Can You Put A Plow On A Jeep Patriot? Tips and Considerations

can you put a plow on a jeep patriot

For those living in snowy climates, having a vehicle that can handle winter weather is essential. Small and mid-sized SUVs have become a popular choice for their blend of passenger space, cargo capacity, and all-wheel drive capability. The Jeep Patriot is one such vehicle, providing Jeep’s renowned off-road pedigree in a smaller, more affordable package.

But how capable is the Patriot when it comes to plowing snow? With its compact size and lower ground clearance compared to larger Jeep models, can you put a plow on a Jeep Patriot?

The short answer is yes – with the right equipment and setup, the Jeep Patriot can accommodate a lightweight plow for personal snow removal needs. Installing a plow requires matching it properly to the Patriot’s specifications and capabilities. Following manufacturer guidelines for equipment, installation, and operation is also essential.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to successfully equip a Jeep Patriot with a snow plow. Below are the specifics we’ll discuss:

  • An overview of Jeep Patriot specs and capabilities related to plowing
  • Available plow options compatible with the Patriot
  • Tips for proper installation and equipage
  • Safe driving practices for operating your Patriot with a mounted plow
  • Factors to consider when deciding if the Patriot fits your plowing needs

Equipping your compact Jeep for plowing can provide an economical snow removal solution. Let’s take a closer look at how to make it a reality.

Jeep Patriot Specs and Capabilities

The Jeep Patriot is a front-engine compact SUV introduced in 2007 and still in production today. Available in either front-wheel or four-wheel drive, Patriot models have been sold under the Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler brands over the years.

Here are some key Patriot specs and capabilities relevant to plow compatibility:

Curb Weight: Ranges from 3,072 lbs to 3,133 lbs depending on configuration

Ground Clearance: From 6.1 inches on base models up to 8.1 inches for off-road packages

Towing Capacity: Up to 2,000 lbs for properly equipped models

Available 4WD System: Freedom-Drive I with selectable lock mode for low-traction situations

While the Patriot lacks the rugged off-road capabilities found in heavier Jeep models like the Wrangler, its relatively light curb weight and available four-wheel drive with locking differential still enable respectable performance in snow and moderate off-road conditions.

The Freedom-Drive I 4WD system provides an important upgrade for equipping a plow, utilizing an electronically controlled clutch that automatically transfers power between front and rear axles as needed for improved traction.

Jeep Patriot Plow Compatibility Factors

Several key factors determine whether or not a vehicle can properly accommodate a snow plow:

Front Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR): The vehicle’s front axle must be rated to safely handle the added weight of the plow assembly and snow loads.

Engine and Transmission: The engine and transmission must provide sufficient power and traction to operate the plow, especially when pushing heavy snowloads.

Electrical System: The vehicle’s charging system, battery, and electrical harnesses must be able to support the demands of operating hydraulic plow components.

Frame and Suspension: The frame, front suspension, and steering components must be sturdy enough to withstand the forces and vibration associated with plowing operations.

When properly equipped, the Jeep Patriot meets these criteria to be compatible with a light-duty snow plow for personal use. However, to confirm full plow compatibility, you should always consult with manufacturers of Patriot-specific plow packages.

Let’s look at some of the top plow options designed to work with the Jeep Patriot.

Jeep Patriot-Specific Plow Options

Though not built for heavy commercial plowing, there are several snow plows made by reputable brands that are designed to integrate with the Jeep Patriot:

Fisher LD Series

Fisher is a leading plow manufacturer that offers the LD Series specifically for light-duty vehicles like the Patriot. The LD blades are made from sturdy steel and available in 60″ to 72″ widths.

Fisher plow packages include model-specific mounts, wiring harnesses, controls, and components matched to the Patriot’s specs. This makes installation straightforward when using a plow designed for your exact year and configuration.

SnowBear Flexible Plow

SnowBear offers the Flexible Plow that is built with a flexible urethane blade that flexes up to 40 degrees to conform to various surfaces. The 66″ plow blade width can handle an 18″ snowfall and installs using a detachable mount.

The flexible blade is less likely to cause damage compared to a rigid steel plow. The urethane material also reduces friction when plowing.

