10 Best ATV Tours Colorado Springs

10 Best ATV Tours Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is surrounded by magnificent Rocky Mountain scenery, making it a prime location for adventurous ATV tours. But with so many ATV tour operators in the area, how do you choose the best one for your needs? The key is finding the right balance of scenic trails, knowledgeable guides, safety, and fun. In this detailed guide, we will cover everything you need to know to pick the perfect ATV tour in Colorado Springs.

First, we will explain what to look for when choosing a tour such as length, difficulty level, types of vehicles, and group sizes. Next, we will dive into reviews of the top 10 highest rated ATV tour companies in Colorado Springs to highlight the key features, pros and cons of each. We also provide tips to get the most out of your ATV adventure. And for those concerned about safety, we outline important ATV riding safety precautions to take.

By the end of this comprehensive guide, you’ll have all the information you need to feel confident booking the ideal ATV tour for your trip to Colorado Springs. Whether you’re a family looking for a thrilling outdoor activity, a couple seeking adrenaline-pumping trails, or a solo traveler wanting to see mountain views, we’ll cover the best ATV tours to meet your needs. Let’s hit the rugged trails!

How to Choose the Right ATV Tour in Colorado Springs

When searching for the best Colorado Springs ATV tours, there are a few key factors to consider so you can find the ideal match. Here are the top things to look for:

  • Tour Length: ATV tours can range from quick 1-hour rides to full day adventures. If you want to maximize trail time, look for 2+ hour tours. Take abilities and stamina into account.
  • Difficulty Level: Tours come in easy, medium and advanced difficulty levels. Choose based on ATV experience, fitness level and preference for more or less challenging terrain.
  • Types of Vehicles: Some tours use single-rider ATVs while others use side-by-sides fit for 2+ riders. Consider group size and preferences.
  • Group vs Private: Group ATV tours often cost less but mean sharing guides and trails. Private tours mean personalized attention.
  • Tour Route: Look for tours hitting top scenic trails near Pikes Peak, through mountain valleys, over hill climbs offering great views.
  • Safety Record: Ensure the tour operator has strong safety procedures and training. Look for excellent reviews specifically on safety.
  • Reviews: Read reviews on third party sites to gauge overall quality, safety, and enjoyment. Higher ratings indicate happier customers.
  • Cancellation Policy: For flexibility, find companies offering free cancellation or rescheduling of ATV tours when providing enough notice.

By evaluating tours based on these aspects, you can find the ideal ATV adventure to create memories exploring picturesque Colorado Springs scenery. Next, we’ll provide an in-depth review of the top-rated tour operators and routes.

Top 10 Best ATV Tours in Colorado Springs

Based on factors like trail access, trip length, reviews and local reputation, these rank as the 10 best ATV tour companies in the Colorado Springs area:

1. Colorado Adventure Rides

This experienced outfit offers access to an extensive network of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails spanning over 10,000 acres. Their expert guides ensure you hit the top scenic routes and terrain to match ability levels.

Key Features

  • 5+ types of tours from 1 to 6 hours long
  • Single and side-by-side ATVs available
  • Small and large group tours up to 25 people
  • Starting from $99 per person


  • Access to extensive private trail network
  • Knowledgeable, safety focused guides
  • Family friendly options


  • Group tours can have slower pace for some riders

With access to an unbeatable variety of private trails through mountain valleys and peaks, Colorado Adventure Rides is a top choice for scenic ATV tours geared to all skill levels.

2. Colorado Adventure Park

This adventure park located just south of Colorado Springs offers guided tours over a network of trails with rolling hills, tricky turns, mud pits and obstacle courses winding through beautiful scenery.

Key Features

  • 7 different tour options from 1 to 3 hours long
  • Single-rider ATVs, and side-by-sides for 2-6 riders
  • Small and large group tours available
  • Starting from $99 per person


  • Obstacle course provides an extra challenge
  • Fun vantage points for photos
  • Family friendly with multi-rider vehicles


  • Tour routes can get congested during peak times

For an ATV park experience combining adventure trails and obstacle courses with gorgeous mountain views, check out Colorado Adventure Park.

3. Echo Canyon River Expeditions

Take in stunning views of the Royal Gorge and Arkansas River from unique perspectives only accessible by ATV on these tours. Professional guides ensure a safe, fun ATVing adventure.

