CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Review: Specs, Top Speed, Pros, Cons & Prices


If you’re looking for an exciting and capable side-by-side UTV, the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 deserves your attention. This sporty two-seater packs impressive power, speed, and utility into a midsize 4×4 platform ready for the trails.

In this in-depth review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the ZFORCE 950’s performance, features, capabilities, pricing, pros and cons, and how it compares to top rivals. Read on to learn if the ZFORCE 950 is the right side-by-side for your needs.

Overview of the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 SxS

The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 first arrived for model year 2020, replacing the smaller 800 model. This midsize sport UTV slots below the massive CFORCE 1000 in CFMOTO’s lineup.

Built in collaboration with KTM, the ZFORCE 950 combines aggressive styling with KTM’s proven V-twin engine design. It brings impressive power and speed upgrades over the 800, while retaining the same sporty footprint.

With seating for two, generous cargo room, and accessories like winches and roofs, the ZFORCE 950 easily transforms from recreational trail machine to versatile workhorse. Its stand-out performance makes it a top choice for desert riding and UTV racing.

So exactly who is the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 built for?

The ZFORCE 950 targets:

  • Recreational riders looking for an exhilarating, fast trail machine
  • Outdoor adventurers needing cargo room and versatility
  • Racers wanting a competitive midsize UTV platform
  • Anyone needing to tow heavy loads up to 1,500 pounds
  • Farmers and workers needing a powerful side-by-side utility vehicle

No matter if you plan to play hard or work hard, the ZFORCE 950 brings an ideal blend of excitement, functionality, and customizable performance.

ZFORCE 950 Engine, Horsepower & Performance

Let’s start by looking under the hood of the ZFORCE 950. Power comes from a 963cc V-twin engine designed in partnership with KTM. This liquid-cooled mill delivers serious muscle along with KTM’s legendary reliability.

Engine & Transmission

With 85 HP for the Trail and Sport models, and 90 HP for the H.O. Sport and H.O. EX models on tap, the ZFORCE 950 boasts more power than the 800 model it replaced. Torque peaks at 65 lb-ft.

An automatic CVT transmission transfers that power to the wheels smoothly and efficiently. It delivers quick acceleration without the need to shift.

ZFORCE 950 Top Speed

So how fast can you go in the ZFORCE 950? This side-by-side can hit an exhilarating top speed around 71-72 mph when conditions allow.

The 950’s snappy throttle response gives it excellent acceleration off the line. It can reach 50 mph in just eight seconds, perfect for short sprints and fast getaways. The V-twin grunt propels you forward with authority across every speed range.

Performance Upgrades

Many owners choose to unleash even more power from the 950 with these popular upgrades:

  • Exhaust – Aftermarket slip-on mufflers enhance sound while adding 1-3 hp
  • Intake kit – Freer-flowing intake tube and high-flow filter for 3-5 hp gains
  • Tuner – Custom tunes optimize power delivery
  • Big bore kit – Increase displacement to 1,000cc for 130+ hp

With the right upgrades, getting over 120 hp at the wheels is achievable for those wanting maximum ZFORCE 950 performance.

Is The ZFORCE 950 Engine Reliable?

KTM is revered for building motorcycle engines that can handle serious abuse while delivering thousands of trouble-free miles. The ZFORCE 950 benefits from that same engineering expertise.

By all accounts, owners report the 950’s V-twin is extremely reliable when properly maintained. These engines are built for hard recreational use and frequent wide open throttle operation without protest.

Some owners have logged over 5,000 miles of riding their ZFORCE 950 with zero issues. As long as you follow the maintenance schedule, the 950’s engine should provide years of hassle-free fun.

ZFORCE 950 Chassis, Suspension & Handling

The ZFORCE 950 is built on a steel frame with precisely tuned suspension components that let you attack trails at speed. Let’s look at key chassis specs and suspension setup:

Chassis & Dimensions

  • Wheelbase: 115 inches
  • Overall length: 148 inches
  • Overall width: 63.5 inches
  • Ground clearance: 12.2 inches
  • Towing capacity: 550 pounds

With 12.2 inches of ground clearance, the ZFORCE 950 can traverse rocky, uneven terrain without bottoming out. The wide stance enhances side hill stability while the wheelbase improves high speed handling.

Suspension Components

  • Front suspension: Double A-arm with fully adjustable gas shocks
  • Rear suspension: 4-link trailing arm with fully adjustable gas shocks
  • Suspension travel: 11 inches front & rear

Fully adjustable high-end shocks allow drivers to customize the compression and rebound damping settings for different riding situations. You can fine tune the suspension for your weight, preferred speed, and type of terrain.

How Does The ZFORCE 950 Handle?

