Review of the Jeep Sky One-Touch Power Top

Review of the Jeep Sky One-Touch Power Top

Are you considering getting a new Jeep Wrangler but can’t decide which roof option is best for you? If so, you’ll definitely want to learn more about the Sky One-Touch Power Top.

The Sky One-Touch Power Top (also called the SOT or sky one-touch roof) is one of the most exciting new features available on the latest Jeep Wrangler JL models starting in 2018. This fully-automatic soft top provides all the thrilling open-air freedom you expect from a Jeep, but with the incredible convenience of opening or closing the roof with just the touch of a button.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Sky One-Touch Power Top, including:

  • How the power soft top works
  • Which Jeep models offer this high-tech roof
  • The pros and cons compared to other Jeep roof options
  • Real owner experiences with the Sky One-Touch Top
  • And most importantly – whether it’s worth the investment for your next new Jeep purchase

After reading this extensively researched review, you’ll have all the key facts to decide if the Sky One-Touch Power Top is the perfect match for your needs and budget. Time to drop the top and let the sunshine in!

What Exactly is the Jeep Sky One-Touch Power Top?

The Sky One-Touch Power Top is Jeep’s power retractable soft top offered on higher trim levels of the JL generation Wrangler starting in 2018. This high-tech roof option gives you the ability to open or close the soft top completely with just a single button push.

Here’s a quick rundown of how this futuristic soft top works:

  • One-touch power control – Open or close the roof with the push of a button while sitting in your Jeep
  • Works at speeds up to 60mph – Lower the top on the go if weather permits
  • Rear side windows power down – Rear windows can independently power down for airflow
  • Black fabric roof – Comes in basic black material just like traditional soft tops

The key benefit is the incredible convenience of having an automatic power retractable soft top. No more manually unlatching multiple roof panels and storing them in your garage. This technology brings open-air Jeeping into the 21st century!

Now let’s look closer at how this spaceship-like power roof actually works.

How Does the Sky One-Touch Power Top Work?

We’ve established that the Sky One-Touch Power Top uses electric motors to automatically lower the roof instead of manual latches. But how does Jeep’s engineering magic make this possible?

It’s actually a well-engineered power soft top design:

  • A small electric motor controls a cable drive system to release the roof latches
  • Once unlatched, the power drive mechanism guides the roof as it retracts
  • The roof folds itself neatly behind the rear seat as it opens
  • The reverse process closes the roof: the drive system pulls the roof over the cabin, latches it down, and powers the rear windows closed

This all happens smoothly at the touch of a button on your center console. Open or close the roof while comfortably seated in your Wrangler – no getting out to wrestle with latches required!

It’s similar mechanics to what you’ll find on some power hardtop convertibles, but applied cleverly to Jeep’s traditional soft top design. This gives you the convenience of a power retractable roof combined with the authentic open-air feel of a soft top.

And that’s the magic behind Jeep’s Sky One-Touch Power Top! Now let’s look at which Wrangler models offer this advanced feature.

What Jeep Models Offer the Sky One-Touch Power Top?

The Sky One-Touch Power Top debuted on the all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL series. It’s optional equipment on higher trim levels:

  • Sahara models – The Power Top is available as an add-on option on the Sahara trim starting in 2018. It replaces the standard manual soft top.
  • Rubicon models – The Power Top is standard equipment on the JL Rubicon model, included with the premium price. No manual soft top option on Rubicon.
  • Not available on Sport models – The basic Wrangler Sport trim still comes with a manual soft top only.

So if you want the Sky One-Touch Power Top convenience, you’ll need to spring for a Sahara or Rubicon model. It’s not available on lower Sport trims to keep their pricing down.

You can also get the Sky Top on either the short 2-door Wrangler or the long-wheelbase 4-door Wrangler Unlimited body styles. Power top availability is the same regardless of 2 or 4 doors.

Bottom line – the Sky One-Touch Power Top is targeted at buyers wanting more luxury features. Its price puts it out of reach for budget-minded Sport buyers.

The Pros of Choosing the Sky One-Touch Power Top

We’ve covered what the Sky One-Touch Power Top is and how it works. Now let’s dive into the key advantages that make it a popular choice:

Extreme Convenience

Easily the Sky Top’s biggest benefit is the incredible ease of opening or closing the roof while seated in your Wrangler. No manually removing heavy Freedom Panels or fiddling with multiple latches on a basic soft top. Just a simple button push lets you go from open-air freedom to secure cabin in seconds.

