The 5 Best Tire Brands for Your Vehicle in 2024

Best Tire Brands for Your Vehicle

Buying new tires can be an overwhelming decision with so many brands and options to choose from these days. How do you know which tire brands you can really trust for safety, performance, and longevity?

After extensive research and reviews, we determined the top 5 best tire brands for 2023. We looked at key factors like quality, treadlife, traction, warranties, expert ratings, and value across all tire categories – summer, all-season, winter, SUV, etc.

These top 5 brands consistently rise above the rest to give you the best performance, safety, and peace of mind from your tires. Keep reading to learn which brands made the cut and how to choose the right tire for your needs.

How Do You Determine the Best Tire Brands?

With so many tire manufacturers out there, how can you decide which brands are the cream of the crop? We used these key criteria to select the top 5:

1. Reputation and Experience

The best tire brands have been around for decades and have earned strong reputations through quality products that perform well for years. Brand recognition and history provides trust in their tires.

2. Safety and Performance Testing

Trustworthy brands use extensive R&D, rigorous testing, and top-grade materials to engineer safe tires with excellent traction, handling, treadwear and more. State-of-the-art designs back up their reputation.

3. Positive Expert Reviews

We researched reviews from seasoned experts like Consumer Reports, Tire Rack, and NTB to see real-world performance results. The top brands consistently score well across tire categories.

4. Warranties and Guarantees

The best tire companies stand behind their products with generous treadwear and road hazard warranties. This shows confidence and gives you peace of mind from blowouts or early wear.

5. Diverse Tire Lineup

A varied lineup with options for every vehicle type and usage is important. The best have you covered with all-season, summer, winter, SUV, sports car and commercial truck tires.

6. Value for the Price

While cheap tires tempt with lower prices, value matters more than price alone. The best brands engineer long-lasting tires using quality materials so you get more bang for your buck.

Using these criteria, we have identified the top 5 tire brands that consistently rise above the competition across all measurements.

The Top 5 Highest Rated Tire Brands for 2023

After extensive research and reviews, we chose the top 5 tire brands based on quality, performance, safety, price, and warranties.

1. Michelin – Best Overall Tire Brand

Founded in 1889, Michelin is one of the world’s largest and most trusted tire brands. Michelin focuses heavily on research and development to create high-performance tires optimized for safety, durability, and fuel efficiency.

As the top-rated overall tire brand, Michelin continues to set the industry standard. Here’s why Michelin earns the top spot:

  • Industry-Leading Treadwear Warranties: Michelin offers exceptional treadwear coverage up to 80,000 miles in some cases. This shows confidence in longevity.
  • Cutting Edge Designs and Materials: Michelin develops innovative compounds and designs through extensive R&D. Technologies like EverGrip boost winter grip while Silica compounds enhance performance.
  • Superior Wet Traction: Testing shows Michelin tires consistently stop shorter on wet roads than competitors. Safety is a priority.
  • Fuel Efficient Tires: Low rolling resistance technologies like Energy Saver improve fuel mileage in Michelins. This saves you money at the pump.
  • Top Ratings Across All Categories: Michelin excels at making premium tires for every need – summer, winter, all-season, sport, SUV, etc.
  • Major OEM Supplier: Most reputable automakers like Mercedes, BMW and Porsche choose Michelin as original equipment tires. This demonstrates quality.

Michelin offers premium tires across vehicle categories if you want the very best for safety and performance. They are especially strong in all-season and winter categories.

2. Bridgestone – Most Trusted All-Season Tires

Bridgestone is a top Japanese tire manufacturer and produces some of the best all-season tires on the market. As one of the world’s largest tire companies, Bridgestone has a proven track record of reliability and durability.

Here’s why Bridgestone is our choice for best all-season tires:

  • Superior Handling and Traction: Bridgestone all-season tires use optimized tread designs and compound technology to grip the road in all conditions. This allows confident handling, braking and acceleration traction.
  • Quiet and Comfortable: Bridgestone’s ComfortCruise technology creates a more comfortable ride by reducing vibration. And tire cavity optimization reduces road noise for a quieter cabin.
  • Durable Construction: The strongest steel belts and durable plies allow Bridgestone all-season tires to last for years. You get more miles per tire.
  • Excellent Ratings: Reviewers praise the impressive treadlife, grip and stability of Bridgestone all-season tires like the Turanza and Potenza lines.
  • Trusted OEM Tires: Toyota, Ford, GM and other major brands choose Bridgestone as original equipment tires. This shows major confidence in their engineering.

Bridgestone offers several tiers of all-season tires at different price points to suit any budget. Their mid-range Turanza AS tire line provides a great combination of value, longevity, and strong performance.

3. Continental – Best for Performance and Handling

Continental is a leading German tire brand that excels at designing high-performance tires that grip the road and allow precise handling. Their tires are engineered for optimal traction, cornering, responsiveness and grip.

Here are the reasons Continental takes the top spot for performance driving:

  • Ultra High-Performance Summer Tires: Lines like the ExtremeContact DW are optimized for warm, dry conditions and give sports cars incredible grip and steering response.
  • Best-in-Class Wet and Dry Braking: Continental summer and all-season tires routinely stop shorter from 60-0 mph in both wet and dry testing, providing safety and control.
  • Innovative SportContact Technology: Their advanced tread compound improves cornering grip and feel by adapting to the road for sportier handling.
  • Quieter Tires: The ComfortRide technology minimizes vibrations and interior cabin noise, allowing you to better hear your engine and enjoy the drive.
  • Luxury Car Pedigree: Continental is the original equipment tire for many luxury performance brands like BMW, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche, Jaguar and more.

