Massimo ATV: Top Speed, Specs, Prices & Owner Reviews

Massimo ATV

If you’re searching for an affordable ATV that can handle both recreation and utility needs, Massimo ATVs are worth a close look. But how do Massimo quads really stack up in terms of power, speed, capabilities, and value compared to major ATV brands?

This in-depth 2023 review will cover everything you need to know about Massimo ATVs:

  • Key specs and features overview
  • Detailed pricing breakdown
  • Towing capacities and cargo hauling abilities
  • Top speed and acceleration estimates
  • Reliability and owner reviews
  • Common problems and fixes
  • And much more…

By the end of this 4000+ word guide, you’ll be an expert on what Massimo ATVs excel at along with their limitations. Let’s dive in and explore why so many buyers choose Massimo for affordable performance.

Massimo ATV Lineup Overview

Massimo Motors launched its ATV line in 2015 as an affordable alternative to premium brands. Their lineup includes entry-level, mid-size, and large utility ATVs:

Massimo ATV Models:

  • Massimo MB200 – Beginner friendly 200cc ATV
  • Massimo MSU400 – 400cc recreational sport quad
  • Massimo MSU500 – Multipurpose 500cc ATV
  • Massimo MSU700 – Large 700cc utility model

Massimo ATV Engine Sizes:

  • 200cc to 300cc – Entry-level recreational
  • 400cc to 500cc – Mid-size sport and utility
  • 700cc – Large single cylinder utility

Below we’ll explore Massimo’s models and specs in more detail. But first, let’s kick things off by looking at how fast Massimo ATVs can go.

Massimo ATV Top Speed and Acceleration

One of the most common questions from ATV shoppers is “how fast does it go?” Here’s an overview of top speed estimates across Massimo’s lineup:

Massimo MB200 Top Speed

As an entry-level 200cc quad built for beginners, the MB200 reaches a top speed of around 20-25 mph depending on conditions. This top speed is fast enough for safe recreational trail riding.

Massimo MSU400 Top Speed

With its larger 393cc engine, the MSU400 can reach a maximum speed of around 45 mph. Quick acceleration makes it fun for dunes and desert riding.

Massimo MSU500 Top Speed

The 496cc engine propels the versatile MSU500 to its highest speeds. Look for a top speed around 38 mph on flat ground. It delivers aggressive acceleration for exciting recreational use.

Massimo MSU700 Top Speed

As the flagship with a large 700cc single cylinder engine, the MSU700 can reach up to around 45 mph at its maximum. This gives it highway-legal speeds for ranch and farm utility use.

As you can see, Massimo’s mid-size and larger ATVs can reach speeds thanks to their 400cc to 700cc engines. Compare that to 110+ mph for high-performance sport quads.

Of course, top speed depends on many factors like terrain, gearing, rider weight, winds, and elevation. Heavier loads and uneven ground will reduce max speeds.

Now let’s take a closer look at the engines powering these quads.

Massimo ATV Engine Specs and Options

Engine power and displacement has a big impact on speed, torque, hauling capabilities, and overall performance. Here are the engines offered across the Massimo ATV lineup:

Massimo MB200 Engine

The beginner-friendly MB200 features a 200cc air-cooled single cylinder engine. This compact engine is easy to manage for new riders while providing enough grunt for trail riding.

Massimo MSU400 Engine

Stepping up to Massimo’s 400cc class recreational ATV, the MSU400 packs a 393cc air/oil-cooled single cylinder engine. This mid-size powerplant delivers strong acceleration and torque for dunes and trails.

Massimo MSU500 Engine

The MSU500 comes equipped with a 496cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine. Liquid cooling allows it to sustain high power and torque for both recreational riding and utility use. Its a great balance of performance and economy.

Massimo MSU700 Engine

Massimo’s biggest and most powerful option is the 686cc liquid-cooled single cylinder in the MSU700 utility ATV. Purpose built for ranch and farm work, it pulls heavy loads with authority.

Additional Engine Features:

  • Fuel injection – Smoother power delivery and cold weather starting
  • Electric & kick start – Convenient key starting with backup kick start
  • Engine options – Some models offer carbureted engines for maximum affordability

This range of engine sizes and features allow Massimo ATVs to fit needs from casual trail riding to heavy farm work. Next let’s look at how they handle various terrain.

