Did Ford Ever Make An AWD Fiesta? The Complete History

Did Ford Ever Make An AWD Fiesta

For decades, the Ford Fiesta has been one of the most popular supermini models worldwide. Over 50 million Fiestas have been sold across multiple generations starting in 1976, making it one of Ford’s best-selling vehicles ever.

With its sporty styling and reputation as a fun hatchback, many hot hatch enthusiasts have wondered – did Ford ever make an AWD Fiesta?

The short answer is no, Ford has never manufactured an all-wheel drive production version of the Fiesta. However, the reasons behind this and the full history of the Fiesta’s drivetrain options are more complex.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover topics like:

  • A brief background on the origins and evolution of the Ford Fiesta over time
  • Examining if and when AWD was ever offered on the Fiesta
  • The engineering and cost challenges of adding AWD
  • The closest Ford ever came to producing an AWD Fiesta
  • Ford hatchback models that did offer AWD
  • And more…

Let’s start from the beginning and trace the complete history of if Ford ever made an all-wheel drive Fiesta.

A Brief History Of The Ford Fiesta

To understand if an AWD version was ever possible, we first need context on the Fiesta’s origins and development over time.

The first-generation Ford Fiesta was introduced in 1976 as a new front-wheel drive subcompact model. At launch, it was available as a 3-door and 5-door hatchback.

Ford designed the Fiesta to be affordable, fuel-efficient, and fun-to-drive. It was their response to the growing popularity of smaller imported hatchbacks like the Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Starlet, and Honda Civic hitting the European market.

The Fiesta was an immediate hit, and Ford followed up with multiple generations over the next 40+ years:

  • 1976-1983 – First generation Mk1 Fiesta with front engine and front-wheel drive. Hatchback body style.
  • 1983-1989 – Second generation Mk2 Fiesta with updated styling and new engine options.
  • 1989-1997 – Third generation Mk3 Fiesta now with more rounded, aerodynamic styling.
  • 1995-2002 – Fourth generation Mk4 Fiesta with more powerful engines and modernized interior.
  • 2002-2008 – Fifth generation Mk5 Fiesta moves to new global Ford B platform. Added hot hatch ST model.
  • 2008-2017 – Sixth generation Mk6 Fiesta with kinetic design language and improved driving dynamics.
  • 2017-2023 – Seventh generation Mk7 Fiesta debuts Ford’s new Global B platform. Active crossover version added.

This quick history shows how the Fiesta evolved across 7 generations over nearly 50 years, consistently using front-wheel drive and hatchback body styles. But was all-wheel drive ever offered? The answer is no. Despite its popularity and longevity, an all-wheel drive version of the Ford Fiesta was never produced.

Was AWD Ever An Option on the Fiesta?

With the Fiesta’s identity as an affordable, front-wheel drive hatchback, Ford never strayed from this formula over 7 generations of production models.

All series production Fiestas across 40+ years used front-wheel drive platforms without any AWD options.

Even performance versions like the Fiesta ST or RS stuck with front-wheel drive as Ford focused on enhancing agility and speed through suspension and engine upgrades rather than AWD.

For example, popular Fiesta models through the years like:

  • 1981 Fiesta 1.1 Base – Front-wheel drive
  • 1989 Fiesta 1.4S – Front-wheel drive
  • 2002 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec – Front-wheel drive
  • 2009 Fiesta 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic – Front-wheel drive
  • 2017 Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost ST-Line – Front-wheel drive

Never offered AWD as an option. So why did Ford avoid producing an all-wheel drive Fiesta?

Why Ford Never Made an AWD Fiesta?

Several key reasons explain why you never saw an AWD version of the Fiesta at dealerships over the decades:

Front-Wheel Drive Tradition

The Fiesta was conceived as a front-wheel drive alternative to small rear-wheel drive cars. Ford wanted a cheap, efficient hatchback, and sticking with front-wheel drive saved on production costs.

Since the original 1976 Fiesta, front-wheel drive had simply become part of the car’s identity that Ford never saw a need to change.

Engineering Challenges

Adding all-wheel drive would have required significant engineering changes that were seen as unnecessary for an affordable subcompact.

Ford would have needed to design an entirely new AWD platform and drivetrain system specifically for the Fiesta versus using existing front-wheel platforms. This added R&D and production costs.

