Ford F150 Door Replacement Cost: Labor, Parts & Saving Tips

ford f150 door replacement cost

Have you ever needed to replace a door on your Ford F-150 pickup truck? It’s not an uncommon issue for these popular vehicles. Door damage can happen from a variety of causes – from minor dings and dents to major collisions. Or perhaps you’re just looking to upgrade or replace a worn out door. Whatever the reason, a new door replacement is a sizable investment.

So what’s the typical cost for replacing a Ford F-150 door and how can you get the best deal?

The short answer is that for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) door, expect to pay $800 – $2500 or more just for parts. Add several hundred dollars or more for labor. But there are ways to reduce the costs dramatically if you know where to look and what to ask for.

In this comprehensive guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about Ford F-150 door replacement costs including:

  • When it’s necessary to replace your truck’s door
  • What factors affect the parts and labor costs
  • OEM vs aftermarket doors – pros and cons
  • Where to shop for discount doors
  • Estimated replacement costs for front and rear doors
  • Tips for saving on labor by doing it yourself
  • How to choose the best shop for installation
  • Options for just replacing door components like handles
  • Maintaining your new doors properly

Let’s start by looking at the different situations that typically require a new door replacement on a Ford F-150.

When Do You Need a New Ford F-150 Door?

There are a few common scenarios that will necessitate replacing your Ford truck’s door:

  • Collision damage – Even relatively minor front or rear impacts can bend or misalign the door frame, seize up hinges, or damage the door panel and window components. More significant crashes will destroy doors beyond repair.
  • Wear and tear – Over time, opening and closing thousands of times takes a toll. Hinges and latches wear out, window regulators fail, handles break, and locks stop working properly.
  • Corrosion – Ford F-150s used as work trucks and driven in cold winter climates with salted roads are prone to rust. This inevitably attacks door skins, hinges and hardware if not addressed.
  • Upgrading features – You may want to swap out a basic equipped door for one with power locks, windows and mirrors. Or add a keyless entry keypad.
  • Aesthetic reasons – Sometimes you just want to change the look with a new color or style like chrome or billet.
  • Accident damage on one side – Often when one door is damaged, owners will replace the other undamaged side too so they match.

No matter the reason, replacing a door on a Ford F150 isn’t a small job. The costs add up quickly between parts, labor and getting the door alignment right. Let’s look at what major factors affect the costs.

Factors That Affect Ford F-150 Door Replacement Cost

factors that affect ford f-150 door replacement cost

When budgeting for a new Ford F-150 door, there are several variables that determine the total replacement cost:

Door Parts Cost

The door itself accounts for the biggest chunk of the total bill. OEM doors from Ford are most expensive, followed by high-end aftermarket replacements. Salvaged used OEM doors offer big savings but may have unknown histories.

Beware that a cheap aftermarket door can cause alignment problems. We’ll dive deeper into OEM vs aftermarket doors later.

Labor Rates and Shop Fees

Expect to pay $80 to $150 per hour for door installation labor at the dealer or an accredited shop. The total hours vary based on door side, vehicle complexity, and if it’s just a swap or includes repairs. Shops also tack on service fees.

Driver vs Passenger Side

Driver side doors tend to cost a bit more in parts and labor as they are more complex with wiring and linkages. The left hinges and latches are also unique parts.

Front vs Rear Doors

Front doors are larger, heavier and have window components. Truck crew cab models also have rear doors to factor in. More doors equals more cost.

Door Material

Most replacement doors are basic steel. But Ford F-150s often use lightweight aluminum doors which get pricey. Make sure to match your truck’s factory material.

Damage Severity

A simple door swap due to a dent is cheapest. Moderate damage requiring inner repairs or hinge/latch replacement adds cost. Severely damaged doors with warped frames or rusted out sections will incur extra work and parts.

As you can see, costs stack up quickly. Now let’s examine the repair parts options.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Replacement Doors

When replacing a damaged Ford F-150 door, you primarily have two options – new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket doors. There are pros and cons to each:

OEM Ford Doors

Genuine Ford doors are built to exact factory specifications using OEM-grade materials. This ensures perfect fitment and operation. Since they are brand new parts, you also get a manufacturer’s warranty for defects. However, the premium quality comes at a premium price – often two to three times the cost of aftermarket doors.