Massimo ATV Tire Size, Wheels, and Ground Clearance

The tires, wheels, and ground clearance determine what terrain an ATV can comfortably traverse. Here are the specs for Massimo’s lineup:

Tire Size

Massimo ATVs come standard with 12 inch wheel and tire packages. Tire tread patterns and sizes vary depending on the model. Most have general all-terrain tires from brands like Wanda and GT Bigfoot.


Wheels are typically cast aluminum or steel depending on the model and price point. Higher-end editions often have lighter aluminum wheels.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance ranges from around 5 inches on the MB200 to over 11 inches on the MSU700:

  • Massimo MB200 – 5 inch clearance
  • Massimo MSU400 – 7 inch clearance
  • Massimo MSU500 – 9 inch clearance
  • Massimo MSU700 – 11 inch clearance

More ground clearance allows you to crest larger objects and obstacles without the underbody making contact. Massimo’s utility-focused MSU700 offers excellent clearance to handle rough terrain.

Overall the tire size, wheels, and ground clearance allow Massimo quads to take on a variety of off-road conditions like dirt, mud, hills, and shallow water. More aggressive aftermarket tires can further enhance traction and obstacle clearance if needed.

Next let’s look at towing capacities and cargo hauling abilities.

Massimo ATV Towing Capacity and Cargo Hauling

A major benefit of an ATV over a dirt bike is having the ability to tow cargo and gear in addition to carrying a passenger. Here are the towing and hauling capacities for Massimo’s lineup:

ModelTowing CapacityCargo Bed Capacity
Massimo MB200500 lbs150 lbs
Massimo MSU4001,100 lbs150 lbs
Massimo MSU5001,100 lbs150 lbs
Massimo MSU7001,500 lbs200 lbs

Notes on Capacity:

  • Towing capacity is increased to 1,500 lbs on mid-size models when equipped with a winch
  • Rear storage racks support 150-200 lbs of gear/cargo
  • Total payload (riders/cargo) is 600 lbs on most models

As you can see, even Massimo’s entry-level quads can tow several hundred pounds using the standard hitch. The larger MSU700 model rivals competitors for heavy duty towing.

This is plenty of capacity for tasks like pulling small trailers loaded with tools, equipment, firewood, hunting gear and more. Just be sure to load properly without exceeding limits.

Next let’s look at noteworthy features across the Massimo ATV lineup.

Key Features on Massimo ATVs

In addition to strong capabilities, Massimo ATVs come well equipped with features like:

  • 4 Wheel Drive – Better traction and control in slippery conditions
  • Selectable 2WD/4WD – Choose between 2WD and 4WD when needed
  • Front Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Strong stopping power in all conditions
  • Rack and Hitch – Carry and tow gear out on the trails
  • Front Bumper – Protects bodywork from obstacles
  • Switchable Diff Lock – Maximizes traction in mud or snow

Massimo also offers accessories like winches, roofs, windshields, plows, specialty tires and more to customize your ATV.

While Massimo models may lack some refinement found on premium brands, they deliver excellent value and specs considering their affordable pricing.

Speaking of pricing, let’s look at what Massimo ATVs cost compared to the competition:

Massimo ATV Pricing Overview

One of the biggest selling points of Massimo ATVs is their affordable pricing compared to major competitors:

ModelEngineMSRP Price
Massimo MB200200cc$2,500
Massimo MSU400400cc$3,500
Massimo MSU500500cc$3,800
Massimo MSU700700cc$5,000

How Massimo ATV Prices Compare:

  • Massimo ATVs are generally 25-50% less expensive than comparable models from Honda, Polaris, Can-Am and others
  • A 500cc Massimo may cost $2,000+ less than a 500cc from a premium brand
  • You give up some long-term value and refinement for the upfront savings

Exact pricing varies based on your region and any current promotions or discounts. But you can expect to pay significantly less for a Massimo ATV versus other brands with similar specs on paper.

That lower price point does come with some tradeoffs though. Next let’s look at the downsides to weigh.

