50 Personalized License Plate Ideas for Jeep Wrangler

Personalized License Plate Ideas for Jeep Wrangler

Do you take pride in your Jeep Wrangler and want to show off your personality wherever you cruise around town? Looking for a fun way to make your Wrangler stand out? Getting a customized license plate is the perfect modification for making a unique statement!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover:

  • Key reasons to personalize your Jeep’s plates
  • State requirements and things to know
  • Best categories and 50+ creative plate ideas
  • How to check plate availability and order
  • Estimated costs
  • Display ideas to highlight your plates

So let’s get right into the best license plate sayings and themes for your badass Jeep!

Why Get a Custom License Plate for Your Jeep Wrangler?

Jeep Wranglers are iconic vehicles with a huge cult following. So it’s no wonder Wrangler owners like customizing them, whether with lift kits, oversized tires, light bars or unique finishes like plasti dipped grilles.

Personalized license plates are a simple but visually impactful way to mod your Wrangler. Here are some top reasons Jeep owners get custom plates made:

Express Your Personality

Vanity plates let you broadcast your interests, attitude, humor or individuality to everyone stuck behind you in traffic. It’s a rolling bumper sticker to showcase what you’re passionate about.

Make a Bold Statement

Since the license plate area is front and center on vehicles, it’s prime real estate for displaying a unique phrase or word combo you come up with. It helps your Wrangler’s exterior styling stand out.

Fun Way to Customize Your Ride

Swapping out the plain state-issued plates for personalized plates adds character and individual flare. Vanity plates are an easy, reversible way to stylize your Wrangler.

Show Off Your Jeep Obsession

For diehard Jeep fans, custom plates are the perfect accessory to complement the rest of your build. It ties together your Wrangler’s look with a playful message that reflects the Jeep lifestyle.

Guidelines for Personalized Jeep Wrangler License Plates

Most states give you up to seven alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) for a vanity license plate message. When brainstorming ideas, keep these parameters and regulations in mind:

  • No special characters – symbols like dashes, periods, asterisks etc. are generally not allowed. Stick to letters and numbers only.
  • Avoid offensive or inappropriate phrases – DMVs screen plates that are vulgar, profane, sexually explicit or discriminatory. Keep it PG.
  • Steer clear of trademarked terms – you can’t use branded names, song lyrics or other copyrighted material due to legal restrictions.
  • Check [Your State’s DMV] for specific rules – while most states follow similar vanity plate guidelines, double check to see if yours has any unique regulations.

Following these rules will ensure your custom plate idea actually gets approved!

Best Categories for Jeep Wrangler Vanity Plates

When picking your personalized Jeep license plate design, consider leaning into these popular themes fellow Wrangler owners also gravitate towards:

Jeep and Off-Roading Puns

Puns combining Jeep terms or references to the off-road lifestyle make fun customized plates. Play around with these words and phrases:

  • Trail rated
  • Rock crawler
  • Mall rated
  • Adventure mobile
  • Cliff hanger

Pop Culture References

Inject some humor by borrowing quotes, lyrics or witty sayings from favorite movies, songs, shows or books. Pop culture phrases help plates stand out.


Give a nod to memorable places you’ve conquered in your Jeep – like iconic trails or your hometown. State abbreviations also work for destination-themed plates.

Family Names

Incorporate part of your surname or first name into your plate design, like “JOHNSOZ” or “KELLYS.” Great way to personalize it.

Creative Abbreviations

Sub out letters for numbers or phonetically spell out words/phrases. Experiment with different combos that abbreviate longer vanity plate messages.