Better Experience Off-Roading

The power convenience especially shines off-roading. Manually taking a soft top on or off requires stopping and getting out – less than ideal on a trail. The Sky Top means you don’t have to stop the fun to adjust your roof on the fly.

Open-Air Freedom in Seconds

With manual Jeep tops, you need to plan ahead to remove panels or fully open the top when weather allows. The Sky Top lets you crack open the sunroof, drop the rear windows, or lower the full top any time you want with total ease.

Rear Windows Drop Independently

Even if you want the roof on, the power rear windows allow airflow without fully opening the top. This versatility makes the Sky Top uniquely customizable for any conditions.

High-Tech Cool Factor

Let’s be honest – the high-tech Power Top looks awesome and gives your Jeep street cred. The ability to open or close the roof from a button makes your Wrangler seems like it’s from the future!

Resale Value

Since this is still a relatively new and rare option, having the Power Top may increase your Jeep’s resale value down the road. It certainly modernizes the Wrangler’s fun but basic convertible roof design.

As you can see, the key advantage of the Sky One-Touch Power Top is taking the iconic Jeep soft top to the next level of convenience and performance. For some buyers, that pushes the Power Top well worth the upgrade cost.

The Downsides of Choosing the Sky One-Touch Power Top

Of course, there are also some potential downsides to choosing the Sky One-Touch Power Top over manual roof choices:

Added Cost

First and foremost, this high-tech roof adds a significant chunk to your Jeep’s price. Expect to pay around a $2,000 premium for the Power Top over a basic soft top. It’s standard on the pricier Rubicon, but adds major cost to the Sahara.

Potential Reliability Issues

Like any power mechanism, there’s the possibility for failures of the electric motor or drive system over time. That could lead to expensive repairs not present with manual tops.

Limits Cargo Access

With the roof closed, cargo space is more constrained compared to folding back the Freedom Panels. You lose a bit utility versus a simple soft top.

Fabric-Only Roof

Some may not like that the Power Top is only offered in basic black fabric. Unlike Freedom Panels, you don’t get the option of body-color or painted roof panels.

No Manual Override

There’s no manual operation if the power system fails. You’ll need dealer service to get an inoperable Power Top working again.

Overall, the Power Top’s added cost and complexity are its chief disadvantages. For some Wrangler owners, sticking with a manual soft or hard top they can operate themselves may be preferable.

How Does the Sky Top Compare to Other Jeep Roof Choices?

Since you have multiple roof choices on the Wrangler, it’s important to understand how the Sky One-Touch Power Top compares:

Vs. Basic Soft Top

The manual soft top is simpler and cheaper. But you lose the Power Top’s incredible one-touch convenience and rear power windows.

Vs. Freedom Top Hardtop

The Freedom Panels offer a bit more utility when off, but the Sky Top’s power operation is far easier and quicker. Open-air ability is similar.

Vs. Sunrider Flip-Back Sunroof

The manual Sunrider is a basic powered sunroof, not a full retractable top. The Sky Top takes convenience much further.

So in summary, the Power Top offers unmatched ease of use compared to Jeep’s other manual roof options. You pay more for that convenience though. Choose what matters most for your budget and needs.

What Owners Say About the Sky One-Touch Power Top?

Looking beyond specs and brochures, what’s the real owner experience like living with the Sky One-Touch Power Top?

Here’s what Wrangler owners report about the Power Top after putting it to the test:

  • “So easy my kids can open it!” Many owners rave about simple operation, with kids begging to push the roof button.
  • “This is what my Jeep always needed.” Fans say the power functionality is a game-changer compared to manual tops.
  • “Not something I really needed.” Some felt the power operation wasn’t essential for their needs and regret the extra cost.
  • “Love the sky view when only the front is open.” Owners like being able to partially retract just the front section.
  • “Don’t miss storing those heavy panels.” Most who upgraded from a manual top are thrilled to be rid of manually removing panels.

In general, owners who value convenience seem delighted with their Power Top purchase. It modernizes the Jeep roof experience. But more practical buyers aren’t always wowed by the added cost.

