Tracker ATV Reviews: Choosing the Best Model for 2024

Tracker ATV Reviews

If you’re in the market for a new ATV, Tracker offers some of the best models on the market today. With so many Tracker ATVs to choose from, it can be tricky to decide which is right for your needs and budget.

This in-depth guide will compare the key features, pros, cons, specs, and prices of Tracker’s top ATVs to help you select the perfect one.

How Do Tracker ATV Models Compare?

Tracker manufactures ATVs ranging from beginner 90cc models up to powerful 700cc machines built for rugged conditions.

Here is an at-a-glance overview comparing the specs of Tracker’s most popular ATV models:

As you can see, Tracker offers a wide range of ATVs suitable for riders of all experience levels. Keep reading for more detailed reviews of each model.

Most Powerful: Tracker Grizzly EPS LE

If you want maximum power, the Grizzly EPS LE is Tracker’s most powerful ATV option. Its brawny 686cc engine provides plenty of muscle for demanding trails and towing heavy loads.

Most Affordable: Tracker 90

On a budget? The Tracker 90 is the most affordable model in Tracker’s lineup. It’s a great starter ATV for young riders before moving up to more advanced models.

Best for Hunting: Tracker 700 EPS

Hunters will appreciate the Tracker 700 EPS for its silent electric steering and generous cargo capacity for hauling gear and game.

Most Comfortable: Tracker Trail Tour Pro

The plush, premium suspension of the Trail Tour Pro delivers the most comfortable ride quality for all-day trail riding.

Best Overall: Tracker Grizzly

The ever-popular Tracker Grizzly strikes the optimal balance of power, features and value, making it the best all-around choice for most ATV riders.

Now let’s take a detailed look at each of Tracker’s top models.

Tracker Grizzly EPS LE Review

As Tracker’s premium flagship ATV, the Grizzly EPS LE is an absolute beast designed to conquer the most demanding terrain with ease.

Grizzly EPS LE Engine and Performance

Powering the Grizzly EPS LE is a brawny 686cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, providing an abundance of torque. This muscular mill allows the Grizzly to blaze up steep hills, muscle through mud, and tow heavier loads than most other ATVs in its class.

It’s electronically fuel injected for reliable starts even in cold weather. Combined with its snappy automatic CV transmission, the Grizzly LE delivers impressive acceleration whether creeping along trails or hammering the throttle open across fields and meadows.

With 12 inches of ground clearance and beefy 27-inch Maxxis tires, the Grizzly LE can traverse rocks, logs and other obstacles that stop lesser ATVs in their tracks. Its 1,500 pound towing capacity also exceeds most competitors, allowing you to haul heavy gear or even a second ATV with ease.

For stopping power, hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels provide strong braking whether loaded up or empty. While its 45 mph top speed is no slouch, the Grizzly EPS LE emphasizes low-end grunt over sheer speed.

Grizzly EPS LE Handling and Suspension

Despite its hefty size and weight, the Grizzly EPS LE handles surprisingly well thanks to its dual A-arm independent front and rear suspension.

The independent suspension soaks up bumps and ruts for a smooth ride, while still offering 9.5 inches of total travel to blast through ditches and gullies without bottoming out.

For easy steering, the EPS LE comes standard with electronic power steering. By amplifying your steering inputs, the EPS system significantly reduces the effort needed to turn the handlebars on this heavy-duty machine. The front sway bar also enhances cornering stability.

Comfortably wide floorboards give you secure footing when riding aggressively over rough terrain. The EPS LE’s ergonomic design makes this large ATV easy to control and maneuver.

Grizzly EPS LE Comfort and Convenience

To keep you comfortable during long days on the trails, the Grizzly EPS LE provides a plush seat with ample padding. The thumb throttle and handlebar placement allow you to sit upright in a natural position rather than hunched over.

For hauling cargo, a 300-pound capacity rear rack lets you strap down coolers, camping gear or whatever else you need for the journey. The front rack can manage another 90 pounds. Unlike some models, assembling the racks doesn’t require any tools.

A digital instrument cluster displays speed, mileage, gear position, and other key info. Other handy features include a 12V power port to charge devices, halogen headlights for night riding, and high front fenders to deflect mud.

