How To Unlock Jeep Liberty With Keys Inside? Steps To Get Back In Your Car

how to unlock jeep liberty with keys inside

That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize you’ve locked your keys inside your Jeep Liberty is all too familiar for many drivers. You go to open the door or trunk and suddenly find yourself stranded outside your own vehicle. So how do you unlock a Jeep Liberty when you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside? The good news is that with some simple tools and techniques, you can often get back into your Jeep without having to call a locksmith or break a window.

In this detailed guide, we will explore some quick and effective solutions to unlock your Jeep and recover your keys when locked out. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for accessing your vehicle from different entry points, using wedges and coat hangers to unlock doors, lowering rear seats to climb into the trunk, and more. We will also provide tips for finding a spare key as well as when to call a professional locksmith if all else fails.

With the right information and some basic tools on hand, you can save yourself time, money, and frustration by learning how to unlock your Liberty when keys are trapped inside. Follow along below for a complete overview of all your options.

Do You Have a Spare Key Hidden Somewhere?

Before attempting to gain entry and unlock the vehicle, your first step should always be to check for a spare key hidden somewhere on the exterior of your Jeep Liberty. Take a moment to carefully inspect the following common spare key hiding places:

  • Inside the wheel well or under the fender – Use a flashlight to peer inside the front and rear wheel wells where a key may be stashed. Also check under the plastic fender liner in each wheel well.
  • Under floor mats or the spare tire – Lift up the floor mats and check underneath for a key attached with a magnet or tucked into a slit in the carpet. Also look under the spare tire if you can access this area.
  • Magnetic key box – Feel along the underside and rear of the Jeep for a small magnetic box which often contains a spare key. Look on the frame, bumper, or gas tank.
  • On top of a tire – A spare key can sometimes be hidden on top of one of the tires, attached with a magnet. Run your hand along the tread.

If you don’t locate a spare on the outside, you can also try calling family or friends to see if someone has an extra key you can borrow. As a last resort, contact a qualified locksmith who can create a new key using your vehicle’s VIN number. While more costly, this will unlock your car and get you replacement keys.

Always keeping a spare key hidden on your vehicle and another with a trusted friend or relative can save you the hassle of ever finding yourself locked out without access. But if no spare can be found, don’t panic. There are still several ways to get back into your Jeep Liberty without causing any damage or needing to call a locksmith right away.

Attempt Entry Through the Driver’s Door

Your driver’s side door will be the easiest point of access if you can manage to unlock and open it without keys. Start by checking that the door is fully latched. Give the handle a few firm tugs and see if the door will open. Sometimes in our haste we don’t shut the door completely allowing it to re-open.

If the door feels fully latched, try pressing the unlock button on your key fob while simultaneously jiggling or lifting up on the door handle. Due to the positioning of the lock mechanism, rapidly pressing the unlock button while handling the door can cause the latch to retract and unlock. You may need to try this repeatedly standing in different positions for it to work.

Another trick is to use a rubber wedge tool or sturdy coat hanger to try opening the Jeep door through the weather stripping. Carefully insert the wedge in the top rear corner of the driver’s door, gently prying open a gap between the door and car body. Then take your hanger and slide it into the gap pressing down on the unlock button the door handle mechanism. This takes some skill but works on many vehicles if you apply slow, steady pressure in the right spot.

Be extremely careful if trying to unlock the door with a hanger or wedge tool. Don’t force it or pry too aggressively or you could damage the weather stripping or bending the door frame. Patience is key. If you can’t get in via the driver’s door, don’t risk damaging the vehicle. Move onto the next options.

Climb From Rear Seat to Trunk Area

If you have no success unlocking the driver’s door, consider folding down the Liberty’s rear seats to access the trunk area instead. This method takes advantage of the fold-flat seats to crawl from the back seat into the cargo area.

Start by lowering the rear seat headrests fully for clearance. Then locate the seat release latches accessible in the rear foot wells. Pull up on both latches and fold the seat bottoms forward. You should now have open access between the cabin and trunk interior.

Carefully climb over the seats into the trunk area. Look for the glow-in-the-dark emergency trunk release handle mounted on the inside of the cargo door. Pull down firmly on the release and the trunk latch should open allowing you to exit and gain access to the rest of the vehicle.

The emergency trunk release is designed for situations exactly like this – when people are trapped inside the cabin. As long as your rear seats fold down, you can unlock the Jeep by climbing out through the trunk. Just be sure not to overload the seats with too much weight as you maneuver over them.

Check if a Window is Open or Cracked

Before attempting any more difficult entry methods, check all the Jeep’s windows to see if any were inadvertently left open or slightly cracked when you locked yourself out. Carefully run your fingers along the top and bottom edges of the window glass feeling for gaps.

