Jeep Grand Cherokee Wrap Ideas For A Customized Look

jeep grand cherokee wrap ideas

Are you looking to give your Jeep Grand Cherokee a fresh new look, but don’t want to spend the time and money on a full paint job? Wrapping your vehicle in custom vinyl is an affordable, removable way to transform the exterior with eye-catching colors, textures, and designs. In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Jeep Grand Cherokee wraps, from popular color choices to unique wrap ideas that will make your vehicle stand out.

Why Consider Wrapping Your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Wrapping a car, truck, or SUV in vinyl film has become an increasingly popular way to customize the exterior. Here are some of the benefits of wrapping compared to painting:

  • Much more affordable – A full vinyl vehicle wrap costs $2,000-$4,000 on average compared to $4,000-$10,000 for a quality paint job. Partial wraps are even less.
  • Customizable – Vinyl wraps come in hundreds of colors and finishes. You can choose from popular colors or fully customized designs.
  • Protection – The vinyl protects the original factory paint from scratches, chips, UV damage and the elements.
  • Removable – Don’t like the wrap or ready for a change? Vinyl wraps can be removed with no damage to the paint underneath. Much easier than repainting!
  • Eye-catching style – You can transform the look from stock to fully customized head-turner.

So if you’re seeking an affordable way to refresh the look of your Grand Cherokee, give wrapping serious consideration. Next let’s explore some of the most popular wrap color and finish options.

Most Popular Jeep Grand Cherokee Wrap Color Choices

One of the best parts of wrapping is the seemingly endless color options. Here are some of the most popular choices for the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

1. Matte Black Wrap

A matte black wrap gives a sophisticated, sleek look to the Grand Cherokee. The rich black color erases the lines and features, giving a stealthy appearance. Matte black works well with many wheel and trim choices, and wraps the whole SUV in one cohesive color. Overall, it’s a great balance of stylish yet understated.

2. Glossy Candy Apple Red Wrap

For those looking to get noticed, a vibrant glossy candy apple red is guaranteed to turn heads. The bold, high-impact color evokes a classic sports car vibe. It pairs well with dark tinted windows and blacked-out wheels. Red makes a statement and instantly conveys the performance potential of your Jeep.

3. Satin Army Green Wrap

Earthy satin army green is an on-trend wrap color choice. The soft matte finish and natural tone give off a rugged outdoor vibe perfect for the trail. Match with black accents for a lifted off-road style, or keep chrome details for an upscale military look. Satin army green is versatile enough for everything from the urban jungle to the open countryside.

4. Metallic Blue Wrap

For a wrap with depth and dimension, metallic blue offers an eye-catching finish. From bright royal blues to midnight shades, the right blue can really make your Grand Cherokee pop. Pair blue wraps with black or chrome trim for a stylish color combo. The metallic sparkle effect catches the light whether cruising downtown or parked at the beach.

Unique Jeep Grand Cherokee Wrap Ideas

Beyond just solid colors, one of the big advantages of vinyl wrapping is the ability to create fully custom designs. Here are some unique wrap ideas to make your Grand Cherokee a head-turning one-of-a-kind:

1. Camo Wrap

A camo wrap immediately readies your Jeep for hunting trips or off-road adventures. The most popular choices are green, brown and tan camo patterns layered on a matte background. This mimics the muted, earthy look of real camouflage. Ensure the camo print size appropriately scales to the Grand Cherokee’s body for the best effect. A camo wrap allows your Jeep to blend in when needed.

2. Carbon Fiber Wrap

Carbon fiber vinyl wraps are designed to simulate a 3D woven carbon fiber pattern. The high-tech carbon look instantly gives your Grand Cherokee a lightweight race car feel. While adding no real performance benefit, a carbon fiber wrap provides visual drama and interest. It conveys a sense of exotic materials and precision engineering. A gloss finish makes the carbon pattern pop.

3. Custom Graphic Wrap

For a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle, consider a custom graphic wrap. These can include everything from racing stripes, floral prints, abstract patterns to photographic landscapes – if you can imagine it, you can wrap it! Graphic wraps are great self-expression and allow you to match the exterior to your personality. Work with a quality wrap shop on creating a custom graphic vinyl design.

4. Chrome Wrap

A chrome wrap brings the look of polished chrome to your Grand Cherokee’s body. The mirror-like finish looks slick and flashy, guaranteed to turn heads around town. Use a chrome wrap to accent the lines of your Jeep or go all-out and chrome delete the black trim pieces for maximum impact. Chrome wraps pair well with black rims and tinted windows. The high shine effect needs diligent cleaning to keep looking freshly polished.

