Find All Hidden Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs (Updated 2024)

Find All Hidden Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs

Jeep Wrangler owners love embarking on Easter egg hunts to find the small hidden design details cleverly tucked throughout their vehicles. But with so many nooks and crannies, where exactly should Wrangler owners look to uncover these fun surprises?

This complete guide reveals all of the Easter eggs hidden in Jeep Wranglers so you can locate them in your own vehicle.

From lizard and spider logos to flip-able symbols and etched grill outlines, we will cover each era of Wranglers to showcase all of the quirky Easter eggs Jeep has included over the years. Consider this your treasure map to locate the gems secreted away across Jeep Wranglers.

Below we will explore where to find Easter eggs across Wrangler generations including:

  • TJ – 1997-2006
  • JK – 2007-2018
  • JL – 2018-present

We will also explain the meaning behind some of Jeep’s most iconic hidden symbols over the decades. From little lizards to miniature grilles, these Easter eggs offer clues into Jeep history.

Let’s begin this expedition to uncover the wonderful world of Wrangler Easter eggs!

A Brief History of Jeep Easter Eggs

Before setting out to scour every inch of your Wrangler, it helps to understand how this tradition began.

Jeep Easter eggs first originated in the late 1990s when designers included small lizard and spider logos on the TJ Wrangler as subtle details for owners to discover. These initial Easter eggs referenced the outdoorsy nature of Jeep brand and the creatures owners might encounter off-roading.

This hidden symbolism was so well-received that Jeep carried it forward into future generations of Wranglers. The automaker continued sprinkling new surprises both inside and out for enthusiasts to find. Easter eggs grew into a way for Jeep to reward its most loyal community members.

Over 25 years later, Wranglers are now filled with Easter eggs across multiple models and generations. Some logos have endured as classics while new ones emerge with each redesign. Half the fun for owners is never knowing what new gems may be hidden around the next corner.

Let’s begin uncovering them all…

Lizard and Spider Easter Eggs

The lizard and spider Easter eggs have appeared in Wranglers since 1997, making them the longest running hidden symbols. Here is where to locate these two iconic animal logos:

Lizard Logo

The lizard can be spotted on the cowl vent screen, which is the mesh panel underneath the hood near the base of the windshield. To find it:

  • Pop the hood of your Wrangler.
  • Look at the black mesh screen covering the cowl vent.
  • In the bottom right corner you will notice the small engraved lizard logo.

Owners love this classic Easter egg representing the reptiles that Jeep drivers may encounter off-roading. It also symbolizes how Jeeps happily thrive in hot, rugged conditions.

Spider Logo

Jeep did not forget the arachnids! To locate the spider:

  • Fully open the hood of your Wrangler.
  • Peel back the black rubber hood seal running around the underside of the hood.
  • Tucked away on the underside you will find a small embroidered spider logo near the hood latch.

Like the lizard, the spider represents the rugged habitat of off-road trails where Wranglers love to crawl. The logo serves as a reminder that adventures may get messy but Wranglers can handle it.

Both animal Easter eggs offer a fun hidden element for Jeepers to discover. Part of the enjoyment is finding new places to look that you may not normally inspect closely.

Flip Logos on JK Models

When the JK Wrangler was introduced for 2007, Jeep designers cooked up some Easter eggs with a fun flip feature.

These flip logos are only found on JK generation Wranglers (2007 to 2018 models). Here are the two flip Easter eggs to locate:

Fuel Door Easter Egg

The fuel door Easter egg takes a bit of maneuvering to uncover:

  • Open the fuel filler door on the rear driver side fender.
  • Look at the fuel door hinge where the door attaches to the fender.
  • Flip down the fuel door hinge 180 degrees. When turned over, this reveals a stamped Jeep grilles logo on the inside of the hinge.

Many JK owners don’t realize this flip logo is hiding on the fuel door right under their nose. Take a look next time you fill up.

Glovebox Easter Egg

Another sneaky flip Easter egg can be found inside the glovebox:

  • Open up the glovebox and locate the round stopper that keeps it from dropping fully open.
  • Flip this glovebox stopper down. On the backside is a molded Jeep grilles logo.

This fun extra step reveals another hidden logo waiting to be found.

These JK flippable Easter eggs exemplify the playful spirit of Jeep. The automaker clearly has fun hiding extra symbols that owners can interact with.

Windshield Easter Egg on JL Models

When Jeep introduced the all-new JL Wrangler generation for 2018, designers included a very cleverly hidden Easter egg in the windshield:

  • From inside the vehicle, look at the front windshield on the passenger side.
  • Near the rearview mirror, you will notice a slightly etched outline of the Jeep grilles logo.

This grille outline is very faint so it can only be spotted when viewing from inside the vehicle. The silhouette marks are also on the outside of the windshield but far less visible.

JL owners love this almost invisible Easter egg only appearing under the right lighting conditions. It demonstrates the attention to detail Jeep puts into its iconic designs, even when an element is largely concealed.

