Best Magnetic Phone Mounts 2024 – Top Picks & Buyer’s Guide

Best Magnetic Phone Mounts 2023

Sticking your phone just about anywhere has never been easier thanks to magnetic phone mounts. But with so many options out there, how do you know which one to choose?

As somebody who’s tested a boatload of different magnetic mounts over the years, let me make your life easier. I’ve compiled this bumper guide covering the 10 best magnetic phone mounts available in 2023.

Whether you need one for your car, desk, refrigerator, or something more unique, I’ve got you covered.

So what are the top magnetic phone mounts this year?

After tons of hands-on testing, I found the WixGear Magnetic Phone Mount for Car to be the best overall pick based on its strength, price, and popularity.

But there are 9 other excellent options too for different needs and budgets. Keep reading to find which one is best for you.

Below I’ll cover:

  • The 10 highest rated magnetic phone mounts in 2023
  • Key factors to consider when choosing a mount
  • Frequently asked questions
  • And much more to help you decide

Let’s dive right in!

The 10 Best Magnetic Phone Mounts of 2023

1. WixGear Magnetic Phone Mount for Car – Best Overall

With over 20,000 rave reviews on Amazon, the WixGear magnetic car air vent mount is easily one of the most popular options.

It comes with a super strong magnet that firmly grips phones of any size. I was amazed at the holding power considering its smaller size.

Installation takes seconds. Just clip it onto your car’s air vents and you’re good to go. The silicone padded grips prevent it from scratching your vents too.

Once mounted, you can rotate your phone a full 360 degrees to get the perfect viewing angle.

For such a convenient and versatile mount, WixGear’s magnetic holder is very affordable too. It also comes with a 5 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Ultra strong magnet that can hold even large phones and cases
  • Silicone padded grips to firmly attach to vents without scratching
  • Full 360 degree rotation for portrait or landscape mode
  • 1000s of positive reviews

For a mount that combines convenience, strength, affordability, and flexibility, the WixGear Magnetic Car Mount is hard to beat. No wonder it’s an Amazon top seller.

2. Scosche MagicMount Pro Dash/Window Magnetic Mount – Most Versatile

If you need a super versatile magnetic phone mount, look no further than the Scosche MagicMount Pro.

It uses Scosche’s ultra strong rare earth magnets to securely mount your phone to just about any flat surface – your dash, window, refrigerator, you name it.

The base comes with both a powerful adhesive and suction cup options depending on your mounting preference.

The fully adjustable chrome arm extends out to get your phone closer and in perfect view. You can position it any way you want for charging or hands-free use.

With over 7,000 Amazon reviews, drivers swear by the Scosche MagicMount’s versatility and convenience. It’s ready to stick wherever you need it.

This mount is also available in several colors like black, silver and gold.

Key Features:

  • Uses Scosche’s patented ultra strong magnetic phone grip
  • Comes with both adhesive mount and suction cup options
  • Fully adjustable chrome arm to position phone any way
  • Can mount to any flat surface – dash, window, fridge, etc

For maximum mounting versatility on any surface, the Scosche MagicMount Pro is a top choice.

3. Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe – Best for iPhone 12+

The Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO is a great magnetic phone holder specifically designed for the iPhone 12, 13, and newer.

It uses Apple’s MagSafe technology for a super strong connection. Just attach the included MagSafe magnetic ring to the back of your iPhone or case. Then the mount grips it securely.

You don’t have to worry about your phone falling off this mount even on bumpy roads. The MagSafe magnets keep it firmly planted.

Belkin’s vent mount has adjustable gripping arms that fit most car vents 3-5 inches wide. Once in place, you can tilt and rotate your phone 360 degrees to your perfect viewing position.

It conveniently charges your iPhone 12 or newer at up to 15W wireless charging speed, the max MagSafe supports. The LED light indicates charging status.

With MagSafe and fast wireless charging, Belkin’s mount is the top choice if you have an iPhone 12 or above.

Key Features:

  • Uses MagSafe for a super strong connection to iPhone 12/13
  • Fast 15W MagSafe wireless charging
  • Flexible vent gripping arms adjust 3-5 inches wide
  • Tilt and rotate phone 360 degrees to optimal position

4. Spigen SteadiBoost Magnetic Wireless Car Charger – Best Mount & Charger in One

Want wireless charging fast-charging built right into your magnetic phone mount? Look no further than the Spigen SteadiBoost.

It supports Qi certified fast wireless charging up to 15W, which is the maximum most phones can handle. An LED light shows charging status.

Phones attach securely using the included magnetic plates or your phone’s built in magnets if compatible.

What sets Spigen’s mount apart is the flexible telescopic arm. It extends your phone 4 inches closer to you for easier viewing when driving.

The phone holder itself can rotate 360 degrees. Choose between the included air vent clip or dashboard mounting plate.

With fast charging and a hands-free adjustable arm, the Spigen SteadiBoost mount combines great convenience and utility in one.

