Blue Holler Off-Road Park Near Mammoth Cave in Kentucky

Blue Holler Off-Road Park Near Mammoth Cave in Kentucky

Looking for an exciting off-road adventure near Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky? Blue Holler off-road park is the perfect destination for ATV, dirt bike, and off-road enthusiasts. Read on to learn all about this one-of-a-kind park and start planning your visit today!

An Overview Of Blue Holler Off-Road Park

Blue Holler Offroad Park is located just outside of Cave City, Kentucky and spans over 1,200 acres of land. The park features miles of thrilling ATV trails and areas for off-road vehicles of all types including dirt bikes, dune buggies, UTVs, and more. Trails range from beginner-friendly to expert level so riders of all skill levels can enjoy.

In addition to the trails, Blue Holler also offers primitive camping and amenities like showers, bagged ice, and a food truck on-site. It’s the ideal home base for exploring Mammoth Cave National Park by day and enjoying adrenaline-pumping off-road adventures at the park by night.

Where Is Blue Holler Located?

Blue Holler Offroad Park is located at 1494 Ollie Rd in Mammoth Cave, KY 42259. The 1,200-acre park sits just outside Cave City and is about a 35-minute drive from Mammoth Cave National Park.

The nearest major city is Bowling Green, KY which is around 30 miles northeast. Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN are both around 2 hours away as well.

What Is There To See And Do At Blue Holler Off-Road Park?

Riders of all ages will find plenty to enjoy across Blue Holler’s 1,200 acres. Here are some of the highlights:

Miles Of Off-Road Trails

The main draw of Blue Holler is the extensive trail system that winds through the wooded park. There are over 35 miles of trails ranging from easy green trails perfect for beginners to black diamond runs that will challenge expert riders. Trails are open to ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs, dune buggies, and off-road vehicles of all types.

Riding Through Sand Cave

One unique attraction is the on-site Sand Cave that riders can pass through. Sand Cave is wide enough to accommodate multiple vehicles and is a cool break from the forest trails.

Areas For Camping

Overnight enthusiasts will love the camping options at Blue Holler. The park offers primitive camping with spots for tent and RV campers. There are bathhouse and shower facilities on-site for campers.

On-Site Amenities

To make your stay even easier, Blue Holler offers some great amenities right in the park:

  • Food Truck: Grab a tasty bite from the on-site food truck without having to leave the park.
  • Store: The store sells t-shirts, ice, drinks, and snacks to stock up on.
  • Showers: The bathhouse has hot showers to refresh after a long day on the trails.
  • Bagged Ice: Ice is available for purchase to keep your food and drinks cold while camping.

Close To Mammoth Cave National Park

One of the best aspects of Blue Holler is its proximity to Mammoth Cave National Park. The famous cave system is just 25 miles away, making Blue Holler the perfect place to stay when visiting Mammoth Cave.

Go explore the longest known cave system in the world by day. Then return to Blue Holler to set up camp and enjoy evening trail rides under the stars. It’s the best of both worlds!

When Did Blue Holler Off-Road Park Open?

Blue Holler Offroad Park first opened its gates in October 2014. The park was founded by a group of avid off-roading enthusiasts who saw the need for a dedicated off-road recreation area in the region.

They purchased a 1,200-acre property and set to work building miles of trails throughout the wooded landscape. Expert builders were brought in to design thrilling trails for all riding abilities.

The park was an immediate hit with locals, drawing big crowds most weekends. Word spread quickly and Blue Holler became one of the premier off-road destinations in Kentucky.

These days Blue Holler sees visitors from Kentucky and beyond coming to test their skills on the trails. Stop by on any weekend and you’re sure to see camps filled with ATV and dirt bike riders ready for adventure.

What Types of Vehicles are Allowed at Blue Holler?

One of the great aspects of Blue Holler is that they welcome a wide variety of off-road vehicles. The trails are designed to be suitable for different vehicle configurations and riding styles.

