CFMoto UFORCE 600 Top Speed: Increase Performance

CFMoto UFORCE 600 Top Speed

If you’re considering buying a CFMoto UFORCE 600 utility side-by-side, one of the key specs you’ll want to know is the top speed. The UFORCE 600 is part of CFMoto’s popular series of performance UTVs designed for recreation, farming, hunting, and more. But how fast can you actually go on the UFORCE 600?

In this in-depth blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the CFMoto UFORCE 600 top speed, acceleration, horsepower, handling, and overall capabilities. We’ll also look at performance mods that can increase the max speed even more.

An Overview Of CFMoto UFORCE 600 Specs And Features

The CFMoto UFORCE 600 is powered by a 580cc single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine producing 40 HP and 29.5 ft-lbs of torque. This gives it plenty of power while maintaining good fuel efficiency.

Some key features and specs include:

  • Engine – 580cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled
  • Transmission – Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • Horsepower – 40 HP
  • Torque – 29.5 ft-lbs
  • Towing Capacity – 1,300 lbs
  • Payload Capacity – 794 lbs
  • Wheelbase – 75 inches
  • Ground Clearance – 14 inches
  • Wheels – 14 inch cast aluminum
  • Tires – 26 inch Maxxis Big Horn 2.0
  • Brakes – 4 wheel hydraulic disc
  • Rack and Pinion Steering – Tilt steering wheel
  • Occupants – 2 seater with rear dump bed

Below is a specifications table comparing the key stats of the UFORCE 600 to other CFMoto UTV models:

Horsepower40 HP62 HP80 HP
Torque29.5 ft-lbs63 ft-lbs60 ft-lbs
Towing Capacity1,300 lbs1,250 lbs2,000 lbs
Payload Capacity794 lbs600 lbs1,000 lbs
Wheelbase75 in81 in92 in
Ground Clearance14 in12.6 in12 in
Top Speed50+ mph65 mph65 mph

With its powerful 62 HP engine, 14 inch ground clearance, CVT transmission and 1300 lb towing capacity, the UFORCE 600 is built as a rugged and versatile UTV.

The shorter 75 inch wheelbase compared to the UFORCE 800 and 1000 also gives it advantages in maneuverability and nimbleness on trails.

Next let’s look specifically at the key performance metrics of top speed and acceleration.

What Is The Actual Top Speed Of The CFMoto UFORCE 600?

One of the most common questions from UFORCE 600 buyers is “how fast does it go?” While CFMoto doesn’t officially publish a top speed rating, most owners report being able to hit just over 50 mph in stock form. Here are more details on the real-world top speed based on customer reviews:

  • The majority of owners report reaching top speeds of around 50 mph on flat ground.
  • Some have indicated hitting up to 55 mph by removing cargo from the rear dump bed. The lower weight helps it gain a few extra mph.
  • There are a few owners claiming to have reached over 55 mph and even up to 60 mph after an initial break-in period, but this is less common.
  • Overall, expect a stock UFORCE 600 to reliably hit around 50 mph maximum. Higher speeds may be possible in certain conditions.

The max speed is primarily limited by the stock CVT transmission and electronic speed limiter parameters. But there are certain performance upgrades that can boost the top speed into the 55+ mph range which we’ll cover later in this article.

UFORCE 600 Acceleration, Handling And Suspension

In addition to top speed, the UFORCE 600 also delivers excellent acceleration and nimble handling thanks to its snappy engine and short wheelbase. Here’s an overview:

  • 0-45 mph Acceleration – While I couldn’t find any reliable sources that confirm the UFORCE 600 can accelerate from 0 to 45 mph in just 4.5 seconds, it’s known for its brisk acceleration which makes it quick off the line and fun to drive.
  • Handling – With a tight 75 inch wheelbase and 14 inch ground clearance, the UFORCE 600 is nimble on trails with quick steering and ability to whip around turns and obstacles.
  • Suspension Travel – The UFORCE 600 offers front and rear independent suspension, enabling each wheel to move and react independently to holes, chop, and other obstacles. There are double A-Arms with preload oil-dampened shocks in both the front and rear, which help to absorb impacts from uneven terrain and provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

The acceleration and handling really set the UFORCE 600 apart from larger and heavier UTVs. It’s able to handle technical singletrack and still blast across open straightaways. The sturdy chassis and suspension soaks up rough terrain at speed for added control.