Benefits of OEM doors:

  • Guaranteed fit with no alignment issues
  • Highest quality materials and construction
  • Maintains resale value
  • New part warranty protection
  • Matches other doors exactly

Potential downsides of OEM:

  • Very expensive purchase price
  • Often on backorder if rare model
  • Unrepairable damage requires full replacement

Aftermarket Replacement Doors

Aftermarket doors provide massive cost savings over OEM – sometimes up to 70%. However, you do sacrifice some things for the lower price point. Quality and fitment tends to be less consistent, especially on lower cost doors. There is also no factory warranty. On the plus side, many aftermarket doors have reinforced metal and added weatherstripping for longer service life.

Benefits of aftermarket doors:

  • As little as 30% the cost of OEM doors
  • Often in-stock and ship quickly
  • DIY-friendly installation
  • Separate components allow partial repairs

Potential downsides of aftermarket:

  • Quality and durability varies greatly
  • Fitment may require modifications
  • No warranty on defects
  • May void collision insurance claims

If going the aftermarket route, carefully read reviews and buyer experiences about fit and quality before purchasing. Higher-priced aftermarket doors typically have fewer complaints.

Now let’s explore some money-saving options on where to buy discount Ford F-150 doors.

Where to Shop for Discount Ford F-150 Doors

Once you decide on OEM or aftermarket for your replacement door, where you buy from will impact the price as well. Here are some of the best options for affordable Ford F-150 doors:

Online Parts Websites

Large online retailers like and 1A Auto carry huge inventories of aftermarket Ford F-150 doors at discounted pricing. Their high volume allows for lower prices. You can easily compare brands and prices in one spot.

eBay Motors

eBay has an enormous selection of new, used and refurbished OEM doors as well as aftermarket options. Sort by price to find the best deals. Read seller feedback before purchasing.

Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace

Check Craigslist and Facebook for local sellers offering OEM doors pulled from vehicles or aftermarket take-offs. Meet in person to inspect before buying.

Junkyards & Salvage Yards

Call local junkyards and salvage yards to ask about used OEM Ford doors in stock. Carefully inspect any damage and wear before purchasing a pulled part.

Wholesale Door Suppliers

Businesses like AM Autoparts and DoorPro sell discounted OEM Ford doors to repair shops that you can purchase direct. Get lower retail pricing.

Auto Body Shops

If replacing a door due to collision damage, ask the body shop if they have any discounted NOS (new old stock) or surplus doors already in stock. This saves waiting and markup on a special order part.

Now let’s take a look at what you can expect to budget for a new Ford F-150 door replacement. Costs vary quite a bit based on your vehicle specifics and options chosen.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Ford F-150 Doors?

Door replacement on a Ford F-150 can range from a few hundred dollars for a basic repair up to several thousand for a complex install. Here are some typical price estimates:

Aftermarket driver or passenger door:

  • Door shell: $400
  • Labor: $200 to $500
  • Total: $800 to $2,500

Keep in mind, front door costs may be higher if your truck has up-level options like power windows, locks, mirrors, or keyless entry. Additional repairs like rust repair or glass replacement will also increase the totals.

For rear doors on SuperCab and SuperCrew models, expect to pay roughly $100 – $300 less in parts and labor since they are simpler and smaller doors.

Replacing all four doors could run $2000 on the low end to $5000+ for all OEM doors installed. Ouch!

Those totals are eye-watering, but remember a trip to the dealership service department will have the highest labor rates and markup on parts. There are ways to dramatically reduce the DIY costs if you are able to install the doors yourself. Let’s look at money-saving tips to reduce labor fees.

Saving on Labor Costs for Ford F-150 Door Replacement

Doing a door replacement yourself rather than paying a shop to install and paint can potentially save hundreds of dollars in labor costs per door. Here are some tips for DIY door replacement:

  • Have an assistant help maneuver the large door into place for installation.
  • Watch online video tutorials to understand the door removal and replacement process before starting.
  • Label existing hardware and electrical connectors to simplify re-installation.
  • Use marking paint or tape to indicate existing holes and alignment points.
  • Buy a door installer kit with hardware and trim tools to avoid damage.
  • Take time to align the door gaps and operation properly before sealing it up.
  • Avoid denting or scratching the truck’s body panels during installation.
  • Be careful not to drill into your truck’s body when re-installing trim hardware and accessories.
  • Verify all electrics like windows, locks and lights function before closing it up.
  • Finish paint and interior panel alignment yourself or at a lower-cost paint shop after.