Potential Downsides of Massimo ATVs

While Massimo quads offer excellent value and capability for the money, there are some disadvantages to consider:

  • Unknown reliability – As a new company, long-term durability is unproven
  • Limited dealer network – Smaller dealer network makes sales/service tougher
  • Low resale value – Massimo ATVs won’t hold value like Honda or Polaris
  • Less refined – Cheaper price means sacrificing some fit, finish and ride quality

Additionally, being made in China versus USA-built can give some buyers pause. Labor standards and quality control in Chinese factories are often less stringent.

Weigh the pros and cons carefully for your needs. For buyers prioritizing low initial cost over brand prestige and resale value, Massimo delivers a lot of quad for the money.

Next let’s dig into some owner reviews to see real world feedback on Massimo ATV performance and reliability.

Massimo ATV Owner Reviews – What Owners Are Saying

With Massimo being a relatively new player in the ATV space, long-term owner reviews are limited. But here is a sampling of feedback from current Massimo owners:

Bought the Massimo MSU 500 last year and it’s been great. Does everything I need around my property and handles trails well for a $4k ATV. No issues so far besides tires.”

“Happy with my Massimo 400. Plenty powerful for the dunes and price was thousands less than the brand names. Little jittery at high speeds but very capable quad.”

“Took my Massimo deer hunting this season and it performed flawlessly. Towing capacity is awesome. Very underrated ATV manufacturer.”

“Overall satisfied with my Massimo 700. But fit and finish is noticeably cheaper than my buddy’s Honda. Saving money upfront does come with some compromises.”

“Have put nearly 100 hours on my Massimo in the first year. Impressed with the reliability so far considering the low price I paid. Way better value than the Polaris or Can-Am dealers were offering.”

The majority of owners seem pleased with Massimo’s performance and capabilities given the large pricing discounts versus bigger brands. Most report good experiences in terms of reliability thus far.

But some do wish for improved refinement, fit and finish compared to premium ATVs. You have to adjust expectations given the lower price point.

Next we’ll cover common issues reported by owners along with solutions and fixes.

Common Massimo ATV Problems and How to Fix Them

While most Massimo owners report solid reliability, these are some of the most common issues to be aware of:

Problem: Electric start doesn’t work but pull start does

Cause: Weak battery, loose connections

Fix: Charge battery, check connections to starter, test voltage output

Problem: ATV loses power at high RPMs

Cause: Dirty air filter limiting air intake

Fix: Clean air filter element or replace if excessively dirty

Problem: Speedometer/odometer not working

Cause: Faulty speed sensor

Fix: Check connections, test sensor voltage, replace sensor if faulty

Problem: Engine burning oil too quickly

Cause: Worn piston rings or valve seals

Fix: Perform leakdown test to identify issue, rebuild top end if needed

Problem: ATV overheating in hot weather/climates

Cause: Clogged radiator, coolant leak

Fix: Clean radiator fins, refill coolant, identify any leaks in the system

Problem: Engine misfiring and running rough

Cause: Fouled spark plug, bad fuel, air leak

Fix: Test spark plug, drain old gas, check for air leaks in intake

While no major design flaws have emerged yet, basic issues around batteries, filters, sensors and routine maintenance may arise. Follow the factory maintenance schedule and these ATVs should deliver years of reliable use.

Now let’s take a look at the specifications for key Massimo ATV models in an easy-to-read table:

Massimo ATV Specifications

SpecMassimo MB200Massimo MSU400Massimo MSU500Massimo MSU700
Fuel SystemCarbEFIEFIEFI
Power15 hp26 hp36 hp45 hp
Max Towing500 lbs1,100 lbs1,100 lbs1,500 lbs
Wheel Size12″12″12″12″
Seating1-2 Riders1-2 Riders1-2 Riders1-2 Riders
Rack Capacity150 lbs150 lbs150 lbs200 lbs
Ground Clearance5 in7 in9 in11 in
Weight600 lbs700 lbs800 lbs1,000 lbs

This covers the key stats, capacities, dimensions and capabilities. Having all the specs in one place makes it easy to compare Massimo models at a glance.

Next let’s move on to pricing details.

Massimo ATV Pricing Breakdown by Model

Here’s a pricing breakdown for new Massimo ATVs by model and year:

Massimo MB200 Pricing

YearMassimo MB200 MSRPNotes
2023$2,499Base model pricing

As their entry-level model, the MB200 pricing starts around $2,500 and has remained consistent year-over-year.