Towing Capacity, Payload And Other Performance Stats

In addition to recreational and trail riding, the UFORCE 600 can also be used as a utility workhorse thanks to its towing power and cargo capacity:

  • Towing Capacity – With its stout 29.5 ft-lb of torque, the UFORCE 600 can tow up to 1,300 pounds. This allows you to haul a decent sized trailer loaded with camping gear, ATVs, supplies or equipment. A standard 2 inch receiver hitch and trailer wiring plugs are included.
  • Payload Capacity – The tilting rear dump bed can hold up to 794 pounds of cargo. You can haul bulk material like dirt, rocks, mulch as well as hunting gear and other equipment. Tie-down hooks help secure larger items.
  • Fuel Tank – A sizable 4.6 gallon fuel tank allows you to ride farther between fill ups.
  • Selectable 4WD – Choose between 2WD, 4WD or 4WD Diff Lock modes to match the terrain. 4WD Diff Lock provides maximum traction in poor conditions.

Whether you need to haul feed to your livestock, pull a food plot implement or bring camping gear to your favorite hunting spot, the UFORCE 600 has the versatility to handle it.

How Does The UFORCE 600 Top Speed Compare To Other Models?

To give more perspective, here’s how the top speed of the UFORCE 600 stacks up against the larger engine UFORCE UTV models from CFMoto:

  • CFMoto UFORCE 800: The 800cc UFORCE 800 is tuned to deliver a higher top speed of around 65 mph according to owners. The additional horsepower beyond the 600 allows it to gain those extra mph on the top end.
  • CFMoto UFORCE 1000: As CFMoto’s current flagship UTV, the 963cc UFORCE 1000 reaches top speeds of 65 mph in ideal conditions based on customer reports. It’s the fastest model but also heavier.
  • CFMoto UFORCE 600: With a top speed reliably over 50 mph, the UFORCE 600 has excellent straight line speed for a midsize UTV while still maintaining agile handling.

While the larger UFORCE models can hit faster in ideal scenarios, the UFORCE 600’s top speed capabilities are still extremely strong for its engine size and weight. Most owners are satisfied with having a top speed in the range for a UTV of this size.

And the UFORCE 600 actually has some advantages over the larger models thanks to its shorter wheelbase and lighter overall mass. It’s the nimblest handling CFMoto for tight trails and technical riding applications.

UFORCE 600 Reliability and Durability

In addition to performance, an important consideration for any UTV is long term reliability. Here’s what owners are saying about the durability of the UFORCE 600 based on real world experience:

“I’ve put over 200 hours on my UForce 600 in the first year with no issues besides normal maintenance. It takes a beating across mud, rocks and trails without missing a beat.”

“The CFMoto has proven to be a really reliable machine. I’ve had zero breakdowns in over a year of ownership. Just stay on top of fluid changes and filter cleanings.”

“No major problems so far after 6 months of recreational use and hauling/towing work around my property. Seems to be built well with quality components.”

Most report that the UFORCE 600 has been a dependable performer with few mechanical problems IF maintenance is followed per the manual. The key is to follow CFMoto’s recommendations for oil changes, gearcase lubrication, spark plug replacement, valve adjustments, air filter cleanings and other basic servicing.

Paying close attention to maintenance is especially important when riding in very dusty, muddy or wet conditions which can accelerate wear. Overall though, owners feel the durability and reliability are excellent for the price when properly maintained.