Key Features:

  • Fast 15W Qi certified wireless charging
  • Telescopic arm extends phone up to 4 inches closer
  • 360 degree rotation. Vent clip or dash mount
  • Strong magnetic grip

5. AUKEY Magnetic Phone Mount Stand – Best Desk Mount

Let’s switch gears to magnetic mounts for your desk or tabletop. One of my favorites for work or home is the AUKEY Magnetic Phone Stand.

AUKEY’s stand uses a strong circular magnet along with thin metal plates you attach to your phone or case. This allows you to quickly mount and remove your phone single-handed.

The circular base is nice and slim with a silicone pad to prevent slipping or scratching. A removable support rod lets you adjust the mount height and angle as needed.

I like being able to easily switch my phone between portrait and landscape positions on my desk with this mount.

It makes a great companion for desktop charging stands. Or use it alone to prop your phone up hands-free while working.

Key Features:

  • Secure magnetic attraction with N52 magnets
  • Aluminum alloy base with anti-slip silicone pad
  • Adjustable height and viewing angles
  • Lets you position phone vertically or horizontally

For hands-free phone viewing at your desk or workspace, AUKEY’s magnetic stand is sleek, solid, and affordable.

6. Qidoe Magnetic Car Mount – Best Adhesive Mount

If you don’t want to clutter your vents, Qido’s magnetic mount sticks directly to your car’s dashboard or console using a strong adhesive.

Despite its small size, Qido’s rare earth magnets create a super strong pull force to securely hold your phone one-handed.

While stuck in place, the phone mount allows you to pivot your phone 360 degrees to just the right angle for navigation, video calls, or streaming media hands-free.

The mount itself wirelessly charges phones at up to 10W speed. An LED light indicates charging status. Just place your phone on the mount and charging starts on its own.

For a sturdy magnetic phone mount that sticks anywhere and wirelessly fast-charges, Qido is a great low-profile option.

Key Features:

  • Uses a strong 3M adhesive to securely mount to dash
  • 10W fast wireless charging with status LED
  • 360 degree phone adjustment while mounted
  • Compact but powerful rare earth magnets

7. MPOW Magnetic Phone Mount – Longest Arm

The MPOW Magnetic Car Phone Mount stands out for its extra long and flexible arm.

At a full 8 inches when extended, you can position your phone closer than most mounts allow – great for minimizing neck strain.

It effortlessly sticks into your car’s air vent with sturdy pivoting grips. Rotate your phone 360 degrees for the perfect driver viewing angle.

Stick the included metal plate to your phone or case, and the strong magnets hold it tightly in place while driving. No need to fumble with clamps.

MPOW’s long arm mount is versatile too. It comes with both vent clips and a dash mount. Use the extra clips to mount it in multiple vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Extra long 8 inch extendable arm
  • Rotates 360 degrees for panoramic viewing
  • Clips included for both dash and air vent mounting
  • Simple magnetic phone grip

For keeping your phone front and center at eye-level while driving, the adjustability of MPOW’s mount is clutch.

8. Beam Electronics Car Phone Mount – Most Compact

As far as low-profile magnetic mounts go, it doesn’t get much slimmer than Beam Electronics’ holder.

Despite its compact size, it sticks strongly using a durable gel adhesive backing. Stick it to your dashboard or console and it stays put.

The phone holder itself is spring-loaded so you can drop your phone in one-handed. It remains fixed in landscape mode.

Rotate the holder itself 360 degrees as needed. The phone sits almost flush against your dash for a clean integrated look.

For those wanting a minimalist magnetic phone mount that takes up almost zero space, Beam’s mount gets the job done. It comes in stylish black or silver.

Key Features:

  • Ultra slim and compact design
  • Gel pad sticks firmly to dash one-handed
  • Phone remains fixed in landscape position
  • Rotates 360 degrees for optimum positioning

9. LISEN Magnetic Phone Mount – Best Vent Mount

The LISEN Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount is a popular option for keeping your phone securely positioned on car air vents.

It uses four sturdy clips that slide onto most standard car vents 3-5 inches wide to grip tightly. Rubber pads prevent any vent damage.

Built into the vent mount is a ball joint that swivels 360 degrees. This lets you easily tilt your phone portrait or landscape. The joint stays firmly in place while driving.

LISEN’s rare earth magnets ensure a strong enough pull force to hold even large phones and cases with a simple one-handed attachment.

For hands-free viewing and navigation on car vents, LISEN’s mount is a great choice with over 5,000 reviews.

Key Features:

  • Clips fit most 3-5 inch wide air vents
  • Built-in ball joint swivels 360 degrees
  • Holds phones firmly with rare earth magnets
  • Tilts phone portrait or landscape modes

10. TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Car Mount – Most Reviews

With over 30,000 reviews on Amazon, the TechMatte MagGrip is another very popular magnetic air vent mount.

It uses a slide lock mechanism to firmly secure the grips onto your car’s air vents between 3.2-4.7 inches wide. Oversized vents are no problem.

