Landmaster UTV Reviews: Compared Top Models for 2024

Landmaster UTV Reviews

Are you looking to buy a Landmaster UTV but not sure which model is right for you? This in-depth Landmaster UTV review will compare the specs, features, pros and cons of their top models to help you decide.

Landmaster offers a range of 2 and 4 seat utility side-by-sides known for quality, affordability and versatility. From entry-level rec UTVs to heavy-duty workhorses, they have an option for every need and budget.

In this Landmaster UTV review we’ll cover:

  • Overview of Landmaster’s UTV lineup
  • Detailed reviews of the Landmaster 750, 800S-4, 800S-2 and 1000S-2
  • Engine specs, towing capacity, cargo space and other key stats
  • Comfort, handling and performance
  • Ideal uses including recreation, farm work, ranch jobs and more
  • Pros and cons of each model
  • Prices and value comparisons
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s dive in and explore Landmaster’s top UTVs to find your perfect fit.

Overview of Landmaster UTV Models

Landmaster currently offers 2 and 4 seat UTV models ranging from 40 to 73 horsepower. Their lineup includes:

  1. Landmaster 750: Compact 2-seater with 40HP 749cc engine
  2. Landmaster 800S-4: Midsize 4-seater with 62HP 795cc V-Twin
  3. Landmaster 800S-2: 2-seat version of the 800S-4 with same 795cc V-Twin
  4. Landmaster 1000S-2: Sporty 2-seater with 73HP 976cc V-Twin

Standard features across all Landmaster UTVs:

  • Gasoline engines ranging 749cc to 976cc
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for smooth acceleration
  • Available in 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD with Turf Mode
  • Electronic power steering with tilt wheel
  • High ground clearance from 11 to 12 inches
  • Towing capacity up to 1,500 pounds
  • Rack and pinion steering

With a range of seating configurations from 2 to 4 seats and engines from 40 to 73 horsepower, Landmaster offers excellent variety for recreational, utility or multi-purpose use.

Next let’s look at detailed reviews of their top models.

Landmaster 750 UTV Review

The Landmaster 750 is a nimble and compact 2-seat UTV well-suited for tight trails. With an approachable price and 40 horsepower, it also makes a great entry-level recreational and utility side-by-side.

Landmaster 750 Engine and Performance

At the heart of the Landmaster 750 is a 749cc inline twin cylinder gasoline engine producing 40 horsepower. This delivers smooth, responsive power that’s quick off the line while still being highly maneuverable on trails.

The engine couples to a CVT transmission for variable gear ratios based on speed and throttle input. This results in seamless acceleration without manual shifting needed.

In 2WD mode, the 40HP provides brisk driving and towing for lighter jobs. Engage 4WD and the 750 tackles mud, hills, and rougher terrain with extra traction and control. The sporty handling adds fun factor to trail rides while also helping navigate uneven ground on ranches or hunting leases.

Comfort and Capabilities

The Landmaster 750 provides a smooth, comfortable ride thanks to its independent front and rear suspension. The adjustable nitrogen gas shocks soak up bumps and ruts in the terrain.

Inside the cab, occupants get secure bucket seating and doors on both sides for safety. The composite cargo bed offers 300 pound capacity while the hitch can tow up to 600 pounds.

With 12 inches of ground clearance and low range 4WD, the 750 can traverse over rocks, logs, and muddy conditions. The compact 119 inch wheelbase allows tight turns and maneuverability on narrow trails through dense woods or hills.

Ownership Costs

The Landmaster 750 starts around $8,999 MSRP, providing an affordable entry point to the Landmaster line. With 40HP performance and seating for two, it nicely balances capability and value.

Fuel efficiency ranges 25-30 mpg depending on terrain and driving style. That’s on par with other mid-sized recreational UTVs.

Insurance costs will be fairly affordable given its lower horsepower and 2 seat configuration. Of course premiums vary based on driving history, location, age and other factors.

