Kayo ATV Reviews, Specs & Pricing 2024

Kayo ATV Reviews

If you’re searching for “Kayo ATV reviews”, you likely want to know if these affordable Chinese-made quad bikes are a smart purchase before you hit buy. This detailed Kayo ATV review will cover everything you need to determine if one of these value-priced models is the right fit for your budget, needs and riding style.

After test driving their lineup and surveying Kayo ATV owners, we found these quads offer impressive capabilities considering their low price points. While they can’t match the refinement of premium Polaris or Can-Am models, Kayo ATVs provide rugged performance that both beginners and experienced riders will appreciate.

Below we’ll overview the Kayo brand, breakdown each ATV model including specs and pricing, assess real owner opinions, and summarize the pros and cons. Let’s get started!

Overview of Kayo ATVs

Kayo is a Chinese manufacturer that has produced affordable recreational and utility ATVs since 2005. They are sold by powersports dealers across the US and Canada.

The company focuses on delivering budget-friendly ATVs packing decent performance and features without breaking the bank. Models range from beginner friendly 90cc youth quads to powerful 1000cc sport machines.

In the recreational ATV segment, Kayo competes with brands like Taotao, Coolster, and SSR Motorsports. Their utility quads rival entry-level models from established brands like Polaris, Can-Am, Honda, and Kawasaki.

Kayo has earned a reputation for producing capable quads with good power and decent reliability, especially considering the low prices. They cut costs by using cheaper Chinese-made components rather than the premium parts from Japan or the US found in top brands.

While reliability and fit/finish may not match premium ATVs that often cost 2-3x more, most owners agree Kayos offer excellent value. The lineup covers needs ranging from young riders, to weekend warriors, to farmers and workers seeking affordable and rugged performance.

Now let’s take a deeper look at the models across Kayo’s sport, utility and youth ATV lineups.

Kayo ATV Model Lineup

Kayo categorizes their ATVs into sport, utility or youth quads tailored for each application. Below we’ll overview the models, specs and pricing for each type.

Sport ATV Model Reviews

Kayo’s sport ATVs prioritize speed, handling and thrills for recreational trail and dune riding. Their sport lineup includes:

  • Wolf Warrior 1000: Kayo’s flagship sport quad is powered by a 996cc water-cooled V-twin making a stout 105HP, allowing 60+ MPH top speeds. It’s packed with features like digital gauges, LED lighting, Fox shocks, and aluminum wheels. The Warrior 1000 starts around $4,500.
  • Raptor 700R: Using a 686cc single cylinder engine producing 70HP, the Raptor 700R delivers quicker acceleration and a top speed approaching 70MPH. This nimble sport quad is priced around $3,200.
  • Raptor 90: Their small but mighty 88cc model packs a surprising 10HP for younger riders. It tops out around 45MPH and starts around $1,800.

The Wolf Warrior and Raptor 700R have the muscle and handling capabilities to tear up trails, handle big jumps, and blast through mud and dunes. They rival the performance of entry level sport quads from bigger brands.

Utility ATV Model Reviews

Kayo utility ATVs focus on maximizing cargo capacity, towing, accessories and all-around versatility for work and outdoor recreation. Models include:

  • Bear Tracker 650: This midsize utility quad uses a 649cc single cylinder engine generating a dependable 51HP. With towing capacity up to 1,250 lbs and carrying capacity up to 600 lbs, it’s built to haul and tow. The Bear Tracker 650 starts around $3,700.
  • Wolverine 450: A 443cc single cylinder engine powers this smaller utility model, producing 43HP for brisk acceleration whether loaded or empty. It can tow over 1,000 lbs and carry 500 lbs. Pricing starts around $3,200.
  • Bear Tracker 90: The compact utility quad for young riders packs 89cc of fury, with 7.5HP allowing it to reach 30MPH while carrying small loads or pulling trailers. It starts at $1,700.

