How To Open The Hood On A Jeep Liberty?

how to open the hood on a jeep liberty

Opening the hood on your Jeep Liberty is a breeze once you know where to find the hood release lever. With just a pull and lift, you’ll have full access to the engine bay.

So how do you open the hood on a Jeep Liberty? To open the hood on a Jeep Liberty, first pull the hood release lever located on the driver’s side footwell. Then lift the secondary hood latch at the front of the vehicle near the Jeep emblem. Finally, lift up on the front edge of the hood.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover every step needed to successfully open the hood on any Jeep Liberty model. You’ll learn:

  • Where to find the primary hood release lever in the interior
  • How to release the secondary hood latch under the hood
  • Techniques for safely lifting the hood
  • Where to place the hood prop rod
  • Tips for securely closing the hood when finished

Knowing how to quickly and easily open the hood on your Jeep is crucial for regular maintenance and any engine work or repairs needed down the road. So whether you’re inspecting fluids, changing the air filter, or checking the battery, this guide will teach you step-by-step how to get under the hood of your Jeep Liberty.

Locating the Interior Hood Release Lever in a Jeep Liberty

The first step in opening the hood is finding the interior hood release lever. This lever releases the primary hood latch so you can then open the hood from the outside of the vehicle.

The Lever is on the Driver’s Side Footwell

In all Jeep Liberty models, the hood release lever is located on the driver’s side footwell, towards the left of the brake pedal. It may be helpful to sit in the driver’s seat and look down to locate it.

You’ll see a black lever with a red top sticking up from the floor. This is the hood release. The top of the lever will be labeled with a pictogram of a hood being raised, confirming you’ve found the right lever.

Pull the Lever Up and to the Left

To release the latch, pull the hood release lever upwards and to the left. You’ll likely hear the latch disengage after pulling it.

Don’t worry if you don’t hear anything – what’s important is that you felt the lever move as it released the mechanism.

The hood release lever may be a little stiff if it hasn’t been used in a long time. Pull firmly upwards until it moves fully to the left.

Finding the Secondary Hood Latch

Releasing the interior lever isn’t quite enough to allow you to raise the hood. Jeep Liberties have a secondary hood latch under the hood near the front grille.

After pulling the interior lever, walk around to the front of the vehicle. Look under the hood near the Jeep emblem for a black lever or handle.

Lift Up on the Secondary Latch

This secondary latch keeps the hood extra secure when driving. Lift up on the secondary latch handle until you feel it release.

Now both the interior and exterior latches have been released. You’re ready to raise the hood!

Safely Lifting the Hood on a Jeep Liberty

With both latches disengaged, go back to the front center of the vehicle. Place one hand on each side of the hood towards the front.

Lift up slowly on the front edge of the hood. The gas struts on either side will help raise the hood for you once it’s unlatched.

Use Caution Lifting the Hood

Keep your hands securely underneath the hood when lifting. Don’t grab the leading edge or the hot engine parts right away.

Go slowly and watch for wind, rain, or anything else that could cause the hood to fall back down unexpectedly. Lift it just a few inches at a time while watching the hinges.

Use your legs and body weight to assist in lifting rather than relying solely on arm strength. Improper lifting could lead to back or arm strain.

Insert the Hood Prop Rod

Once you’ve got the hood fully raised, look for a black metal hood prop rod. Insert the end of the rod into the slot on the underside of the hood. This will hold the hood securely open as you work.

Don’t apply too much pressure when inserting the prop rod – gently guide it into place. Applying body weight could dent the hood.

With the prop rod inserted, you can now access the engine compartment. Check fluids, change air filters, inspect hoses, and complete any other needed maintenance.

Closing the Hood on a Jeep Liberty

When you’ve completed your engine work, securely close the hood following these tips:

1. Remove the Prop Rod

First, remove the hood prop rod from the slot by gently twisting and pulling down. Return it to its holding clip.

Make sure no tools or rags are under the hood that could interfere with closing.

2. Lower the Hood Most of the Way

Stand in front of the Jeep and place your hands in the center underneath the leading edge of the hood.

Slowly lower the hood down close to the latch, allowing the gas struts to guide it down. Go slow to watch for obstructions.

3. Firmly Push Down to Latch

With the hood an inch or two above closed, use your upper body strength to firmly push down on the center of the leading edge. You’ll hear two clicks when each latch engages properly.

4. Double Check the Latches

Before driving, grab the front edge of the hood and gently lift up. The hood should not raise at all if properly latched.

Give it a visual inspection to ensure the latches are flush and tight with no gaps. If the hood seems loose, reopen it and repeat the process.

And that’s all there is to it! With a pull, lift, and push, you’ll have the hood opened or closed in seconds. Consult your Jeep Liberty owner’s manual for full manufacturer instructions on the hood latches.

Now that you know how to open the hood, you can do routine inspections and maintenance to keep your Jeep Liberty in top shape for years to come. Share these steps with any other drivers of your Jeep so they know how to pop the hood when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Opening the Hood on a Jeep Liberty

Still have questions about accessing the engine bay on your Jeep Liberty? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Where is the hood release lever inside my Liberty?

The hood release lever is located down low on the driver’s side footwell, to the left of the brake pedal. Sit in the driver’s seat and look down to find the black or red lever with a hood icon.

I can’t get the hood release lever to move. What should I do?

Make sure you are pulling the lever fully to the left. It may be stiff if seldom used. Apply firm upward force while pulling left until it releases. Check your owner’s manual if still stuck.

Do all Jeep Liberty models have a secondary hood latch?

Yes, every Jeep Liberty has both a hood release lever inside, and a secondary latch under the hood that must be unlatched before raising the hood.

What if my hood prop rod is missing or broken?

You’ll need to purchase a replacement rod. For safety when working under the hood, always use the prop rod to hold it open, or have someone hold it. Never prop it using a flimsy object.

Why does my Jeep hood shake or feel loose when driving?

If the hood is rattling or seems like it’s not fully closed, the latches may be worn or out of alignment. Try closing it again more firmly. If this continues, the latches likely need repair by a mechanic.

How can I learn more about maintaining my Jeep?

Reading your Jeep Liberty owner’s manual is a great place to start! It provides key details on your model’s features, systems, and maintenance needs. Consider joining online Jeep forums to connect with fellow owners.

Summary of Steps to Open the Hood on a Jeep Liberty

Here’s a quick summary of the complete process:

  1. Sit in the driver’s seat and locate the hood release lever on the floor to the left of the brake.
  2. Pull the lever fully up and to the left to release the main latch.
  3. Walk to the front of the Jeep and lift up on the secondary latch near the grille.
  4. Raise the front edge of the hood slowly while supporting the weight.
  5. Insert the prop rod in its slot to hold the hood open.
  6. When finished, remove the rod and slowly lower the hood fully.
  7. Firmly press down on the hood to engage both latches before driving away.

With these easy steps, you’ll be able to check your engine oil, swap out the air filter, inspect the battery, and complete any other maintenance your Jeep Liberty needs to stay in great shape.

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