Can I Buy the Cars Featured on Wheeler Dealers?

Can I Buy the Cars Featured on Wheeler Dealers

As a lifelong car enthusiast and avid viewer of automotive television, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Wheeler Dealers. There’s just something so satisfying about watching Mike Brewer source neglected classics in need of some TLC, only to hand them off to master mechanic Edd China to return them to their former glory.

Over their 20 seasons on the air, Mike and Edd have fixed up hundreds of cars ranging from affordable 80s hot hatches to rare exotics. Naturally, as a fan I’ve often wondered: can I actually buy one of the cars featured on Wheeler Dealers?

The short answer is maybe, but it’s tricky. Wheeler Dealers doesn’t directly sell the cars from the show. However, some do end up going to auction after filming wraps up. In this detailed guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about getting your hands on an authentic Wheeler Dealers car, including:

  • How bidding on Wheeler Dealers cars works
  • Where the cars end up after filming
  • Connecting with Edd China or Mike Brewer to buy a car
  • Finding previous Wheeler Dealers project cars for sale
  • Tips for buying a Wheeler Dealers car and what to look out for
  • If the premium cost is worth it for superfans

Let’s shift into high gear and get started!

Do They Sell Cars from the Show?

This is the question any Wheeler Dealers fan interested in owning a piece of the show will ask right off the bat: does Wheeler Dealers sell the cars featured on the show directly?

The short answer is no. Unlike some other automotive programs like Overhaulin’ or Rides, there is no direct way to buy a car from Wheeler Dealers.

Mike Brewer and Edd China do not handle selling the cars after filming concludes. So you won’t be able to just ring them up and arrange for them to send you a freshly restored Alfa Romeo or classic Jaguar from the show.

So where do the cars end up after filming? There are a few potential destinations:

  • Auctioned Off: Some of the cars are sold at collector car auctions after appearing on Wheeler Dealers. This is your best chance at buying one.
  • Returned to Owners: If the car already belonged to someone before being on Wheeler Dealers, it may go back to that owner after filming.
  • Kept by Edd or Mike: On rare occasions, Edd or Mike will hold onto certain special cars for their personal collections.

The most common fate for Wheeler Dealers cars is to end up at auction. So that’s where you’ll need to focus your buying efforts.

How to Bid on Wheeler Dealers Cars?

When a Wheeler Dealers car does head to auction, it will typically end up at a major classic car auction house:

  • Collecting Cars – is one of the largest online auction sites for collector vehicles in the UK. Numerous Wheeler Dealers cars have crossed the virtual auction block here.
  • eBay Motors – Being one of the world’s largest online auction sites, eBay Motors frequently has Wheeler Dealers cars listed in its Cars & Trucks category.
  • Classic Car Auctions UK – This popular British classic car auction company has sold Wheeler Dealers cars through both its live and online platform.

To snag your own Wheeler Dealers car, you’ll need to regularly monitor these sites for new listings featuring cars from the show. Here are some tips:

  • Set Up Account Alerts: On sites like Collecting Cars, you can save search criteria and get email or text alerts when matching vehicles are listed.
  • Monitor New Listings: Check back frequently for new auction listings, which are typically added weekly. The cars sell quickly!
  • Review Listing Details: Verify the VIN, mods, and other details to ensure it’s a genuine Wheeler Dealer build.
  • Set Your Max Bid High: These cars tend to sell for a premium over market value due to the show’s popularity. Set a max bid you’re comfortable with. Auctions can be competitive for superfans.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to contact the seller with any questions about the car and its history on the show.

If you’re vigilant about checking these auction platforms regularly, you’re bound to come across Wheeler Dealers cars popping up for sale. But act fast once you find one you like – they get bid up quickly by fellow fans of the show!

Where Do the Cars End Up After Filming?

At this point you may still be wondering – what typically happens to the cars after they finish filming Wheeler Dealers? Where do they go next?

There are a few main outcomes:

Auctioned Off

The most likely fate, as mentioned above, is for Wheeler Dealers cars to head to major collector car auction platforms shortly after wrapping up filming.

Online auctions have become hugely popular, making the cars accessible to fans worldwide. While they sell for a premium, it’s still likely the only way you’ll be able to purchase a Wheeler Dealers car unless you know Mike or Edd personally!

