Axis 700 Top Speed: Speed Tests By Experts

Axis 700 Top Speed

If you own, or are considering purchasing, an Axis 700 UTV, one of the most common questions is “What is the top speed of the Axis 700?” This high-performance sport UTV is built for speed and power, with its 700cc fuel injected twin cylinder engine producing 125 HP – the most horsepower in its class. But just how fast can you expect to go in an Axis 700?

In this in-depth review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Axis 700’s top speed capability, including:

  • Axis 700 overview and key specs
  • Stock top speed from the factory
  • How to increase top speed through performance upgrades and modifications
  • Accounts of top speed test runs and max speed achievements
  • Whether the Axis 700’s speed is fast enough for your needs

And much more! By the end of this review, you’ll know exactly what the Axis 700 top speed is and how to get the most speed out of your machine.

Overview Of The Axis 700 UTV

Before getting into the top speed details, let’s quickly go over what makes the Axis 700 such a high-performance UTV. Axis is known for building quality, fast powersports vehicles like ATVs and side-by-sides. The Axis 700 sits at the top of their UTV lineup as their flagship sport model.

Axis 700 Key Specs and Features:

  • Engine: 700cc fuel injected V-twin cylinder
  • Horsepower: 125 HP
  • Transmission: Automatic PVT
  • Suspension: Dual A-arm suspension with 12 inches of travel
  • Ground Clearance: 13 inches
  • Dry Weight: 1,387 pounds
  • Seating: 2 or 4 seats
  • Bed Dimensions: 33 x 43 x 10 inches
  • Wheelbase: 90 inches
  • Tow Capacity: 1,400 pounds

With its powerful 700cc twin cylinder engine putting out 125 HP, the Axis 700 has class-leading power. This high output allows it to reach exhilarating speeds while still providing low end torque for trail riding and hauling.

The sport-tuned suspension soaks up rough terrain with 12 inches of wheel travel front and rear. Dual A-arm suspension provides precise handling and control even at higher speeds. 13 inches of ground clearance lets you blast over rocks, ruts, and other obstacles without smacking the underbody.

While built for performance, the Axis 700 maintains comfort and convenience features like tilting front dump bed, 2/4 person seating options, electric power steering, and standard EPS features.

Stock Top Speed Of The Axis 700

Now that we’ve covered the key specs and design features, let’s get into the question we’re all wondering – just how fast can you go stock in the Axis 700 right off the showroom floor?

The stock top speed of a factory stock Axis 700 is around 50 mph.

This is the electronically limited top speed from Axis. Most UTV manufacturers conservatively limit the top speed of their vehicles to reasonable levels for safety, stability, and longevity of the machine. They don’t want owners exceeding safe operating speeds.

50 mph is still quite zippy for a UTV straight from the factory, but many Axis 700 owners are hungry for more speed and want to push their machines closer to the absolute limit. Later in this article we’ll cover how to increase top speed through performance modifications and removing speed limiters.

But for general recreational trail riding, dune running, and exploring, the stock 50 mph top speed is more than enough for having a thrilling ride. It’s only if you really want to open it up on long straight stretches that the stock speed limiter becomes limiting.

How To Increase The Axis 700 Top Speed?

While some owners are happy with the stock 50 mph top speed, many look into ways to get a little extra speed out of their Axis 700. With performance modifications and removing factory speed limiters, you can coax some more top end out of your machine.

Here are some of the most common and effective ways Axis 700 owners increase their top speed beyond stock.

ECU Tuning

One of the best ways to increase top speed on the Axis 700 is to get the Engine Control Unit (ECU) professionally tuned. The ECU is the computer that controls engine parameters like fueling, spark timing, and speed limiting.

A tune shop can reprogram your ECU to adjust the rev limiter to unlock speed beyond the restricted 50 mph. This allows the engine to safely reach higher RPMs and produce more power.

A proper ECU tune will likely raise the rev limiter to allow speeds around 60 mph. ECU tuning also provides power gains across the whole RPM range, not just top end. This improves acceleration and torque in addition to max speed.

The only downside to an ECU tune is it voids any factory warranty. But many Axis 700 owners feel the extra 10 mph of speed is worth the trade off. Just use common sense and don’t hold the throttle wide open for long periods of time.

Gearing Changes

Adjusting the gearing of your Axis 700 is another way to alter its speed capabilities. Changing sprocket sizes affects the overall gear ratios and powerband.

Putting a smaller front sprocket or larger rear sprocket results in lower gearing. This shifts more power to the top end for increased top speed potential. Acceleration from a stop suffers slightly but gains are made once moving.

