Top 10 Coolest Jeep Wrangler Mods: Make Your Jeep Stand Out

Coolest Jeep Wrangler Mods

So you just got your hands on a Jeep Wrangler and now you’re looking for the best mods and upgrades to make it more capable and personalized? Well you’ve come to the right place! As a passionate Jeep owner myself, I’ve compiled this guide to the 10 coolest mods you can make to your Wrangler to take it to the next level both on- and off-road.

Whether you’re a new Jeep Wrangler owner looking to enhance your rig, or a seasoned Wrangler enthusiast trying to step up your build, this guide has got you covered. I’ll be sharing my top picks for the most useful and customizable mods you can make to your Jeep. From lift kits and bumpers, to wheels and interior upgrades, these mods will help boost your Wrangler’s performance, protection, and style.

So let’s get to it! Here are the 10 coolest Jeep Wrangler mods:

1. Lift Kits

One of the first modifications many Wrangler owners make is installing a lift kit. This can increase your Jeep’s ground clearance, allowing you to run larger tires and improving your off-road capabilities.

There are a few options when looking at lift kits for your Wrangler:

  • Basic Spring Lifts – This is the most affordable option, using spacers or extended springs to lift the suspension. A 2-3 inch spring lift will be sufficient for most.
  • Coilover Lifts – Coilovers replace your stock shocks and springs for a higher quality suspension with more adjustability and lift height.
  • Long Arm Lifts – Long arm kits change the Jeep’s control arms to increase suspension articulation off-road. They provide the most lift but are more complex.

I recommend a basic 2.5 inch spring lift for lighter off-roading and adding a touch of height. Hardcore rock crawlers may opt for a more advanced long arm lift to maximize articulation on the trails.

2. Wheels and Tires

Once you’ve got your Jeep up on a lift, the next step is sizing up your wheels and tires for increased traction and a custom look.

Some top all-terrain options to consider:

  • 33 to 35″ – Great for stock or lifted JK and JL Wranglers
  • 37″ – For heavily modified Wranglers running high lift kits

When picking new shoes for your Jeep, ensure proper wheel fitment and account for the backspacing required given your lift height.

A set of 17″ or 18″ aftermarket alloy wheels paired with rugged all-terrain tires will completely transform the look and capabilities of your Wrangler.

3. Front and Rear Bumpers

Aftermarket bumpers are one of my first recommendations for any Jeep Wrangler owner looking to upgrade. They provide added protection when off-roading, allow mounting points for accessories like winches and lights, and give your Jeep a tougher look.

When it comes to protecting your Jeep’s body on the trails, metal front and rear bumpers will go a long way. Made from heavy gauge steel, aftermarket bumpers replace the weak factory units and ensure your end points stay dent free when off-road.

Many options also have integrated skid plates, fog light buckets, and D-ring or clevis mounts for recovery straps. This finally gives you proper winch recovery points to get unstuck while wheeling.

So whether you want to add a winch, lights, or just protect the body of your Wrangler, quality aftermarket bumpers are a must-have upgrade.

4. Rock Sliders

Rock sliders give your Jeep armored protection along the vulnerable side sills between the front and rear wheel wells. They take the damage from side impacts against boulders or obstacles that would otherwise dent and deform the Jeep’s body.

Many quality aftermarket rocker guards even allow for jacking the vehicle or act as additional entry/exit steps. This makes accessing roof-top tents or gear easier.

I always recommend adding rock sliders before taking your Wrangler off-road. They’ll save body damage and give you peace of mind over obstacles.

5. LED Light Bars

A set of LED light bars mounted on the front bumper, A-pillars, or roof rack can put out a tremendous amount of auxiliary light for illuminating night trails.

A pair of pod or cube LEDs on the A-pillars give great spread for closer terrain, while a roof mounted bar throws further flood or spotlight patterns. For primarily on-road use, smaller LEDs in the front bumper provide an upgraded look.

With LED light technology improving each year for brightness and efficiency, it’s never been a better time to upgrade your Jeep’s lighting for enhanced visibility or show.

6. Winches

A winch is often considered a mandatory piece of gear for any seriously capable off-road rig. While stock Wranglers have decent capability, an off-road winch gives you the self recovery and towing power to get out of any situation where you’re stuck.

These electric cable winches are rated from 8,000 to 12,000 lbs pull capacity, using a thick steel cable that winds around a motorized spooling drum. With the right set up and attachments, you can yank your Jeep out of mud, snow, or rock, or assist others on the trail.

Winches mount to the frame behind heavy duty bumpers or on dedicated multi-mount plates. Just take care to use proper rigging techniques and gloves for safe operation. When modified Jeep Wranglers tackle tough trails, a winch is cheap insurance to get home safely.

7. Suspension Upgrades

For improved on-road handling, comfort, and greater off-road performance, upgrading your Jeep Wrangler’s suspension is highly recommended.

Some top options include:

  • Coilover Shocks – More damping adjustability than stock shocks. Allow lowering or lifting.
  • Longer Control Arms – Increase down travel and articulation for off-road.
  • Sway Bar Disconnects – Disconnect sway bars to increase wheel articulation on trails.
  • Track Bars – Reduce body roll and correct alignment after lifting.

Start with a set of high quality coilover shocks and go from there. For extreme rock crawling, long arm kits and disconnecting sway bars will give you the maximum articulation. Most upgrades bolt on easily to stock mounting points.

Improved suspension gives a tighter on-road feel and more control off-road over rough terrain.

8. Skid Plates

When taking your Jeep off-road, protecting the vulnerable underbody components from impacts is a must. Skid plates shield critical parts like:

Quality skid plates are made from thick gauge aluminium or steel plate. They bolt up to the frame and chassis to absorb and deflect punishment from rocks, stumps, and debris on the trail.

Don’t rely on the thin factory skid plates. Adding aftermarket protection is cheap insurance against punctured oil pans, smashed diffs, or ruptured fuel tanks from bottoming out. Give your Jeep the underbody armor it needs before going off-road.

9. Door Entry Guards

Door entry guards provide two great benefits – protecting your Jeep’s paint from foot scuffs and scratches, while giving it a tougher, more rugged look.

The inner door sills of Wranglers take a beating over time from muddy boots, trail debris, and everyday wear and tear.

Brushed steel or thick vinyl door guards simply stick on to absorb these dings and add aggressive styling. They fit the JK and new JL perfectly and come in styles from simple to decorative.

Entry guards protect where you step into the Wrangler and are easy, affordable protection to install in minutes.

10. Seat Covers

Don’t forget to protect and customize the interior of your Jeep as well! Seat covers are a great way to do both.

For heavy duty protection there’s nothing better than a set of custom fitted neoprene seat covers. Neoprene is waterproof and rugged for handling mud and snow, while keeping your Jeep seats protected.

More adventurous owners can opt for wild stylistic patterns and colors to give their Wrangler a unique look. There are tons of custom designs available to match any personality.

Keep your factory upholstery pristine and give your Jeep an interior transformation with a set of protective, comfortable seat covers.


Well there you have it! My picks for the top 10 coolest Jeep Wrangler mods that will take your rig to the next level. Whether you want improved off-road performance, protection from trails and elements, or just a totally custom look, these upgrades have got you covered.

Some other great mods I didn’t have room to mention are:

  • Premium sound systems
  • Onboard air systems
  • CB radio
  • Custom grille inserts
  • Beadlock wheels

The possibilities for modding and personalizing your Wrangler are endless. Start with some of these great upgrades to boost the look, capability, and enjoyment of your Jeep. Let me know in the comments if you have any other cool Jeep mods I should check out!

Happy (and safe) Jeeping!

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