Who is the Landmaster 750 Good For?

The Landmaster 750 hits the sweet spot for:

  • New UTV buyers looking for an affordable starter model
  • Hunters, anglers and outdoor recreational riders
  • Farm, ranch and homesteader tasks like fence mending or acreage management
  • Towing light loads like small carts or trailers
  • Navigating tight wooded trails

The 750 provides a nimble driving experience perfect for winding trails and moderate jobs. The approachable price also makes it one of Landmaster’s most popular models year after year.

Landmaster 750 Pros

  • Lower price around $8,999
  • Nimble handling great for trails
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Comfortable ride quality

Landmaster 750 Cons

  • One of Landmaster’s lowest horsepower models
  • Only seats 2 occupants
  • Less towing capacity than other models

Landmaster 800S-4 UTV Review

The Landmaster 800S-4 strikes an excellent balance between utility function, passenger room, and power. With seating for up to 4 and a 62HP V-Twin engine, it’s one of Landmaster’s best selling 4-seat UTVs.

Engine and Performance

At the heart of the 800S-4 sits a 795cc V-Twin gasoline engine putting out 62 horsepower. This delivers robust low-end torque perfect for towing equipment, hauling cargo, and traversing steep hills on the ranch or hunting land.

The V-Twin powerplant couples to a CVT belt-driven transmission for seamless, clutch-free shifting. In 2WD mode it cruises easily on flat terrain. Flip it into 4WD and the 800S-4 powers through mud, rocks and hills with ease.

With two seats up front and two flip-up seats in back, the 800S-4 balances utility capabilities with passenger room. You can comfortably seat 4 adults or 2 adults and a full cargo area when the rear seats fold down.

Comfort and Capabilities

The Landmaster 800S-4 provides a plush ride thanks to its adjustable shocks and full independent suspension. Double A-arm and sway bars in front and rear deliver responsive handling and stability.

Standard doors, seat belts and side nets provide safety and security for passengers. The tilt steering wheel with EPS assist also improves driving comfort and control.

With 1,500 pound towing capacity and a 600 pound cargo bed, the 800S-4 handles heavy loads for worksites, farms or hunting trips. The 4WD and Turf Mode provide traction on soft, uneven terrain like fields and muddy pastures.

Ownership Costs

The Landmaster 800S-4 carries an MSRP starting around $11,999. That provides robust power and versatility at an attractive price point.

With its larger 795cc V-Twin engine, fuel economy ranges 20-25 mpg depending on load and terrain. That’s on par with other mid-sized recreational UTVs.

Insurance will be slightly higher than 2-seat models, but still affordable compared to high-powered sport UTVs. As always, rates vary based on location, driving record and other factors.

Who is the 800S-4 Good For?

The Landmaster 800S-4 hits the sweet spot if you need:

  • Occasional extra passenger room but often just carry cargo
  • Towing ability for equipment like small tractors or trailers
  • Farm, ranch or worksites requiring 4WD traction
  • Comfortable ride quality over rough terrain

With the rear seats folded down, it transforms into a versatile 2-seat workhorse. But flip the seats up to comfortably carry 4 adults as needed. This flexibility makes it popular for both utility and recreation.

Landmaster 800S-4 Pros

  • Robust 62HP V-Twin power
  • Rear flip-up seats provide 4 seat capacity
  • 1,500 pound tow rating for equipment
  • All-around utility capabilities

Landmaster 800S-4 Cons

  • Heavier than 2-seat models which reduces maneuverability
  • Less max cargo room than 800S-2 with seats down

Landmaster 800S-2 UTV Review

The Landmaster 800S-2 packs the same 62HP V-Twin powerplant as the 800S-4 into a nimble, lightweight 2-seat package. With sporty looks and performance, it’s built for trails, dunes, hunting, farming and any rugged terrain.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood lies the same 795cc V-Twin engine that powers the 800S-4, providing 62 peak horsepower. This muscular mid-range torque devours hills, crushes rough terrain and provides quick acceleration.