Grizzly EPS LE Specifications

Engine686cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke
TransmissionAutomatic CV with reverse
Power SteeringElectric (EPS)
SuspensionIndependent dual A-arm (front and rear)
BrakesHydraulic discs on all 4 wheels
Towing Capacity1,500 pounds
Payload CapacityUp to 590 pounds
Ground Clearance12 inches
Seating1 rider
Wheelbase50 inches
Wheels12″ cast aluminum
Tires27 x 10R-14 front / 27 x 10R-14 rear
Curb Weight749 pounds (wet)
Fuel Capacity5 gallons
ColorsGrey & Orange, Vibrant Blue, Carbon Black

Grizzly EPS LE Review Summary

In a nutshell, the Tracker Grizzly EPS LE is one of the most rugged and capable ATVs at this price point, able to muscle its way through virtually any terrain or obstacle.

It provides gobs of low-end power along with a plush ride quality thanks to the independent suspension. The electric steering makes handling this heavy-duty quad easier despite its hefty weight.

The EPS LE is a great choice for experienced riders who need to cover the roughest ground and tow heavy loads. Its abundant power and cargo capacity also make it a top pick for farmers, ranchers, and hunters who use an ATV as a serious work machine.

Just keep in mind that the Grizzly EPS LE is a bit overkill if you just need a recreational trail machine for moderate terrain. It also may be too much machine for novice riders due to the weight.

Grizzly EPS LE Pricing


Tracker 90 Review

As Tracker’s most affordable ATV, the Tracker 90 is the perfect model for beginners and young riders getting started. Don’t let the low price tag fool you though – it’s built with the same quality and durability as Tracker’s bigger models.

Tracker 90 Engine and Performance

Powering the nimble Tracker 90 is a modest 90cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine. While it’s not going to break any speed records, the peppy motor provides just enough zip for new riders learning the ropes on relatively flat terrain.

The automatic, clutchless transmission shifts seamlessly through the gears. A centrifugal clutch means no manual clutch lever to worry about for younger riders. The engine transfers power to the wheels very smoothly.

With 7 inches of ground clearance and small 22×10-10 tires, this ATV is really designed for flat, groomed trails rather than anything too gnarly. For safety, Tracker equips the 90 with a top speed limiter for parents.

The engine starts up easily with the electric push button starter. Under the plastic bodywork, it’s built with the same durability and reliability as Tracker’s larger ATVs.

Tracker 90 Handling and Suspension

Weighing under 300 pounds, the Tracker 90 feels very nimble and easy to manage. Its compact size makes it less intimidating for beginners. The turning radius is tight enough for navigating trails through the woods.

The Tracker 90 utilizes a basic twin A-arm suspension design on all four corners. While the suspension action is somewhat stiff, it smoothens out smaller bumps and keeps the ride stable. Just don’t expect it to soak up major ruts or jumps.

Boosted rack and pinion steering reduces the effort required to turn the handlebars compared to some other youth quads. The front and rear drum brakes provide adequate stopping power for a machine this size.

With its low center of gravity and modest weight, even younger kids can feel confident learning to corner and maneuver this agile ATV. Parents will appreciate the safety tether switch for shutting down the engine remotely.

Tracker 90 Comfort and Convenience

Given its beginner-friendly nature, the Tracker 90 emphasizes comfort and ease-of-use. The plush seat and tapered floorboards allow smaller riders to plant their feet firmly on the ground.

The seat sits at a low 27 inches off the ground, making it easy for kids to get on and off the ATV. For carrying a small passenger, the rear rack can manage 40 pounds. Rider aids like the throttle limiter and safety tether provide added peace of mind.

While the Tracker 90 lacks true cargo racks, you can still strap gear on the front and rear racks. An accessory storage bag mounts on the front for carrying a few small items. The front headlight allows safe dawn and dusk riding.

Tracker 90 Specifications

Engine90cc air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke
TransmissionAutomatic CV
SuspensionTwin A-arm (front and rear)
BrakesRear drum
Towing CapacityN/A
Payload Capacity40 pound rear rack
Ground Clearance7 inches
Seating1 rider
Wheelbase44 inches
Wheels8” steel
Tires22×10-10 front and rear
Curb Weight278 pounds
Fuel Capacity2.6 gallons
ColorsLime Green, Gray & Blue

Tracker 90 Review Summary

In summary, the Tracker 90 offers outstanding value in a beginner-friendly ATV priced under $2,000.

