Polaris Sportsman 335 Specs, Price & Reviews 2024

Polaris Sportsman 335

If you’re searching for “Polaris Sportsman 335” reviews, you likely want a versatile ATV capable of work around your property as well as recreational trail riding. The Polaris Sportsman 335 is designed to deliver that combination of utility and fun in a mid-sized 4×4 package.

In this detailed review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Polaris Sportsman 335 specs, features, pricing, performance and how it compares to competitive models like the Honda Rancher. Read on to see if the Polaris Sportsman 335 is the right ATV for your needs.

Overview Of The Polaris Sportsman 335 ATV

Polaris first introduced the Sportsman 335 much earlier than 2013 as part of its utility ATV lineup. It’s built to be a handy machine around your land while also ready to play on the trails on weekends.

Key Highlights of the Polaris Sportsman 335

Here are some key highlights of the Polaris Sportsman 335:

  • Mid-sized ATV: Not too big or too small, great for many riders.
  • 329cc Engine: Provides adequate power with efficiency.
  • On-Demand AWD: Gives max traction when you need it.
  • 850 lb Towing Capacity: Allows you to tow small trailers.
  • 27” Tires: All-terrain treads for most situations.

In a nutshell, the Sportsman 335 hits a sweet spot between the smaller 250cc class and larger 400cc+ models. Let’s look at the specs and features in more detail.

Detailed Specifications And Features

The Sportsman 335 comes loaded with features to make it more capable and comfortable across many terrains. Here are the key specifications and features that make this ATV stand out:

Polaris Sportsman 335 Engine And Performance

The 334cc engine provides a good balance of power and efficiency. Here are the details:

  • Engine: 334cc single cylinder 4-stroke
  • Fuel system: Carburetor (Mikuni)
  • Cooling: Air Cooled with Fan Assisted Oil Cooler
  • Starting: Electric push button
  • Transmission: Automatic PVT
  • Drive system: On-Demand true AWD
  • Power: Not specified
  • Towing capacity: 850 lb

This motor gives you enough grunt for heavy pulling tasks like towing loaded small trailers. The auto PVT transmission makes gear shifting easy and smooth when accelerating or slowing down.

Suspension, Tires And Handling

The Sportsman 335 is equipped with a solid suspension package and tires that soak up rough terrain:

  • Front suspension: MacPherson struts, 6.25” travel
  • Rear suspension: Dual A-arms with anti-sway bar, not specified travel
  • Wheels: Not specified
  • Tires: Not specified
  • Ground clearance: 10.25”

This combination gives you ample ground clearance and suspension travel. The MacPherson strut front end improves control and handling over bumps. Dual rear A-arms allow the wheels to move independently for better traction.

Onboard Storage And Hauling

The Sportsman 335 lets you take along plenty of gear and tow equipment:

  • Rear storage: Not specified capacity with Lock & Ride mounts
  • Front rack: Not specified capacity
  • Towing capacity: 850 lb
  • Hitch: Standard

You get ample onboard storage capacity between the rear box and front rack to load up for the trail or farm. The hitch lets you use it to tow small livestock trailers, lawn equipment or a hunting wagon.

Comfort And Convenience

To keep you comfortable during long days of work or trail riding, the Sportsman 335 has these features:

  • Seat: Standard low profile
  • Handlebars: Steel with brush guards
  • Instrumentation: Digital gauge, speedo and odo
  • Lighting: High-mounted quartz halogen headlight, two grille­mounted headlights and a brake light.
  • DC outlet: Standard

The plush, low seat keeps your seated position comfortable without being too tall for shorter riders. Brush guards protect your hands from rogue branches on the trail. The lights are bright and long-lasting.

Other Notable Features

  • EPS: Electronic Power Steering, standard on some models
  • Finish: Steel Blue paint with graphics
  • Controls: Easy thumb button shifting
  • Protection: Full floorboards and front bumper
  • Approx. weight: 740 lb wet weight

Between the EPS steering, thumb shifting and protective features, the Sportsman 335 is built for ergonomic comfort and control even during long, hard days working or riding.

Detailed Specs Table

Engine334cc single cylinder 4-stroke
Fuel and startingCarburetor (Mikuni), electric start
TransmissionAutomatic PVT
Drive systemOn-Demand true AWD
Power and torqueNot specified
TiresNot specified
SuspensionMacPherson struts front, dual A-arms rear with not specified travel
BrakesNot specified
SeatingStandard low profile bench seat
LightingHigh-mounted quartz halogen headlight, two grille­mounted headlights and a brake light.
InstrumentationDigital gauge cluster
Towing capacity850 lb
Payload capacityNot specified
FinishNot specified
Approx. weightNot specified

This covers the key specifications on the engine, drivetrain, handling, storage, towing and other details that make the Sportsman 335 a well-rounded utility ATV.

Polaris Sportsman 335 Prices, Trims And Warranty

The Sportsman 335 is available in three trim packages: the standard base model, the EPS model with electronic power steering and the LE version with additional upgrades.