Logos on Jacking Point Covers

All generations of Wranglers have a fun Easter egg hidden underneath, quite literally. When jacking up your Wrangler, Easter eggs can be found on the jacking point covers:

  • Locate the jacking point covers underneath your Jeep, near each wheel well.
  • Turn the covers to reveal logos imprinted underneath.

Here are the jacking point Easter eggs across generations:

TJ – Circular cap features Jeep logo

JK – Square cap reveals Jeep grilles outline

JLTrail Rated logo underneath

Because these are out of sight, many Wrangler owners never spot these fun Easter eggs. But they offer a cool hidden detail when doing basic maintenance.

Orange Seatbelt Stitching

On all current Wranglers, Jeep has included a small Easter egg on the driver and passenger seatbelts. Look closely at the orange seatbelt stitching and you may notice a pattern:

  • The stitching forms the distinct outline of a miniature Jeep vehicle.

This is no accident. Jeep designers intentionally aligned the seatbelt stitching to create a tiny Jeep silhouette.

It’s an Easter egg found directly in front of drivers every time they buckle up. Subtly fitting for a safety feature in an iconic Jeep.

Passenger Seat Adjustment Lever

Wrangler owners can find one of the most discreet Easter eggs on the passenger seat:

  • Look underneath the passenger seat at the round manual seat adjustment lever.
  • On the tip of the lever is a molded Jeep grilles logo.

This micro Easter egg shows the minute details Jeep packs into its vehicle designs. Few passengers may ever spot this tiny logo since it faces inward. But it exemplifies the magic in Jeeps waiting to be discovered.

Cowl Vent Screws

While we’re under the hood, check out another Easter egg hidden in plain sight:

  • Look at the screws securing the cowl vent screen in place.
  • The Phillips screw heads feature a molded Jeep grilles logo in miniature.

It’s a super subtle touch but just another way Jeep injects brand imagery through functional components.

“Tumbleweed” Logo

The most recent Easter egg can be found on JL Wrangler’s rear washer fluid cover:

  • Look above the rear swing gate at the black cover for the rear washer fluid filler neck.
  • Molded into the cover is the word “TUMBLEWEED” in all capital letters.

This fits the adventurous outdoor lifestyle Jeep drivers enjoy. It conjures images of off-road journeys through open desert landscapes.

While on the utilitarian rear washer fluid cover, the logo reminds us that form and function blend beautifully in Jeep design.

Have You Found Any Other Easter Eggs?

Part of the inherent joy of Jeep Easter eggs is that new ones may emerge at any time. Since they often go undisclosed by Jeep, owners delight in discovering new secrets.

Some other reported Easter eggs that may be lurking include:

  • Faint animal track imprints on the inside roof panels
  • A tiny Jeep grille on the lower corner of the windshield
  • The word “TOW HOOK” stamped on tow hook screws

Half the fun is looking for new Easter eggs yourself and seeing what you uncover. Jeep fans love scouring forums and groups to learn about new finds in their Wranglers.

If you spot any undocumented Wrangler Easter eggs during your searches, make sure to share them with fellow Jeepers!

Why Are Jeep Easter Eggs So Beloved?

For Jeep enthusiasts, Easter eggs have become a celebrated tradition within the community. They represent:

  • Hidden Surprises – Owners take joy in uncovering the concealed elements packed throughout Wranglers. It brings out their adventurous spirit.
  • Nostalgia – Long-running Easter eggs like the lizard and spider logos provide a fun link to Jeep history.
  • Storytelling – Easter eggs help tell the distinct Jeep story in a unique way through symbolic details vs overt badging.
  • Community – Sharing discoveries with fellow Jeepers and learning new Easter eggs engages owners.
  • Pride – Finding Easter eggs makes owners proud to be part of the special Jeep community.

Easter eggs ultimately exemplify why people are drawn to the Jeep brand – adventure, community, ownership, heritage. By continuing to nurture this tradition, Jeep enjoys strong brand loyalty from its enthusiastic customer base.

Locate Wrangler Easter Eggs Yourself

Now that you know where generations of Jeep Easter eggs are hiding, it is time to find them in your own Wrangler!

Use this guide as your roadmap to begin finding these fun surprises tucked throughout your vehicle. See what iconic logos, flip symbols, or newly discovered gems you can uncover.

Easter egg hunts in your Wrangler are also a great adventure when off-roading or overlanding. Pack this guide to search for hidden symbols during pit stops on your journeys.

However you embark on this expedition, enjoy the thrill of discovery. For Wrangler owners, uncovering Easter eggs always leads to big smiles and new appreciation for your Jeep.

Happy hunting!


The wonderful tradition of Jeep Easter eggs exemplifies why Wrangler owners are among the most enthusiastic brand communities. Hidden lizard logos, secret flip symbols, and etched grill silhouettes reveal the joy, pride, and sense of ownership Jeep creates.

Use this complete Easter egg guide to hunt down all of these wonderful surprises concealed across your Jeep Wrangler. Let us know if you uncover any new ones along the way!

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