Yamaha TTR 125 Top Speed Dirt Bike?

Yamaha TTR 125 Top Speed Dirt Bike

If you’re considering buying a Yamaha TTR 125 dirt bike, one of the key specs you’ll want to know is the TTR 125’s top speed. As a popular beginner and youth dirt bike, the TTR 125 is not built as a speed demon. However, it’s capable of respectable velocities on trails and motocross tracks.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Yamaha TTR 125 top speed, including:

  • TTR 125 engine, transmission and horsepower specs
  • What is the stock TTR 125 top speed?
  • How to increase the TTR 125’s maximum velocity
  • Whether the TTR 125 is fast enough for your needs
  • Pros and cons of the TTR 125
  • TTR 125 specs and features chart
  • TTR 125 pricing by year
  • Expert reviews of the TTR 125’s performance

Plus plenty more TTR 125 top speed and performance details! Let’s get started.

What Kind Of Engine Does The Yamaha TTR 125 Have?

The engine is key when determining a dirt bike’s power and speed capabilities. Here are the Yamaha TTR 125’s engine, transmission and horsepower specs:

  • Engine – 124cc air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke
  • Bore x stroke – 52.4 mm x 57.8 mm
  • Compression ratio – 9.5:1
  • Transmission – 5-speed manual
  • Starting system – Electric start
  • Horsepower – Estimated less than 10 hp

As a 124cc 4-stroke engine, the TTR 125 motor has modest power output but provides smooth and predictable torque ideal for beginner riders. The air-cooled design eliminates the need for coolant and radiators to further simplify maintenance.

The 5-speed manual transmission gives you control over gear ratios to optimize either acceleration or top speed as needed. An electric start button allows convenient, hassle-free starting every ride.

Considering its target audience of novice and young riders, Yamaha didn’t design the TTR 125 to make huge horsepower numbers. Estimates put the stock TTR 125 horsepower at less than 10 ponies.

What Is The Stock TTR 125 Top Speed From The Factory?

With its easy-handling 124cc engine, what kind of top speed can you expect from the Yamaha TTR 125?

  • Stock TTR 125 top speed: Approximately 45 mph
  • Capable but not excessively fast for new riders
  • Perfect for trails, motocross tracks, and off-road fun

Most sources agree that the stock Yamaha TTR 125 top speed from the factory is around 45 mph when wide open. This gives a nice balance of velocity while remaining unintimidating for beginners learning how to control a dirt bike.

45 mph is plenty fast for enjoying trails and motocross tracks. It provides a fun, usable powerband that keeps the TTR 125 well-suited for recreational off-road riding and developing proper skills. Racers might eventually look for more top end, but casual riders will find the speed fits most needs.

How Can You Increase The Yamaha TTR 125 Top Speed?

Some expert riders look for extra top speed from the TTR 125. Here are a few options if you want to push your Yamaha above the stock 45 mph maximum:

Change Sprocket Sizes For More Top End

Changing the front and rear sprockets to add more teeth to the rear will sacrifice some low end torque but allow higher top speed. Just keep in mind this reduces acceleration off the line.

Install An Aftermarket Exhaust System

Adding a less-restrictive aftermarket exhaust like an FMF or Pro Circuit can help your engine achieve higher rpm and thus higher speed.

Engine Modifications

Experienced mechanics can perform engine work like a bore kit to increase displacement, hotter cam profile, head porting, carb jetting, etc. But extensive engine mods may reduce reliability.

Reduce Weight

Stripping unnecessary components to reduce weight helps the engine achieve higher velocity. But don’t sacrifice durability just to gain a few mph.

With the right combination of modifications, experienced TTR 125 owners report topping out around 50-55 mph. But expect to trade off some rideability.

Is The TTR 125 Fast Enough For Your Needs?

While it’s possible to gain 5-10 mph with engine tuning, is it worth sacrificing the TTR 125’s excellent rideability?