This versatile utility lineup excels at jobs like hauling cargo in the bed, towing equipment or game, and accessorizing with racks, winches or plows. The midsize Bear Tracker 650 is a highly capable moderately priced workhorse.

Youth ATV Model Reviews

Safety and ease of use take priority in Kayo’s youth ATV models tailored for first-time riders ages 12 and up:

  • Youth 150: The beginner-friendly Youth 150 is powered by a 149cc air cooled engine generating 15HP. Safety features like a speed limiter and tether switch add peace of mind. Pricing starts at $1,500.
  • Youth 250: Bigger kids will appreciate the extra grunt from its 246cc engine and 24HP output. This model allows disabling the limiters as riding skills progress. It starts around $1,800.

These quads are designed to safely introduce young riders to the ATV world, with parental controls like speed limiters and smaller frames fitting their size. More mature teens may outgrow these models quickly in favor of a Raptor 90 or full size model.

Kayo ATV Performance and Capabilities

Now that we’ve covered the models, let’s look at how Kayo ATVs actually perform based on power, speed, hauling abilities, suspension and more.

  • Towing capacity ranges from 500 to 1500 lbs depending on the model. The midsize Bear Tracker 650 can pull up to 1250 lbs which rivals some entry level models from major brands.
  • Payload capacity spans 300 to 750 lbs across the range. Even their 90cc youth models can carry 150+ lbs in the rear rack. Larger utility models like the Wolverine 450 can haul 500+ lbs of cargo or game.
  • Top speeds range widely from about 45MPH on the largest sport models to 25-35MPH on the utility and youth ATVs. While not blindingly quick, they offer sufficient speed for trail riding and chores.
  • Suspension and handling impress owners given the affordability. Components like dual A-arm front suspension deliver a smooth ride. Upgraded models have suspension from reputable brands like Fox Shox.
  • Braking is capable thanks to hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels across the lineup. Stopping power is responsive in dry conditions but can suffer in mud or swampy terrain.
  • Engines are mostly simple air cooled single cylinders that may lack top-end power but deliver ample low-end torque critical for hauling and trail riding. The 1000cc V-twin stands out with sports car-like acceleration.
  • Transmissions are usually reliable centrifugal variable (CVT) automatics making the quads easy to operate for beginners. No confusing manual shifting!

While performance can’t match premium ATVs from Polaris or Can-Am, Kayo quads have impressive capabilities considering most models cost under $3,500. They strike an excellent balance of price versus performance.

Kayo ATV Pricing: Budget Friendly Quads

One of the biggest selling points of Kayo ATVs is their affordable price tags. Here’s a look at MSRP pricing across the lineup:

  • Youth ATVs: Starting at $1,500 and ranging up to $1,800 for the Youth 150 and Youth 250.
  • Utility ATVs: The smaller 400-500cc models have MSRPs around $3,200, while the larger 650cc Bear Tracker is priced around $3,700.
  • Sport ATVs: You can get into a Raptor 90 for $1,800 or the 700cc Raptor model for $3,200. The top-of-the-line Wolf Warrior 1000 starts around $4,500.

With MSRPs ranging from just $1,500 on the low end up to $4,500 for the 1000cc Warrior, Kayo offers some of the most affordable ATVs on the market.

The low pricing makes them extremely budget friendly compared to models from premium brands that often surpass $10k. Kayo provides an excellent value for recreational riders or workers who don’t need the refinement and prestige of a Polaris RZR or Can-Am.

Most buyers will pay some additional fees like destination, set-up and registration when purchasing from a dealer. You may also add accessories like winches, racks and plow attachments tailored to your needs.

Some dealers offer financing options which allow buyers to split the total cost into more manageable monthly payments. This can make the ATVs accessible to those without cash in hand to buy outright.

Overall the inexpensive MSRPs make Kayo quads very tempting for shoppers comparing specs and value across brands. Just keep in mind that with lower prices comes some trade-offs in fit and finish compared to premium models.

