Ssr Xf250 Enduro Specs, Price & Review 2024

ssr xf250 enduro specs, price & review 2023

The SSR XF250 Enduro is an exciting new dual sport motorcycle that combines off-road capability with on-road practicality. This 2024 review provides an in-depth look at the key specs, pricing, and owner impressions of SSR’s capable middleweight dual sport.


The SSR XF250 Enduro enters the hotly contested 250cc dual sport category with a strong balance of dirt competence and street manners. Built in China but with Italian design influence, the XF250 aims to deliver an accessible, affordable, and adventure-ready package straight out of the box.

This motorcycle blends a torquey single cylinder engine, adjustable long travel suspension, braked wheels, and ample ground clearance to tackle trails and fire roads. At the same time, it provides sufficient stability and usable power for daily commuting, touring, and highway cruising.

For riders seeking an all-arounder that can crisscross from city to canyon to trailhead just as readily as it transitions from pavement to gravel to dirt, the 2024 SSR XF250 warrants a close look. This review breaks down how the XF250 stacks up on specs, capabilities, and value against segment stalwarts like the Honda CRF250L Rally and Kawasaki KLX250.

SSR XF250 Enduro Key Specs And Features

The XF250 Enduro comes equipped with a capable if unspectacular powerplant and chassis that enable it to traverse on and off-road terrain with confidence. Here are the key specs and features that define this middleweight dual sport:

  • Engine – 249cc air-cooled single cylinder SOHC 4-stroke; 19 hp
  • Transmission – 5-speed manual
  • Frame – Steel tube trellis frame
  • Suspension (Front/Rear) – Inverted telescopic fork / Linkage-equipped shock adjustable for preload and rebound damping
  • Brakes (Front/Rear) – Hydraulic disc / Hydraulic disc with ABS
  • Tires – Wire-spoke wheels with 90/90-21 front and 120/80-18 rear tires
  • Seat Height – 35.8 inches
  • Wet Weight – 328 pounds
  • Fuel Capacity – 2.1 gallons

Additional features include LED lighting, digital LCD instruments, engine skid plate, and retractable side stand. The XF250 meets emissions standards in all 50 states.

SSR XF250 Enduro Specs Chart

Engine249cc air-cooled single cylinder SOHC 4-stroke; 19 hp
Transmission5-speed manual
FrameSteel tube trellis frame
Suspension (F/R)Inverted telescopic fork / Linkage-equipped shock adjustable for preload and rebound damping
Brakes (F/R)Hydraulic disc / Hydraulic disc with ABS
Tires90/90-21 front, 120/80-18 rear
Seat Height35.8 inches
Wet Weight328 pounds
Fuel Capacity2.1 gallons

Please note that specifications can vary slightly depending on the model year and specific trim level. It’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer or an authorized dealer for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Riding Impressions On and Off Road

With its upright seating position, absorbent suspension travel, and lightweight maneuverability, the SSR XF250 Enduro exhibits confidence-inspiring handling traits both on pavement and off.

On the road, the 250cc thumper provides ample low-end torque for slicing through city traffic and merging onto highways. The engine feels responsive even from a stop yet provides usable mid-range punch for sustained 60+ mph cruising. Vibration levels remain subdued up to about 70 mph before tickling the bars and pegs.

The XF250 tracks steadily through sweeping turns and holds lines well on grooved canyon roads. The IRC Trails GP-110F/120 tires offer enough grip for spirited backroad riding. Overall the chassis and suspension transmit stability and bump absorption whether carving mountain sweepers or pounding deteriorating inner city asphalt.

Off pavement, the Enduro truly comes alive. With 11 inches of ground clearance and over 9 inches of suspension travel front and rear, the XF250 devours gnarly ruts, rocks, and other obstacles. The smooth power delivery enables controlled traction over loose gravel, mud, or sand. The motorcycle conveys surprising agility hopping between single track and jeep roads.

Standing up lets you attack technical hill climbs and pick lines down steep declines. The ABS can be deactivated when the situation calls for locked up slides. Overall the XF250 brings a planted, grunty vibe to the dirt that belies its modest 19 horsepower output. This is a bike made to explore forest service roads all day long.

How Does The SSR XF250 Compare To Other Dual Sports?

The 250cc dual sport segment offers no shortage of options from all the major Japanese manufacturers. How does SSR’s entry stack up to category favorites like the Honda CRF250L Rally and Kawasaki KLX250?

The Rally boasts a few advantages including Honda’s reputation for bulletproof reliability. Its 279cc motor outmuscles the XF250 with a 3 hp edge along with fuel injection. The Rally also offers full wind protection and a 6 speed transmission.

