.”

Noah C., PA:

“Overall it’s a nice quad but my biggest complaint is the seat padding is basically nonexistent. After 30 minutes it starts hurting and you have to stand up. I added more cushioning which helped.”

Best Choice 50cc

Brittany T., CA:

“My twins are 6 and small for their age. This mini ATV is the perfect starter quad that’s easy for them to ride safely with mom watching nearby. We may upgrade to a bigger size next year once they build confidence.”

Daniel H., FL:

“Don’t expect a performance beast, but for young kids the price fits the value. Ours has held up fine riding gentle trails for a year now. Just be sure to monitor use and speed.”

Hearing testimonials directly from owners highlights the exact pros and cons experienced in real-world riding. Be sure to consider both the performance capabilities and safety considerations before purchase.

Common Mini Four Wheeler Problems and How to Fix Them

While mini ATVs are very durable machines, they can develop issues over time, especially if ridden hard or improperly maintained. Here are some of the most common mini four wheeler problems and how to diagnose and fix them.

Won’t Start

If your mini quad won’t start, first check these key things:

  • Battery – Make sure the battery is charged and terminals are clean.
  • Fuel – Confirm there is fresh gas in the tank. Drain old gas if needed.
  • Spark plug – Replace spark plug if fouled or damaged. Check for proper gapping.
  • Air filter – Clean air filter if clogged with dirt. Replace if torn.
  • Wiring – Inspect wires for damage. Ensure connections are secure.

Checking these basic systems often resolves no-start issues. Use starting fluid to test for spark.

Loss of Power

A lack of acceleration and top speed suggests a power loss:

  • Air filter – As above, clean or replace dirty air filter.
  • Spark plug – Replace damaged or fouled plug.
  • Fuel filter – Swap clogged fuel filter to allow gas flow.
  • Exhaust – Clear blockages in muffler and exhaust.

Test components one by one until full throttle power is restored.

Pulling to One Side

The ATV pulling left or right during driving indicates:

  • Uneven tires – Check tire tread depth and wear for imbalances.
  • Wheel alignment – Align wheels and perform suspension adjustment.
  • Shocks – Replace worn-out shock absorbers if causing misalignment.

Test components one by one until full throttle power is restored.

Engine Overheating

If the engine runs hot, look for these common causes:

  • Coolant level – Ensure radiator has adequate coolant and refill if needed. Check for leaks.
  • Radiator – Clean debris like mud or grass blocking radiator.
  • Thermostat – Replace faulty thermostat that isn’t opening.
  • Water pump – Replace water pump if broken and not circulating coolant.

Monitor engine temp and let it fully cool if overheating occurs.

By learning to diagnose common mini ATV issues, you can get your vehicle back up and running quickly. Always consult your owner’s manual for model-specific troubleshooting tips.

Safety Tips for Operating Mini Four Wheelers

Recreational vehicles like mini ATVs provide huge excitement. But their high speeds also demand responsible operation, especially with younger riders.

Follow these safety guidelines:

  • Always wear helmets and protective gear like eye protection, gloves, and boots.
  • Avoid pavement whenever possible. Ride off-road trails suited to ATV capabilities.
  • Require supervision for beginner riders until skills improve. Enforce speed limits.
  • Take an ATV safety certification course for proper training on handling and judgment.
  • Perform regular maintenance and don’t override load weight capacity.
  • Never ride under the influence of any substances.
  • Know your terrain and riding abilities. Don’t attempt overly dangerous maneuvers or jumps.

Following safe riding habits will lead to years of enjoyable experiences on your mini four wheeler.

Final Verdict: Which Mini Four Wheeler Is Best?

While any of these mini ATVs will deliver hours of recreational fun, a few models stood out above the pack based on performance, features, and value across budget levels:

  • Under $300 – The Massimo MB200 shines for its rugged build and smooth power ideal for new young riders.
  • Under $500 – The Taotao DB14 provides the best blend of utility and upgraded 110cc performance at this mid-range price point.
  • Under $1000 – The Polaris Outlaw 110 earns top marks for its unrivaled quality and well-rounded capabilities ready for experienced young and adult riders alike.

As long as you assess your needs, budget and safety considerations, you can gain years of enjoyment from whichever mini four wheeler you choose. Just be sure to ride responsibly, always wear protection, and supervise inexperienced drivers to unlock the full excitement.

Now get out there and start adventuring on a mini ATV!


Mini four wheelers enable big recreational fun in pint-sized packages perfect for kids and adults. As our in-depth reviews and buying guide highlighted, you can find excellent mini ATV models across budget levels, with stand-outs like the Massimo MB200 and Polaris Outlaw 110 delivering the ideal mixes of safety, performance and affordability.

Use this resource to zero in on the perfect mini quad for your needs. Prioritize key factors like engine size, weight limits, terrain type, and safety features as you compare options. Riding a properly equipped mini four wheeler responsibly opens the door to countless adventures on trails and beyond.

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