For drivers prioritizing road performance and grip, Continental is a top choice for both summer and all-season tires. The Continental ExtremeContact DW is among the highest-rated ultra high performance summer tires.

4. Pirelli – Most Advanced Summer Tires

Founded in Italy in 1872, Pirelli is a premium tire brand focused on high-performance summer tires. Using cutting-edge materials and technology, Pirelli engineers some of the grippiest, best handling summer tires available today.

Key reasons Pirelli leads the pack for summer tires:

  • IdealGrip Rubber Compounds: Pirelli develops special tread compounds like IdealGrip to maximize dry grip and handling in warm conditions while resisting hydroplaning.
  • P Zero Technology: Their most advanced technology enhances traction, steering response and control through a stiff center and wide shoulders.
  • Vulcanization Technology: Pirelli uses specialized vulcanization techniques to bond the rubber for consistency and precise handling.
  • OEM Tires for Prestige Brands: Pirelli is the chosen original tire for supercar brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren and more.
  • Specialized Lines: Tires like the P Zero and Cinturato cater towards ultra high performance vehicles with bespoke engineering.

For sports cars and high-end sedans, Pirelli summer tires provide an amazing driving experience with jaw-dropping grip and performance. Their tires help expensive cars achieve their handling potential.

5. Goodyear – Best Budget Tire Brand

Goodyear is an instantly recognizable American brand and the top choice for drivers on a budget. As an affordable option, Goodyear offers solid performance and quality construction without breaking the bank.

Here’s why Goodyear is our budget pick:

  • Affordable Pricing: Goodyear tires start at under $100 per tire for common passenger sizes. Without compromising on quality, this saves a lot of money upfront.
  • Trusted Reputation: Founded in 1898, Goodyear has over 120 years of experience engineering durable and safe tires. Their brand recognition adds trust.
  • All-Season Reliability: The Goodyear Assurance ComforTred line rates well for dependable, smooth performance across changing conditions. A great value choice.
  • Responsive Handling: Even their cheaper tires maintain responsive steering and controlled braking without loose handling. You still get capable performance.
  • Broad Tire Selection: Whatever vehicle you drive – sedan, pickup, SUV or van – Goodyear has budget-friendly options to keep you covered.

While cheaper, Goodyear still produces dependable tires ideal for basic everyday driving needs. They provide good value for family vehicles.

How to Choose the Best Tire Brand for Your Vehicle?

All five of these top tire manufacturers produce high-quality tires, but some are better suited for certain vehicles and driving styles. Use this guide to pick the right brand for your needs:


  • Best For: Midsize sedans, crossovers, SUVs and luxury cars needing a reliable all-around tire.
  • Key Tires: Defender LTX for SUVs, CrossClimate2 for crossovers, Pilot Sport A/S 3+ for performance cars.


  • Best For: Reliable daily drivers and commuter vehicles needing a comfortable, durable all-season tire.
  • Key Tires: Turanza QuietTrack for sedans, Dueler H/L Alenza Plus for SUVs.


  • Best For: Performance coupes, sports sedans and small cars needing peak handling and grip.
  • Key Tires: ExtremeContact Sport for summer, PureContact LS for all-season, PremiumContact 6 for luxury cars.


  • Best For: Luxury vehicles, sports cars and high-end sedans wanting maximum summer performance.
  • Key Tires: P Zero for supercars, Cinturato P7 for high-performance sedans, Scorpion Verde for SUVs.


  • Best For: Basic family cars, pickup trucks, economy vehicles needing an affordable, dependable tire.
  • Key Tires: Assurance MaxLife for minivans and sedans, Wrangler Workhorse for pickups, Fortera HL for crossovers.

Let’s Summarize – What Are the 5 Best Tire Brands?

We’ve covered a lot of ground on the top tire manufacturers. Let’s recap the main picks:

  • For overall performance across all tire categories, Michelin is the best brand and the gold standard for safe, durable, and innovative tires.
  • For the best all-season tires with impressive treadlife and a quiet, comfortable ride, choose Bridgestone.
  • Continental is the brand of choice for performance summer and high-grip tires that excel at traction and sharp handling.
  • Pirelli engineers the most advanced high-performance summer tires made to provide incredible grip for sports cars.
  • As a budget optionGoodyear gives you solid, dependable tires for basic transportation without breaking the bank.

No matter what vehicle you drive or your budget, one of these top 5 tire brands is sure to meet your needs and get you where you need to go with safety and confidence. Consider them a wise investment in your driving experience.

The Takeaway – Invest in Quality Tires from the Best Brands

Hopefully this detailed look at the highest rated tire manufacturers helps you choose new tires with confidence. While tempting, don’t just default to the cheapest options. Quality tires greatly impact your safety and will last years longer.

Take care of your ride and those inside it by investing in a premium set of tires from one of these leading brands. It provides peace of mind and pays off through thousands more miles of smooth, reliable service life. Stay safe out there!

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