Here are some of the main vehicle types allowed:

  • ATVs: From single seat to multi-passenger, most mainstream ATV models are permitted. Both 2-wheel and 4-wheel rides.
  • Dirt Bikes: Motocross bikes and trail bikes are right at home on the singletrack trails.
  • UTVs / Side-by-Sides: Popular models like the Polaris RZR are ideal for groups and families.
  • Dune Buggies: Get some air in your dune buggy on the windy trails.
  • Off-Road Trucks: Lifted and equipped for the terrain.

As long as your vehicle is designed for off-road use, it’s likely approved. Call ahead for guidance if you’re unsure. The only vehicles not permitted are full-size 4×4 trucks and Jeeps due to trail damage concerns.

The park staff can provide guidance on which trails are best matched to your vehicle. Certain advanced trails may be limited by vehicle type and width so always follow park recommendations.

How Are the Trails Designed at Blue Holler?

The Blue Holler trail system is thoughtfully designed to provide a mix of terrain for all riding abilities. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Trail Maps

Be sure to grab a copy of the park’s trail map at the check-in office when you arrive. This will be your guide to navigating the extensive trail network.

The driving trail loops are numbered T1 through T14. The offshoot walking and ATV-only trails are labeled with letters.

Skill Level Ratings

Trails are clearly marked with their difficulty rating so you can find terrain that matches your experience level:

  • Green Circle: Easy trails great for beginners and families. Wider paths and gentle slopes.
  • Blue Square: Intermediate trails with some minor hills and technical features. Ideal for newer intermediate riders looking to upgrade their skills.
  • Black Diamond: Advanced trails with steep grades, tight turns, and obstacles. For expert riders looking for a challenge.
  • Double Black Diamond: Extremely difficult trails with large obstacles, jumps, and narrow passages. For pros only. Ride with caution.

Shaded Forest Trails

Most of the trails run through shaded forest which helps keep you cool even on the hottest summer day. The tree coverage provides a scenic backdrop as you ride through the Kentucky wilderness.

Some trails open up into wider sunny patches as well if you want to feel the warmth on your back. The mix of sun and shade makes for pleasant riding conditions.

Widened Trails and Clearings

While single-track trails wind through thick woods, the trails open up in many sections to accommodate multiple vehicles. Wider trails mean you can ride in groups or pass safely.

Spacious clearings also provide areas for groups to gather and spots for trailside picnicking. Areas like the Sand Cave clearing are ideal for taking a break.

So whether you prefer solo riding or group runs, you’ll find trails suited for both at Blue Holler.

What Onsite Events Happen at Blue Holler?

In addition to casual recreational riding, Blue Holler also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year. Some of the highlights include:

Manufacturer Demo Days

Major ATV and dirt bike manufacturers like Honda, Can-Am, Kawasaki, and Polaris have all hosted demo ride events at Blue Holler. This lets you test out the latest machines from each brand on the trails.

Keep an eye on the Blue Holler event calendar to see when the next demo day is scheduled. It’s the perfect opportunity to try before you buy.

Charity Rides

Blue Holler partners with local charities and non-profits to host fundraising ride events. Participants pay an entry fee with proceeds going to the charity.

Past events have benefited organizations supporting veterans, children’s hospitals, and disaster relief funds. Ride for a cause!

Enthusiast Group Rides

ATV and dirt bike clubs from around Kentucky and beyond organize group trail rides at Blue Holler throughout the year. The park is ideal for large groups.

Clubs host scavenger hunts, poker runs, and other themed rides for their members. Don’t miss the chance to join in the fun if you belong to a club.

Concerts and Festivals

Blue Holler sometimes hosts concerts and festivals with live bands, food, games, and more. Events like the annual Redneck Rave offer camping, music, contests, mud bogging, and all kinds of down home fun.

Follow Blue Holler on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming festival announcements. Then get your tickets and come prepared to party!

How Does Camping Work at Blue Holler Off-Road Park?

With its beautiful Kentucky location, camping at Blue Holler is a fantastic way to fully enjoy the trails. Here’s what you need to know about lodging options:

Primitive Camping

Designated areas are available for primitive tent camping and RV parking. Sites include a picnic table, fire ring, and access to the central bathhouse.