Key Features

  • Half day and full day tours available
  • Toyota 4-seat side-by-sides used
  • Small groups of 4 ATVs or fewer
  • Starting at $179 per ATV (fits 2-4 people)


  • Breathtaking Royal Gorge scenery
  • Intimate small group experience
  • Chance to see wildlife like bighorn sheep


  • Only side-by-side ATVs offered (no single ATV option)
  • Minimum age of 10 years old

For a one-of-a-kind way to take in the beauty of Royal Gorge, Echo Canyon River Expeditions has some of the most iconic ATV tours in the area.

4. Rocky Mountain ATV Adventures

Their ATV tours take you through a private 900 acre trail system in the mountains with amazing valley panoramas, wildflowers in the spring, and fall foliage in autumn.

Key Features

  • Half day and full day ATV tours offered
  • Single-rider ATVs and side-by-sides for 2 riders
  • Small group tours of 4-8 people
  • Starting from $139 per person


  • Seasonal tour options for different scenery
  • Small groups and friendly guides
  • Well-reviewed safety procedures


  • Requires guests to be at least 12 years old

With smaller group sizes and access to panoramic mountain scenery, Rocky Mountain ATV Adventures checks the boxes for a top-notch ATV trip.

5. Royal Gorge Adventure Combos

Royal Gorge is the star of this company’s ATV tours, which take you right across the Arkansas River on the Silver Rock trail with the granite walls of the gorge soaring high above.

Key Features

  • Half day tour option
  • Single-rider ATVs
  • Small group tours available
  • $139 per person


  • Unique route through the Royal Gorge
  • Chance to add on other adventures like whitewater rafting
  • Experienced tour guides


  • Only half day tour limits time on the trails
  • Requires guests to be at least 10 years old

The spectacular trails with Royal Gorge river and canyon views make this a memorable ATV tour pick.

6. Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures

Their tours traverse former mining land that’s been turned into 1,500 acres of ATV-friendly trails ranging from wide dirt roads to technical climbs over boulders.

Key Features

  • Half day and full day tours offered
  • Single and multi-rider ATVs available
  • Small groups of 10 people or less
  • Starting at $135 per person


  • Access to challenging, scenic trails
  • Group sizes capped at 10 riders
  • Child-friendly options


  • Could use more extensive online reviews

With smaller group sizes and thrilling trail terrain, Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures is a smart ATV tour choice.

7. Trout Creek ATV Tours

Trout Creek provides guided single-track trail tours through 500 acres of scenic natural terrain surrounded by awe-inspiring views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

Key Features

  • 2 or 4 hour tour options
  • Single-rider ATVs only
  • Small group tours available
  • Starting at $139 per person


  • Breathtaking mountain views
  • Small groups of 6 riders or less
  • Trout fishing available after the tour


  • No side-by-side ATV options
  • Must be at least 10 years old to ride

For gorgeous mountain scenery coupled with single-track ATV excitement, Trout Creek Tours is a fabulous choice.

8. Blue Sky Adventures

This operator offers ATV rides through high alpine forests and meadows in the Pike National Forest with panoramic views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range.

Key Features

  • Half day tours offered
  • Single and side-by-side ATVs available
  • Small and large group tours
  • Starting at $139 per person


  • Incredible views of Pikes Peak
  • Top-notch safety training
  • Family friendly with multi-rider ATVs


  • Half day time limit can feel short
  • Large group tours up to 25 riders

For exciting beginner-friendly tours with phenomenal Pikes Peak vistas, Blue Sky Adventures is a great option.

9. Outback ATV Adventures

Outback ATV provides access to stunning mountain valley views and technical climbs on a private trail system spanning 600 acres. Guests rave about the fun, scenic routes.

Key Features

  • 2 and 4 hour tour options
  • Single and side-by-side ATVs offered
  • Small group tours available
  • Starting at $139 per person


  • Responsive, knowledgeable guides
  • Scenic trails with valley overlooks
  • Fun technical riding sections


  • Half day tours can limit trail time
  • Must be 12 years old minimum

Outback ATV Adventures delivers scenic trails and knowledgeable guides for an excellent ATV tour choice.

10. Echo Canyon Outfitters

See the stunning Royal Gorge from new heights on these ATV tours ranging from moderate dirt roads to challenging rocky trails along the rim with heart-pounding rim-side views.

