Jeep Cherokee XJ Lift Cost: A Detailed Breakdown

jeep cherokee xj lift cost

For Jeep Cherokee XJ owners looking to enhance their vehicle’s off-road performance and stance, installing a lift kit is one of the most popular modifications. But before you dive in, the key question is: how much will it really cost to lift your Cherokee? The short answer is between $500 and $3,000+, depending on lift height and components.

In this detailed guide, we’ll break down all the factors that determine Jeep Cherokee XJ lift kit costs. You’ll learn exactly what parts are needed, price ranges for different lift sizes, extra costs beyond the kit, professional installation pricing, and whether it’s ultimately worth the investment for your off-road goals.

The Parts Required for Lifting a Jeep Cherokee

The core components in any Jeep Cherokee lift kit are the springs and shocks. To determine the total lift cost, you need to account for supporting mods as well. Here are the key parts required:

  • Lift kit – This includes the main components to raise vehicle height like springs, shocks, control arms, track bars, and more. Prices start at $200.
  • Extended brake lines – Required to reach the wheels with lifted suspension. $50-$100.
  • Adjustable track bar – Counteracts alignment issues from lifting. $100-$200.
  • Sway bar disconnects – Allows more suspension flex when lifted. $100-$300.
  • Longer driveshaft – Necessary on lifts over 3 inches to prevent vibrations. $300-$500.

Some supporting mods like an adjustable track bar and extended brake lines are absolutely necessary for proper lifted operation. Others like sway bar disconnects improve off-road performance but aren’t mandatory. We’ll break down costs for both the core lift components and these additional parts next.

Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit Price Range

The lift kit itself is the biggest expense when raising your Cherokee. Prices can range wildly from $200 entry-level kits to $2000+ for high-end kits with all the bells and whistles. Here are some of the key factors that determine XJ lift kit pricing:

Lift Height

The main factor controlling cost is lift height. The taller you go, the more it will cost:

  • 2-3 inch lift kits – $200 to $500
  • 3-4 inch lift kits – $400 to $800
  • 6-7+ inch lift kits – $1000 to $2000+

In general, expect to pay around $100 more for each extra inch of lift height added. The size of tires you plan to run also determines lift height needed. For example, fitting 33″ tires requires around 4″ of lift.

Brand Name vs Budget Kits

Another key pricing factor is brand. The major manufacturers like Rubicon Express, Old Man Emu, Teraflex, and Rock Krawler charge more for their kits but they are also higher quality:

  • Major brand lift kits – $400 to $1200
  • Cheaper no-name kits – $200 to $400

Paying extra for a reputable brand often gets you a more complete kit, better ride quality, and increased durability. But budget kits still get the job done if you’re on a tighter budget.

Lift Kit Components

The cheapest XJ lift kits only include basic components like springs and shocks. More expensive kits add extras like:

  • Control arms
  • Track bars
  • Sway bar disconnects
  • Brake line extensions

Kits with more complete components cost more upfront but require fewer separate purchases down the road. Make sure to factor in any additional parts you’ll need beyond just the springs and shocks.

Additional Costs Beyond the Lift Kit

Once you choose a lift kit, there are a few other mandatory parts purchases:

Extended Brake Lines

Lifted suspension increases brake line length required to reach the wheels. Plan on spending $50-$100 for extended brake lines when lifting any XJ:

  • Basic extended lines – $50-$75
  • Stainless steel lines – $75-$100

Stainless steel is best for corrosion resistance off-road. Expect a shop to charge around 1 hour labor ($100/hr) to install.

Adjustable Track Bar

The track bar centers the axle under the Jeep. An adjustable unit ($100-$200) realigns it after lifting. Stock length track bars can induce death wobble with lifts.

  • Entry-level adjustable track bar – $100-$150
  • Heavy duty track bar – $150-$200

Sway Bar Disconnects

Disconnecting the sway bar allows more suspension flex for extreme articulation off-road. Sway bar quick disconnect kits range from $100 for a basic set up to $300 for hydraulic disconnects:

  • Entry level disconnect kit – $100-$150
  • High end hydraulic kit – $200-$300

Longer Driveshaft

The stock driveshaft can vibrate excessively on lifts over 3 inches. A custom lengthened driveshaft ($300-$500) prevents this issue. Expect added shop labor costs of $100-$200 for installation.

Professional Lift Kit Installation Cost

Installing a lift kit yourself saves money but requires automotive skills. Paying a shop simplifies the process. Labor costs to install a Cherokee lift kit typically run:

Basic lift components (springs, shocks):

  • Shop install cost – $400-$800

Additional labor items:

  • Extended brake line install – 1 hour/$100
  • Driveshaft install – 2 hours/$200

With professional installation, the total cost for a 2-3” lift with supporting mods can easily exceed $1000. For a larger lift, expect combined parts and labor costs of $2000 or more.

Total Jeep Cherokee Lift Cost Ranges

Considering all the factors above, here are typical price ranges for lifting a Cherokee depending on lift height and DIY vs professional install:

2-3 inch lift kit cost

  • Parts cost – $500-$800
  • Install cost – $400-$800

Total cost with DIY install – $500-$800

Total cost with shop install – $1000-$1600

3-4 inch lift kit cost

  • Parts cost – $800-$1200
  • Install cost – $400-$800

Total cost with DIY install – $800-$1200

Total cost with shop install – $1200-$2000

6-7 inch lift kit cost

  • Parts cost – $1500-$2500
  • Install cost – $600-$1000

Total cost with DIY install – $1500-$2500

Total cost with shop install – $2100-$3000+

As you can see, the cost delta from a small budget lift to an extreme lift is huge. Define your goals and budget upfront to avoid going overboard.

Is Lifting a Jeep Cherokee Worth the Investment?

Installing an XJ lift kit allows fitting larger tires, improves ground clearance for off-roading, and gives a cool stance. But is it worth shelling out $1000 or more? For Cherokee owners who tackle demanding trails, the benefits are well worth the cost.

Improved articulation from a suspension lift or disconnect sway bars also ramps up off-road capability. The ability to run 33″ or 35″ tires improves traction and allows driving more rugged terrain.

For an off-road focused build, investing in a proper lift rather than lowering costs with subpar components pays dividends in performance and durability. If your Cherokee will stick mostly to the pavement, a smaller budget lift still offers great appearance benefits without breaking the bank. Evaluate your own goals and budget to choose the perfect lift solution for your XJ!


While lifting a Jeep Cherokee isn’t cheap, a full suspension upgrade pays huge dividends in appearance, clearance, and off-road performance. Carefully weigh factors like your budget, planned tire size, brand preference, and professional vs DIY installation to tailor the perfect lift kit solution for your XJ. For serious trail duty, the cost is well justified. But even just a 2″ lift on a budget makes a world of difference aesthetically. Hopefully this guide gives you a detailed overview of parts required and typical Jeep Cherokee lift kit prices to make planning your next upgrade straightforward and successful. Your lifted XJ awaits!

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