What Owners Are Saying in Kayo ATV Reviews?

Actual owner experiences reveal more about reliability, capabilities, downsides and overall satisfaction with Kayo ATVs. Here’s a summary of feedback from real-world riders:

  • Easy to assemble and operate – Even beginners report the quads are straightforward to put together out of the crate and intuitive to learn to drive compared to manuals.
  • Capable for the price – Owners are impressed with the performance like towing capacity, cargo hauling and moderate speeds given the sub-$5k prices. Most flaws are forgivable at this price.
  • Minor reliability issues – Owners cite problems like stalling at idle, flaky lights, and plastic body damage. But major mechanical issues are uncommon for those who maintain them.
  • Customer service could improve – Getting support for warranty issues can sometimes be a hassle with the Chinese manufacturer compared to big brand dealers.
  • Great value for budget-minded riders – The consensus is Kayo ATVs offer tremendous capabilities and fun considering their very affordable MSRPs. They exceed expectations for the low price tags.

While not perfect, the majority of owners rate their Kayo ATV as a great value purchase. They provide good bang for your buck for casual trail riders or anyone needing a hardworking utility quad on a budget.

pros and cons of Kayo ATVs


  • Very affordable pricing, with models starting around $1,500. Significantly cheaper than premium ATV brands.
  • Offer good capabilities for the low prices, including decent towing capacity, payload capacity, suspension, etc.
  • Easy to assemble and operate, even for beginners. Smooth power delivery.
  • Great value for budget-minded recreational riders or workers needing utility ATVs.
  • Youth models have safety features like speed limiters to protect young riders.


  • Quality and reliability not on par with premium Polaris, Can-Am, Honda ATVs. More prone to minor issues.
  • electronics like lights can be problematic over time
  • Customer service and warranty support direct from the Chinese manufacturer can be hit or miss
  • May lack long-term durability compared to Japanese/American-built models
  • Performance trails premium sport ATVs, although good for the price

So in summary, Kayo ATVs provide excellent value and capabilities considering their very low pricing, but reliability and fit/finish is inferior to top ATV brands that cost significantly more. For budget-minded buyers, Kayos offer a lot of bang for the buck.

Is a Kayo ATV Right for You?

So should you buy a Kayo ATV? Here are some key takeaways on whether one of these Chinese-made quads is the right choice:

  • Best value for beginner/intermediate riders – The smooth power delivery, quality suspension and ease of use make Kayos an excellent quad for recreational riders of all ages getting started.
  • Budget-friendly utility ATVs – Workers and farmers will appreciate the low prices and adequate power for hauling, towing, plowing and all-around farm work.
  • Youth quads to start them young – The safety features and sized-down frames on their 90cc and 150cc models provide peace of mind for parents getting kids into the ATV lifestyle.
  • Capable for most recreational riding – While performance trails premium brands, the speed, stability and suspension allow enjoying wooded trails, desert riding, mudding and more.
  • May lack long-term reliability – These cheaper Chinese quads may require more frequent maintenance and repairs than Japanese or American-built models. Electronics in particular can be problematic over time.

In the end, Kayo ATVs present an outstanding balance of price and performance. While the fit/finish and reliability may not match premium quads, they allow most buyers to get 80% of the capabilities at often 40% of the price. If you need a hardworking, budget-friendly jack-of-all-trades ATV and don’t mind the occasional issue, a Kayo is hard to beat.


We hope this detailed Kayo ATV review provided the pros, cons and owner impressions you need to determine if one of these value-packed models is the right fit. While not without some compromises, their incredibly affordable pricing opens up quality recreational riding and utility ATV performance to almost any budget.

If you need an inexpensive quad for casual trail riding, farm work, or getting youth started in motorsports, definitely keep Kayo on your shopping list. Taking one for a test drive may just offer the perfect blend of performance, versatility and value for how you plan to use an ATV.

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