While it lacks the power and capacity for serious trail riding, the nimble Tracker 90 is ideal for safely teaching riding basics to kids and smaller beginners. Convenient safety features like the speed limiter and tether switch provide confidence for parents.

Light and easy to manage, the Tracker 90 is a great first quad to learn on before eventually moving up to a larger machine. Just stick to flat terrain and leave the rocky trails for when your skills progress.

Tracker 90 Pricing


Tracker 700 EPS Review

The Tracker 700 EPS is purpose-built for hunters who need a tough, quiet ATV capable of silently hauling heavy gear and game through remote areas.

Tracker 700 EPS Engine and Performance

Providing the grunt to traverse mud and rugged terrain is a large 686cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, borrowed from the Grizzly lineup. This proven powerplant delivers robust torque for muscling up steep hills or through thick mud bogs.

Throttle response is snappy thanks to the digital fuel injection system. The 700 EPS can tow an impressive 1,250 pounds in case you need to pull gear-laden trailers to your hunting spot. With 10 inches of ground clearance, it can traverse logs and other obstacles.

A snappy automatic CV transmission transfers the power to the wheels without loss. For stopping traction, hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels allow controlled deceleration even with a loaded cargo rack.

Unlike the noisy chain-driven steering on some ATVs, the 700 EPS utilizes speed-sensitive electronic power steering. This provides light, easy steering without making excessive noise to scare away wildlife.

Tracker 700 EPS Handling and Suspension

Despite its larger size, the 700 EPS exhibits surprisingly nimble handling on twisting trails thanks to its dual A-arm independent front and rear suspension.

This sophisticated suspension soaks up ruts and bumps that would jar your spine on a basic solid axle ATV. The smooth ride allows you to search for the perfect spotting location without getting beat up by the terrain.

For uphill capability, the front sway bar enhances weight transfer to the rear tires for added traction. Strong engine braking gives you greater control on steep downhills while carrying loads.

Durable 25-inch Carlisle tires provide a good balance of traction and steering precision. With 9.5 inches of suspension travel, you can blast through some rough stuff on the way to your hunting spot.

Tracker 700 EPS Comfort and Convenience

After miles bouncing through the backcountry, you’ll appreciate the 700 EPS’ plush and supportive seat. The riding position is upright and natural for minimized fatigue.

Of course, the main appeal for hunters is the cavernous rear rack and cargo box. With a crazy 248 pound total capacity, you can load up everything you need for a multi-day elk hunt deep in the backwoods.

Further hauling space comes from the 90 pound front rack. Other handy features include a 12V power outlet, front bumper guard, and 2,000-pound winch for getting un-stuck. A front skid plate protects vital components.

For cold-weather hunting, the 700 EPS starts easily even on frigid mornings thanks to the standard electric start ignition. High front fenders keep you dryer by deflecting some of the mud and snow.

Tracker 700 EPS Specifications

Engine686cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke
TransmissionAutomatic CV with reverse
Power SteeringElectronic (EPS)
SuspensionIndependent dual A-arm (front and rear)
BrakesHydraulic discs on all 4 wheels
Towing Capacity1,250 pounds
Payload CapacityUp to 338 pounds
Ground Clearance10 inches
Seating1 rider
Wheelbase50 inches
Wheels12″ cast aluminum
Tires25 x 10-12 front / 25 x 10-12 rear
Curb Weight721 pounds (wet)
Fuel Capacity5.3 gallons
ColorsCarbon Black, Terra Bronze

Tracker 700 EPS Review Summary

In summary, the Tracker 700 EPS is purpose-built for hunters needing to haul heavy loads over remote terrain as stealthily as possible.

The torquey 686cc engine provides ample grunt for mud and hills when loaded down. The independent suspension tames trails while delivering a plush ride. The EPS steering minimizes noise for a stealthy approach on game.

With huge cargo capacity and cold-weather features like electric start, the 700 EPS allows hunters to disappear into the backcountry for days on end. Just be prepared for its hefty price tag.

Tracker 700 EPS Pricing


Tracker Trail Tour Pro Review

The premium Trail Tour Pro stands out for its ultra-plush fully independent suspension that delivers a serenely smooth ride over rough and rocky terrain.

Trail Tour Pro Engine and Performance

Motivating the Trail Tour Pro is a 500cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine. While it gives up some power compared to larger 700cc models, the 500cc motor still provides sufficient grunt for technical riding.