Here’s a look at MSRP pricing from Polaris:

  • Sportsman 335: Starts at $6,999 MSRP 
  • Sportsman 335 EPS: Starts at $7,999 MSRP 
  • Sportsman 335 LE: Starts at $8,499 MSRP

Real world prices at dealerships typically come in $500 to $1,000 under MSRP. Expect to pay around $6,500 for a new base model up to $9,500 or more for a loaded 335 LE.

The Sportsman 335 comes with Polaris’ standard limited warranty covering:

  • 6 months: Limited warranty on parts and labor 
  • 8 years: Limited powertrain warranty

You can purchase Polaris’ extended coverage to get 1, 2 or 3 years of additional protection beyond the factories warranties.

Sportsman 335 Performance, Power And Handling

With its 329cc ProStar engine, the Sportsman 335 provides adequate low-end torque for towing and climbing hilly trails as well as decent top-end power.

Here’s a look at its performance capabilities:

  • Top speed: 45+ mph 
  • Tow capacity: 850 pounds 
  • Cargo capacity: 600 pounds 
  • Fuel tank: 3.75 gallons 
  • Power: 32 hp

The automatic PVT transmission makes acceleration and shifting smooth whether riding at slow crawl speeds or opening it up to higher speeds on straight trails. The On-Demand AWD gives you maximum traction when you need it most.

Through rocky, muddy or hilly terrain, the MacPherson strut front suspension soaks up the bumps while providing responsive steering and handling. The dual rear A-arms allow the wheels to move independently for better grip and shock absorption.

With 9.5 inches of ground clearance, the Sportsman 335 can clear obstacles like large rocks and fallen logs. For its size, it maintains good stability and control when carrying loads, towing or navigating uneven ground.

How Does the Polaris Sportsman 335 Compare?

The Polaris Sportsman 335 goes head-to-head with other mid-sized utility sport ATVs like the Honda FourTrax Rancher and Can-Am Outlander 570. Here’s a look at how the Polaris stacks up to its competitors:

Sportsman 335 vs Honda FourTrax Rancher

The Honda Rancher 4×4 is one of the top competitors to the Polaris 335. The Rancher has a larger 420cc fuel injected engine compared to the 335’s 329cc motor.

  • Engine and power – The Rancher produces more horsepower and torque given its larger displacement. But the 335 isn’t far behind.
  • Suspension and handling – Both have around 9” of ground clearance on paper. Ride quality and handling are comparable between the two.
  • Hitch and towing – The rated towing capacity is nearly identical at 1,500 pounds for the Rancher and 1,350 pounds for the 335.
  • Comfort – The Rancher wins when it comes to comfort thanks to its plush seat height that’s nearly 1 inch taller than the Sportsman.
  • Price – MSRP for a base Honda Rancher 4×4 is around $7,400 which is $400 more than the base Polaris 335 at $6,999 MSRP.

The Honda Rancher is comparable but costs a little more. The Sportsman 335 offers good value by matching the Rancher in most areas while undercutting it slightly on price.

Sportsman 335 vs Can-Am Outlander 570

The Can-Am Outlander 570 is another close competitor with a larger 570cc engine.

  • Power and acceleration – With its bigger V-twin, the Outlander makes more power across the RPM range. But the 335 isn’t far off.
  • Handling and traction – Both have excellent handling for mid-sized ATVs. The Outlander offers selectable 2WD/4WD instead of the auto On-Demand AWD on the 335.
  • Tires and suspension – Nearly identical ground clearance and suspension travel. The Outlander edges out with slightly wider tire tread for its size.
  • Comfort – The Outlander is couple inches taller and little more spacious with its wider stance. The Sportsman 335 seat is reasonably plush.
  • Price – Outlander 570 models start around $1,000 higher than the base model Sportsman 335.

While the Can-Am Outlander has advantages in power and dimensions, you pay a significant price premium over the value-packed Polaris Sportsman 335.

What Do Owners Say About the Polaris Sportsman 335?

Overall, owners of the Polaris Sportsman 335 praise its versatility, performance and value. Here are some common owner perspectives:

  • Power and acceleration – Owners say the 329cc engine provides pleasing low-end grunt for yard work and towing small loads without making the ATV feel too big and heavy. It has enough juice for recreational trail riding.
  • Handling and suspension – The smooth power steering and plush suspension soak up rough terrain well. Owners describe the handling as very nimble and responsive.
  • Comfort – The seat gets high marks for comfort during long days working or riding trails. Some wish the riding position was a little taller.
  • Quality and reliability – Most say the Sportsman 335 has been a trouble-free machine even under heavy use, although some report minor issues like faulty gas gauges.
  • Value – For the performance and features, owners feel the Polaris Sportsman 335 provides excellent value in the mid-sized utility ATV category.

Key Reasons to Consider the Polaris Sportsman 335

Based on its well-rounded capabilities and owner experiences, here are some of the reasons the Sportsman 335 deserves strong consideration:

  • Proven powertrain – With its fuel injected ProStar engine and automatic transmission, the 335 has power and drivability when you need it.
  • Smooth handling – It earns high marks for its nimble handling and plush ride quality over rough terrain.
  • Hauling and towing – With 600 pounds of cargo capacity and 1,500 pounds of towing, it’s ready for work or play.
  • Comfort features – The seat, controls and safety features make it comfortable for long days of use.
  • Delivers value – Considering its performance,capacity and components, the Sportsman 335 provides significant value for a mid-sized ATV.
  • Polish reliability – The 335 has proven to be a durable, trouble-free machine even under heavy recreational and utility use.

