Mercedes Key Fob Replacement Cost – Prices and Options

Mercedes Key Fob Replacement Cost

What do you do when you realize your Mercedes-Benz key fob is damaged or lost? That fancy piece of technology in your hand provides keyless access to your luxury vehicle. Without a working key fob, you’re stranded and frustrated.

Before panic sets in, take a deep breath. There are options for getting a replacement Mercedes key fob, though costs vary widely. The price typically ranges from $180 to over $700+, with programming adding $100 to $200+ more.

This comprehensive guide covers everything about Mercedes key fob replacements. Read on to learn:

  • The different types of Mercedes key fobs and features
  • Where to buy a replacement fob (and mistakes to avoid)
  • Replacement costs for each fob type
  • Programming and coding requirements
  • Tips for saving money on a new fob
  • Answers to common key fob questions

After reading, you’ll know the smartest options and strategies for replacing a Mercedes key fob cost-effectively. Let’s get those keys working again!

Mercedes Key Fob Types and Features

Mercedes-Benz vehicles use three main types of key fobs that have evolved over the years. The more advanced the fob, the higher the replacement cost.

Traditional Mercedes Key Fobs

The traditional Mercedes key fob has a physical key which is inserted into the door lock and ignition. It also includes basic buttons to lock/unlock the doors and open the trunk. This old-school style fob was used on older Mercedes models up until the early 2000s.

While primitive compared to modern options, the traditional Mercedes fob gets the job done. However, it lacks convenient features like:

  • Keyless entry
  • Push button start
  • Remote start capability
  • Advanced anti-theft encryption

If your classic Mercedes has this basic key fob, replacement is simple and affordable. But be aware that programming is required, which involves an extra service fee.

Smartkey Keyless Fobs

In the 2000s, Mercedes debuted their smartkey system with an updated fob. This keyless fob has no physical key – just buttons to lock/unlock and access the vehicle without inserting a key.

Mercedes smartkey fobs enable:

  • Keyless entry – Touch door handle button to unlock
  • Keyless start – Push button start
  • Basic remote functions – Lock/unlock, open trunk

While missing some of the latest amenities, smartkey fobs deliver decent convenience compared to traditional keys. Most 2000s to early 2010s Mercedes models came equipped with the smartkey system.

As an upgrade from traditional fobs, Mercedes smartkeys cost moderately more to replace. And they still need professional programming.

Intelligent Key Fobs

Intelligent key fobs represent the latest in Mercedes luxury technology. Featured on newer models, these sleek fobs enable hands-free, keyless vehicle access.

With an intelligent Mercedes fob in your pocket, you can:

  • Unlock by grasping the door handle
  • Start the engine with a push button
  • Open the trunk simply by waving your foot

No buttons required! The fob just needs to be near the vehicle to activate the advanced sensor system. These ultra-smart fobs use complex encryption for maximum anti-theft protection too.

Intelligent key fobs come standard on most late model Mercedes-Benz vehicles from 2015 and up. As the most sophisticated keyless tech, intelligent fob replacements carry the highest price tag.

In summary, traditional fobs are manual and affordable, smartkeys offer moderate convenience at moderate cost, while intelligent fobs provide maximum convenience yet cost a premium. Knowing your fob style helps determine replacement options and pricing.

Where to Buy a Replacement Mercedes Key Fob

Once you know your Mercedes key fob type, where should you purchase a replacement? You have several options, each with pros and cons.

Mercedes-Benz Dealership

The dealership that sold you the vehicle is one option for sourcing a replacement fob. As an authorized reseller, Mercedes dealers offer guaranteed fob compatibility with your car. However, their convenience carries a steep price.

Dealership pros:

  • Guaranteed fob compatibility
  • Immediate in-stock availability
  • Can program/code new fob onsite

Dealership cons:

  • Most expensive option, high markup
  • May pressure extended warranties or service

Dealerships often charge $100+ over retail for the exact same fob. And you must contend with pitches for additional service and repairs. Paying their premium pricing ensures your Mercedes works with the new key though.

