How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Walmart? Prices and Services Explained

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Walmart

Have you noticed your vehicle pulling to one side when driving straight? Do you feel some vibration in the steering wheel? If your tires seem unevenly worn or your car feels “off” somehow, it might be time for a critical service: the wheel alignment.

Getting your wheels properly aligned helps maximize the life of your tires and ensures your car drives straight and true. But how much does an alignment cost at Walmart and should you trust them to provide quality service? Let’s take a detailed look.

At Walmart, you can expect to pay $50 for a basic front-end alignment and $70 for a complete four-wheel alignment. Cost varies based on location, vehicle, and type of alignment. Packages and membership discounts can reduce the price.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about getting an alignment done at Walmart, including:

  • What exactly is a wheel alignment
  • What factors impact the price
  • Walmart alignment costs compared to other shops
  • Pros and cons of using Walmart
  • Additional alignment services Walmart offers
  • FAQs on getting an alignment at Walmart

Gaining this background will help you decide if Walmart is the right choice for your vehicle’s alignment needs.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

Before jumping into specifics on Walmart pricing, let’s cover some alignment basics.

An alignment refers to the proper adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension and steering components to ensure the wheels are pointed in the optimal straight-ahead direction. It’s critical for meeting the road properly.

Proper wheel alignment helps with:

  • Improving fuel efficiency
  • Extending the life of your tires
  • Ensuring straight steering control
  • Providing a smooth, vibration-free ride

Misalignment leads to uneven tire wear and makes your car wander and pull to one side. At its worst, it can create safety issues from not being able to control steering accurately.

The most common alignment adjustment involves the vehicle’s front end. This includes adjusting:

  • Camber: The inward or outward tilt from vertical.
  • Caster: The steering pivot angle.
  • Toe: The deviation of wheel angles from straight ahead.

For all-wheel or rear-wheel drive vehicles, a 4-wheel alignment checks the whole geometry. This provides maximum improvement to handling and tire wear but costs more.

Now that you know what a wheel alignment involves, what determines the price you pay?

What Factors Influence the Cost of an Alignment?

As with most automotive repairs, many variables affect what you pay out of pocket for an alignment service. Prices fluctuate widely based on these key factors:

Vehicle Make/Model/Year

Each vehicle has unique alignment specifications. Luxury and performance models require more intricate adjustments which take more time and skill. This means cost varies across car models.

Type of Alignment

The standard front end alignment focusing just on the tires that steer the vehicle costs less than adjusting all four wheels with a complete 4-wheel alignment.


Alignment prices differ across geographic regions. Labor, real estate, and regulations influence how much shops charge across different cities and states.

Understanding what goes into the price is helpful context before looking specifically at Walmart’s alignment costs.

So What Does Walmart Charge for Wheel Alignments?

According to recent reports from customers, Walmart charges around $50 for a basic front-end alignment. This involves adjusting just the two wheels doing the steering – the front pair.

A full four-wheel alignment costs around $70 on average at Walmart, depending on location and vehicle. High-end cars may cost more.

These prices focus on alignment adjustment only. Parts and other repairs add to the final bill if needed.

Within their posted pricing, Walmart offers a few options:

$20 Tire Rotation + Balance + Alignment Check Package

This combo service checks if your alignment is out. Rotating and balancing your tires is beneficial preventative maintenance.

But note this package only checks alignment – it doesn’t include actual adjustment which starts at $50.

Walmart Alignment Coupons

Printable coupons and in-app offers can take $10-$20 off alignment services. Check Walmart’s automotive coupons page for potential deals that reduce costs.

Walmart+ Member Pricing

By paying for an annual Walmart+ subscription, you gain access to free shipping benefits plus member prices on automotive services. This can score you discounts on alignments.

Lifetime Alignment Packages

For drivers wanting maximum convenience, Walmart offers lifetime alignment packages after your initial service. This grants free alignments whenever you need for the life of that vehicle.

The next logical question – how does Walmart compare to other alignment providers on price and service?

Pros and Cons of Getting an Alignment at Walmart

Walmart is easily accessible and offers waived installation fees and other incentives you won’t find elsewhere. But are their techs qualified to accurately align your car?

Here are some pros and cons to weigh:


Low Published Prices

Walmart advertises alignment rates as low as $39.88 plus shop fees depending on vehicle and location. Their published prices typically beat independent alignment shops.