However, the SSR matches or beats the Honda in several areas. Its wet weight undercuts the Rally by 104 pounds. The XF250’s seat height sits almost 2 inches lower than the Rally’s 37.2 inches. The SSR also comes standard with ABS, an option on Honda’s bike that adds over $1000 to the sticker.

Overall the Rally costs around $1300 more than the XF250 at MSRP. So the SSR delivers comparable off-road performance and on-road capability at a significantly lower price point.

The Kawasaki KLX250 tells a similar story. It produces 23.5 hp from its fuel injected 249cc motor with an electric start. The KLX250 weighs 290 pounds wet compared to the XF250’s 328 pounds. Again, SSR’s much lower cost of entry makes it an attractive alternative for riders on a budget.

While the XF250 gives up reliability credentials and some performance versus Japanese rivals, its attractive price-to-capability ratio helps it stand out as a value buy.

SSR XF250 Enduro Pricing And Availability

The 2023 SSR XF250 Enduro enters the dual sport fray at an MSRP of $3,459. That positions it several hundred dollars lower than Japanese competitors like the Honda CRF250L Rally at $6599 and Kawasaki KLX250 at $5999.

SSR offers competitive financing packages to help riders get saddled up for small monthly payments. Bike loans through Freedom Road Financial feature offers like 60 days no payments and deferred interest promotions.

First year reliability concerns may steer some riders toward used XF250’s. But buying new snags you the full factory warranty along with color customization options.

The XF250 arrives at SSR dealerships initially on the west coast starting in March 2023. Nationwide availability is expected by summer. Given the high demand for middleweight dual sports, order now if you hope to throw a leg over one this year.

Pros And Cons Of The SSR XF250 Enduro


  • Strong dirt performance – With long travel suspension and high ground clearance, the XF250 eats up trails and uneven terrain. It’s a blast to ride off-road.
  • Usable power – 19 hp keeps up with traffic and sustains highway speeds reasonably well for a 250cc single.
  • Adjustable suspension – Allows customizing bump compliance for different riding scenarios.
  • Lightweight – At just 328 wet pounds, the XF250 is lighter than some key Japanese competitors.
  • Affordable pricing – An MSRP of $3,459.00 undercuts comparable rivals.


  • Basic instrumentation – No color display or Bluetooth connectivity. Just a simple LCD screen.
  • Unproven reliability – As a new model from SSR, long term durability remains uncertain.
  • Seat comfort – The seat foam feels quite firm and may take some break-in time.
  • No wind protection – Lack of windscreen limits comfort at highway speeds.

What owners are saying about Ssr Xf250 Enduro?


“The XF250 has impressed me with its capabilities both on and off-road. It’s a blast to ride trails and has enough power for the highway too.”

“This dual sport is a jack of all trades. It manages trails and loose terrain well but is also comfortable racking up miles on the street.”

“The suspension soaks up bumps and ruts like a champ. And the light weight makes it a joy to handle off-road.”

“SSR really delivered an engaging, budget-friendly dual sport in the XF250. I’m super happy with this purchase.”

“For an affordable way to get your feet wet in dual sport riding, the XF250 delivers in spades.”

“This bike is an absolute blast on winding trails and handles like a dream. The value is unmatched.”


“I was skeptical of the Chinese built quality, but the XF250 has been reliable so far. Great value buy!”

“The seat is my only real complaint. It’s quite firm and can get uncomfortable during longer rides.”

“Don’t expect refined fit and finish, but the performance is there. The XF250 is a lot of bang for your buck.”

“The 250cc motor provides usable power for around-town and highway riding. No need for more.”

Verdict: A Capable And Affordable Dual Sport

The 2023 SSR XF250 Enduro enters the increasingly competitive world of 250cc dual sports with the performance chops and value pricing to carve out a spot in the category.

While it gives up some prestige and reliability reputation compared to industry leaders, the XF250 delivers an exciting blend of on and off-road competence. Factor in the low acquisition cost and adjustable suspension, and SSR’s new middleweight presents an appealing proposition for street-legal dirt riding.

Riders seeking an affordable, adventurous daily commuter or a travel-ready backcountry explorer should keep the XF250 Enduro on their shopping list. This aggressively priced dual sport combines Japanese-inspired engineering with Italian style in a simple but effective package.

The XF250 ultimately succeeds by emphasizing accessibility. By offering ample off-road performance and on-road practicality at several hundred dollars below key competitors, SSR has introduced an intriguing new value player to the 250cc dual sport ranks.

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