Online Retailers

Today you can purchase replacement Mercedes key fobs online through specialty retailers. Many offer discounts compared to dealers while providing a wide selection.

However, you may need to get the fob programmed elsewhere after purchase. Review shipping times as well.

Online retailer pros:

  • Wider selection of fob styles
  • Significant savings vs. dealerships
  • Convenient shipping

Online retailer cons:

  • Cannot program fobs yourself
  • Ensure correct fob for your model
  • Shipping wait times

With some extra legwork, online sources can save big bucks compared to Mercedes dealership prices. Just confirm you get the precise replacement fob.

eBay or Auto Parts Stores

For the cheapest Mercedes key fob pricing, you can try eBay classifieds or the local auto parts store. Used fobs in particular sell at a discount online.

However, fob selection is limited and older/untested units carry some risk:

Classifieds pros:

  • Cheapest new/used replacement fobs
  • Save 50% or more vs dealers

Classifieds cons:

  • Limited fob selection and inventory
  • No guarantees on used fob condition
  • Still need programming

If willing to roll the dice, classifieds/parts shops offer used Mercedes fobs often under $100. But limited selection and fob testing are concerns.

Local Locksmiths

Your neighborhood locksmith is another option for sourcing and coding replacement Mercedes keys. Quality and pricing varies widely though. Do your research to find reputable ones.

Locksmith pros:

  • Many program/code keys onsite
  • Better prices than dealerships
  • Quick turnaround

Locksmith cons:

  • Programming expertise varies
  • Some unreliable or unethical shops
  • Counterfeit fobs a risk

With due diligence, select locksmiths can offer convenience and cost savings for your Mercedes key fob replacement. But choose carefully and check reviews.

In summary, dealerships, online retailers, classifieds, and locksmiths provide different pros and cons for sourcing replacement Mercedes fobs. How quickly you need the fob, your budget, and required programming are considerations.

Replacement Cost by Mercedes Key Fob Type

Now, what is the typical price for a replacement Mercedes key fob? Costs vary primarily based on which of the three main fob types your vehicle uses.

Here are average price ranges for each:

  • Traditional key fobs – $180 to $350
  • Smartkey fobs – $350 to $550
  • Intelligent key fobs – $400 to $700+

In addition to the fob hardware itself, you need to budget $100 to $200+ for required professional programming. This codes the fob to your specific Mercedes-Benz.

Below we break down replacement costs in more detail for traditional, smartkey, and intelligent Mercedes key fobs.

Traditional Key Fob Replacement Cost

If you’re still using an old-school traditional key fob for your Mercedes-Benz, replacements run on the affordable end. You can expect pricing of:

  • New OEM fob – $180 to $300
  • OEM-equivalent fob – $120 to $200
  • Used/refurbished fob – $50 to $150

Genuine Mercedes OEM fobs from the dealer run $180+ but you pay their premium. Third-party fobs with all original components can save around 30%. And used fobs cut costs further.

Then you need to budget another $100 to $150 for traditional key programming. Some locksmiths offer mobile programming which is convenient. This covers coding the blank fob to the vehicle.

With everything included, plan on total traditional key fob replacement costs of $200 to $350 for most Mercedes models.

Smartkey Fob Replacement Cost

As a more advanced keyless entry fob, Mercedes smartkeys cost moderately more to replace than traditional fobs. Expect pricing of:

  • New OEM fob – $350 to $500
  • OEM-equivalent fob – $250 to $400
  • Used/refurbished fob – $150 to $250

Genuine smartkey fobs from Mercedes run $350+ at dealers. Equivalent aftermarket fobs can save around $100. And lightly used fobs offer the best value if in good condition.

Professional smartkey programming adds between $100 to $200 typically. Some dealers and locksmiths charge hourly shop fees too. Make sure to get an all-in quote.

In total, you’re looking at $450 to $700 for a complete Mercedes smartkey fob replacement when adding hardware and programming.