If a window is partially open, even just an inch or two, try inserting a sturdy wire coat hanger between the glass and weather stripping to press the electric window button and lower it fully. Take care not jab or scratch the window glass. Use light pressure with the hanger’s hook to press and hold the button until the window lowers completely.

Only attempt this auto-glass entry method if you can safely reach the unlock button once the window is down. Avoid any risk of cutting yourself on broken glass or getting stuck half-way through a tight window gap. Never leave children or pets trapped inside a vehicle especially on hot days. Call emergency services if they cannot exit on their own.

Wedge the Door and Use a Coat Hanger to Unlock

If you still cannot find a way to unlock and open the driver’s door or trunk, the next option is to use a sturdy door wedge and wire coat hanger together. This combined method allows you to pry open a gap and create enough space to maneuver the hanger in and press the unlock button.

Start by sliding a rubber or wood wedge into the top rear corner of the driver’s door. Carefully apply steady pressure until the door bends and gaps slightly from the frame. Test the door occasionally by pulling the handle to see if it will open before forcing it too far.

Once you have a large enough gap, take your hanger and bend it into an “L” shape. Slowly work the hanger into the space behind the weather stripping moving it downward. You should feel the door latch and lock mechanism. Angle and twist the hanger’s hook to press down on the unlock button or door handle.

Applying too much prying force with the wedge risks damaging the door and weather seals, so take it slow. And be patient finessing the coat hanger until you hit just the right spot to disengage the lock. If you need extra leverage, a flathead screwdriver can replace the hanger to depress the unlock button.

Call a Locksmith as a Last Resort

If all of the above methods fail to get your Jeep Liberty’s door or trunk open, it’s time to call in a professional automotive locksmith. A reliable mobile locksmith has the skills and specialty tools to gain entry into locked vehicles without damaging the doors or glass.

They can create a new key using your VIN number to permanently unlock the car. Or, they may be able to pick the lock or manipulate the locking mechanism using specialized lockout tools like a slim jim or wedge kit. Experienced locksmiths can often unlock cars faster than most owners can themselves.

In an emergency, a locksmith can dispatch to your location within 30-60 minutes. For non-emergencies, rates start around $50-$100 on average depending on your location and time of day. While not free, calling a locksmith is often cheaper than replacing a broken window or repairing damage from forced entry.

When debating between a locksmith or continuing to attempt unlocking it yourself, remember that damaging your vehicle may cost you far more down the road. Paying a professional to unlock the Jeep safely is often the smartest route if other methods fail. And you’ll get back on the road faster instead of struggling for hours to DIY.

Avoid Breaking the Glass Except as an Absolute Last Resort

Smashing your Jeep’s window to grab the keys seems like the quickest solution when you’re frustrated and locked out. But only break the glass in a true emergency and as an absolute last resort!

Damaging your vehicle’s windows can cost upwards of $300 or more to replace. And breaking the window by the driver’s door risks damaging the delicate lock mechanism as well. Only attempt shattering the glass if you have no other options and need to get in the car immediately.

Instead of breaking the window, call a locksmith if:

  • There is no immediate emergency requiring entry
  • A spare key cannot be located
  • You failed entering through other doors and hatches
  • It is dark or bad weather making it difficult to safely unlock

Leaving the Jeep overnight and calling a locksmith in the morning is better than forcing the window and risking injury or costly vehicle repairs. Only break glass if absolutely necessary!

Be Prepared and Stay Calm When Locked Out

Finding yourself locked out of your Jeep Liberty can certainly be inconvenient, annoying, and even a bit scary if stranded roadside or in bad weather. But avoiding panic and having the right tools and information can go a long way towards unlocking your vehicle quickly and without damage.

Keep a spare key stashed somewhere on your car or with a trusted friend just in case. And know the available options for unlocking the doors or entering through the trunk when locked out. With some simple wedges, hangers, or other automotive lockout tools on hand, you can often regain access within minutes.

Most importantly, stay calm and don’t rush. Carefully attempt each access point and method. If one fails to unlock the Jeep, move onto the next. With patience and care, you’ll get back into your vehicle without extra costs or headaches. And if all else fails, a professional locksmith can handle the job safely and effectively.

Final Thoughts

Knowing exactly how to unlock a Jeep Liberty when locked out with keys inside can save you money, frustration, and prevent damaging your vehicle. We hope these 7 go-to techniques provide a helpful game plan the next time you find yourself stuck outside your Jeep. With spare keys, the right tools, and willingness to attempt multiple entry points, you can regain access quickly. And if not, reliable mobile locksmiths can assist fast. With the steps above, you’ll stay cool and unlock the doors without hassle. Safe travels!

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