Designing Your Custom Jeep Grand Cherokee Wrap

Part of the fun of wrapping is choosing the perfect design for your vehicle. Here are some tips when planning out your custom wrap:

  • Consider how the wrap will coordinate with other exterior elements like your wheel style, trim pieces, window tint, grilles, etc. You want everything to visually gel.
  • Decide whether you want a subtle or bold wrap look. Do you prefer blending in or standing out from the crowd? This will help guide your design.
  • Research wrap templates online for inspiration. Manufacturers like 3M provide wrap template galleries by vehicle model. These showcase creative examples to spark your imagination.
  • Use a wrap visualizer tool from sites like KPMF to upload a photo of your exact Jeep and digitally test out different wrap colors and textures before committing.
  • Work closely with your wrap shop on the design process if creating a fully custom wrap. Their expertise is invaluable for creating a wrap you’ll love.

Taking the time to think through the exact look you’re going for ensures your satisfaction when unveiling your wrapped Grand Cherokee.

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The price to wrap your Grand Cherokee will depend on factors like:

  • Wrap material – vinyl films range from $2-$8 per square foot. Higher quality cast vinyls last longer.
  • Complexity -SIMPLE solid color wraps cost less than complex multi-color prints.
  • Coverage area – FULL wraps covering every panel are most expensive. Partial wraps of just the hood, roof or fenders cost less.
  • Location – Prices vary based on wrapp shop rates which are affected by geography.

With those variables in mind, here are typical Jeep Grand Cherokee wrap pricing ranges:

  • Full hood-to-bumper wrap in a solid color: $2,500 – $4,000
  • Partial hood wrap or roof wrap only: $700 – $1,500
  • Full custom graphic wrap: $4,000 – $6,000+

So while not as cheap as a can of spray paint, vinyl wrapping provides drastically more options for customization at reasonable prices compared to a full respray.

Finding a Reputable Wrap Shop

Choosing an experienced, professional wrap shop is key to getting exceptional results. Here are tips for finding a quality installer:

  • View their wrap portfolio – Do they specialize in vehicles? How is the quality of their finished wraps?
  • Talk to references – Ask past clients if they were satisfied with the shop’s work and service.
  • Inspect their facility – Do they have a clean workshop space suitable for large vehicles?
  • Ask about the wrap process – From design, prep work, install and finishing, understand their full work flow.
  • Choose 3M & Avery materials – These are industry leading vinyl brands that withstand wear better.
  • Look for 5+ years experience – New shops may have cheaper labor rates but wrapping vehicles is a developed skill.
  • Get a detailed written quote – Understand exactly what is covered to avoid surprise charges.

Taking time to vet shops helps avoid wrap jobs that start peeling or bubbling after a couple months. A reputable pro wrapper will provide a flawless install and stand behind their work.

Maintaining and Removing Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Wrap

Once your custom wrap is installed, proper care is required to keep it looking immaculate:

  • Wash regularly – Cleaning dirt and dust prevents it grinding into the vinyl. Use touchless wash or soft microfiber mitts.
  • Watch high pressure wands – Power sprayers can lift vinyl edges if not careful.
  • Inspect for damage – Fix any nicks or tears immediately to prevent enlarging.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners – Harsh chemicals can degrade vinyl over time. Mild soap and water works best.
  • Touch up edges – Reapply vinyl along edges every few years as needed.

When you ultimately want to remove your Grand Cherokee wrap:

  • Heat helps lift vinyl – A professional will use heat guns to gently soften and start peeling.
  • Go slow – Ripping vinyl off too fast can damage paint below. Take your time removing.
  • Use alcohol to remove adhesive – Any leftover glue residue comes off easily with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Get paint protection film – Once wrap is removed, a clear bra helps defend exposed paint.

With proper installation and care, you can enjoy your custom Grand Cherokee wrap for years before needing to replace it.

Transform Your Grand Cherokee with a Custom Wrap

As you can see, vinyl wrapping opens up amazing possibilities for customizing your Jeep Grand Cherokee exterior. You can choose anything from popular colors like matte black or gloss red to unique wraps with camo, graphics and chrome. Work with a professional shop to design and install a wrap that reflects your personal style. And consider a partial hood or roof wrap if you want to test out wrapping without full commitment. With proper maintenance, your custom wrap will keep your Grand Cherokee looking stylish and head-turning for years before needing replacement. Don’t settle for a basic stock look – let your imagination run wild with a custom wrap that makes your Jeep Grand Cherokee a one-of-a-kind creation!

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