Restrooms, showers, and potable water stations are located nearby. Dump stations are onsite for RV waste disposal.

Primitive sites allow 2 vehicles per site and cost around $15-20 per night. Electrical and water hookups are not provided. You’ll need to be fully self-contained.

Cabin Rentals

For more comfort, Blue Holler has both 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom cabins available to rent. Cabins include amenities like AC/heat, full kitchens, bedding, and more.

The two bedroom cabins feature a master bedroom plus upstairs loft space. Downstairs is a living area, kitchenette, and full bathroom. Cabins sleep up to 6 people comfortably.

One bedroom cabins are ideal for couples or small families. They offer a queen bed, kitchenette, living room, and full bathroom.

Cabin rates range from $100-150 per night depending on season. Roll up in your RV then relax in your home away from home!

Large Groups

Blue Holler can accommodate large groups of up to 40 riders. Call ahead if organizing a large club ride or event to arrange sufficient campsites and cabins.

The wide trails and open riding areas make group rides possible. Gather at the end of the day in the spacious campgrounds and cabins.

Is Blue Holler Family Friendly?

Absolutely! While some of the advanced trails are best tackled by experienced adult riders, there are plenty of beginner friendly options perfect for families.

Kid-sized ATVs are welcomed in the park for children to ride under supervision. Let them learn on the easy green trails and work up to more difficult terrain.

The wide open common areas are great spots for kids to play safely when they need a break from riding. Parents can relax while watching over the action.

Cabin rentals make for a comfortable family lodging option. Cook meals together in your cabin after full days exploring the trails and cave.

There are so many ways to enjoy quality time together as a family at Blue Holler Off-Road Park.

Where Else is There Off-Roading Nearby?

Looking for more trails to explore around Blue Holler and Mammoth Cave? Here are some other nearby riding options:

Nolin Lake State Park

This park 40 minutes west has over 100 miles of mixed-use trails perfect for ATVs. Ride through wooded hills overlooking Nolin Lake.

Wendell H. Ford National Forest

The Daniel Boone National Forest provides miles of scenic trail riding and camping. Traverse rocky creeks and hillsides.

Cave Country Trails

Connected trail system spanning 8 counties in the Mammoth Cave region with 200+ miles of trails. Ride between towns on wooded backcountry trails.

Hidden Hollow Offroad Park

Privately owned park with 200 acres and challenging trails. Located just 10 minutes from Blue Holler.

Between Blue Holler, Hidden Hollow, and the expansive public land trails, there is endless adventure to be had in the Mammoth Cave area. Tackle a new trail system each day!

Tips for Visiting Blue Holler Off-Road Park

Ready to start planning your Blue Holler adventure? Here are some handy tips to make your trip a success:

  • Check the park calendar for special events and plan your visit accordingly
  • Call ahead for guidance on best trails for your riding experience and vehicle type
  • Print a copy of the trail map or take a photo on your phone
  • Bring your own drinking water and ice
  • Follow all posted trail signs and ride within your ability level
  • Pack rain gear – trails are open rain or shine
  • Abide by park noise policies and trail etiquette
  • Leave no trace and be sure to pack out all trash
  • Charge cameras, phones, and other electronics in your vehicle each night

With its proximity to Mammoth Cave and endless off-road recreation, Blue Holler is a must-visit destination for thrill seekers. Use this guide to plan your perfect park adventure. See you on the trails!


For off-road riding of all skill levels near Mammoth Cave National Park, look no further than Blue Holler Off-Road Park. Miles of trails, areas to camp, and exciting events make this a top destination for dirt bike and ATV riders in Kentucky.

Use this guide to get familiar with the park layout, trails, amenities, events, and more. Whether you are a family looking for a weekend getaway or a hardcore enthusiast, Blue Holler offers an amazing adventure.

Bookmark this article for future reference before your visit. The tips provided will help you make the most of your time at Blue Holler Off-Road Park and take your riding experience to the next level. Your epic Kentucky off-road vacation awaits – let’s hit the trails!

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