CFMoto CForce top speed: Making More Faster

CFMoto CForce top speed

If you’re looking for information on CFMoto CForce top speeds, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the max mph and km/h for all CForce models, including the 500, 600, 800 and 1000. We’ll look at key factors that affect top speed like engine size, horsepower, transmission, rider weight and terrain. Read on to learn the top speeds for every CFMoto CForce ATV!

Introduction To CFMoto CForce ATVs

CFMoto is a Chinese manufacturer that has been producing ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles and more since 1989. They are relatively new to the North American market but have quickly made a name for themselves by offering feature-packed vehicles at very competitive price points.

The CForce ATV lineup includes sport and utility models ranging from 400cc to 1000cc. The sport models like the 500 Trail and 600 Sport focus more on performance, while the 800 and 1000 utility models prioritize cargo capacity and towing ability. However, all CForce ATVs deliver strong power, comfort and reliability.

When reviewing CFMoto CForce top speed capabilities, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Engine size – Displacement directly impacts power and acceleration. Larger engines can reach higher maximum speeds.
  • Horsepower – More horsepower equals faster acceleration and higher top speeds, all else equal.
  • Transmission – CVT vs manual impacts acceleration and shifter usability. The CForce has a CVT.
  • Rider weight – Heavier riders will reach lower top speeds than lighter ones.
  • Terrain – Smooth dirt or pavement allows higher speeds than rough, technical terrain.

Now let’s take a detailed look at the max speed for each CForce model!

CFMoto CForce 500 Top Speed

The entry-level CForce 500 is one of CFMoto’s most popular ATVs and with good reason – it packs great performance and value. The 493cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine puts out a solid 35 horsepower. This muscle combined with the zippy CVT transmission allows the 500 to reach top speeds of:

56 mph (90 km/h)

While not the fastest model in the lineup, the 500 has plenty of grunt for recreational trail riding, farm work and exploring the backcountry. It can comfortably cruise at 40+ mph on flat ground. Acceleration is peppy, hitting 30 mph in around 4 seconds.

The 500 strikes a nice balance between speed and stability. It feels planted and secure at higher speeds compared to some other 400-500cc sport ATVs. The McPherson front struts and double A-arm rear suspension soak up rough terrain and keep the tires on the ground.

While 56 mph is the tested top speed, your results may vary. Heavier riders will see lower maximums, while lighter ones could potentially reach higher speeds with a long enough runway. The 500’s top speed is also dependent on conditions – smooth dirt or pavement will enable higher speeds than rocky, rutted terrain.

Some enthusiasts install aftermarket exhausts, air filters or fuel controllers to get a little more juice from the engine. But the gains are generally pretty small, maybe adding an additional few mph. Overall the stock 500 has impressive pick-up and speed capabilities for a mid-size ATV. It provides fun performance without intimidating new riders.

CFMoto CForce 600 Top Speed

Step up to the CForce 600 Sport ATV and you’ll get a nice bump in power and speed over the 500. The 580cc single cylinder is the same basic mill as the 500, but bored out to increase displacement and horsepower. The result is 44 hp, around 9 more ponies than the 500.

This added grunt gives the 600 snappier acceleration and a higher top speed of:

60-61 mph (97-98 km/h)

The extra horsepower over the 500 allows it to reach max speed more quickly and maintain momentum better at high speeds. Expect 0-30 mph in the 3.5 second range on the 600. It’s a fun and capable mid-size sport ATV that adeptly balances speed with stability.

Riders report hitting between 60-61 mph in ideal conditions, though results vary based on terrain and weight. While the 500 feels planted at 50 mph, the 600’s extra speed capability does make it feel a little more flighty at its upper limit. Proper weight distribution and steering input helps keep it stable.

Like the 500, aftermarket mods can eek out a little more speed but gains are incremental. For a good mix of trail performance and faster pace riding, the 600 hits a nice sweet spot. It brings livelier acceleration and higher top speed than the 500 for riders wanting more zip without the cost of a larger displacement machine.

CFMoto CForce 800 Top Speed

As we move into the 800 class, performance takes a big leap. The 793cc V-twin engine brings substantially more power – 62 hp compared to the 44 hp 600. This muscle gives the 800 snappy acceleration along with a top speed of:

69-71 mph (111-114 km/h)

Not only is the 800 significantly faster than the 500 and 600, but the V-twin power delivery makes acceleration more exciting. The 800 rips from 0 to 30 mph in under 3 seconds, giving a real adrenaline rush. It continues pulling hard through highway speeds.

The 800 makes quick work of hills, plowing up steep inclines most 500-600cc ATVs would struggle with. Having two cylinders gives it a higher rev ceiling to play with. It feels most at home cruising between 50-70 mph but still has some oomph in reserve if you need to make a pass or accelerate quickly.