Intelligent Key Fob Replacement Cost

Finally, expect to pay the most for replacing state-of-the-art intelligent Mercedes key fobs without the physical buttons. Here are typical intelligent key costs:

  • New OEM fob – $500 to $700+
  • OEM-equivalent fob – $400 to $600
  • Used/refurbished fob – $250 to $400

Dealerships command top dollar, charging $500 or more for new intelligent fobs. Opting for equivalents can save over $100. Gently used fobs offer excellent value for this advanced fob style.

Programming an intelligent Mercedes fob ranges from $150 to $250 or more at dealers and locksmiths. Their advanced security requires sophisticated tools and know-how to code and sync.

With all costs combined, expect to invest $550 to over $900+ to replace a lost or broken intelligent key fob for your new Mercedes-Benz. It’s the priciest fob option but delivers maximum convenience.

In summary, traditional fob replacements run just $200 to $350. Smartkeys cost $450 to $700 mid-range. Intelligent fobs are premium at $550 to $900+, but offer the latest luxury access tech.

Tips for Cutting Mercedes Key Fob Replacement Costs

Given those replacement prices, are there ways to save money on a new Mercedes key fob? Here are tips to reduce costs:

Buy From Third-Party Retailers Online

Skip the high Mercedes dealership markups by purchasing fobs online through third-party retailers. Many offer 20-40% discounts on new OEM or OEM-equivalent fobs with warranty. Just ensure an exact match.

Consider Gently Used Key Fobs

For big savings, you can purchase pre-owned Mercedes fobs in excellent condition. Check for signs of wear before use and have them reprogrammed.

Shop Locksmiths for Better Programming Rates

Local locksmiths often beat dealership rates for key fob programming. Search for ones experienced with Mercedes keys specifically.

Repair Your Existing Key Fob If Possible

Before buying new, see if your fob can be repaired by replacing the battery or fixing a broken casing. This avoids replacement entirely.

Purchase Multiple Fobs for Bulk Savings

Some dealers and retailers offer discounts when ordering 2 or more replacement fobs together. Consider getting a backup to save.

With smart shopping and cost comparison, you can significantly lower Mercedes key fob replacement costs. Just ensure fit and function are not sacrificed when cutting corners.

Common Mercedes Key Fob Replacement Questions

You probably still have some questions before getting replacement Mercedes-Benz key fobs. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does insurance cover Mercedes key fob replacement?

Some auto insurance policies provide partial reimbursement for key fob replacement, but policies vary. Contact your insurer to check if this loss is covered.

What if I lost all my Mercedes keys?

If all keys are lost or stolen, replacement through the dealership is recommended. They can erase old key codes and program new fobs. Proof of ownership is required.

Can I program a Mercedes key fob myself?

No, Mercedes fobs require specialized tools and software only authorized professionals have access to for programming. DIY programming is not possible.

How long does it take to program a new Mercedes key fob?

The programming process takes 15-30 minutes on average, provided the technician has the proper diagnostic tools. The fob can be used immediately.

Will a used Mercedes key fob work?

Yes, used fobs can work if in good condition. However, they must be reprogrammed and coded specifically for your vehicle by a professional.

How many keys can be programmed for my Mercedes?

Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles can store up to 8 programmed smart keys. The number varies by model though, check your owner’s manual.

This covers the most common questions around replacing and programming Mercedes key fobs. For any other concerns, consult a dealership service advisor or locksmith.

The Bottom Lines

If you’ve lost or damaged your Mercedes-Benz key fob, don’t waste time. You can get quotes from trusted local locksmiths and dealerships right away.

This guide provided everything you need to know about smart Mercedes key fob types, replacement costs, programming, and how to save money. Now you can get back on the road quickly with minimal hassle.

Drivers of these premier vehicles expect exceptional performance, security, and convenience. A working key fob delivers all that. With smart shopping, you can replace yours promptly, whether traditional, smartkey, or intelligent style.

Check pricing below for Mercedes key fob replacements from top-rated national vendors and local pros near you. Key fob convenience awaits!

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