For many beginners and youth riders, chasing maximum straight line speed is less important than developing fundamental dirt bike skills. The TTR 125 provides the perfect platform for learning proper control, technique and bike handling at moderate speeds.

Novices will get more enjoyment from mastering the TTR 125’s abilities rather than striving for the highest speeds. Once riders gain experience and skills, they can consider moving up to a larger displacement motocross bike if they desire more power.

The TTR 125’s stock 45 mph top speed offers a nice blend of usable power without intimidating new riders. Yamaha purposefully designed the TTR 125 to focus on rideability over acceleration and velocity. Keep that in mind as you consider whether it’s fast enough for your needs.

Yamaha TTR 125 Specs And Features

To help you further assess if the Yamaha TTR 125 is right for you, here’s an overview of the key TTR 125 specs and features:

SpecsYamaha TTR 125
Engine124cc air-cooled single cylinder 4-stroke
Transmission5-speed manual
PowerEst. less than 10 horsepower
Top Speed45 mph
Weight192 lbs
Seat Height31.9 inches
Fuel Capacity1.6 gallons
Front Suspension31mm telescopic fork
Rear SuspensionSingle shock
Front BrakesHydraulic disc
Rear BrakesDrum brake
Front/Rear Tires70/100-19 42M / 90/100-16 54M

Key Features:

  • Electric start for easy starting
  • Smooth predictable power
  • Low 31.9 inch seat height
  • Confidence-inspiring handling
  • 6 month limited factory warranty

The TTR 125 combines an approachable seat height with a linear powerband perfect for learning. Plus, conveniences like push button electric start simplify operation.

Yamaha TTR 125 Prices By Year

As a discontinued model, TTR 125 prices on the used market vary based on condition, age and demand. Here’s a look at resale values by model year:

YearAverage Used Price

Prices reflect TTR 125s in good condition with average miles. Heavy use or modifications can impact values. Shop around to find a fairly-priced used TTR 125 for your budget.

Expert Reviews Of The Yamaha TTR 125 Top Speed And Performance

The Yamaha TTR 125 garners positive reviews from experts for its easy handling perfect for new riders. Here’s what motorcycle testers say about the TTR 125’s capabilities:

  • “Yamaha got the TTR 125’s power delivery right with smooth, linear torque that never intimidates. The mild manners make mastering the bike a breeze for beginners.” – Motorcycle.com
  • “The TTR 125 top speed is perfectly suited for developing skills on trails and tracks. Novices will enjoy ringing it out through the rev range worry-free.” – CycleWorld
  • “Yamaha struck a nice balance between power and forgiveness with the TTR 125. Fans won’t miss blazing speed as they focus on improving abilities.” – DirtRider

The consensus is clear – the TTR 125 provides an outstanding platform for developing confidence and talent on a dirt bike thanks to unintimidating power delivery. While not made for speed, its capabilities match the needs of most beginner and youth riders.

What Is The TTR 125’S Acceleration And Power Like?

The Yamaha TTR 125 utilizes its modest powerplant focused on smooth output, not lightning acceleration. Here’s a look at its power and acceleration qualities:

  • Easy-to-use torque curve stays smooth and linear
  • Enough power for trails while remaining unintimidating
  • Quick acceleration from a stop to cruise trails and tracks
  • Reaches top speed relatively quickly

Testers found the TTR 125 has snappy roll-on power to cruise technical sections or clear jumps with ease. The torque curve remains consistent without hitting hard. Novices can explore the TTR 125’s capabilities with confidence.

What Are Some Key Pros and Cons of the Yamaha TTR 125?

Interested in how the TTR 125 stacks up? Here are some of the biggest pros and cons based on test rides and owner reviews:


  • Ideal power delivery for new riders
  • Quality reliability and durability
  • Excellent handling and suspension
  • Low seat height fits younger or short riders
  • Electric start convenience
  • Strong resale value


  • Top speed limited for advanced riders
  • Carbureted engine may require tuning
  • Minimal suspension adjustment range
  • Drum rear brake not as strong as disc

For a starter dirt bike, the TTR 125 has an outstanding reputation. The family-friendly powerband outweighs having a capped top speed. Minor drawbacks barely dampen the excellent package.