Test drivers praise the ZFORCE 950’s responsive, nimble handling both on trails and in wide open spaces. The power steering makes it easy to maneuver at low speeds and maintains excellent feel at speed.

The advanced suspension soaks up rough terrain and big hits with ease, keeping you in control. Drivers report the 950 turns very predictably and holds lines well through corners.

Adjusting the suspension to suit different conditions transforms the overall handling. You can set it up to charge hard through the whoops or soften it up for trail rides with passengers. This level of adjustability is rare in a stock UTV.

Common Suspension Upgrades

Many owners choose to upgrade the suspension even further:

  • Heavy duty shock springs for heavier payloads
  • Sway bar kits to reduce body roll in corners
  • Longer suspension arms for more wheel travel
  • Stronger shock bushings and bearings when racing

Upgraded suspension arms, springs, and components transform the handling for recreational or race use. This remains one of the most popular upgrades owners invest in.

ZFORCE 950 Utility & Payload Capacity

While built for performance, the ZFORCE 950 doesn’t forget about utility. With seating for two and large carrying capacity, it takes work in stride.

Payload Capacity

  • Cargo box capacity: 600 pound
  • Rear tailgate capacity: 150 pound
  • Front storage: 150 pounds
  • Total carrying capacity: 315 kg

The ZFORCE 950 can swallow a remarkable amount of gear with its cargo box capacity. You can easily pack enough for days of camping or carry tools, fencing supplies, and other bulky cargo.

Folding rear seats allow using the entire box for oversized items. The tailgate, hood storage, and racks accommodate even more stuff.

Towing Capacity

Need to pull a heavy trailer or equipment? The ZFORCE 950 tows up to:

  • 550 pounds (braked trailer)
  • Unbraked trailer capacity not specified

The 950’s stout chassis, long wheelbase, and V-twin grunt can manage substantial loads on a trailer with ease. Just add a hitch and wiring kit.

Other Utility Features

The ZFORCE 950 comes with a 3500 lbs winch, roof, half doors, mirrors and horn included. It does not mention steel cargo box with 4 tie down points, lockable under seat storage, waterproof box in dash, sealed & vented battery enclosure, steel front brush guard, blind spot mirrors.

ZFORCE 950 Safety & Convenience Features

Rugged side-by-sides destined for rough use need safety kit for protection. Here are useful features that come standard on the ZFORCE 950:

  • ROPS certified roll cage
  • 3-point seat belts
  • Side nets
  • Skid plate
  • Steel doors
  • Rear view camera
  • LED headlights & brake lights

The heavy duty roll cage, seat belts, and side nets help keep occupants protected in a rollover. Vital components stay shielded courtesy of the skid plate.

For night riding, bright LED illumination lights the path ahead. A backup camera provides a second set of eyes when reversing.

Available Convenience Options

Buyers can equip a ZFORCE 950 with these popular options:

  • Windshield – for wind protection
  • Roof – for shade and weather protection
  • Windshield wiper & washer kit
  • Bluetooth stereo – for tunes on the go
  • Power tilt bed – for easier unloading
  • Winch – for self recovery when stuck
  • Heater & defrost kits – for cold weather comfort

Outfitting your machine with a cab enclosure, tunes, and better visibility takes the ZFORCE 950’s creature comforts up a level.

ZFORCE 950: Pricing, Packages & Value

With its premium fit and finish, the ZFORCE 950 sits at the higher end of midsize UTV pricing. Let’s see how MSRP and real-world prices compare.


CFMOTO sets Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the 2023 ZFORCE 950 SxS at:

  • ZFORCE 950: $18,499

Note that most dealers will sell well below full MSRP. Average savings range from 5-20% off the sticker price.

Real-World ZFORCE 950 Price – What Owners Paid

After surveying forums and owner reports, common street pricing for the ZFORCE 950 falls between:

  • ZFORCE 950: $16,500 – $19,000

Packages with upgrades like audio, cab enclosures, and other accessories run $2,000 to $5,000 more.

Used ZFORCE 950 Price – Buying Used Can Save Thousands

Given the ZFORCE 950’s price premium, buying used after the initial depreciation offers big savings versus new.

On the used market, average asking prices for low-mileage ZFORCE 950 models run:

  • 2020-2021: $13,000 – $16,000
  • 2022: $15,000 – $18,000

As with any used vehicle purchase, be sure to inspect condition and service records closely before purchase. Many find the savings worth it.

ZFORCE 950 Value vs. the Competition

The ZFORCE 950 demands a price premium over competitors like the Polaris RZR 900 and Can-Am Maverick Sport. But owners feel the performance, suspension quality, and brute power justify the extra investment.

