Are Everstart Batteries Good? A Full Review of Their Performance and Durability

Are Everstart Batteries Good

Everstart batteries are a popular choice for many car owners due to their affordability and availability at Walmart stores. However, the question remains: are Everstart batteries good? In this full review, we will evaluate the durability, performance, and maintenance of these batteries to provide a comprehensive answer.

One of the key factors to consider when evaluating the quality of a car battery is its durability. Everstart batteries are known to last well over 2 years to 5 years for premium models, making them a reliable option for drivers. Additionally, these batteries require little to no maintenance, making them a convenient choice for those who don’t want to spend time and money on upkeep.

Performance is another important factor to consider when selecting a car battery. Everstart batteries have been reported to perform well in extreme conditions, making them suitable for use in a variety of climates. With this in mind, it’s clear that Everstart batteries offer a good balance of affordability, reliability, and performance.

What are Everstart Batteries?

Everstart batteries are a popular brand of car batteries sold at Walmart. They offer a variety of options to fit most applications and are known for their affordability. These batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world.

Everstart batteries come in three models: Value, Plus, and Maxx. The Value model is the most affordable and offers basic features, while the Plus and Maxx models offer more advanced features and longer warranties.

One of the benefits of Everstart batteries is their durability. They can last well over two to five years, depending on the model, and require little to no maintenance. Additionally, they can perform well in extreme conditions, making them a reliable choice for car owners.

Are Everstart Batteries Good?

When it comes to car batteries, Everstart is a brand that is often mentioned. But are Everstart batteries good? Let’s take a closer look at their performance, durability, and price to find out.


Everstart batteries are known for their high cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC), which make them a reliable choice for starting your vehicle in cold weather. They offer a range of battery models with different CCA and RC ratings to fit various vehicle types and climates.


Everstart batteries are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Premium models can last up to 5 years, while standard models can last over 2 years with proper maintenance. They are also built to withstand extreme conditions, making them a reliable choice for drivers in harsh climates.


One of the biggest advantages of Everstart batteries is their affordability. They offer a range of battery models at competitive prices, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious drivers. Additionally, their batteries come with a warranty and a 90-day return policy, providing added peace of mind for customers.

How do Everstart Batteries Compare to Other Brands?

Comparison to Top Brands

Everstart batteries are a popular choice for car owners who want a reliable battery without breaking the bank. However, when compared to some of the top battery brands on the market, such as Optima or East Penn, Everstart batteries do not perform as well. Optima batteries, for example, have a longer lifespan and are better suited for extreme conditions. East Penn batteries also have a longer lifespan and are known for their high-quality construction.

Comparison to Budget Brands

When compared to other budget brands, such as Kirkland or Exide, Everstart batteries hold their own. While Kirkland batteries may last longer, Everstart batteries are more affordable and offer a good value for the price. Exide batteries, on the other hand, are known for their poor quality and short lifespan, making Everstart a better choice for those on a budget.

In terms of specifications, Everstart batteries come in three models: Value, Plus, and Maxx. The Value model is the most affordable but has a lower cranking amp rating, making it less suitable for cold weather. The Plus model offers a higher cranking amp rating and a longer lifespan, while the Maxx model is the most expensive but offers the highest cranking amp rating and longest lifespan.

Where to Buy Everstart Batteries?

Everstart batteries are available for purchase at Walmart stores and online at Walmart’s website. The batteries can be found in the automotive section of the store or on the website under the automotive category.

Walmart offers a wide range of Everstart batteries to fit different types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and marine vehicles. The batteries are available in three different models: Value, Plus, and Maxx. The Value model is the most affordable option, while the Maxx model is the premium option with maximum starting power and a longer warranty.

When purchasing an Everstart battery, it is important to ensure that you are buying the correct size and type of battery for your vehicle. Walmart provides a battery finder tool on their website to help customers find the right battery for their vehicle.

Customers can also take advantage of Walmart’s battery installation services, which are available at select Walmart stores. The installation service includes the removal of the old battery and the installation of the new one.

It is important to note that while Everstart batteries offer a great value and come with a warranty, they may not be the best option for all vehicles. Customers should do their research and consult with a professional mechanic to determine the best battery for their specific vehicle and driving needs.


EverStart batteries are a reliable and affordable option for automobile owners. The batteries are durable and can last well over two years to five years for premium models. They also require little to no maintenance and can perform well in extreme conditions.

The EverStart battery brand offers a great value with plenty of options. These batteries are available at Walmart and can fit most applications. There are three models available, sure to fit most needs. Additionally, the batteries have a warranty and come with a 90-day return policy.

The thing about Everstart batteries is that they are not extremely unique to each other across models. This is good because you can get a battery with better CCA for your car. That will provide more reliability. Many Odyssey owners have reported to pass more than 6 years with the Everstart battery with 100% reliability.

The standard EverStart battery has a rating of 122 amp hours at 1 ampere, while the EverStart Maxx has a 114 amp-hours rating at 1 ampere. Both these batteries have the same MCA rating. The regular EverStart battery comes with a 1-year warranty, while the EverStart Maxx is provided with a 2-year warranty.

Overall, EverStart batteries are a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable battery for their car. They offer a range of models with different specifications to fit most needs, and their warranty and return policy give customers peace of mind.


What is the warranty on Everstart batteries?

Everstart batteries come with a warranty that varies depending on the specific model. The basic model has a one-year warranty, while the premium model has a three-year warranty. It is important to note that the warranty only covers defects in materials or workmanship and does not cover normal wear and tear or misuse.

Can Everstart batteries be used in extreme temperatures?

Everstart batteries are designed to perform well in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. They use advanced technology to provide reliable performance in a wide range of conditions. However, it is still important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and maintenance to ensure the best possible performance.

Are Everstart batteries maintenance-free?

Yes, Everstart batteries are maintenance-free, which means that they do not require any water or other fluids to be added. This makes them a convenient and hassle-free option for car owners who want reliable performance without having to worry about maintenance.

Can Everstart batteries be recycled?

Yes, Everstart batteries can be recycled. In fact, it is important to recycle them properly to help protect the environment. Many retailers, including Walmart, offer recycling programs for used batteries. You can also contact your local recycling center for more information on how to recycle your Everstart battery.

How long do Everstart batteries last?

The lifespan of an Everstart battery depends on several factors, including the specific model, how it is used, and how it is maintained. However, many car owners report that Everstart batteries can last for several years with proper use and maintenance. The premium models are designed to last longer than the basic models, but both offer reliable performance at an affordable price.

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