The Best Way to Use the Sky One-Touch Power Top

If you decide the Sky One-Touch Power Top is for you, what’s the best way to use its abilities for maximum driving enjoyment? Here are some tips:

  • Fully retract the roof on perfect sunny days to get the full convertible experience.
  • Partially open just the front section to keep rear passengers shaded on hot days.
  • Quickly close up when an unexpected rainstorm hits instead of pulling off to instal Freedom Panels.
  • Drop the rear windows when keeping the roof on to remove stale air.
  • Use the ability to open the roof on the move when off-roading to enjoy sudden scenic vistas.
  • Let rear seat passengers control their own window tinting with the power rear windows.
  • Give your Jeep a sleek, futuristic vibe by powering the roof down when parked.

The key to getting the most from the Sky One-Touch Power Top is taking advantage of its versatile partial opening abilities. Don’t just view it as fully open or closed – use all its configurations to customize your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sky Power Top

Let’s answer some of the most common questions Wrangler shoppers have about the Jeep Sky One-Touch Power Top:

Does it affect off-roading?

Minimally. The closed roof sits a bit lower than Freedom Panels, reducing ground clearance slightly. But open or closed, the Power Top is still fully trail-rated.

How noisy is it on the highway?

Expect similar noise to a basic soft top. It’s quieter than no top but louder inside than Freedom Panels or a hardtop.

Can I get it in a color other than black?

No, unfortunately the Power Top is only available in basic black fabric. But its sleek profile still looks great in black.

How reliable is the power mechanism?

By all reports it’s proven reliable, but being newer technology, only long-term testing will reveal durability.

Can it be manually operated if power fails?

No, there is no manual override if the power drive system fails. The top would need dealer service to be made operable again.

Does it work with other accessories like tinted top windows?

Yes, you can add zip-in windows or tinted panels just like other soft tops. The power open/close feature still works with add-ons.

We hope these key questions and answers help give you a full picture of the unique capabilities of the Sky One-Touch Power Top.

Should You Choose the Sky One-Touch Power Top?

After learning all about this advanced power soft top, the big question remains – should you choose the Sky One-Touch Power Top for your new Jeep Wrangler?

Here are some buyer profiles who will really appreciate the Sky Top’s unmatched convenience:

  • Off-roaders who want to easily manage the roof on the move on trails
  • Parents who need simple operation little hands can handle
  • Fun-seekers who will fully utilize the party-ready power retraction
  • Tech-lovers who want the latest innovations on their Jeep

But keep in mind these buyers who may not need the Sky Top’s extra complexity and cost:

  • Budget buyers who are happy with a manual soft top already
  • Minimalists who don’t want powered mechanisms that could fail
  • Frequent off-roaders who want maximum cargo space

Overall, we believe the Sky One-Touch Power Top is an outstanding innovation that brings exciting new talents to the Jeep Wrangler. For buyers who will truly benefit from its capabilities, it can be money very well spent rather than an unnecessary luxury.

The Bottom Line on Jeep’s Sky One-Touch Power Top

There’s a reason the Sky One-Touch Power Top has caused so much buzz since its debut. It retains everything Wrangler owners already love about the open-air Jeep lifestyle. But it adds a futuristic level of simplicity no other convertible roof can match.

For some buyers, the power functionality will be an absolute game-changer worth the premium price. For more budget-focused drivers, a manual soft top still gets the job done at a lower cost.

Either way, we applaud Jeep for continuing to evolve the iconic Wrangler with innovative features like this. The Sky One-Touch Power Top maintains the brand’s spirit of adventure while providing maximum flexibility to customize your experience.

If you’ve been holding off on joining the Jeep family until a more modern power-retractable roof was available, your wait is over. Let the Power Top help you fully embrace the Wrangler’s fun-loving, off-road ready personality in ways never before possible.

Try the Sky One-Touch Power Top for Yourself!

Reading reviews can only tell you so much. To truly appreciate the seamless open-air freedom the Sky One-Touch Power Top enables, you need to take one for a test drive!

Visit your Jeep dealer and ask to experience the Power Top firsthand on a new Wrangler. See how quick and easy it is to drop the top at the push of a button.

Once you try this automotive revolution yourself, you may never want to go back to manually handling a soft top again. The power and versatility brings open-air Jeep freedom into the modern world.

So drop the top, feel the wind, and see how the Sky One-Touch Power Top can transform your next outdoor adventure!

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