Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S Top Speed: (Increasing Tips)

Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S Top Speed

Speed. Performance. Power. These are all words associated with ATVs like the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S. As an avid ATV enthusiast, you’ve likely wondered: what is the top speed of the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S?

The Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S top speed is approximately 80 mph (129 km/h) in optimal conditions according to owner reports.

In this detailed guide, we’ll overview the Scrambler XP 1000S model, dive into its speed capabilities, the advanced 952cc V-twin engine powering it, and how key factors like rider weight impact maximum velocity. You’ll also find a specs comparison chart, pros and cons, maintenance tips, where to test ride it yourself, and vital safety info for handling speeds of this magnitude. Let’s get started!

Overview of the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S

First, let’s cover some basics on the Scrambler XP 1000S. This sporty ATV debuted in 2020 as a new high performance offering in Polaris’ Scrambler lineup ranging from 500cc to 1000cc models.

At the core of this capable ATV is the 952cc V-twin engine, which outputs up to 89 horsepower. This powerful twin cylinder motor provides incredible throttle response and rapid acceleration, living up to its “XP” branding.

It’s paired to Polaris’ specialized PVT transmission tuned for aggressive riding. Features like enhanced gearing and optimized clutch engagement facilitate the high speeds this machine is capable of.

The chassis complements the engine performance with 12.5” front and 14” rear suspension travel capable of taming rough terrain at speed. 27” tires add stability and control when riding fast while the 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes provide strong stopping power.

High tensile steel and composite skid plates protect vital components when blazing trails. An optional GPS display with speedometer allows monitoring velocity.

All of this equates to a very quick recreational sport quad perfect for dunes, open desert riding, and wide trails. Its radical power demands respect but also delivers an absolute blast of acceleration when the throttle is pinned.

Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S Top Speed Capabilities

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty and tackle the key question: how fast can the XP 1000S really go?

According to owner reports, the Scrambler XP 1000S has a top speed of approximately 80 mph (129 km/h) under optimal conditions. This makes it the fastest model in the Scrambler lineup.

The 80 mph figure is derived from the responsive 952cc V-twin engine output in tandem with the performance focused transmission. Owners have reported GPS-verified top speeds of 75-80 mph on hard packed dirt or gravel when running wide open, essentially maxing out the ATV’s velocity capabilities.

However, there are some caveats. The ECU may implement a speed limiter or rev limiter that electronically restricts speeds below 80 mph for safety or engine protection reasons.

Additionally, Polaris quotes the 80 mph top speed as being achieved in optimal low traction conditions without cargo or passengers. Real world speeds will likely be lower depending on conditions discussed later.

Nonetheless, the Scrambler XP 1000S certainly lives up to its “extreme performance” branding with exhilarating acceleration and serious speed potential for an ATV its size.

How Does the Scrambler XP 1000S Engine Achieve These Speeds?

What exactly makes this 952cc twin cylinder engine so incredibly responsive and able to reach velocities rivaling small sports cars? Let’s break it down.

  • 952cc Displacement – Pushing almost a liter of cubic centimeters equates to excellent power output for an ATV engine. More displacement generally equals more torque and horsepower.
  • 90° V-Twin Design – The compact yet potent V-twin configuration allows outstanding performance and a visceral exhaust note.
  • DOHC with 4 Valves Per Cylinder – The dual overhead cam design along with 4 valves per cylinder allows great high rpm breathing.
  • 102mm Bore x 76mm Stroke – These oversquare dimensions allow higher revving into the powerband.
  • 11.5:1 Compression Ratio – High compression efficiently converts combustion energy to motion. Requires premium fuel.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection – EFI provides instant throttle response while optimizing power delivery across rpm range.
  • High Flow Intake & Exhaust – The intake and exhaust system are engineered for efficient cylinder filling and evacuation.
  • Polaris PVT Transmission – The variable rate belt driven automatic PVT keeps the engine in the sweet spot while delivering smooth, strong acceleration.

The 952cc V-twin represents the pinnacle of recreational ATV engine design. It’s purpose built from the ground up for usable power delivery and thrilling acceleration. Combined with the specialized drivetrain, it facilitates the Scrambler XP 1000S’s 80+ mph top speed potential.

What Factors Impact the Top Speed?

While Polaris quotes an 80 mph top velocity, there are many variables that can alter the real world maximum speed you’ll experience:

  • Rider Weight and Payload – More weight equals more momentum for the engine to overcome. Heavy riders or cargo reduce acceleration and speed.
  • Terrain and Surface Conditions – Sand, mud, hills, rocks and other impediments hamper momentum. Hard packed dirt or gravel offers the least rolling resistance.
  • Altitude – Thinner air at elevation reduces horsepower. Expect up to a 15% power loss at 5,000 feet.
  • Break-in Period – When brand new, the ECU restricts max RPM and power until the engine breaks in after 10+ hours.
  • Ambient Temperature – Very hot days can lead to minor power losses before cooling system is fully warmed up.
  • Fuel Octane Rating – Regular 87 octane gas risks detonation compared to premium 91+ octane fuel.
  • Air Filter Condition – A dirty, clogged air filter reduces power significantly. Keep it clean!
  • Rider Ability – Inexperienced riders may be unable to safely control the ATV at top speed.