CFMoto equips the 800 with thick 26″ tires at both ends to handle the higher speeds. The adjustable twin rear shocks and preload-adjustable front forks effectively soak up rough terrain. Still, the 800’s stability is put more to the test at around its top speed compared to the smaller CForce models. Just be prepared for increased steering input and body english at high speed.

Of the current CForce lineup, the 800 provides the best blend of swift acceleration and high top speed while maintaining manageable size and weight. It’s a great choice for aggressive recreational riding and farms/ranches needing a rapid workhorse.

CFMoto CForce 1000 Top Speed

The brawny CForce 1000 represents the top of CFMoto’s utility ATV lineup. Powered by a beefy 996cc 60° V-twin, it pumps out a whopping 93 horsepower – over double the output of the 500! This massive muscle rocket propels the 1000 to an eye-watering top speed of:

75-78 mph (120-125 km/h)

In addition to scary straight-line speed, the 1000 hits 60 mph from a standstill in under 5 seconds. The explosive acceleration pins you to the seat as the front end lifts under hard throttle. Yet the throaty twin-cylinder rumble urges you on to keep twisting the throttle.

The 1000 becomes a thrill ride at speeds most ATVs can’t even reach. CFMoto outfits it with quality KYB piggyback shocks front and rear to control the ride at any speed. While high-speed stability isn’t quite on par with dedicated sport machines, the 1000 feels reassuringly planted up to around its top speed for a big bore utility quad.

Braking capability is robust with dual hydraulic discs up front and single rear. ABS comes standard for added stopping confidence. The engine braking from the twin-cylinder powerplant also helps slow the 1000 smoothly.

While the 1000 can hold around its top speed on open dirt or asphalt, technical trails quickly bring speeds down to a more sane pace. Its size and weight become more apparent navigating tight, uneven terrain. But when the trail opens up, twisting the throttle is rewardingly dramatic on the potent 1000. It’s the undisputed speed king of the CForce family.

Tips To Increase CFMoto CForce Top Speed

If you’ve maxed out your CForce’s top speed but are still craving more, there are a few mods that can eek out a little extra:

  • Lighter weight: Every pound counts when chasing top speed. Remove unnecessary cargo and accessories to reduce weight. Also consider aluminum wheels, which reduce unsprung weight.
  • Exhaust modification: An aftermarket slip-on muffler or full exhaust system reduces restriction and adds 1-3 hp. This can bump top speed by 1-2 mph. But check noise regulations in your area first.
  • Air filter/fuel controller: Adding an open air filter and fuel controller richens the air-fuel mix, optimizing power. Combined with the exhaust mod, expect higher top speed.
  • Tire size: Larger diameter tires effectively gear the ATV taller, increasing top speed at the expense of acceleration. Only go up 1-2″ to avoid drivetrain strain.
  • Smooth terrain: Loose dirt, mud, rocks and other irregular terrain increase rolling resistance, slowing you down. Find smooth dirt paths, gravel roads or pavement to maximize speed.
  • Proper gearing: Make sure your CForce is geared optimally for the conditions and speeds you ride. A taller final drive gear ratio lets it rev higher and go faster.

Is The CForce Fast Enough For You?

With top speeds ranging from 56-78 mph depending on the model, CFMoto CForce ATVs offer solid performance for recreational and utility use. Even the entry-level 500 can comfortably cruise at 40-50 mph, no slouch in the mid-size class.

The 600, 800 and 1000 give you progressively more straight-line speed and acceleration. How much power you need depends on your riding style and needs:

  • Occasional trail/farm use – 500 has plenty of usable power
  • Faster paced trails, open country – 600 adds torque for high speed trails
  • Dunes, wide open spaces – 800 optimal for higher speed riding
  • High speed thrills – 1000 reach eye-watering speeds over 75 mph!

Test ride the different CForce models to see which engine performance and top speed capability fits your needs. CFMoto delivers fun, quality ATVs packing great power-per-dollar value.


To recap, here are the top speeds for the CFMoto CForce ATV lineup:

  • CForce 500 – 56 mph (90 km/h)
  • CForce 600 – 60-61 mph (97-98 km/h)
  • CForce 800 – 69-71 mph (111-114 km/h)
  • CForce 1000 – 75-78 mph (120-125 km/h)

Speed varies based on rider, cargo, terrain and any mods. But this gives a reliable range for the max mph each model can reach in stock form.

We hope this top speed guide helps you choose the right CForce for your needs and riding style. CFMoto delivers a compelling lineup of speedy, affordable ATVs. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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