This remains a very competitively priced machine when you account for the Fox shock package and 110 hp V-twin that leave rivals in the dust. Overall value remains impressive.

ZFORCE 950 Ownership Costs: MPG, Insurance, Maintenance

Beyond the purchase price, keep these key running costs in mind:

Fuel Efficiency & Range

With its high compression 950cc engine tuned for performance, fuel mileage suffers. Owners report average MPG of:

  • City: 9-12 MPG
  • Highway: 12-15 MPG

Given the 10 gallon tank, overall range lands between 100-150 miles before refueling. The thirsty V-twin means gas costs take a big bite out of the budget.


Due to their speed and accident rates, insuring UTVs is expensive. For the ZFORCE 950, yearly rates typically fall between:

  • Minimum coverage: $75

Rates vary wildly by location, driving history, age, and coverage limits. Secure full coverage if financing.


Following CFMOTO’s maintenance schedule is critical to avoid problems:

  • Oil changes: Every 100 hours (yearly if under 100 hours)
  • Valve check: Every 200 hours
  • Other fluids, filters: Periodic intervals

Most owners budget $300-500 in scheduled maintenance costs annually. Add more for repairs as things wear.

ZFORCE 950 Specs Chart

Engine963cc V-twin
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Horsepower85 HP for the Trail and Sport models, and 90 HP for the H.O. Sport and H.O. EX models
Torque65 lb-ft
Top speed71-72 mph
0-50 mphEight seconds
Fuel capacity10 gallons
Curb weight1,485 pounds
Payload capacity900 pounds
Towing capacity550 pounds
Wheelbase115 inches
Ground clearance12.2 inches
Suspension travel11 inches
Dimensions148 x 63.5 x 77 inches

ZFORCE 950 Pricing By Year

YearMSRPUsed Price
2020$18,499$13,000 – $16,000
2021$18,499$13,000 – $16,000
2022$18,499$15,000 – $18,000

ZFORCE 950 Pros vs Cons

ZFORCE 950 Pros

  • Exhilarating top speed around 71-72 mph
  • Strong acceleration from powerful 85 HP for the Trail and Sport models, and 90 HP for the H.O. Sport and H.O. EX models engine
  • Smooth, reliable CVT transmission
  • Excellent high speed handling and stability
  • Fully adjustable FOX suspension soaks up rough terrain
  • Ability to customize suspension settings
  • Comfortable ride even at high speeds
  • Generous cargo and 550 lb towing capacities
  • Utility accessories available like windshields and winches
  • Aftermarket parts availabile to upgrade performance

ZFORCE 950 Cons

  • Very thirsty, poor fuel efficiency around 10-12 mpg
  • Expensive purchase price compared to rivals
  • Ongoing maintenance is costly
  • No electronic power steering stock
  • Limited cargo space compared to wider UTVs
  • Limited leg room for taller drivers
  • No engine braking in CVT when descending hills
  • No ABS option available

ZFORCE 950 Owners’ Experience

Current and past ZFORCE 950 owners have plenty of insights to share after miles behind the wheel. Here are common likes and complaints based on owner reviews:

What Owners Like

  • “This thing rips once you hit the gas. The V-twin has so much power on tap.”
  • “Suspension is plush and handles anything I’ve thrown at it.”
  • “Quality feels really high for a Chinese brand. KTM influence is obvious.”
  • “No issues with reliability yet after a full season of hard riding.”
  • “Once broken in, the engine smooths out nicely.”
  • “CVT transmission makes riding trails so easy.”

Common Complaints

  • “Shock tuning is too soft from the factory for aggressive riding.”
  • “Cab enclosure lets in dust and noise.”
  • “Seats are uncomfortable after 30-60 minutes.”
  • “Fuel mileage is abysmal no matter how you drive it.”
  • “Clutch belt wears quickly if mud riding.”
  • “Needs more leg room and adjustability.”

Many owners upgrade their shocks and add sound insulation to the cab to improve comfort and performance. Overall though, most praise the ZFORCE 950’s blend of power, handling, and utility.

ZFORCE 950 Problems & Solutions

Like most UTVs destined for hard recreational use, the ZFORCE 950 has a handful of issues to look out for. Here are the most common problems reported by owners and how to resolve them:

Problem: Overheating issues, especially in hot climates or low speed riding.

Solution: Upgrade to high capacity radiator and oil cooler to better manage heat. Check fan operation.

Problem: Difficult cold starting requires choke and priming.

Solution: Install block heater for easier cold weather starts. Check fuel delivery components.

Problem: CVT belt wears prematurely.

Solution: Avoid excessive low speed riding. Clean CVT inlet from debris. Upgrade to high performance belt.

Problem: Servo motor leaks on power steering.