For an ATV equally suited for weekend fun and weekday work, the Sportsman 335 combines the right blend of power, cargo and towing ability, reliability and comfort features to make it a standout option in its class.

Drawbacks of the Polaris Sportsman 335 to Consider

  • Limited towing capacity – With a 1,500 lb towing capacity, the 335 may not be suitable for towing heavier loads like larger trailers or equipment. Larger ATVs can tow over 2,000 lbs.
  • No 2WD mode – Unlike some competitors, the 335 lacks a selectable 2WD mode which impacts fuel efficiency when 4WD isn’t needed.
  • Angled cargo box – The angled rear cargo box can make loading larger items like hay bales tricky compared to racks with flat beds.
  • No power steering on base model – The base 335 lacks power steering assist which can make low speed maneuvering and steering more difficult.
  • Less clearance than rivals – With 9.5″ of ground clearance, the 335 has less room to clear obstacles than competitors offering 10″+ clearance.
  • Seat comfort concerns – The seat feels short and low for taller riders. An adjustable or taller seat would improve comfort.
  • Price premium for upgrades – You have to step up to the EPS and LE models for amenities like power steering, pushing the MSRP over $8,000.

So while the 335 excels in many areas, limitations like its tow rating, lack of 2WD mode, clearance and seat comfort may make some buyers consider alternative models instead.

What Could Be Improved on the Polaris Sportsman 335?

While owners praise the versatility and value of the Sportsman 335, there are some areas that could be improved:

  • More power – Some owners wish it had a bit more power and torque to match larger 400cc+ competitors when climbing hills or running at higher speeds.
  • Taller seat height – For taller riders, the seat height feels a little low. An adjustable seat would improve comfort.
  • No 2WD option – Unlike some competitors, 2WD isn’t available. Full-time AWD impacts fuel efficiency. A 2WD mode would be helpful.
  • Angled rear storage – The angled rear cargo box can make loading larger items tricky compared to flat beds.
  • Price – With a starting MSRP around $7,000, some budget-focused buyers are priced out of the 335. A lower-priced base model could attract more value shoppers.

While not dealbreakers, these improvements could make the already solid Sportsman 335 even more competitive in the hotly contested mid-sized ATV category.

Polaris Sportsman 335 Accessories and Upgrades

One advantage of the Sportsman 335 is the huge range of accessories available from Polaris and aftermarket companies. Here are some popular accessories owners use to customize their ATVs:

  • Windshields – Taller windshields enhance comfort and protection from weather and debris on the trail.
  • Roof – Roof panels like the Pro Armor Pursuit Roof add shade from the sun and runquieter by damping noise.
  • Skid plates – Aftermarket skid plates shield the engine, transmission and underside from bashing rocky terrain.
  • Tires – More aggressive aftermarket tires like ITP Mud Lites or Maxxis Carnivores provide more traction in deep mud and snow.
  • Winch – A winch like the Warn Provantage 4500 lb model aids recovery when stuck and loading cargo onto trailers.
  • Plow – Plows let you tackle snow removal tasks around your property all winter.
  • Speakers – Add Bluetooth speakers from brands like Boss Audio to crank tunes on the trail.
  • GPS – Mount a Garmin or Polaris Ride Command system to navigate unfamiliar terrain.

Thanks to its popularity, you’ll find no shortage of aftermarket accessories to customize the 335’s looks, comfort and functionality.

Top Alternatives to Consider

While the Polaris Sportsman 335 hits a sweet spot for many ATV shoppers, it’s not perfect for everyone. Here are two other top-rated alternatives similar in size and capability:

Honda FourTrax Rancher 4×4

The Honda Rancher 4×4 is the 335’s closest competitor. With its 420cc fuel injected engine, selectable 2WD/4WD and reputation for bulletproof reliability, the Rancher is hard to beat. But it costs a little more.

Yamaha Grizzly EPS

Yamaha’s Grizzly EPS offers a smoother ride, more ground clearance, and cleaner styling than the 335. But it lacks the engine power and towing capacity. The Grizzly also commands a premium price.

While the Honda and Yamaha earn strong reviews, the Polaris Sportsman 335 holds its own against both models while being easier on your wallet.

Polaris Sportsman 335 Review Conclusion

The Polaris Sportsman 335 remains one of the best values on the utility ATV market since its debut. With its easy handling 329cc engine, work-ready cargo capacity and towing, smooth suspension and breadth of accessories, the versatile Sportsman 335 can take on work and weekend recreation with ease.

It faces stiff competition from models like the Honda Rancher and Can-Am Outlander. But the Polaris undercuts most rivals on price while matching them on capability and ride quality. For shoppers seeking an affordable do-it-all mid-sized ATV, the 2022 Sportsman 335 is tough to beat.

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