The phone holder attaches via a sturdy magnetic surface. Its rare earth neodymium magnets create a strong force that holds even big phones and cases.

Once your phone is mounted, you can tilt and spin it 360 degrees for optimal horizontal or vertical viewing.

For a magnetic air vent phone mount with outstanding reviews, the MagGrip lives up to the hype with its simplicity and rugged hold.

Key Features:

  • Twist locking mechanism keeps mount secured to vents
  • Fits vents 3.2 – 4.7 inches wide
  • Position phone 360 degrees for best view
  • Strong neodymium magnets

Magnetic Phone Mount Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen the top magnetic phone mounts available, let’s cover a few key factors to keep in mind when choosing the right one.

Where Will You Mount It?

Magnetic phone mounts are extremely versatile when it comes to mounting locations. Consider where you’ll use yours most:

  • Dash – Low profile dash mounts blend right in and minimize obstructions.
  • Air Vents – Popular spot that puts phone in sight. Verify vent width.
  • Windows – Allows mounting phones against windshield for navigation.
  • Desk – Angled stands perfect for desktop viewing or charging.
  • Refrigerator – Fun way to mount tablet or phone for cooking or entertainment.

Measure the size of your car’s vents or desk width ahead of time if going those routes. This ensures a proper and secure fit.

Arm Length & Adjustability

The arm length and adjustability of magnetic phone mounts vary quite a bit:

  • Goosenecks – Ideal for vehicles. Allows more positioning flexibility.
  • Short Fixed – Minimizes size but limits adjustments.
  • Swivels – Compromise that allows some rotation.
  • Long Extendable – Keeps phone close for easy viewing. Avoid blocking controls.

Consider arm length in conjunction with your most common viewing needs. Extension arms bring phones closer. Fixed mounts blend in. Find the right balance for your setup.

Wireless Charging?

Newer magnetic mounts often support wireless charging, which is very convenient:

  • 10W – Fast charges most phones at 10 watts.
  • 7.5W – The iPhone max wireless charging speed.
  • 15W – Fastest standard that Samsung/Android supports. Verify phone compatibility.
  • No Charging – You save money with no charging built-in.

While wireless charging is not essential, it eliminates cables for a cleaner setup. Check your phone’s max wattage to choose the right charging speed.

Magnetic Strength

There are a few aspects that determine magnetic phone mount strength:

  • Plate – Mounts include metal plates that stick to your phone or case. Bigger generally means stronger grip.
  • Magnet Type – Neodymium or rare earth magnets offer the strongest pull force.
  • Phone Compatibility – Some mounts only work with magnet-built-in phones like iPhone 12.
  • Weight Capacity – Ensure the mount can support the weight of your phone plus case.

Read reviews and magnet descriptions to verify the mount has enough grip strength for your phone’s size and weight, especially larger models.

Where Can It Be Mounted?

Standard mounts include one mounting option, usually dashboard or vent attachment.

But some mounts give you mounting flexibility:

  • Multiple Plates – Provides ability to mount in different vehicles.
  • Adhesive/Suction – Mix of attachment options for varied surfaces.
  • Creative – Fridge, mirror, bike – sky’s the limit!

Think about your most likely usage scenarios and how often you’ll swap vehicles or locations. The more mounting possibilities, the more versatile a magnetic mount becomes.

Magnetic Phone Mount FAQs

Let’s wrap up with answers to some frequently asked questions about magnetic phone mounts:

Are magnetic phone mounts safe for my phone?

Yes, magnetic mounts are completely safe and won’t damage your phone. Just avoid getting dirt or metal fragments trapped between the magnets.

How do I install the metal plate on my phone?

Most mounts include adhesive metal plates. Just stick them to the back of your phone or case. Avoid blocking wireless charging coils if applicable.

Will a magnetic mount work with my phone case?

Most phone case materials don’t interfere with magnetic mounts. The metal plates adhere firmly. Just avoid thick or metallic cases that can weaken the magnets.

How do I choose between air vent and dash mounts?

Vent mounts keep your phone front and center without blocking controls on your dash. Dash mounts are more low profile but can be obstructed by hands. Consider your visibility needs.

What phones work with magnetic mounts?

All smartphones work with magnetic mounts. iPhone 12 or newer and select Android models have built-in magnets for ultra secure mounting without plates.

Stick Your Phone Anywhere!

As you can see, magnetic phone mounts make it incredibly easy to position your phone exactly where you need it – in your car, at your desk, or just about anywhere.

Based on extensive testing and research, the WixGear Magnetic Car Mount stands out as the best overall option with its popularity, price, strength, and flexibility.

But I encourage you to consider which mount best fits your needs in terms of location, arm adjustability, charging, grip strength, and compatibility with your specific phone.

Hopefully this guide gives you a sense of the great magnetic mount options available today. Whichever one you choose, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a magnetic phone holder!

Cleaning up your car? New phone who dis? Wherever you want to stick your phone, magnetic mounts have got you covered.

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