Key Features

  • Half day and full day tour options
  • Single and multi-rider ATVs offered
  • Small group tours available
  • Starting at $150 per person


  • Unique Royal Gorge cliffside trails
  • Small tour groups
  • Side-by-sides allow younger riders


  • Half day tours limit epic trail time

For unbeatable views into massive Royal Gorge, Echo Canyon Outfitters takes the spotlight for ATV tours.

Key Takeaways

  • Look for tours with access to top scenic trails, experienced guides, newer ATVs, and length options to match your needs.
  • Read reviews and consider group size, vehicle types, minimum ages, and cancellation policies when choosing.
  • These 10 companies rank as the best for guided ATV tours in the Colorado Springs area based on factors like epic trails, small groups, and local reputation.

Riding through the Rocky Mountains on an ATV tour is a bucket-list Colorado thrill. Now that you know how to pick the perfect operator for your needs, you’re ready to book an unforgettable ATVing adventure in the Pikes Peak region!

Most Scenic ATV Trails and Views Near Colorado Springs

One of the biggest appeals of ATV tours near Colorado Springs is exploring the incredibly scenic mountain landscape. Here are some of the top trails and viewpoints that come highly recommended:

Gold Camp Road

This route follows a historic railway line past mines tucked between steep mountainsides, through hand-carved tunnels, across tall trestle bridges and by cascading waterfalls. The rugged scenery is spectacular. Tours like Colorado Adventure Rides access this iconic trail.

Royal Gorge Rim

Some of the most thrilling ATV trails run right along the steep rim of the Royal Gorge, offering heart-pounding views straight down over 1,000 feet to the raging Arkansas River below. Companies like Echo Canyon Outfitters offer rim-side routes.

Shelf Road Trails

Carved through granite cliffs, these stunning trails take ATV riders past unique geological rock formations with great vantage points to see for miles across the mountain valleys and plains. Tours with Colorado Adventure Park explore the area.

Pikes Peak Vistas

Trails in the Pike National Forest like those accessed by Blue Sky Adventures provide awesome panoramic overlooks of the regal 14,000 foot Pikes Peak summit framed by forests and meadow valleys.

Phantom Canyon Road

Winding through canyons along the old Florence and Cripple Creek railway, this incredibly scenic trail offers great wildlife viewing opportunities. It’s featured on many tours like those from Rocky Mountain ATV Adventures.

Key Takeaways

  • Iconic routes like Gold Camp Road, Royal Gorge Rim, Shelf Road trails, and Phantom Canyon Road offer incredible scenery accessible by ATV tours.
  • Pikes Peak overlooks provide breathtaking vistas across mountain valleys and plains.
  • Experienced ATV tour operators know the top scenic trails and tailored routes to maximize views.

Part of the adventure of an ATV tour is venturing through awe-inspiring mountain scenery. With the right guide, you’ll get to experience the best trails offering jaw-dropping Colorado views. Now let’s cover some key safety tips.

ATV Safety Tips for Colorado Springs Tours

While ATV tours provide an exciting way to explore the outdoors, safety should always come first. Here are important tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable ATVing trip:

  • Wear a DOT-Approved Helmet: Helmets certified by the Department of Transportation are proven to save lives in an accident. Avoid head injury by always wearing one.
  • Get a Safety Tutorial: All tour companies should provide a thorough pre-ride tutorial on operating your machine safely. Pay close attention. Ask questions if unsure.
  • Don’t Speed: It can be tempting to hit the gas on downhill slopes, but excessive speed is extremely dangerous. Stay at modest speeds your ability level allows.
  • Follow the Leader: Stay directly behind your guide and don’t pass on narrow trails. Fording rivers and tricky sections require single-file riding.
  • Avoid Alcohol: Drinking impairs judgement and reaction time which can be deadly on an ATV. Leave the alcohol for the post-tour celebrations.
  • Know Your Limits: Don’t ride beyond your comfort zone. Speak up if you don’t feel safe on a trail section and need to turn back.
  • Lean into Turns: Learn proper turning technique of leaning your body into the turn, keeping loose limbs in, and putting more weight on the outside foot peg.
  • Watch for Hazards: Constantly scan the trail ahead and avoid holes, fallen trees, washouts, loose gravel and other obstacles that could cause a rollover.