The responsive 952cc V-twin gives the Scrambler serious speed potential. But real world conditions determine if you can reach its limits. Ride within your skill level.

How Does the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S Compare to Other Models?

To put the top speed capabilities of the Scrambler XP 1000S in context, let’s compare it to other Polaris models:

  • The smaller cc Scrambler 850 has a top speed around 70 mph, about 10 mph less than the 1000.
  • The beginner Scrambler 500 tops out around 50 mph with its 30 horsepower 500cc engine.
  • The utilitarian Sportsman 570 also has a top speed of 50 mph with its smoother riding 567cc single.
  • The lighter RZR 1000 UTV can hit 85+ mph thanks to its 110 horsepower twin and less aerodynamic drag.
  • The dune blasting RZR Pro XP reaches 80+ mph utilizing its 181 horsepower turbocharged engine.

While the XP 1000S is extremely quick for a recreational ATV, specialized UTVs like the RZR are optimized by Polaris for high speed desert and trail riding. But the 80 mph Scrambler remains intensely fast and capable for an ATV.

Here’s a specifications table comparing the Scrambler 1000S against other Polaris models:

ModelEngineHPTop Speed
Scrambler® XP® 1000S952cc V-Twin89 hp80 mph
Scrambler® XP® 850854cc V-Twin78 hp70 mph
RZR® 1000999cc V-Twin110 hp85+ mph
RZR® Pro XP999cc Turbo H.O.181 hp80+ mph

5 Key Pros of the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S

What are the benefits of the Scrambler XP 1000S’s high performance engine and 80 mph top speed capabilities? Here are 5 key pros:

  • Intense Acceleration – Aggressively pinning the throttle unleashes a fierce surge of power, pinning you back into the seat.
  • High Top Speed – 80 mph is extremely fast for a stock recreational ATV. It provides an adrenaline rush on open dirt.
  • Responsive Powerband – The 952cc V-twin delivers usable power across the rpm range, not just at high velocity.
  • Stable at Speed – The long travel suspension ably soaks up rough and uneven terrain when riding fast.
  • Lightweight – Weighing in at 795 pounds wet, the 89 horsepower engine gives it a phenomenal power to weight ratio.

The raw acceleration and speed potential of the Scrambler XP 1000S put a huge grin on your face! It’s a powerful machine ready for aggressive throttle.

5 Potential Cons to Consider

Along with the pros of speed, there are also some tradeoffs:

  • Increased Maintenance – The high performance engine requires more frequent service than lower displacement models.
  • Lower Fuel Mileage – Expect mpg in the low to mid teens when riding aggressively. The 850cc motor is more efficient.
  • Demands Experience – Beginners should not start on an ATV with this much horsepower. It takes skill to handle.
  • Speed Limiter – The ECU may cap velocity below 80 mph for safety or engine life. Avoid trying to override this.
  • Expensive – With an MSRP over $13,000, it costs significantly more than lower cc Scramblers.

The tradeoff for wicked fast acceleration is increased maintenance and a machine best matched to intermediate or advanced riders. Also budget for premium fuel.

Is the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S Right For You?

So who is the Scrambler XP 1000S ideally suited for given its high performance engine and 80 mph top speed capabilities? Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Experienced ATV Riders – Beginners should master lesser cc models first before stepping up. Progressively develop skills.
  • Throttle Addicts – The fierce 89 horsepower and acceleration make this a dream machine for speed junkies.
  • Dune Riders – The velocity provides momentum to blast over sandy dunes and hills.
  • High Speed Trail Riders – Hard packed dirt roads and wide trails are the perfect environment to experience its potential.
  • Adult Riders – While Polaris approves ages 16+ with training, adult strength and judgement is advised.
  • Recreational Use – It’s built as a performance recreation machine, not for utilitarian work use.

The Scrambler XP 1000S rewards seasoned riders looking for an intensely quick weekend toy to tear up trails or desert dunes. Ease into it responsibly!

Where Can You Test Ride the Scrambler XP 1000S?

Rather than just reading about it, go experience the XP 1000S top speed capabilities firsthand! Many Polaris dealers offer demo ATV test rides.

Call your local dealer and ask if they have a Scrambler 1000S model available to take for a spin. Most allow short test rides after signing a waiver and showing your license.

Polaris also brings demos to popular riding locations and events. Check their website for scheduled demo tour stops in your area.

A 10-15 minute test ride gives you a good sense of the acceleration, handling, and speed. Make sure there’s ample room to open it up fully if you want to experience its 80+ mph potential.

Remember to gear up with proper safety equipment and read all warning materials before demo riding. Consider taking a training course if new to ATVs before attempting high speeds. Demo rides allow making an informed purchase decision if the Scrambler 1000S fits your needs and riding style.

Find a Used Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S For Sale

Since the Scrambler XP 1000S costs over $13,000 brand new, you may want to consider a pre-owned model to save some dollars. Used ATV prices are often negotiable too.