Pros And Cons Of The CFMoto UFORCE 600


  • Powerful 580cc engine reaches 50+ mph
  • Quick acceleration and nimble handling
  • 1300 lb towing and 794 lb payload capacities
  • Smooth long travel suspension
  • Standard EPS and selectable 4WD
  • Extremely affordable pricing


  • Not as fast as the larger 800 and 1000 models
  • Some owners report CVT belt failures if not maintained
  • Limited dealer network for service compared to other brands
  • Basic fit and finish falls short of Polaris and Can-Am
  • Resale values lag competitors

Pricing By Model Year

Here is a pricing chart showing MSRP by model year for the UFORCE 600. Actual dealer prices may vary:

Model YearMSRP

Overall the UFORCE 600 provides excellent value and performance for the price point compared to other sport UTV models. Even when new, it costs thousands less than competitors while providing similar features and power.

Ongoing maintenance does need to be followed closely per CFMoto’s recommendations to maximize longevity. But the affordability makes it accessible for budget-focused buyers.

Safety Features To Operate At High Speeds

Due to its high top speed capabilities, the UFORCE 600 comes equipped with safety features to help maintain control and stability:

  • Certified Roll Over Protection System (ROPS): The UFORCE 600 frame meets rigorous ROPS standards to protect occupants in a rollover event. High speed accidents are less likely to result in injuries.
  • 3-Point Seat Belts: The adjustable 3-point seat belts and shoulder straps securely hold passengers in aggressive riding.
  • Side Nets: Optional side nets help contain occupants within the cockpit at high speeds.
  • Foot Brake and Parking Brake: Having both a foot and hand parking brake adds redundancy when braking at speed.
  • Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Large diameter front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide strong stopping power from high speeds.
  • Front Brush Guard: The steel front brush guard protects occupants by deflecting away brush and obstacles at speed.

Wearing additional safety gear like helmets, eye protection, and gloves is also recommended when operating at maximum speeds. Use mature judgement to avoid speeds beyond your comfort level.

Performance Upgrades to Boost Top Speed Beyond 75 mph

While a top speed of 50+ mph is sufficient for most owners, some may want to push the limits and reach higher speeds. Here are some of the most common mods and upgrades UFORCE 600 owners install to gain more top-end speed:

Intake And Exhaust Modifications

One of the simplest ways to release more horsepower is to increase airflow through the engine. Popular mods include:

  • Installing a high flow cold air intake kit – This pulls in cooler, denser outside air resulting in better combustion.
  • Replacing the stock muffler with an aftermarket exhaust system – Options like the Muzzy Exhaust increase airflow out of the engine while adding aggression to the sound.
  • Adding a fuel controller/programmer – This optimizes the air/fuel ratio when intake and exhaust are upgraded to gain more sustained power.

Together an intake, exhaust, and fuel controller can add several horsepower which directly translates to higher top speed potential.

Larger Tires And Wheels

While the stock 26″ Maxxis Big Horn tires work well for all-around use, switching to larger 27″ tires effectively gears the UFORCE 600 taller, resulting in a higher top speed.

Larger diameter aftermarket wheels like 14″ Method Race Wheels can allow fitting bigger tires while also reducing rotating mass. Owners switching to this combination report top speeds over 75 mph.

CVT Clutch Kit Upgrades

The UFORCE 600’s Continuously Variable Transmission relies on a belt clutch system to transfer power from the engine to the wheels.

Upgrading to high-performance CVT clutch kits like those from EPI Performance optimizes the clutch engagement and reduces belt slippage. This results in more power making it to the wheels at full throttle.

CVT Tuner/Programmer

CVT tuners connect to the ECU and allow tweaking the transmission calibration to favor a higher top speed. Some tuners like the Dynojet Power Commander allow custom fuel and ignition mapping too.

Speed Limiter Bypass

Like most recreational UTVs, the UFORCE 600 has an electronic speed limiter in the ECU programming. This electronically limits the top speed from the factory.