Returned to Owners

Certain cars featured on Wheeler Dealers already belonged to collectors before filming. In some cases, Mike or the production company will return the car to its owner once shooting wraps.

This means those vehicles likely won’t end up at auction. But you could try tracking down the owner and making an offer directly. The challenge is putting a name to the faceless “previous owner” mentioned on the show.

Kept by Edd or Mike

On special occasions, Edd China or Mike Brewer will add certain cars to their personal collections after filming the episode.

For example, Edd held onto the Lada Riva featured in Series 8, Episode 2. Being one of his all-time favorite cars, he couldn’t bear to part with it. Mike has also kept a few classics, like the BMW 2002 featured in Series 17.

While you likely won’t be prying these out of their hands, it’s fun to know a few extra special Wheeler Dealers cars will live on with the hosts.

Sold to New Owners Off-Air

There are also cases where cars change hands to new owners privately, without going to auction. This typically happens when the previous owner was a friend of the show or in the automotive business.

For example, Edd’s friend Mark who supplied the Peugeot 306 which was transformed in Series 15, Episode 6 decided to keep the car for himself after filming.

So in summary – auction is the most common path and your best shot, but Wheeler Dealers cars do occasionally end up back with previous owners, Edd, Mike, or sold privately.

Can You Buy Directly from Edd or Mike?

A question on the mind of all Wheeler Dealers superfans – can I just buy a car directly from Edd China or Mike Brewer once filming is done?

Unfortunately, the direct answer is no – Edd and Mike do not handle selling the cars after the show airs.

The production company deals with auctioning off the vehicles, tracking down previous owners, and managing all of those post-filming logistics.

So as much as you may want to ring up Edd and ask to take that sweet Alfa Romeo GTV6 off his hands after watching the episode, it simply doesn’t work that way.

But there is still a way you can try connecting with them directly:

  • Social Media – Edd China has very active Facebook and Twitter accounts you can message. Mike Brewer also has Instagram and Twitter. Send them a respectful note asking if they have plans to auction any specific cars from the show that caught your eye. They likely won’t commit to selling you anything directly. But you never know, they may reveal some helpful plans or auction details!
  • Attend a Wheeler Dealers Event – Both Edd and Mike make various public appearances and attend automotive events throughout the year. If you manage to meet them in person, you could mention your interest in purchasing one of the cars from the show. Again, they can’t promise you anything directly, but the face-to-face request doesn’t hurt!
  • Call Edd’s Shop – This is more of a hail mary, but you could try ringing Edd China’s workshop to ask general questions about selling Wheeler Dealers cars. The shop number is public record online but we’d recommend respecting his privacy.

While connecting with Edd or Mike directly likely won’t get you a car, you might get some helpful pointers if you come across as a polite and enthusiastic fan. But your best bet remains monitoring those auction sites closely!

How to Find Previous Wheeler Dealers Cars for Sale?

Maybe you missed out on bidding on a Wheeler Dealers car at auction. Or you have your heart set on a specific car from an old season that hasn’t gone across the auction block.

Luckily for dedicated fans, you can also try tracking down previous Wheeler Dealers project cars that have changed hands since originally appearing on the show:

  • VIN Lookup – This should be your first step. Get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car from watching the episode. Then run the VIN through sites like VCheck or CarVertical, which can provide ownership history and records.
  • Reverse Image Search – Take clear screenshot photos of the car from the episode. Run the pics through Google Images or TinEye to try finding recent listings online from current owners.
  • Search Classic Car Listing Sites – Check sites that list private party sales like Hemmings,, and Car and Classic regularly for the make, model, and year of the Wheeler Dealers car.
  • Join Enthusiast Forums – Post on forums dedicated to the car’s make and model (e.g. BMW or Triumph) asking about previous cars from the show. Fellow enthusiasts may know the current owner or spot a listing.
  • Check Local Classifieds – Search local classifieds and auction sites in the UK for the specific car, especially if you know where the owner resided at the time of filming.
  • Contact Car Clubs – Reach out to any regional or national car clubs dedicated to the marque to tap their insider knowledge on the car’s current whereabouts.