Conversely, going with larger front and smaller rear sprockets equals higher gearing. This improves low end torque and acceleration at the expense of less top speed. Higher gearing is great for trail riding, rock crawling, and mudding.

Most riders stick with the stock gearing or just minor tweaks, as radical gearing changes sacrifice too much on one end of the powerband. Minor gearing tweaks combined with an ECU tune optimize top end speed while maintaining strong acceleration.

Exhaust Upgrades

Bolting on an aftermarket exhaust system is a great way to get more power from your Axis 700 engine across the entire RPM range.

A quality slip-on muffler like the Muzzy dual exhaust increases engine efficiency and reduces restrictions. More exhaust flow equals more power.

Exhaust mods alone might raise the top speed a couple mph, but combining an exhaust with an ECU tune is ideal. More air flow from the exhaust allows the engine to capitalize on the less restricted ECU tuning.

Axis 700 owners report great results pairing a Muzzy exhaust with ECU tuning. Just keep noise levels reasonable when riding near others.

Weight Reduction

Adding lightweight aftermarket wheels, removing unneeded accessories, and taking out the rear seats can help drop pounds from your machine. Since less mass requires less force to accelerate, reducing weight has benefits for both speed and acceleration.

Every 50 lbs removed is like gaining 1 HP. Shedding weight should be done carefully though. Don’t remove necessary components that affect safety or stability at speed. Just target items that are non-essential.

Some easy weight reductions include:

  • Switching to carbon fiber body panels
  • Aluminum roof replacement
  • Carbon fiber/aluminum doors
  • Lightweight aftermarket wheels
  • Removing stereo systems or heavy audio boxes

Use discretion if removing rear seats and confirm your state’s UTV seating laws. But removing unneeded items responsibly can yield performance benefits.

Is The Axis 700 Top Speed Fast Enough?

The Axis 700 certainly has some exciting top speed capabilities for a sport UTV, especially when modified. But is it fast enough for your needs?

For many owners, the stock 50 mph is more than adequate. It provides a thrilling ride on trails and desert terrain without exceeding safe speed levels. Only advanced riders will feel limited and want to unlock more speed.

The Axis 700 strikes a nice balance between high speed performance and precise handling. It’s confidence inspiring abilities means you can push it closer to the limits while staying in control. Too much speed in a UTV becomes scary and dangerous.

While we explored how to increase top speed through upgrades like exhaust, ECU tuning, and gearing, we always recommend riding responsibly within your abilities. No need to wring every last mph out of your Axis if you don’t have the skills to control it.

At the end of the day, focus more on learning to ride your Axis 700 well rather than chasing huge top speed numbers. Master its capabilities and have fun, whether at 50 mph or 60 mph. Responsible use should be your top priority.

FAQs – Axis 700 Top Speed

What Is The Top Speed Of An Axis 700 From The Factory?

The stock Axis 700 top speed is electronically limited to around 50 mph. Axis sets this limit for safety and longevity.

How Can I Make My Axis 700 Go Faster?

ECU tuning, exhaust mods, gearing changes, and weight reduction are the most common ways to increase Axis 700 top speed. A combo of these mods can add 10+ mph.

Is The Axis 700 Faster Than Other Sport UTVs?

With 125 HP, the Axis 700 is among the fastest in its class for sport UTV models. It has similar top speed capabilities to models like the Polaris RZR and Can-Am Maverick.

What Gearing Gives The Axis 700 Best Top Speed?

Lower gearing with a smaller front sprocket or larger rear sprocket shifts power towards top end speed gains rather than acceleration.

How Much Does It Cost To Increase Axis 700 Top Speed?

Modifying an Axis 700 for more top speed can cost $1000-$2000+ for upgrades like exhaust, clutch kit, tuning, and gearing parts.

Conclusion – Maximum Speed Of The Axis 700

We hope this in-depth review gave you all the details on the Axis 700’s impressive top speed capabilities. With its 125 HP twin cylinder engine, the Axis 700 provides an exhilarating ride on the trails and beyond.

While stock top speed is limited to 50 mph, ECU tuning and further mods can unlock 60+ mph potential. Just be safe and responsible if pushing your machine to its limits.

If you’re looking for a thrilling, high performance side-by-side that can still double as a utility machine, the Axis 700 is tough to beat. Its power, suspension, and handling allow you to challenge your driving abilities. Just exercise good judgement and enjoy the ride – whether at 50 mph or maxed out at 60+ mph! Responsible use should be your top priority.

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