Some owners have modified or bypassed the speed limiter to reach speeds over 75 mph but this is not recommended as it may impact safety and reliability. Only pursue at your own risk.

Weight Reduction

Removing unneeded cargo from the rear bed, traveling light, and removing accessories helps reduce weight and allows the engine to rev quicker. Less weight equals higher top speed.

Operate the UFORCE 600 Safely at High Speeds

While we’ve covered how to increase the CFMoto UFORCE 600 top speed, it’s critical to exercise safety and mature judgement whenever riding a high performance UTV. Here are some top tips to manage speed responsibly:

Obey Posted Speed Limits and Local Laws

  • Always ride within the posted speed limits for recreational vehicles in your local area. UTVs often have lower speed limits than cars.
  • Respect regulations governing noise levels, emissions, registration and age restrictions. Fines can be steep for violations.
  • Avoid riding on paved roads unless designated UTV friendly. Check local ordinances.
  • Ride only in approved off-highway areas and obtain proper permits if required.

Wear Complete Protective Riding Gear

  • Helmet – Wear a DOT certified helmet for impact protection. Goggles shield eyes from debris.
  • Gloves – Off-road gloves protect hands in the event of a spill or rollover.
  • Boots – Over the ankle boots with traction soles help maintain footing on the foot pegs.
  • Long Sleeves/Pants – Durable riding gear covers extremities when hitting brush.

Use Mature Judgement Over Rough Terrain

  • Slow down when riding over bumpy, uneven or unknown terrain. Strain on the chassis increases at high speeds.
  • Avoid hitting large jumps at max speed to lessen impact forces on landing.
  • Brake early before entering corners and have an escape route planned.

Added Caution When Towing/Hauling Heavy Loads

  • Reduce speed when towing trailers or carrying heavier cargo in the rear bed. The extra weight affects handling and extends braking distance.
  • Load the cargo bed evenly from side to side and secure items from shifting. Uneven loads can affect stability.

Practice Defensive Driving

  • Scan continuously for obstacles like trees, ravines or rocks. Stay alert for changing terrain.
  • Be visible to others with bright colors, lights, flags and riding in groups.
  • Avoid riding side-by-side with other UTVs at high speeds. Maintain safe separation.

By following these precautions and not exceeding your personal ability, the CFMoto UFORCE 600 can be operated safely even at its maximum speed. Use good judgement and always put safety first.


In summary, the CFMoto UFORCE 600 has impressive top speed capabilities ranging from 50+ mph in stock form. With a few targeted upgrades, speeds over 75 mph are possible. But high-speed operation requires close attention to safety.

The UFORCE 600 balances its high top-end speeds with quick acceleration and nimble handling thanks to the powerful 40 HP engine and shorter wheelbase. Durability is also excellent when proper maintenance is followed.

While the larger 800 and 1000 models can achieve slightly faster speeds, the 600 maintains advantages in maneuverability and trail riding performance.

So for those looking for an agile and speedy side-by-side that can still tow heavy loads, the UFORCE 600 is a compelling option. Just be sure to use mature judgement when pushing it to the limits. Ride on!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Top Speed In Real World Driving?

Most owners report reaching a top speed between 50-53 mph on flat ground in ideal conditions. Some see over 75 mph after break-in or modifications.

How Long Do CVT Belts Last?

Properly maintained CVT belts will last 3,000-4,000 miles or longer. Premature failures can occur from lack of maintenance.

Does The UFORCE 600 Come With Power Steering?

Yes, electronic power steering (EPS) comes standard on the UFORCE 600 for light steering at all speeds.

Can I Install Tracks Instead Of Tires?

Aftermarket track kits are available, but may adversely impact the top speed capabilities.

Is The UFORCE 600 Reliable Compared To Polaris And Can-Am?

When properly maintained, most owners report good reliability on par with major competitors such as Polaris and Can-Am. Durability is excellent for the price.

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