An automatic CV transmission keeps the power flowing smoothly to the wheels in all conditions. The engine and drivetrain are thoroughly sealed and protected from water, dirt and debris.

With 10 inches of ground clearance, the Trail Tour Pro isn’t afraid to traverse logs, rocks and other obstacles. Beefy steel cargo racks front and rear allow packing your camping gear for overlanding.

The engine pulls strong whether creeping along technical lines or cruising forest roads. Radiators are strategically placed for maximum cooling efficiency even when riding slowly.

Trail Tour Pro Handling and Suspension

Where the Trail Tour Pro truly excels is its CAD-engineered fully independent suspension. Both the front and rear wheels travel vertically on A-arms for precisely controlled wheel movement.

This sophisticated suspension soaks up harsh impacts over rocks and roots that would make most ATV riders cringe. The plush action flatters riders of all experience levels.

Nimble handling inspires confidence to push your limits on twisty mountain trails. The suspensions 13.2 inches of travel at both ends swallows bumps and straightens out sidehills with stability. You’ll be amazed how fast you can shred rough trails.

Strong hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels allow controlled stops even flying down steep grades. The Trail Tour Pro delivers Ferrari-like ride quality paired with mountain goat handling.

Trail Tour Pro Comfort and Convenience

After a full day attacking technical trails, you’ll really appreciate the Trail Tour Pro’s plush seat and ergonomics designed to minimize fatigue.

It stands out with premium touches like dual-density foam seats, adjustable handlebar sweep, and a digital multifunction display showing speed, RPM, and more vehicle info.

The contoured seat shape and smooth suspension work together to keep you comfortable mile after mile. For passengers, comfort grips and footrests are integrated into the rear rack.

While cargo capacity is reduced compared to the 700 EPS and Grizzly models, you can still pack plenty of camping gear for overlanding thanks to the steel front and rear racks.

A 12V power outlet lets you charge devices, GPS units, and other accessories. For night riding, dual 35W headlights illuminate the trail ahead.

Trail Tour Pro Specifications

Engine500cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke
TransmissionAutomatic CV with reverse
SuspensionFully independent dual A-arms (front and rear)
BrakesHydraulic discs on all 4 wheels
Towing Capacity1,250 pounds
Payload CapacityUp to 300 pounds
Ground Clearance10 inches
Seating1 rider + 1 passenger
Wheelbase50 inches
WheelsCast aluminum
Tires25 x 8-12 front / 25 x 10-12 rear
Curb Weight695 pounds (wet)
Fuel Capacity5 gallons
ColorsRed, Gray & Black

Trail Tour Pro Review Summary

If ride comfort is your top priority for conquering challenging trails, the plush fully independent suspension of the Trail Tour Pro can’t be beat.

The precise handling also inspires confidence pushing your limits over rocks and logs. While not the most powerful ATV, the 500cc engine provides adequate grunt for technical terrain.

Just be prepared to pay a premium for the comfort, advanced suspension technology and premium touches. For the ultimate cushy off-road ride, the Trail Tour Pro delivers in spades.

Trail Tour Pro Pricing


Tracker Grizzly Review

The ever-popular Tracker Grizzly strikes the optimal balance of power, comfort, value, and overall capability for most ATV riders.

Grizzly Engine and Performance

Sharing the same muscular 686cc engine as the Grizzly EPS LE and 700 EPS models, the standard Grizzly pumps out generous low-end torque for conquering technical trails and hills.

This proven single-cylinder motor utilizes fuel injection for crisp throttle response in all weather and elevations. The stout automatic transmission handles the power smoothly.

While max towing capacity is reduced to 1,200 pounds compared to the EPS LE, that’s still enough brawn to pull a loaded trailer or another ATV when needed. Strong hydraulic disc brakes provide confident stopping power.

With 10 inches of ground clearance and 25-inch tires, the Grizzly navigates over logs, rocks, and other obstacles with ease. The torquey engine grunt conquers muddy and steep terrain.

Grizzly Handling and Suspension

Despite its brawny motor, the Grizzly handles nimbly thanks to its independent front and rear suspension. The double A-arm setup provides 9.5 inches of wheel travel to smooth out bumps of all sizes.

Rider-active handling gives you precise control carving turns and maneuvering the Grizzly on twisty trails. The MacPherson strut front suspension eliminates steering kickback for more precision steering feel hitting ruts and bumps.