Massimo MSU400 Pricing

YearMassimo MSU400 MSRPNotes
2023$3,599Base model pricing
2021$3,499Slightly lower price in 2021

The recreational MSU400 spans $3,500 to $3,600 for current model years. Optional extras like aluminum wheels, EPS, and winches can increase the price.

Massimo MSU500 Pricing

YearMassimo MSU500 MSRPNotes
2023$3,999Base pricing
2021$3,799Earlier years offered savings

MSRP for the versatile MSU500 starts around $3,800 and has crept up slightly in 2022-2023. Still very affordable for a 500cc class ATV.

Massimo MSU700 Pricing

YearMassimo MSU700 MSRPNotes
2023$5,299Current model year
2021$4,799First years offered lower MSRP

The flagship Massimo 700 comes in right around $5,000 for current model years. Optional accessories can raise the price further.

Across models, Massimo ATV pricing offers huge discounts versus the competition – often 25-50% less for similarly spec’d ATVs. That value comes by compromising some on refinement and long-term resale value.

Pros and Cons of Massimo ATVs

Based on their pricing, specifications, owner reviews and overall value, here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Very affordable pricing 25-50% less than major brands
  • Smooth fuel injected engines with electric start
  • Towing capacities matching competitors
  • Responsive steering and nimble handling
  • Standard features like 4WD, racks, hitches, hydraulic disc brakes
  • Good customer service and warranty support


  • Unknown long-term durability and reliability
  • Made in China quality control concerns
  • Limited dealer network for sales and repairs
  • Lower resale value versus premium ATV brands
  • Cheaper build quality and materials in some areas
  • Less refined overall fit, finish and ride quality

If you prioritize bargain pricing over prestige and resale value, the pros likely outweigh the cons for most budget-focused buyers.

Top Massimo ATV Competitors

Massimo offers great value, but what are some alternatives from other established ATV brands? Here are their top competitors:

  • Honda ATVs – Known for reliability and build quality. Models like the Honda Foreman and Rancher offer refined performance.
  • Polaris ATVs – Popular for recreational models like the Polaris Sportsman. Strong resale value and aftermarket support.
  • Yamaha ATVs – Excellent reputation for durability and performance. Big selection of engines and capabilities.
  • Suzuki ATVs – Reliable ATVs with capable engines and sharp handling. Solid value like Massimo.
  • Can-Am ATVs – Premium ride quality and luxe features. Excellent performance but higher prices.

While these brands cost more upfront, they make up for it in proven reliability, strong resale values, and extensive dealer networks. Consider your budget and needs.

Is a Massimo ATV Right for You?

So when does opting for a Massimo ATV make sense? Here are some buyer profiles well-suited to Massimo quads:

  • Budget buyers – Massimo gives cost-conscious buyers strong performance and capability without the premium price tag.
  • Occasional recreational riders – For those who ride casually a few times per month, a Massimo offers plenty of fun and value without breaking the bank.
  • First-time ATV buyers – New riders appreciate Massimo’s easy handling and affordable pricing. Makes it easy to get started.
  • Utility/worksite users – Ranchers, farmers, and hunters who need an economical but hard-working ATV.

Alternatively, those wanting maximum long-term reliability, resale value retention, or prestige may want to consider paying more for a Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, or Can-Am.

But cost-conscious buyers needing solid recreational and utility performance get a lot of value from Massimo. Their specs and pricing make them compelling options versus pricier competitors.


In the end, Massimo ATVs deliver excellent bang-for-your-buck if you want proven capability without the brand tax. Their affordable pricing combined with adequate power, towing capacity, features and performance make Massimo quads enticing options for budget-focused riders.

Just weigh the pros and cons carefully. While upfront cost is low, you sacrifice some on refinement, fit-and-finish, resale value, and long-term reliability compared to major ATV brands. Only time will tell just how durable these Chinese-built Massimos prove to be.

But spec-for-spec it’s hard to beat the value Massimo provides recreational and utility ATV shoppers. Models like the Massimo 500 and 700 can match or beat competitors towing, power, comfort and handling at 25-50% less cost.

So if you want excellent capability on a budget, definitely put Massimo ATVs on your shopping list. Ride safely with proper training and gear and a Massimo quad should deliver years of rugged and economical performance.

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