Warn Provantage Plow

The Warn Provantage is a lightweight poly plow designed for ease of use and transportation. At 76″ wide, it can handle up to a 20″ snowfall.

The Provantage comes equipped with model-specific mounting for the Patriot that is simple to install and detach as needed. Warn is known for making rugged winches and off-road equipment.

Meyer Drive Pro Steel Plow

The Meyer Drive Pro is a heavy-duty steel plow designed for commercial use, but also available in configurations compatible with the Patriot. It uses an efficient hydraulic power angling system to adjust blade angle.

Of the plows reviewed, the Meyer Drive Pro is the most robust option for the frequent plowing demands of rural roads and commercial lots.

Always verify the manufacturer’s Patriot fit guidelines before purchase. Reputable brands like Meyer, SnowDogg, Boss, and others offer packages tailored to properly integrate with your model year Patriot.

Installation Tips and Considerations

Once you’ve selected the right plow for your Jeep Patriot, proper installation is critical. Here are some key tips for outfitting your Patriot with a plow:

  • Only use a plow package designed specifically for your Patriot’s year, trim level, and drivetrain.
  • Have the plow assembly, mount, and wiring installed by a qualified mechanic. Do not attempt this yourself.
  • If recommended, upgrade to heavier front coil springs to accommodate plow weight.
  • Equip your Patriot with a set of aggressive all-terrain tires for maximum winter traction.
  • Have a front-end alignment performed after plow installation to account for the change in weight distribution.
  • Use proper rear ballast weight in the back of the vehicle to counteract plow weight up front. Follow the plow manufacturer’s ballast recommendation.
  • Consider adding an auxiliary transmission cooler when using your Patriot for heavy or commercial duty plowing.
  • Never exceed the Patriot’s max tow rating, even if the plow itself is within limits.

Avoid installing a plow on Patriot models with low-profile street tires. The suspension, steering, and brakes must all be in good working order to handle plow forces. Work closely with your dealer or installer to ensure a proper plow match to your specific Patriot.

Driving Tips for Plowing with a Jeep Patriot

Once your plow is equipped, adhere to these safe practices when operating your Patriot for plowing:

  • Take it slow – don’t exceed 10 mph with the plow attached. The Patriot is light and not designed for high-speed plowing.
  • Angle the plow blade to direct snow off to the side for the best clearing results. Adjust angle as needed.
  • If plowing over uneven ground, angle blade slightly upward so it can skim over high points.
  • Avoid using 4WD mode on dry, cleared pavement to reduce drivetrain wear.
  • After each plowing session, clear accumulated snow and ice off the plow blade to prevent buildup.
  • When parking your Patriot with the plow attached, ensure the blade is fully raised for safety and visibility.
  • Equip your Patriot and plow with LED safety lights for visibility. Amber covers should be used in the front.

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for the Patriot drivetrain and plow hydraulic system. Proper care will provide many seasons of reliable snow clearing.

Is the Jeep Patriot Right for Your Plowing Needs?

While the Patriot can accommodate a personal-use plow, it’s important to have realistic expectations compared to larger trucks designed for heavy-duty plowing.

The Patriot plowed 547 driveways in a single winter! Watch how it handled huge snowfalls.

Factors like your property size, typical snowfall amounts, plowing frequency, and commercial use should all play into your vehicle selection.

For those with long driveways or commercial properties, a full-size pickup with a heavy-duty plow is a better choice. Larger crossovers like the Dodge Durango or Toyota 4Runner also offer more rugged capabilities.

But for smaller residential needs, the Patriot can provide an economical plowing solution when properly equipped. Its small size allows access to tight areas larger trucks can’t reach. Just be mindful of payload limits and avoid overworking the Patriot beyond its plow rating.


The Jeep Patriot has sufficient capability to equip a lightweight-duty plow, allowing you to clear snow from driveways and small areas with the right preparation and realistic expectations. Always use a plow package designed specifically to integrate with your Patriot’s specifications. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s installation and operation guidelines. Consider adding snow tires, suspension upgrades, and transmission cooling when plowing for maximum capability and safety. With the right setup, a Jeep Patriot can become a surprisingly versatile winter warrior.

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