The snappy throttle response and CVT transmission make driving the 800S-2 a blast whether tackling obstacles or just cruising trails. In 2WD it efficiently cruises along at highway speeds. Flip it into 4WD and the traction conquers surfaces like sand, mud and steep inclines.

The 800S-2 shares the same sporty DNA as the 800S-4 but in a more compact, lightweight 2-seat platform. This nimble handling improves maneuverability on tight trails while providing thrilling performance.

Comfort and Capabilities

The 800S-2 comes equipped with fully adjustable shocks, thick cushioned seats and a smooth independent suspension for a plush ride. It soaks up bumps and ruts to keep passengers comfortable all day long.

With two full doors, seat belts and side nets, the safety features protect occupants while bombing down trails. The cargo bed carries up to 600 pounds ensuring you have room for all your gear. A 1,500 pound tow rating also lets you pull most equipment and small trailers.

For traversing muddy fields, climbing over fallen trees or crunching up hills, the 4WD system provides ample traction and control. The Turf Mode setting also minimizes ground disturbance on soft surfaces like lawns or pastures.

Ownership Costs

With an MSRP starting around $10,999, the 800S-2 comes in slightly below the 4-seat 800S-4 model. You still get the excellent power and performance in a more compact package.

Fuel economy is similar to the 800S-4, averaging 20-25 mpg depending on terrain and payload. The sporty V-twin does use a bit more gas than single cylinder models.

Insurance rates will be very affordable compared to high-powered sport models. Expect slightly lower premiums than the 800S-4 since it’s registered as a two-seater. As always, rates vary depending on individual factors.

Who is the 800S-2 Good For?

The Landmaster 800S-2 hits the target for:

  • Trail riders and dune enthusiasts
  • Ranchers and farmers needing a powerful but nimble workhorse
  • Hunters and outdoor recreation where 2 seats is sufficient
  • Towing small equipment up to 1,500 pounds

With sporty handling and thrilling acceleration, the 800S-2 excels at both work and play. The huge cargo bed adds utility when you don’t need rear passengers. It’s the perfect power-to-size ratio for many owners.

Landmaster 800S-2 Pros

  • Muscular 62HP V-Twin performance
  • Lightweight 2-seat handling and maneuverability
  • Massive 600 pound cargo bed capacity
  • 1,500 pound tow rating for heavy loads

Landmaster 800S-2 Cons

  • No rear seat option like the 800S-4
  • Less overall cargo room than 800S-4 with seats folded down

Landmaster 1000S-2 UTV Review

The Landmaster 1000S-2 sits at the top of the horsepower charts with its muscular 976cc V-Twin churning out 73 horses. With sporty looks and thrilling speed, it’s built for dunes, trails and conquering muddy terrain.

Engine and Performance

The 1000S-2 boasts Landmaster’s largest V-Twin engine at 976cc. This powerplant rips out 73 HP, providing snappy acceleration whether darting around trails or bursting over dunes.

Low-end torque pulls heavy loads up inclines with ease. The CVT transmission keeps the engine in the optimal RPM range based on vehicle speed and throttle position.

In addition to raw power, the 1000S-2 comes equipped with FOX Podium shocks for greater suspension travel and damping capabilities. This results in a plush ride over rough terrain to keep you comfortable at high speeds.

Comfort and Capabilities

The sporty design features aggressively bolstered bucket seats to keep you firmly planted when cornering or hitting jumps. Adjustable steering tilt and EPS assist provide precision handling at both low and high speeds.

With two full-closure doors, occupants are protected from debris, mud and brush during aggressive rides. The cargo bed hauls up to 600 pounds of gear while the 1,500 pound tow rating pulls equipment and small trailers with authority.

For traversing sandy dunes, muddy bogs or scaling steep hills, the 4WD system provides stellar traction and control. The 1000S-2 chomps through virtually terrain to get you where you want to go.