It takes quite a bit of sleuthing, but with the right tools and some old-fashioned hard work your detective skills may pay off in finding previous Wheeler Dealer cars that have changed hands since appearing on the show.

Tips for Buying a Wheeler Dealers Car

You’ve scoured the auction results endlessly until that glorious day – a genuine Wheeler Dealers car pops up for sale!

Before placing a winning bid, keep these tips in mind:

Set Your Max Price Threshold

Wheeler Dealers cars notoriously sell for a premium over market value, often more than doubling expected pricing. Set a max price you’re comfortable with and don’t get caught up in auction fever.

Vet the VIN and Provenance

Verify the VIN matches the car from the show. Review any documentation to confirm work done by Edd from the episode. Provenance confirming TV history helps justify the higher valuation.

Inspect Thoroughly Before Buying

Thoroughly inspect the car in person before finalizing a purchase. Test drive it. Look for issues or flaws from the restoration work. Hire a trusted mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection.

Join a Marque Community

Join online forums and clubs dedicated to the car’s make and model. Get guidance from fellow owners and connect with specialists who can inspect any TV repairs done on the car.

Factor in Additional Costs

Remember to budget for transport, insurance, ongoing maintenance and restoration work. The sticker price is just the beginning – owning a classic comes with costs.

Confirm Clean Title

Review the V5C registration document and verify it has a clean title before purchasing. Check for outstanding finance owed on the car.

Passion Over Investment

A Wheeler Dealers car may not prove a wise investment at the inflated auction prices. Buy because it ignites your passion as a fan.

With reasonable expectations and the right research, your dream of owning a Wheeler Dealers car can safely become reality!

Are the Cars Worth the Money?

This is the million dollar question – are Wheeler Dealers cars really worth the often astronomical prices they command at auction?

Let’s weigh the pros and cons:

Potential Upsides

  • Provenance of TV history appeals to collectors
  • Restorations done by Edd China provide confidence in quality of work
  • Limited quantities mean exclusivity for super fans
  • Could prove a wise investment depending on the car

Potential Downsides

  • Often sell for over double expected market value
  • Premium tied more to TV appeal than vehicle’s objective value
  • No guarantee work done on TV was comprehensive or sufficient
  • Costs of ownership (insurance, maintenance) still apply

Key Considerations

  • Passion for the show vs. pure investment mindset
  • How invaluable owning a piece of Wheeler Dealers history is to you
  • Potential for value to appreciate over time vs. paying inflated price today
  • How the premium factors into your overall budget

The Bottom Line

There is no definitive answer – the value in owning a Wheeler Dealers car lies primarily in the eye of the beholder.

For diehard fans who bleed Wheeler Dealers, securing one of these rare cars may hold value no price tag can define. But more pragmatic buyers will weigh the premium against other collector cars that lack the TV heritage.

Ultimately, you’ll have to dig deep and determine if acquiring this piece of automotive history is a dream you’re willing to pay a premium for. There are valid arguments on both sides. But if you have the means and view owning a Wheeler Dealers car as priceless, that passion should steer your decision.

Owning a Piece of Wheeler Dealers History

Whether you’re a lifelong fan like me or just discovering the joy of Wheeler Dealers, I hope this guide gave you all the details needed to pursue your dream of owning a car from the show.

It will take persistence, budget, and compromise. But with the right mindset and tenacity, you can secure a AD phone’s Wheelei Dealers classic to take home to your garage.

Monitor those auctions weekly. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger when the right listing comes along. And be ready to pay the premium these ultra-rare cars demand.

Do your due diligence to inspect any TV repairs done by Edd and make an informed purchase. But above all – let your passion as a fan fuel the pursuit rather than pure investment calculus.

Not all of us will ever get to slide behind the wheel of a genuine Wheeler Dealers car. But for those dedicated souls willing to put in the work, the opportunity awaits. With some patience and luck, you can join the elite ranks of those who own their own piece of Wheeler Dealers history.

For fellow fans, I wish you the best of luck in securing that dream car from the show we all love! Please share photos and stories here if you do successfully buy a Wheeler Dealers car – I look forward to living vicariously through your success!

Happy hunting and may fortune favor the bold!

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