I Accidentally Passed a Stopped School Bus: Now What Happens?

i accidentally passed a stopped school bus

We’ve all had a moment on the road where we zoned out and made a mistake. But if you accidentally pass a stopped school bus, it’s not just any error – it’s illegal and incredibly dangerous.

What exactly happens if you fail to stop for a school bus, and what should be your next steps? While penalties exist for a reason, the best approach is learning from this lapse in judgment and becoming a safer driver.

When a school bus stops with red lights flashing to load or unload children, all vehicles must halt until the bus proceeds on its route. Passing a stopped bus is such a serious hazard that every state has laws imposing fines and license points for violations.

In this article, we will cover:

  • The dangers of passing stopped school buses
  • Legal penalties you may face
  • What to do if you accidentally pass a bus
  • How to respond to any ticket you receive
  • Tips for driving safely around school buses
  • Ways to prevent this mistake going forward

While fines and violations are unavoidable if you break the law, your priority after illegally passing a bus should be making things right, driving more carefully around children, and preventing any recurrence.

The Dangers of Passing a Stopped School Bus

A school bus with flashing red lights and a stop sign extended is signaling that children are about to enter or exit the bus. Passing such a bus is not only illegal, but puts kids’ lives at grave risk.

the dangers of passing a stopped school bus

According to safety experts, most school bus-related pedestrian fatalities occur when children are struck while crossing the street near the bus. Even a slow-moving vehicle can kill if it hits a child.

Passing a stopped bus also jeopardizes students getting on or off the bus. Children may be crossing right in front or back of the bus where it is hard for motorists to see them. They can be struck or killed by drivers who do not halt as required by law.

Simply put, disregarding a school bus stop sign and red lights can result in horrific tragedy in just an instant. It only takes one car to inflict serious injury or take a child’s life.

This is why every state has passing laws with serious penalties. The fines and sanctions, while costly, ultimately help prevent motorists from driving carelessly near schoolchildren.

Legal Penalties for Passing a Stopped School Bus

If you illegally pass a stopped school bus with flashing red lights, you will face legal and financial consequences across the United States:

  • You will be issued a traffic citation that results in high fines, generally $1,300 to $1,400 for a first offense.
  • Most states will add points to your driver’s license – usually 4-5 points for a first violation, and more for additional occurrences.
  • Your license may be suspended for 3-6 months if you accrue excessive points or are charged with a first-time misdemeanor.
  • Repeat offenses can result in larger fines, longer suspensions, and even jail time in some jurisdictions.
  • Causing injury or death from passing a stopped school bus leads to major criminal charges beyond traffic penalties.

While the specific repercussions vary by state, the message is clear: Stopping for school buses is not optional. Violations put children at risk and incur penalties.

What To Do If You Pass a Stopped Bus?

what to do if you pass a stopped bus

Let’s discuss the right steps to take if you accidentally pass a stopped school bus:

  • Once safe, pull over immediately and document the bus number, time, and location if possible.
  • Return to the bus location if you can turn around safely, and speak with the driver to admit your mistake if children are still present.
  • Contact local law enforcement right away to report that you illegally passed a school bus. Do not wait for them to contact you.
  • Cooperate fully with authorities if you do receive a citation by mail or in person. Accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Pay fines promptly and enroll in traffic school if it will prevent license points or lower penalties.
  • Above all, learn from this mistake and commit to driving more carefully around schoolchildren going forward.

Though a momentary lapse in judgment, illegally passing a stopped school bus is a serious offense. Follow the above steps to take accountability, comply with the law, and prevent any such incident from happening again.

Responding to a Ticket for Illegally Passing

If you pass a stopped school bus, you can expect to get cited whether you self-report to police or not. Here are tips for responding to the ticket:

  • In most cases, it is best to simply pay the fine. Trying to fight the ticket in court is rarely successful.
  • You may have the option to attend traffic school instead. This will likely reduce your fine and prevent license points.
  • For a misdemeanor citation or if points could severely impact your driving privileges, consult with a traffic law attorney.
  • Evaluate your options objectively. The evidence and eyewitness testimony make it very difficult to beat a school bus citation.
  • Ultimately, take responsibility for your actions regardless of the outcome. Let this experience make you a more aware driver.

Fines for illegally passing a stopped school bus can be expensive. But these penalties pale in comparison to the irreparable harm that could result from disregarding children’s safety. Use the incident to grow and improve.

Safe Driving Tips for Areas With School Buses

safe driving tips for areas with school buses

To avoid illegally passing stopped buses in the future, follow these best practices:

  • Maintain low speeds and high visual awareness in school zones and residential areas.
  • Scan surroundings continuously for school bus lights, stops, and children near the road.
  • Do not tailgate buses or other vehicles, allowing ample room to stop suddenly if needed.
  • Eliminate distractions like mobile devices when driving in areas with school buses or bus stops.
  • Never attempt to pass a school bus with red flashing lights or stop sign displayed, even if no children appear immediately visible. It is always illegal.
  • Come to a full and complete stop when required and proceed only when the bus has moved on.

Staying alert with slowed speeds in areas with school buses will help you avoid mistakes that could endanger children. Make student safety your priority every time you get behind the wheel.

Our Experience with the Consequences of Actions

Here at Safedriving.com, we understand that even the most cautious drivers can make momentary mistakes like illegally passing a stopped school bus. While we always aim to provide sound guidance to improve road safety, we also recognize that real-world experiences are powerful teachers.

Many of us have learned lessons the hard way when it comes to driving, whether it was a fender bender as a teenager or an accidental traffic violation like ignoring a school bus stop arm. We don’t take these missteps lightly, but we do allow them to positively transform us into more aware and responsible drivers.

Our goal with this article is to help those who have made the error of passing a stopped school bus understand that while penalties exist for a reason, your utmost priority should be preventing any such incident from happening again. We hope our guidance not only informs drivers about compliance and consequences, but inspires them to become partners in pupil transportation safety.

Our experience shows that approaching violations and citations as opportunities for improvement makes us all better and keeps the roads safer. Driving is full of teachable moments if we remain open to the lessons.

Preventing Future Illegal Passing Incidents

To ensure you never again illegally pass by a stopped school bus, make the following adjustments:

  • Note school bus stops on your regular commute to improve awareness and caution at these points.
  • Identify intersections and roads requiring extra vigilance near schools or bus routes.
  • Leave ample space around buses so you are not pressured to make careless movements by traffic behind you.
  • Adjust driving hours if possible to avoid bus crowds during school arrival and dismissal times.
  • Discuss safe driving rules around buses with your children or family members as a learning experience.
  • Heed all warning signs related to school zones, bus stops, reduced speed limits, and child pedestrians.

With improved focus and caution, you can prevent ever repeating the mistake of illegally passing a stopped school bus. Let this misstep make you a safer, more aware driver for life.


School buses with flashing lights stopped to load children require all drivers to stop by law, without exception. Disregarding this and passing a bus puts young lives in grave danger. If you make such a mistake, take quick action to report it while accepting the consequences. Most importantly, learn from the incident to become a more attentive driver around schoolchildren. With caution and consideration at all times, you can avoid ever illegally passing a stopped school bus.

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