Ownership Costs

With its big bore 976cc V-Twin engine, the 1000S-2 does carry a higher MSRP around $12,999. But that extra power and performance adds thrill factor other models can’t match.

Due to the larger engine, fuel economy takes a hit compared to Landmaster’s 700 and 800 class models. Expect 16-22 mpg depending on driving style and conditions. Premium fuel is also recommended to get the most performance from the engine.

Insurance will be somewhat higher than 2-seat recreation UTVs under 1,000cc. But still very affordable compared to high-powered sport models over 100HP. Check with your provider for actual rates.

Who is the 1000S-2 Good for?

The Landmaster 1000S-2 hits the sweet spot for:

  • Dune riding and high speed trail use
  • Mud riding and deep water crossings
  • Occasional extra passenger room
  • Aggressive driving styles

With 73 horses on tap, the 1000S-2 is built for speed and adrenaline. The sporty handling lets you push it to the limits on trails and challenging terrain. It retains utility functions but optimized for recreation.

Landmaster 1000S-2 Pros

  • Landmaster’s most powerful V-Twin engine
  • FOX Podium shocks for plush ride
  • Sporty performance perfect for dunes and trails
  • 73HP provides thrilling acceleration

Landmaster 1000S-2 Cons

  • Less cargo room than 800cc models
  • No rear seat option like 800S-4
  • Higher price than other Landmaster models

Landmaster UTV Pricing and Value Comparison

Landmaster UTVs range from $8,999 for the base 750 model up to $12,999 for the high-performance 1000S-2. Below is a pricing chart of their 2023 lineup:

ModelEngineHPSeatsStarting MSRP
Landmaster 750749cc Twin40HP2$8,999
Landmaster 800S-4795cc V-Twin62HP4$11,999
Landmaster 800S-2795cc V-Twin62HP2$10,999
Landmaster 1000S-2976cc V-Twin73HP2$12,999

Landmaster UTVs offer excellent value, packing great performance and features at very reasonable price points for both recreation and utility use.

The 750 provides the most affordable entry point but is still very capable for trails and light work. Step up to the 800cc models for robust power to carry heavier loads. And the 1000S-2 delivers aggressive sport performance for dune riding and pushing limits on trails.

When comparing to other major UTV brands, Landmasters provide similar capability and quality at thousands less. Consider your needs to find the best value Landmaster for your budget.

Landmaster UTV Specs Comparison Table

To help compare key stats across the Landmaster UTV lineup, here is a specifications table of their engines, power, capacities, dimensions and other details:

SpecLandmaster 750Landmaster 800S-4Landmaster 800S-2Landmaster 1000S-2
Engine749cc Inline Twin795cc V-Twin795cc V-Twin976cc V-Twin
Turf ModeYesYesYesYes
Seating2 Seats4 Seats2 Seats2 Seats
Cargo Bed Capacity300 lbs600 lbs600 lbs600 lbs
Towing Capacity600 lbs1,500 lbs1,500 lbs1,500 lbs
Ground Clearance12 in12 in12 in11 in
Wheelbase119 in125 in114 in114 in
Length148 in153 in141 in141 in
Width64 in68 in64 in64 in
Dry Weight1,100 lbs1,430 lbs1,250 lbs1,300 lbs

Key takeaways from the specs:

  • 750 has lowest power but excellent maneuverability and trail handling
  • 800S-4 provides robust utility with 4 seats and 1,500 lb tow rating
  • 800S-2 shaves size from 800S-4 but keeps big power
  • 1000S-2 has massive 73HP engine and sporty FOX shocks

This data gives you an easy way to compare dimensions, capacities and other stats at a glance. Consider your needs to choose the optimal Landmaster UTV based on these specs.