No Appointment Needed

You can pull into a 24 hour Walmart auto care center anytime without scheduling ahead. There may be a wait during peak hours.

Tons of Locations

With over 5,500 stores nationwide including centered in rural areas, odds are an alignment center is conveniently close by.

Member Discounts

The new Walmart+ membership program grants free shipping plus special prices on automotive services like alignments for $98 per year.

Frequent Coupons/Deals

Regular wheel alignment discounts plus their everyday low prices provide cost savings. Sign up on their site for coupons sent to your email.

Lifetime Alignment Packages

Unlike most shops, some Walmarts sell lifetime alignments for the ownership duration of that vehicle. It spreads costs over time.

Modern Equipment

Major locations like Walmart invest heavily to install the latest diagnostic and alignment technology in their auto shops which requires significant capital.


Quality Inconsistency

Reviews reveal while some locations do excellent alignment work, others clearly don’t take the proper time and care required. Lack of uniform expertise is a downside.

Heavy Foot Traffic

As one of the busiest national retail chains, most Walmart automotive centers contend with lots of customers. Trying to squeeze in alignment appointments between oil changes frequently produces frustrating waits.

Limited Vehicle Servicing

Many modern or high-end vehicles have complex suspensions beyond Walmart’s capabilities. What’s advertised as “alignment services” really only applies to common cars and trucks under 10 years old.

Clearly Walmart offers certain alignment conveniences and cost savings. But are they the best choice compared to dealers and local shops?

Alignment Price Comparison: Walmart vs Dealers vs Local Shops

Generally across the industry, dealerships charge the most for alignments while independent shops beat the prices of high-volume chains like Walmart. Here’s how published rates typically compare:

Dealerships – $150-$250

Most dealers don’t post their pricing openly. But customers report alignment costs between $150-$250 depending on make and model. Paying a premium provides precision work by factory experts. Dealer techs receive extensive OEM training on your vehicle’s intricacies and have the most current proprietary equipment. You’ll pay for that specialized expertise.

Local Alignment Shops – $75-$100

Trusted independent alignment specialists that rely on reputation and referrals normally charge between $75- $100. They offer greater personalized attention than chains while using high quality equipment equal to dealerships. Their prices fall nicely in the middle.

Walmart – $50-$75

On average, Walmart undercuts competitors by $20-$30 charging between $50-$75 for basic and four-wheel alignments. But their cost savings often sacrifice consistency and wait times aren’t always worth it.

As highlighted above, Walmart competes mainly on price and location convenience rather than premium service. Now let’s dive into specifics on getting alignments done there.

Frequently Asked Questions on Walmart Alignments

We’ll break down everything you need to know before you head to Walmart for your next alignment:

Do You Need an Appointment at Walmart for an Alignment?

No appointment is necessary at Walmart alignment centers. But arriving during peak hours without scheduling risks long waits of 2 hours+. Best bet is getting there early morning right when they open to reduce crowds.

How Long Does Their Alignment Service Take?

If coming at an off-peak time and no cars ahead of you, a basic alignment takes 45-60 minutes. But waiting your turn when they’re busy can mean sitting there upwards of 2-3 hours. It’s a roll of the dice.

What Types of Vehicles Can They Service?

Walmart auto centers are equipped to align most standard consumer vehicles under 10 years old. This covers budget sedans, mainstream trucks, and basic SUVs but not high-end sports cars or heavy-duty rigs. Always call ahead.

Do They Offer Lifetime Alignment Packages?

Select Supercenter locations offer lifetime alignments for $149-$199. This single payment grants free alignments whenever you need for the life of that vehicle at any national Walmart location. A great deal for high mileage cars.

What’s the Warranty on Alignments?

Every alignment at Walmart is covered by a 1 year/12,000 limited warranty. If you experience any pulling, vibration, or uneven wear related to bad alignment within that period, bring it back and they’ll re-adjust for free.

Locating Your Nearest Walmart Alignment Center

Through their website or mobile app, you can find the most convenient Walmart offering wheel alignments among their 5,500+ locations with auto centers nationwide.

It’s wise calling ahead to check their specific vehicle capabilities, get current pricing for your make/model, and confirm wait times. Discussing any of your symptom concerns also helps the tech diagnose other issues besides alignment.

Overall Walmart provides alignment cost savings compared to dealers and local shops. But paying less sometimes requires patience and rolling the dice on quality. If convenience and budget value are priorities over premium service, Walmart aligns your wheels at the right price.

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