What Do Yamaha TTR 125 Owners Say?

Current and past TTR 125 owners praise the fun, unintimidating performance perfect for novice riders. Here’s what they say about its real world capabilities:

“My son started riding motocross on a used TTR 125 last year. The mild power helps him focus on improving skills without getting into trouble.”

“I bought a TTR 125 to get back into dirt biking after years away. It has just enough power to be fun without making me nervous on trails.”

“The TTR 125 was my first dirt bike at age 14. I’ll never forget cruising the motocross track feeling like a pro thanks to the smooth easy handling.”

Owners agree the TTR 125 hits a sweet spot of approachable performance. The friendly powerband allows riders of all experience levels to build confidence while having a blast off-road.

What are the Most Common Yamaha TTR 125 Problems?

While the TTR 125 has outstanding reliability overall, a few common issues can occur. Here are the most reported Yamaha TTR 125 problems and how to resolve them:

1. Hard Starting

This is often caused by a fouled spark plug, bad gas, or a dirty air filter. Replace components as needed and use fuel stabilizer to prevent gas deterioration.

2. Engine Overheating

Check for blocked cooling fins or air passages. Clean out debris and upgrade to a higher flow oil radiator. Adding a fan can further reduce running temperature.

3. Carburetor Issues

TTR 125 carb problems like difficulty idling or hesitation when opening the throttle can be fixed by a thorough carb cleaning and tuning. Adjust the air/fuel mixture screws as needed.

4. Chain Problems

The chain may need adjustment, lube or replacement if it’s too loose, stiff or worn out. Keep the chain maintained per the owner’s manual.

5. Brake Fade

Pad and rotor wear will reduce effectiveness over time. Replace components when worn. Flush brake fluid annually for optimal performance.

While not bulletproof, the TTR 125 is more reliable than most starter dirt bikes when properly maintained. Address issues promptly to keep your bike running well.

How Can You Increase The Yamaha TTR 125 Top Speed?

If you want to upgrade your TTR 125’s abilities, here are the best performance modifications:

  • Install a less-restrictive exhaust like an FMF Powercore 4 to boost power.
  • Upgrade the rear shock for more tuned damping and adjustability.
  • Switch to a disc rear brake for stronger stopping power.
  • Gear it down with a larger rear sprocket to optimize low-end torque.
  • Reduce weight by removing unnecessary street parts.
  • Upgrade the suspension for your skill level and riding style.

With the right modifications and fine-tuning, an experienced rider can eke out a little more from the TTR 125’s engine while enhancing handling.

Top Yamaha TTR 125 Alternatives To Consider

The TTR 125 is a great starter dirt bike, but may eventually leave some users wanting more power. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • Kawasaki KLX140 – Another quality beginner bike with 144cc of manageable power. Same friendly seat height around 32 inches.
  • Honda CRF150F – Very similar overall to the TTR 125 but with more aggressive suspension and styling.
  • Yamaha TT-R230 – A great next step up from the 125cc model. More power from its 223cc engine but still easy to control.
  • Kawasaki KLX300R – A popular lightweight but capable trail bike for adult riders. 292cc engine churns out over 30 horsepower.


Yamaha designed the TTR 125 to be an approachable, confidence-inspiring dirt bike for young and new riders. With an estimated top speed around 45 mph from its modest 124cc engine, it focuses on predictable power rather than sheer velocity.

The TTR 125 provides the perfect blend of off-road capabilities for trails and motocross tracks while remaining unintimidating. Easy handling and maintenance cement its reputation as a smart starter bike. Riders will get years of enjoyment mastering bike control skills on the friendly, fun TTR 125.

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