By taking key precautions like wearing safety gear, riding sober, following your guide closely, and avoiding hazards, ATV tours can be thrilling adventures done responsibly.

Recommended Ages for ATV Tours in Colorado Springs

Most ATV tour companies in the Colorado Springs area have minimum age requirements as well as regulations based on rider height and ability to control the machine safely. Here are typical age, height and requirements:

  • Single Rider ATVs: The minimum age is usually 10-12 years old. Riders should be tall enough to reach the controls comfortably and strong enough to handle the ATV.
  • Side-by-Side Vehicles: Some companies allow kids as young as 5-6 to ride in side-by-sides when accompanied by an adult. Side-by-sides are easier for younger kids.
  • Driving Own ATV: Children under 16 will not be allowed to drive their own ATV. They must ride as a passenger with a parent or guide.
  • Physical Ability: Regardless of age, all riders must demonstrate the strength, coordination and judgement to safely operate the ATV model they are assigned.

While every company has slightly different policies, following these minimum age and height guidelines helps ensure a safe, enjoyable ATV tour for riders of all ages. Families with younger children should look for side-by-side ATV options specifically.

Are ATV Tours Right for Me? Who Should Go?

Trying to decide if an ATV tour is the right outdoor adventure for you? Here’s a quick guide to who guided ATV tours typically appeal to most:

Thrill Seekers

ATVing provides an adrenaline rush over rugged trails. The speed and rough terrain get the heart pumping. Thrill seekers love testing their limits on the most challenging routes.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Nature lovers enjoy taking in epic Rocky Mountain scenery from unique off-road vantage points only accessible on an ATV tour. The fresh mountain air and trails make for an invigorating outdoor adventure.

Couples & Friends

Shared excitement and bonding time make ATV tours a fun option for couples, families and friends. Conversation flows easily with helmets on when riding side-by-side.

Families with Older Kids

Families with kids over 10 who meet age and height requirements find appropriately paced ATV tours a great way to spend quality time together outdoors.

Solo Travelers

Guided small group ATV tours allow solo travelers to meet like-minded newcomers and share the experience with others while still riding their own machine.

First-Time Riders

Novices appreciate the hands-on training to pick up beginner riding skills from experienced guides. Tours build confidence for new riders.

While ATV tours have broad appeal, they are ultimately the most enjoyable for riders who meet age, height and physical.

Booking Your Colorado Springs ATV Tour

Ready to book your ATVing adventure? Here are some tips for reserving your perfect Colorado Springs tour:

  • Book Early: Especially for peak summer dates, reserve your tour well in advance online to ensure availability. Popular tours can sell out months ahead.
  • Consider Tour Length: There are typically options for 2 hour, half day and full day tours. Take fitness and stamina into account in choosing duration.
  • Think About Group Size: Private tours offer personalized attention but cost more. Small group tours with 6-10 riders provide a good middle ground. Larger groups mean lower prices.
  • Ask About Cancellations: Understand cancellation and rescheduling policies in case plans change. Look for flexible terms just in case.
  • Inquire About Discounts: Many companies offer web specials, multi-tour bundles and kid discounts. Ask ahead if any deals can help save on costs.
  • Check the Weather: While tours run rain or shine, you may want to reschedule if heavy rain or storms are forecast to maximize enjoyment.
  • Confirm Your Reservation: Call a few days before to confirm all details are set. Ask about what to wear and bring for the weather that day.
  • Arrive Early: Show up 20-30 minutes before your tour start time to check in, sign waivers and get your safety briefing before hitting the trails.

By planning ahead, asking questions and checking details, you can ensure a seamless, worry-free ATV tour experience.


ATV riding through the awe-inspiring scenery around Colorado Springs makes for an incredible, high-octane adventure. With scenic trails like Gold Camp Road, the Royal Gorge Rim and Phantom Canyon offering heart-pounding thrills, companies like Colorado Adventure Rides, Echo Canyon Outfitters and Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures deliver top-rated guided tours to suit every ability. Use our tips to find the perfect tour match based on length, trail access and difficulty so you can explore the Pikes Peak region from rugged new vantage points by ATV. Just be sure to wear safety gear, follow guides closely and ride within your limits. We hope this guide gave you all the details you need to discover the best ATV tours Colorado Springs has to offer on your next trip!

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