50 Unique Ideas for Your Jeep License Plate

Now for the good stuff! After extensive Jeep forum searches and brainstorming sessions, here are over fifty awesome personalized plate ideas specifically for Wranglers:

License Plate IdeaCategoryMeaning / Backstory
JEEPNUTJeep punFor hardcore Jeep enthusiasts who are self-proclaimed “Jeep nuts”
JEEPFLJeep / abbreviation“Jeepful” – having an abundance of Jeeps to love
WRANGLDJeep pun“Wrangled” – taken over or dominated by your Wrangler
JKDOORZJeep punNo doors on your JK Wrangler = more fun
THEJEEPJeep punYou proudly boast about “The Jeep”
XREMEJEPJeep pun“Extreme Jeep” taken to the max
JKWRANGLJeepYour beloved Jeep Wrangler JK
WRANGLERJeepRep your iconic Wrangler model
IMOPENPop cultureFamous line from Jurassic Park that works for driving topless
LSTNRPHPop cultureListen Ralph aka Honey from the show New Girl
NOM NOMPop cultureCute hungry phrase from internet memes
YUMY JEEPSillyYour tasty looking custom Jeep
UTAHJEEPSLocationShowing Utah Jeep pride
AZOFFRDLocationArizona off-road trails await
GO2HAWAIIDestinationHawaii dream trip in your Wrangler
OHIOLUVLocationOhio the state you heart
NYCJEEPNLocationBig Apple Jeepin’ around the city
OBXJEEPINDestinationOff-roading on Cape Hatteras, an Outer Banks paradise
BAJA4EVRDestinationBaja desert adventures forever in your future
CABOVACAYDestinationCabo vacation getaway dreams
530LANDArea codeYour home area code
JOHNSONSurnamePart your family name
BOBSESCPEName/abbreviationBob Es(S)cape vehicle for weekend trips
DAVES JEPFirst nameRepresenting Dave’s badass personalized Wrangler
K8JEEPName/abbreviationShoutout owner named Kate
ALEXIS-WName mashupAlex + Wrangler = Alexis in your life
JESS4EVANameEternal love for Jess scribed
BOO4WRANGNicknameCute vanity plate nickname “Boo”
JUANJEEPNameJuan’s precious Jeep ride
1BADJEEPDescriptionYour awesome, badass Jeep stated
MY2JEEPSCollectionTwo beloved Jeeps you have
JEEP4MECustomA special Jeep made just for you
J7TESLAMashupJeep + Tesla your two rides
911TURBOCar mashupYour other sports car stated
JLWRANGLInitialsYour named initials + Wrangler
JK8BALLJeep/gamingJK edition + 8 ball your other hobby
JEPIN-216Jeep/numberJeepin’ to Cleveland area code nod
W4NG-420Jeep/numberWrangler 4 twenty shoutout lol
FALLNJEPSeasonalFall off-road adventures
DUNEBUMMRActivityCruising desert dunes all summer
ROXCRAWLROff-roadYour rock crawling “rocks”
PRTYWRANGLAttitudeParty wherever driving your Wrangler
GONEJEEPNActivityAlways out Jeepin’ adventures call
OFF2TRAILActivityOff to hit the trails stated
JEEPyukiJeep/haikuA haiku for your Jeep so sweet
wRANg13rJeep/leetspeakElite off-roading Wrangler
jEEp__it!Jeep/punctuationJeep it license plate with fun punctuation
j(( p !Jeep/creativeCryptic Jeep plates for mystique
j><> !Jeep/emoticonJeep face emoticon for silliness

This wide variety of personalized plate suggestions include funny jeep phrases, creative abbreviations of jeep terms, incorporations of names/initials, pop culture references, off-road inspired messages, favorite destinations and more.

Use this master list as inspiration for designing your own custom Jeep vanity plates that fit your personality and interests!