Here are tips for finding a used example:

  • Check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace listings locally and beyond. Expand your search area for more options.
  • Contact dealerships to ask if they have any Scrambler trade-ins. These often get reconditioned for resale.
  • Join ATV forums and post that you’re looking to buy a used Scrambler 1000S. Owners may reach out.
  • Search nationally online and consider having one shipped if the right deal surfaces.
  • Verify it has a clean title. Do a thorough test ride. Inspect condition and service records.
  • Budget for any repairs like tires, fluids, filters it may need.

Sometimes lightly used Scrambler 1000S models can be found for thousands below MSRP. Do your homework to negotiate the best deal on a pre-owned rocket!

Maintaining Your Scrambler XP 1000S

To keep your Scrambler 1000S running optimally so you can keep enjoying its 80 mph top speed for years, stay on top of regular maintenance.

Follow the factory recommended service schedule outlined in your owner’s manual. Key items include:

  • Engine Oil Changes – Every 50 hours or 200 miles, keep fresh Polaris PS-4 synthetic oil.
  • Transmission Fluid – Drain and replace the PVT belt transmission fluid every 100 hours or annually.
  • Air Filter – Inspect and clean frequently, especially in dusty conditions. Clogged filters sap power.
  • Throttle Body Sync – Have a dealer check and tune the throttle body sync yearly. Maintains crisp response.
  • Tire Condition – Aggressive riding wears tires quickly. Replace once tread depth is below 3/8″.
  • Brake Pads – Check pad thickness often. Heat can glaze pads.
  • Spark Plug – Replace after 100 hours of run time with the specified NGK CR8EIX plug.
  • Valve Clearance – Have a dealer check and adjust shim clearance at 600 miles then every 600 hours.

Staying diligent on maintenance keeps your Scrambler running optimally and safely at speed. Don’t cut corners on service!

Safety Tips For Riding at High Speeds

While the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S is capable of hitting 80 mph, it’s critical to exercise extreme caution at those velocities:

  • Wear Safety Gear – Helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, and protective clothing are mandatory when riding. Dress for the slide.
  • Rider Training – Develop skills progressively from an early age. Take an advanced riding course before attempting high speed riding.
  • Scan Terrain – Only go wide open on hard packed, flat dirt roads you’re very familiar with. Avoid loose surfaces.
  • Ride Defensively – Be alert for other vehicles, animals, obstacles. Avoid populated areas. Pay constant attention.
  • No Passengers – Don’t carry passengers when riding fast as the added weight impacts handling.
  • Avoid Impairment – Even small amounts of alcohol severely reduce judgement and reaction times at speed.
  • Fight Fatigue – Don’t ride exhausted. Fatigue leads to crashes. Take regular breaks.
  • Inspect Thoroughly – Check tires, controls, chain, suspension for proper condition. Fix any issues promptly that could cause failure at speed.

With maturity and smart safety practices, the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S can be enjoyed responsibly within your riding abilities. But always respect the machine.

Mods to Enhance Speed

While stock it’s already extremely quick, a few select mods can eke out a bit more top speed:

  • Exhaust System – A full Yoshimora system liberates a few extra ponies up top. But increases noise.
  • Clutch Kit – Stiffer clutch springs reduce slippage allowing stronger power transfer to the wheels.
  • Engine Tuner – More aggressive fueling and timing maps via a plug-in tuner like the Power Commander provide minor gains if done prudently.
  • ECU Reflash – Some dealers can re-flash the ECU to lift the stock speed limiter. But use good judgement here.

Intelligently done modifications can release a bit more power and speed but avoid going overboard. Ride within your skill level!

Stock Speed vs Real World Speed

When researching the Scrambler XP 1000S top speed, you’ll see that quoted 80 mph rating. But real world conditions mean you may never reach those velocities.

The 80 mph figure represents optimal conditions during Polaris testing – no cargo or passengers, perfectly tuned machine, stripped down, hard packed dirt, brand new engine, etc.

More realistically, added weight, rolling resistance, wind resistance, elevation, and power-sapping conditions will lower your actual speed. Even small hills will keep you below the absolute maximum.

As the owner of a Scrambler XP 1000S, keep this context in mind. While fun to talk about max speed, focus more on choosing appropriate terrain that matches your ability, wearing all safety gear, and not riding beyond your skill level just to hit a number.

Instead utilize the abundance of low end torque and mid-range power where the 952cc V-twin really excels for recreational trail use. Save brief full throttle bursts for straightaways to occasionally experience the adrenaline rush as the speedometer rises. But avoid constantly banging the rev limiter in the quest for peak velocity which only strains the machine.

Ride safe out there and respect the awesome power of your ATV!


The Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S represents an incredible combination of power and speed capabilities for an ATV its size. The high output 999cc engine allows it to achieve a top speed up to 75 mph under the right conditions.

However, real world speeds will be determined by payload, terrain, elevation, mechanical condition and rider abilities. While exciting to talk about big speed numbers, it’s critical to exercise discipline, progressive skills development, and proper safety practices when riding any high performance ATV.

We hope this detailed guide gave you all the information needed to understand the thrilling top speed potential of the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S. Yet also offered tips for how to manage these velocities safely. Thanks for reading!

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