Limited Consumer Demand

Surveys of small car buyers in the 70s through 00s showed little interest in paying extra for AWD on an inexpensive city runabout.

Without strong consumer demand in the segment, Ford had little incentive to invest in producing an AWD Fiesta that would have sold in small numbers.

Brand Positioning

Ford used the Fiesta to hit a low price point while the Focus targeted mid-size family car buyers.

Adding AWD could have pushed up the Fiesta’s cost while taking away from the Focus’s positioning. Ford preferred to reserve AWD for pricier performance models.

In the end, Ford stuck with front-wheel drive on the Fiesta throughout its history simply because it worked fine for an affordable commuter car that buyers had limited interest in upgrading to AWD.

But while no series production Fiesta ever got four-wheel drive, there were some intriguing exceptions over the years.

The Closest Ford Came to an All-Wheel Drive Fiesta

Even if dealers never offered an AWD Fiesta, Ford experimented with rally racing prototypes and concepts that came close.

Ford Fiesta RS WRC

In 2011, Ford introduced the Fiesta RS WRC rally car with an AWD system for competing in the World Rally Championship.

This motorsport-only Fiesta featured a turbocharged 1.6L engine making over 300HP combined with an advanced AWD drivetrain. Ford used it for factory-backed rally teams through 2016.

But unfortunately, the badass Fiesta RS WRC was never actually sold to the public. It only lived on as a racing homologation special seen competing in rallies.

Ford Fiesta Mk7 Rally R2 Concept

At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Ford unveiled the Fiesta Mk7 Rally R2 concept car based on the latest 7th-gen chassis.

Similar to the RS WRC, this was a motorsport-focused Fiesta with a 200HP engine and four-wheel drive system. But it stayed a concept without reaching production.

So while Ford developed Fiesta rally cars with AWD, regulations kept them from selling these vehicles to fans. The company chose not to develop a road-going AWD version people could actually buy.

Still, it shows Ford’s engineers seriously considered AWD Fiesta variants even if only for racing homologation. For enthusiasts seeking four-wheel drive performance, several other Ford hatches fortunately did deliver.

Which Compact Ford Hatchbacks Did Offer AWD?

While an AWD Fiesta never reached reality, Ford produced various other compact hatchbacks over the years that combined AWD sportiness for driving fans:

  • Focus RS – Ford’s iconic hot hatch came with AWD on the 2016-2018 Focus RS models. Its turbo 2.3L engine put down 350HP through a sophisticated four-wheel drive system.
  • Fusion Sport AWD – From 2017-2020, Ford offered an AWD version of their mid-size Fusion sedan with a 325HP EcoBoost V6 engine and all-wheel drive performance.
  • Maverick Compact Pickup – Ford’s new 2022 Maverick can be optioned with AWD paired with a turbo 2.0L engine and clever FX4 off-road package.
  • Escape/Kuga – The popular Escape crossover SUV is available with multiple AWD systems ideal for winter weather and light off-roading.
  • EcoSport – Ford’s entry-level subcompact crossover can be equipped with Intelligent AWD along with a 1.0L turbocharged engine.

So while an AWD Fiesta is still just a dream for hot hatch fans, Ford has produced several other fun all-wheel drive models over the decades. The Focus RS and Maverick pickup are great alternatives to get four-wheel drive performance in a compact Ford.

The Verdict

In summary, despite the Fiesta’s reputation as a fun hatchback, Ford never mass-produced an all-wheel drive version across 7 generations and 40+ years of the model.

The front-engine, front-wheel drive layout remained consistent from 1976 to today as Ford saw no reason to engineer a new AWD platform for an affordable city car buyers showed minimal interest in upgrading.

While Ford did experiment with Fiesta rally cars using AWD, these motorsport-only vehicles were not available to purchase. So you won’t find any series production AWD Fiestas on the used market.

For those seeking four-wheel drive in a Ford, the Focus RS, Fusion Sport AWD, Escape, and Maverick pickup are great alternatives that prove Ford can still make exciting, sporty compact vehicles with all-wheel drive.

But the classic Fiesta remains forever tied to its front-wheel drive roots since the very beginning. So for now, an OEM AWD Fiesta remains restricted to the realm of dreams for hot hatch fans.

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