Jeep Gladiator Lifted: A Comprehensive Guide to Cost and Lift Kits

jeep gladiator lifted

Looking to lift your Jeep Gladiator to improve its off-road capabilities or just give it a beefier look? A lift kit is a great way to increase your Jeep’s ground clearance and allow for larger tires. But with so many options, it can be tricky to choose the right lift kit for your needs and budget.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Jeep Gladiator lift kits to help you choose the best kit to lift your Jeep and take your off-road adventures to the next level!

What is a Lift Kit and What are the Different Types of Lift Kits for Jeeps?

A lift kit lifts your Jeep by raising the body and replacing or modifying suspension components like coil springs and control arms to increase ground clearance and allow for bigger tires. Lift kits are available in different heights, from subtle 1-3 inch leveling kits to 4-6 inch lifts for maximum clearance.

There are two main types of lift kits:

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits raise your Jeep by replacing front and rear coil springs with taller, stiffer ones. This helps increase ground clearance and improves the suspension’s ability to flex and articulate on rough terrain. Suspension lifts retain the factory control arms.

Body Lift Kits

Body lifts raise the body of your Jeep off the frame, placing spacers between the frame and body mount. This is a quicker, cheaper option but does not improve ground clearance or off-road performance like a suspension lift.

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Gladiator?

The total cost to lift a Jeep Gladiator can range from $1500 to $4000 or more, depending on the type of lift kit and options you choose.

  • A basic 1-3 inch body or coil lift kit starts around $400-800 just for parts.
  • A mid-range 3-4 inch lift kit with upgraded shocks and components averages $800-1500.
  • A high-end long travel suspension lift kit over 4 inches costs $2000+.

Additional expenses like professional installation (at least $500-1000), wheel alignment ($100-300), and larger tires (33-35 inches recommended, $1000+) need to be factored in as well.

So realistically, plan to spend $1500 at minimum for a modest lift, up to $4000+ for a high-performance off-road lift kit fully installed. The total cost depends heavily on the specific lift components, lift height, and options chosen.

Why Should You Lift Your Jeep Gladiator?

There are a few key reasons Jeep owners choose to lift their vehicles:

  • Increased ground clearance – This allows you to clear larger obstacles off-road without damaging the underbody of your Jeep.
  • Larger tire size – More clearance means you can run larger all-terrain or mud-terrain tires for better traction.
  • Improved approach/departure angles – Lifted Jeeps can tackle steeper inclines without scraping the front or rear.
  • Enhanced off-road performance – Upgraded suspension lifts improve articulation and wheel travel over rough terrain.
  • Aggressive look – Nothing says “capable off-roader” like a lifted Jeep!

Choosing the Right Lift Kit Height for Your Jeep Gladiator

One of the biggest choices you’ll make when selecting a Jeep lift kit is the height. Consider how and where you plan to drive your Gladiator to choose the ideal lift height:

  • 1-3 inches – Great for light off-roading and allowing slightly larger tires. Good balance of capability and daily drivability.
  • 3-4 inches – Ideal for moderate off-roading. Allows for 33-35″ tires. Noticeable change in appearance while still streetable.
  • 4-6 inches – For dedicated off-road rigs. Maximum tire clearance but will affect ride quality and handling on pavement.

Make sure to consider if you need to re-gear after installing a taller lift to avoid drivetrain strain, and any necessary modifications like extended brake lines or adjustable track bars.

Types Of Lift Kits: Short Arm Vs. Long Arm Suspension Kits

When choosing a suspension lift kit, you’ll also need to decide whether you want a short arm or long arm kit. Here’s how they differ:

Short Arm Lift Kits

  • Reuse factory short control arms
  • Cheaper, simple to install
  • Great for mild lifts up to 3-4″
  • Retain factory suspension geometry

Long Arm Lift Kits

  • Replace short control arms with longer adjustable arms
  • Allow for greater tuning and flex
  • Ideal for lifts over 4 inches
  • Correct suspension geometry at higher lift heights

Long arm kits are preferred for hardcore wheeling, while short arm lifts retain a more comfortable on-road ride.

Top 5 Best Jeep Gladiator Lift Kits

Here are some of the most popular, high quality lift kits recommended by Jeep owners and off-road enthusiasts for the JL and JT Gladiator:

1. Rock Krawler 2.5″ Lift Kit

  • 2.5 inches of lift
  • Includes shocks, coil springs, and sway bar end links
  • Great entry-level kit for light trails

2. Skyjacker 6″ Lift Kit With Bilstein Shocks

  • 6 inches of suspension lift
  • Bilstein shocks for performance handling
  • Ideal for running 35″ + tires off-road

3. Teraflex 4″ Lifetime Warranty Lift Kit

  • 4 inches of lift from a trusted brand
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind
  • Allows up to 35″ tires

4. Rubicon Express 4.5″ Long Arm Lift Kit

  • Long arm design for maximum articulation
  • 4.5″ of lift height
  • Tunable control arms

5. Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit

  • Affordable 3″ suspension lift
  • Easy to install
  • Includes all necessary hardware

5 Key Factors When Choosing the Best Lift Kit for Your Jeep

Here are some important considerations when selecting a lift kit for your Gladiator:

  • Lift height – Consider your off-road needs and desired tire size.
  • Ride quality – Long arm lifts provide the best ride, short arm kits are more budget-friendly. Quality shocks are key.
  • Tunability – Long arm and certain short arm kits allow alignment tweaks for performance.
  • Warranty – Choosing a kit with a strong warranty provides peace of mind.
  • Component quality – Look for kits that include upgraded coil springs, shocks, and thick control arms.

Taking the time to carefully evaluate which lift kit is best for your particular Jeep model and budget will ensure you get the right kit to maximize both off-road capability and on-road comfort.

Do’s and Don’ts of Installing a Lift Kit on Your Jeep

Once you’ve selected the ideal lift kit, proper installation is key. Here are some best practices:


  • Allow time for a thorough install, don’t rush it
  • Have the truck professionally aligned after
  • Adjust headlights to avoid blinding others
  • Re-torque all fasteners after 500 miles


  • Exceed lift kit maximum tire diameter
  • Install without checking for interference
  • Ignore strange new driveline vibrations
  • Use inferior quality shocks or components

Following the lift kit instructions and taking your time with the install will prevent issues down the road. Always get an alignment.

Getting the Right Tires To Complete Your Lifted Jeep Gladiator Build

Installing a lift kit creates the space needed to run larger tires for increased traction off-road. Some tips for choosing new rubber:

  • Consult the lift kit specs for maximum recommended tire size
  • Prioritize off-road performance and sidewall strength
  • Look for aggressive tread patterns for mud, snow, and rocks
  • Focus on all-terrain or mud-terrain tire models
  • Consider re-gearing the axles for optimal power delivery

Quality tires specifically designed for lifted off-road rigs will transform your Jeep and help you get the most out of your new lift kit both on and off the pavement.

Ready to Lift Your Jeep Gladiator? How to Choose the Right Kit

Here are a few final tips for choosing the perfect lift kit for your Jeep Gladiator JT or JL:

  • Decide how much lift you really need for your off-road goals
  • Select high quality components from reputable brands
  • Consider how often you go off-road vs drive on pavement
  • Read reviews and talk to fellow Jeep owners for advice
  • Invest in a lift kit with a great warranty for peace of mind

Carefully evaluate your budget, intended use, and desired look before picking the ideal lift kit. And don’t forget a proper professional installation and alignment.

With your lifted Jeep Gladiator, you’ll be ready to conquer any off-road trail or simply look like the king of your local trails! Just be sure to wave at your fellow Jeep owners.

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