State License Plate Character LimitsMost states allow 6 or 7 letters/numbers
AlabamaUp to 7 characters
AlaskaUp to 7 characters
ArizonaUp to 7 characters
ArkansasUp to 7 characters
CaliforniaUp to 7 characters
ColoradoUp to 7 characters
ConnecticutUp to 7 characters
DelawareUp to 7 characters
FloridaUp to 7 characters
GeorgiaUp to 7 characters
HawaiiUp to 7 characters
IdahoUp to 7 characters
IllinoisUp to 7 characters
IndianaUp to 7 characters
IowaUp to 7 characters
KansasUp to 7 characters
KentuckyUp to 7 characters
LouisianaUp to 7 characters
MaineUp to 7 characters
MarylandUp to 7 characters
MassachusettsUp to 7 characters
MichiganUp to 7 characters
MinnesotaUp to 7 characters
MississippiUp to 7 characters
MissouriUp to 7 characters
MontanaUp to 7 characters
NebraskaUp to 7 characters
NevadaUp to 7 characters
New HampshireUp to 7 characters
New JerseyUp to 7 characters
New MexicoUp to 7 characters
New YorkUp to 7 characters
North CarolinaUp to 7 characters
North DakotaUp to 7 characters
OhioUp to 7 characters
OklahomaUp to 7 characters
OregonUp to 7 characters
PennsylvaniaUp to 7 characters
Rhode IslandUp to 6 characters
South CarolinaUp to 7 characters
South DakotaUp to 7 characters
TennesseeUp to 7 characters
TexasUp to 7 characters
UtahUp to 7 characters
VermontUp to 7 characters
VirginiaUp to 7 characters
WashingtonUp to 7 characters
West VirginiaUp to 7 characters
WisconsinUp to 7 characters
WyomingUp to 7 characters

How to Check if a Custom License Plate Phrase is Available

Before finalizing your personalized plate design, you’ll need to ensure the message is:

  1. Approved – Meets state guidelines around allowed phrases, characters etc.
  2. Available – No one else in your state already has the custom plate wording

Here is the process for running a vanity plate check:

  1. Go to your state’s DMV website plate search tool
  2. Enter the desired plate configuration
  3. Select appropriate plate type – passenger, motorcycle etc.
  4. Hit search to check availability status

If your first plate choice isn’t available, get creative with another variation by:

  • Subbing letters for numbers
  • Trying different abbreviations
  • Altering spelling

You want something unique that fits the state rules and availability criteria. Some states even suggest alternate plates in the availability search results.

Cost to Order a Personalized Jeep License Plate

Standard state registration and plates fees still apply when ordering a custom vanity plate. On top of that, most states charge an additional fee in the $25-$75 range for applying and processing special personalized plates.

So in total expect to pay:

State Registration Fees (annual)

+ Special Plate Fees (single order cost)

Some states have higher pricing for certain designer “specialty” plates supporting a cause or fundraising. Various Jeep-specific plates may fall into this premium category.

When pricing out a vanity Jeep plate, triple check costs with your local DMV. Budget at least $100+ out the door for first year expenses when factoring new registration, plate customization fees, taxes and any extras.

Displaying Your Custom Jeep Wrangler Plate

Once your shiny new personalized Wrangler plates arrive, you’ll want to showcase them loud and proud. Consider pairing the following accessories to highlight your plate area:

Custom License Plate Frames

Chrome or color matched frames with logos, sayings or designs trim out your plates nicely while protecting the registration stickers.

Fun License Plate Bolts

Spice up plain nuts with bolts featuring colors, patterns like stars/stripes or words like “JEEP.” Great extra accent.

Cool Plate Holders

Lift plates off the bumper for better visibility by installing sturdy aftermarket holders. Find ones matching your Jeep’s vibe.

Tailor External Accessories Colors

If possible, coordinate any plates frames, holders or bolts with your Jeep’s exterior color scheme for styling harmony.

With the right license plate mount and accessories, your custom Wrangler plates will really catch eyes out on the street or parked trailside!

Pros of Personalized Jeep Plates

Personalized Jeep vanity plates have lots of upsides:

  • Attention grabbing way to stand out
  • Easy to swap or remove plates
  • Endless phrase ideas to showcase interests
  • Fun conversation starter with other Jeeper
  • Adds flair without permanent mods
  • Cost effective customization

Cons of Personalized Jeep Plates

Possible downsides to consider include:

  • Annual DMV renewal fees
  • No guarantee your first choice plate is available
  • Could take effort to find perfect phrase
  • Explicit jokes may not pass state screening
  • Theft risk is slightly higher


Custom Wrangler license plates let you put a unique stamp your beloved ride. Given how iconic the Jeep brand is, vanity plates make sense as a simple exterior mod that sparks smiles and questions out on the roads.

Hope this guide with 50+ inspired Jeep license plate sayings provided creative ideas to start designing your own personalized plates to rock on the trails or cruising main street!

Let me know if you have any other questions about ordering custom Jeep Wrangler plates.

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