Dual rear shocks allow the rear wheels to travel vertically for stability plowing through rocky sections. Given its muscular power output, the Grizzly still delivers a remarkably plush and controlled ride.

Grizzly Comfort and Convenience

The Grizzly’s comfortable ergonomics let you tackle long, rough rides without numbing your body. It starts with the plush, thick seat that keeps you cushioned from vibrations.

Dual front racks provide space for strapping down spare fuel, tools, and other cargo you want to keep handy up front. The rear rack swallows bulkier gear, coolers, and camping equipment.

A handy 12V power outlet powers GPS devices, phone chargers, and other electronics you may need on the trail. Other key features include a rear hitch, front bumper guard, and modern instrument display.

Grizzly Specs

Engine686cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke
TransmissionAutomatic CV with reverse
SuspensionIndependent dual A-arm (front and rear)
BrakesHydraulic discs on all 4 wheels
Towing Capacity1,200 pounds
Payload CapacityUp to 600 pounds
Ground Clearance10 inches
Seating1 rider
Wheelbase50 inches
Tires25 x 8-12 front / 25 x 10-12 rear
Curb Weight695 pounds (wet)
Fuel Capacity5.3 gallons
ColorsRed, Gray & Black

Grizzly Review Summary

In summary, the Tracker Grizzly lives up to its legendary reputation by delivering an exceptional combination of power, comfort, handling, and value.

The 686cc engine provides stump-pulling torque for conquering nasty terrain and big hills. The plush independent suspension tames trails yet provides 9.5 inches of wheel travel.

Comfort amenities like the thick seat allow all-day rides. Given its stellar performance and more affordable price point, it’s no surprise the Grizzly remains Tracker’s best-selling ATV year after year. It’s a true jack-of-all-trades ATV.

Grizzly Pricing


Which Tracker ATV Is Right For You?

With Tracker’s wide range of models, there’s an ATV suitable for riders of all experience levels and budgets.

Here are a few key factors to help choose the perfect Tracker ATV for your needs:

  • Rider Experience – Beginners are best served by the Tracker 90. Experienced riders can exploit the power of the Grizzly EPS LE and 700 EPS. The Trail Tour Pro’s plush ride helps progressing riders build skills.
  • Terrain Type – If you’ll mainly ride tight wooded trails, consider a nimbler 500cc model. For rocky conditions, the longer travel Grizzly EPS LE and Trail Tour Pro work well. Mudding and hills require brawny 700cc+ engines.
  • Passenger/Payload Size – The full-size models like the Grizzly and 700 EPS can carry much bigger loads. But the Tracker 90 can still manage a smaller second rider.
  • Comfort Priority – The premium suspension of the Trail Tour Pro delivers the most plush ride. The Grizzly EPS models have thick, comfortable seats.
  • Budget – MSRP ranges from just $1,799 for the Tracker 90 up to $10,999 for the feature-packed Grizzly EPS LE. Compare features to decide if premium models are worth stretching your budget.

Top Alternative ATV Brands

While Tracker offers outstanding ATVs for the money, also consider models from Polaris, Can-Am, Honda and Yamaha to find your perfect match:

  • Polaris Sportsman: Similar to Tracker Grizzly but with engine options up to 1000cc and premium styling. More expensive but very capable.
  • Yamaha Kodiak: Excellent mid-size 4×4 with ultra-reliable reputation. Smooth power and versatile rack space.
  • Suzuki KingQuad: Great value 4×4 utility ATV with solid reliability and max towing over 1,500 pounds.
  • Honda FourTrax: Legendary reputation for bulletproof reliability and quality. Wide range of engine sizes.
  • Can-Am Outlander: Feature-loaded high performance 4×4. Aggressive styling and brawny engine options. Higher cost.

Choosing Your Tracker ATV

Whether you’re a beginner stepping up to your first ATV or a seasoned veteran, Tracker offers a model to match your experience level, riding style, and budget.

For starters, check out the nimble and affordable Tracker 90. Experienced riders wanting maximum capability can’t go wrong with the brawny Grizzly EPS LE. Hunters will appreciate the huge cargo space of the 700 EPS.

If all-day comfort is most important, treat yourself to the plush ride of the Trail Tour Pro. And for an unmatched combination of versatility and value, the Tracker Grizzly remains the best all-around choice.

Whichever Tracker ATV you choose, follow rider training and safety precautions to ensure many miles of family fun on the trails. Let the adventures begin!

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