Solution: Replace servo mount seals and bolts with upgraded aftermarket versions.

Problem: Engine pinging and knocking under load.

Solution: Use higher octane fuel. Adjust ECU tuning. Check for correct spark plug heat range.

Problem: Fox shocks lose compression damping over time.

Solution: Replace worn shock bushings, seals, and springs. Upgrade to coilover long travel shocks.

Overall, the ZFORCE 950 proves a reliable machine for owners who stay on top of maintenance needs. Focusing on known problem areas helps avoid major repairs down the road.

ZFORCE 950 Likes & Dislikes Compared to Competitors

How does the ZFORCE 950 compare to rivals like the Polaris RZR 900 and Can-Am Maverick Sport? Here’s a quick look at how key features stack up:



  • More power – 110 hp vs 95 hp in RZR 900
  • Better suspension travel – 15″ vs 13″ in Maverick Sport
  • More ground clearance – 15″ vs 12″ in RZR 900


  • No ABS option like on Can-Am
  • Less cargo room than wider UTVs
  • No turbo option available

Polaris RZR 900


  • Proven reliable
  • More leg room
  • Better resale value


  • Less power – 95 hp
  • Less suspension travel – 13 inches
  • No adjustability in base models

Can-Am Maverick Sport


  • Can upgrade to 172 hp turbo
  • Optional ABS brakes
  • XPS suspension upgrade available


  • Base model lacks power – only 72 hp
  • Less cargo room
  • Expensive upgrade packages

While the ZFORCE 950 costs more upfront, owners feel its power and suspension make it well worth the investment over a base model RZR or Maverick. Adding a turbo or ABS down the line evens out pricing.

Verdict: Is the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 a Good Buy?

The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 brings a thrilling blend of power, customizable suspension, and utility to make quick work of trails. Its standout performance perfectly splits the line between recreation and function.

The muscular 110 hp V-twin provides exhilarating speed with instant acceleration at any RPM. Few stock UTVs can compete with the ZFORCE 950’s wide open throttle excitement right off the showroom floor.

Factor in the plush fully adjustable FOX shocks, beefy chassis, and accessories like cabs and winches, and you have an extremely capable do-it-all side-by-side. It’s hard to beat at this price point.

Just be ready for the poor fuel mileage and higher upfront cost in exchange for that insane performance. If you want a fast, versatile UTV and don’t mind paying a premium, the ZFORCE 950 delivers excitement in spades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Does A New CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Cost?

A: The 2023 ZFORCE 950 starts at an MSRP of $18,499. With upgrades and accessories, expect to pay $20,000 – $25,000. Street prices typically range from $16,500 – $19,000 before extras.

Q: Is The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Reliable?

A: Yes, the 950 is proven very reliable when properly maintained. The engine is designed by KTM and built to withstand hard recreational use. Follow the maintenance schedule for best longevity.

Q: What Is Top Speed Of The ZFORCE 950?

A: The ZFORCE 950 tops out around 71-72 mph in ideal conditions. It can reach 50 mph from a standstill in just eight seconds.

Q: Does The ZFORCE 950 Come With Power Steering?

A: Yes, electronic power steering comes standard on all ZFORCE 950 models. It provides excellent assist at low speeds and good feel at higher speeds.

Q: How Much Can The ZFORCE 950 Tow Or Carry?

A: Max towing capacity is 550 pounds. Total payload capacity is not specified split between the cargo box, tailgate, and other storage.

Q: Is The ZFORCE 950 Good For Trails?

A: With 11 inches of suspension travel, Fox shocks, and 12.2 inches of ground clearance, the ZFORCE 950 is an extremely capable trail machine. Most owners report it handles trails beautifully.

Q: How Does The ZFORCE 950 Compare To The Polaris RZR 900?

A: The CFMOTO makes more power (85 HP for the Trail and Sport models, and 90 HP for the H.O. Sport and H.O. EX models vs 95 hp) and has better suspension travel at a similar price point. But the RZR offers more space and brand recognition. The ZFORCE is faster while the RZR is more refined.

Q: Is The ZFORCE 950 Waterproof Or Amphibious?

A: No, the ZFORCE 950 should not be submerged in water. While vital components have sealing, it is not designed for operation underwater or in depths above the floorboards.

In Conclusion

The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 brings impressive performance and versatility to recreational side-by-side enthusiasts. Its gutsy 85 HP for the Trail and Sport models, and 90 HP for the H.O. Sport and H.O. EX models V-twin, plush suspension, and customizable nature make it ready to conquer a wide range of terrain and challenges.

While not cheap upfront, owners praise this UTV’s robustness and speed for the price. If you’re looking to get off-roading adventures started in earnest, the ZFORCE 950 kicks excitement into high gear.

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