Pros and Cons of Landmaster UTVs

To recap the pros and cons of Landmaster’s top models:

Landmaster 750


  • Most affordable model
  • Compact size perfect for trails
  • Lightweight and maneuverable


  • One of the lowest horsepower engines
  • Only seats 2 occupants
  • Less towing capacity than other models

Landmaster 800S-4


  • Powerful 62HP V-Twin engine
  • Rear flip-up seats provide 4 seats when needed
  • 1,500 lb tow rating for heavy loads


  • Heavier than 2-seat models, less maneuverable
  • Less max cargo room than 800S-2

Landmaster 800S-2


  • Muscular V-Twin power in lightweight package
  • Nimble 2-seat handling
  • Huge 600 lb bed capacity


  • No rear seat option like 800S-4
  • Less total cargo room than 800S-4

Landmaster 1000S-2


  • Landmaster’s most powerful 73HP V-Twin
  • FOX Podium shocks for plush ride
  • Great for dunes and high speed recreation


  • Less cargo room than 800cc models
  • No rear seat option
  • Higher price than other models

This quick pros vs cons rundown shows the key advantages and tradeoffs of each top model. Use this to narrow down your selection based on the Landmaster UTV features most important for your needs.

Top Alternatives to Landmaster UTVs

Though Landmaster provides excellent quality and value, below are some other top UTV brands to consider in your research:

  • Polaris: Industry leader in recreational/sport UTVs like the RZR Turbo S with 168HP. More premium pricing.
  • Can-Am: Top brand for high-performance recreational and sport UTVs. Models like the X3, Defender and Maverick.
  • Arctic Cat: Known for recreational UTVs optimized for trails, hunting and outdoors. Models like the Wildcat XX and Prowler Pro.
  • Honda: Makes the reliable and family-friendly Pioneer series of 2, 3 and 4 seat UTVs.
  • Kawasaki: Known for performance UTVs like the Teryx and MULE PRO series built for rugged terrain.

Always test drive models from several brands to find your perfect fit. Each has unique strengths and tradeoffs to match your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Landmaster UTVs

How reliable are Landmaster UTVs?

Landmaster UTVs have proven to be very reliable machines capable of lasting thousands of hours when properly maintained. They use proven drivetrain components and are designed for durability. Following the maintenance schedule is key.

How fast can Landmaster UTVs go?

Top speeds vary by model and conditions. On flat ground, the 750 can reach around 45 mph, the 800s around 60 mph, and the 1000S-2 over 70 mph. Speeds are restricted in low gear and 4WD modes.

Do Landmaster UTVs come with a warranty?

Yes, Landmasters come with a 6 month factory warranty. Extended protection plans are also available to extend coverage further. As with any vehicle, proper maintenance is key for longevity.

What kind of fuel do Landmasters use?

Most Landmaster models run regular unleaded gasoline. The high-performance 1000S-2 recommends premium fuel to maximize power and prevent knocking.

Can Landmaster UTVs go in water?

Most Landmasters have sealed electrical components allowing splash protection and water crossings up to the floorboards. Snorkel kits are available for deeper water. Avoid submerging above the seat which can cause engine damage.

Can you customize Landmaster UTVs?

Absolutely. A huge aftermarket industry exists for UTV accessories. You can customize your Landmaster with lifts, tires, audio, seats, lighting, and much more to make it your own.

Find the Right Landmaster UTV for Your Needs

As you can see in this detailed Landmaster UTV review, they offer excellent variety with recreational, utility and multi-purpose models to choose from. With top quality at very attractive pricing, it’s no surprise Landmaster is one of the fastest growing UTV brands.

Whether you need a nimble trail runner like the 750, versatile 4-seater with the 800S-4, or high-powered sport machine like the 1000S-2, there’s a Landmaster built for your needs.

Use this side-by-side comparison of engine specs, capacities, features and more to narrow down your selection. Be sure to test drive UTVs from Landmaster and competing brands to make your purchase decision.

Now get out there and find your perfect Landmaster to conquer the trails, fields and dunes this season!

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