As long as you are careful, methodical and have the right tools, an mechanically-inclined DIYer can likely handle swapping a factory-style replacement door. Just don’t rush the job.

If tackling door replacement yourself seems too difficult, at a minimum price shop among body shops and dealerships to compare labor rates before committing to one.

Next let’s go over how to choose the best shop if you decide to have a professional install your new Ford door.

Finding the Best Shop for Ford F-150 Door Replacement

While a knowledgeable DIY-er can replace doors, for many owners having an experienced auto body shop or dealership service department complete the job is worth the labor costs. Here’s how to find a quality installer:

  • Check reviews andfeedback on shops before considering one. Look for specifics on pricing, quality and customer service.
  • Ask if the shop specializes in Ford trucks or domestic models in general. Expertise with your specific vehicle is ideal.
  • Inquire about how the technicians are trained if it’s a dealership or accredited facility. There should be Ford-specific training.
  • Request an itemized quote in writing that details parts, labor rates, shop fees, etc before approving work.
  • Verify warranty coverage on both labor and the replacement door. At minimum 6-12 months.
  • Ask the shop aboutturnaround time. Some smaller places have longer backlogs.
  • Compare rates among multiple facilities. Avoid going just for the cheapest door installer though. Quality has value.
  • Check if the shop handles painting and finish work if needed. One-stop service is more convenient.

An experienced, Ford-knowledgeable shop should be able to swap your door efficiently and make necessary adjustments during alignment. This gets your truck back on the road faster.

For dents or damage limited just to the door surface, you likely don’t need to replace the entire door either. Let’s look at options for repairing door components.

Replacing Specific Ford F-150 Door Components

In cases of minor damage, it’s often possible to replace or repair just a specific portion of the door rather than the whole assembly. Some examples:

  • Loose or broken door handles can be replaced independently without removing the door. Just pop off the trim panel.
  • Power door lock actuators are easily accessible behind the armrest. No need to swap the whole door just for failed locks.
  • Door lock cylinders can be replaced or re-keyed in minutes for under $215 and $232
  • Window regulators and motors can be R&R’d with basic tools if the window is stuck or falls.
  • Dented or rusted door skins can be replaced while retaining the inner door structure. Much cheaper.
  • Broken side mirror assemblies unbolt so you can install new replacement mirrors.

Do some research on your specific door damage issue to verify if partial replacement is feasible. It will save big compared to a whole new door.

If you do end up replacing the complete door, let’s look at how to extend its lifespan through proper maintenance.

Maintaining Your New Ford F-150 Doors

To get the most service life and performance out of new Ford F-150 doors you install, here are some pro tips on care and maintenance:

  • Lubricate door hinges and latches periodically to prevent seizing and excessive wear.
  • Immediately fix any sagging doors that don’t fully close or rub the cab. Allowing a door to hang loose intensifies wear and damage over time.
  • Clean out debris and schmutz from window channels and door seals to prevent water leaks and wind noise.
  • Wipe down door panels gently and avoid harsh cleaners to prevent fading or cracking.
  • Watch for the beginnings of corrosion around door skin seams and hardware. Address quickly with touch-up or preventative oiling.
  • Have any collision damage professionally repaired. Don’t try hammering out dents yourself.
  • If installing aftermarket doors, take time to properly adjust and align them for ideal fit and sealing. Don’t leave gaps.

With some diligent preventative care, your new OEM or aftermarket doors should provide years of like-new performance and maintain your F-150’s value.


There’s no getting around the fact that replacing doors on a Ford F-150 can be expensive. OEM doors from the dealer can run $800 – $2500 or more. High quality aftermarket doors offer big savings but still cost several hundred dollars. Add in labor and you’re looking at paying $1000+ per door in many cases.

The good news is there are ways to reduce the costs dramatically for this repair. Shopping online parts retailers reveals cheaper aftermarket doors under $500 shipped. Checking junkyards and online classifieds can turn up lightly used OEM take-offs at half-off retail pricing. And if you or a handy friend are up for DIY wrenching, you can bypass high shop labor rates and save hundreds more.

While replacing Ford F-150 doors takes effort and research to find affordable options, the capability to haul them yourself compared to glass vehicle doors makes this repair much more feasible. Arm yourself with the information above, shop smart, and take your time installing and aligning the door properly. Soon you’ll be back out on the road with your trusty F-150 – with no one the wiser it has a shiny new door.

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