Common CFMoto UFORCE 600 Problems and How to Fix Them

CFMoto UFORCE 600 Problems

The CFMoto UFORCE 600 is one of the most popular mid-sized utility side-by-sides. With its powerful 580cc engine, comfortable cab, and rugged body-on-frame design, the UFORCE 600 appeals to outdoor enthusiasts looking for a hard-working and play-ready vehicle.

However, what are some of the common CFMoto UFORCE 600 problems owners should look out for? The quick answer is issues like fuel pump failure, CV boot tears, overheating, battery problems, misfires, and leaks. But don’t worry – most problems are fixable with basic mechanical skills and a repair manual.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover the top CFMoto UFORCE 600 problems, explain the symptoms of each issue, and provide tips to diagnose and fix many problems yourself. With proper maintenance and prompt repair, your UFORCE 600 can deliver years of reliable performance on the trails or work site.

Introduction to the CFMoto UFORCE 600

Before diving into the problems, let’s take a quick look at what makes the CFMoto UFORCE 600 tick…

The UFORCE 600 was introduced by CFMoto, a Chinese manufacturer known for their ATVs, motorcycles, and side-by-sides. They entered the North American utility vehicle market in 2009.

At the heart of the UFORCE 600 is a 580cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine mated to an automatic CVT transmission powering two or four wheels. With 48 HP and 36 ft-lbs torque, it has ample power for recreational and utility use.

The UFORCE features MacPherson struts upfront and dual A-arms with anti-sway bar in the rear for a plush ride. Large 26 or 27-inch tires provide ground clearance up to 12 inches to crest obstacles. Hydraulic disc brakes bring it to a halt.

In the cabin are two bucket seats with 3-point seat belts and doors on each side. The cargo bed holds up to 300 pounds. A 2000 pound towing capacity equips it for light work duties.

So in summary, the UFORCE 600 is positioned as a mid-sized, do-it-all side-by-side at an attractive price point. But what problems should owners expect? Let’s find out…

Common CFMoto UFORCE 600 Problems

Here we outline the most reported CFMoto UFORCE 600 problems based on owner experiences. We cover symptoms, causes, and solutions to get your UFORCE back on the trails.

1. Fuel Pump Failure

One of the most frustrating CFMoto UFORCE 600 problems is fuel pump failure. Symptoms of a bad fuel pump include:

  • Engine not starting or immediately dying after starting
  • Sputtering, stalling or loss of power while riding
  • Long cranking before engine starts

The fuel pump pushes gasoline from the tank to injectors. When it fails, the engine can’t get the fuel it needs to run properly.

What causes fuel pump failure? On the UFORCE 600, it seems the pumps themselves are prone to premature wear and electrical issues. Fuel contamination like dirt or varnish can also seize up the pump internals over time.

Diagnosing the problem involves first verifying fuel pressure coming from the pump. There should be around 40 psi. No pressure indicates pump failure. Also check for power getting to the pump when the key is on.

Replacing the fuel pump and filter is the fix in most cases. For access, you’ll need to remove the bed cargo box. Refer to a repair manual for detailed steps. Be sure to clean any fuel contamination from the tank when installing the new pump.

2. Torn CV Boots

The constant velocity (CV) joints on the UFORCE 600 front and rear drive axles are vulnerable to torn CV boots. These rubber boots keep dirt and grit out of the joints. When torn, contaminants wear down the joint leading to accelerated failure.

Symptoms of a damaged CV boot include:

  • Clicking or popping sounds when turning
  • Excess play felt in the axles
  • Grease splattered on inside of wheels
  • Visible tear or rip in rubber boot

Inspect the inner and outer CV boots closely for any cracks or holes. Also look for excessive grease splatter around the rims indicating leaks. Catch tears early before major joint damage occurs.

Replacing torn CV boots is recommended to prevent further contamination. The joint itself may need replacing if too worn. Take care to thoroughly clean joints and repack with fresh grease when installing new boots.

3. Overheating Problems

Another issue reported by CFMoto UFORCE 600 owners is overheating while riding or idling. Symptoms of overheating include:

  • High engine temperature warning light
  • Steam or coolant spraying from radiator
  • Loss of power as engine computer limits output
  • Sweet, odd smelling exhaust

When engine temperatures rise too high, it risks head gasket failure and other damage. What causes overheating on the UFORCE 600? Here are some common culprits:

  • Low coolant – Check radiator and overflow tank levels
  • Leaking hoses, gaskets, or water pump seals – Inspect for leaks
  • Defective radiator cap unable to hold pressure
  • Plugged radiator – Clean fins carefully
  • Stuck thermostat not opening – Test and replace
  • Cooling fan failure – Test fan operation

Start diagnosis by checking coolant level and inspecting the cooling system for leaks. Flush contaminated coolant and refill with a 50/50 antifreeze mix. Replace any defective cooling components like the thermostat or hoses. Keep radiator fins cleaned.

Providing the engine proper cooling will prevent harmful overheating conditions. Take action at the first sign of rising temperatures.

4. Premature Battery Failure

Some CFMoto owners report batteries dying prematurely, sometimes within months of purchasing. Symptoms of a worn out or defective battery include:

  • Dimming headlights when idling
  • Slow cranking or clicking sound when turning key
  • Battery gauge showing low charge
  • Eventual failure to start the engine

Why do some UFORCE 600 batteries fail so quickly? The OEM batteries may not handle vibration well or are undersized. Upgrading to an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery adds resilience.

Test battery voltage – it should be 12.6-12.8V with engine off. If low, charge fully and retest. Clean corroded battery connections. If it still discharges quickly, replacement is needed. When installing a new battery, avoid overtightening terminals.

Also have the charging system inspected – a defective stator or voltage regulator can fry new batteries in short order. Maintaining good batteries is key for reliable starting.

5. Engine Misfires

Engine misfires cause a loss of power or uneven surging feeling when accelerating. Misfires occur when fuel isn’t igniting properly in one or more cylinders.

On the UFORCE 600, common misfire causes include:

  • Fouled or dirty spark plugs
  • Malfunctioning fuel injector
  • Loss of compression in cylinder
  • Damaged ignition coil

Start diagnosis by inspecting the spark plugs – look for wetness or black carbon deposits indicating a rich fuel mixture. Replace plugs if fouled or over 10,000 miles old.

Next, check fuel injectors using resistance tests and atomization patterns. Replace any injectors not performing as expected.

An engine compression test can pinpoint compression loss related to piston ring, valve, or head gasket issues. Compare readings across cylinders – low cylinders are suspects.

While not typical, damaged ignition coils can prevent proper sparking. Swap coils between cylinders to isolate bad coils.

Addressing misfires promptly will restore lost performance and prevent further engine damage from detonation or overheating.

6. Other Issues

While the above are the most prevalent CFMoto UFORCE 600 problems, here are some other issues reported:

  • Leaking differentials – Gear oil leaks indicate worn axle seals. Reseal differentials to prevent contamination.
  • Faulty throttle position sensor – Check and replace TPS if throttle response is erratic or stalling occurs.
  • Slipping drive belt – Belt wear causes loss of CVT engagement. Replace worn belt. Check clutch tuning.
  • Bad wheel bearings – Inspect for play and noise in wheel hubs. Replace faulty bearings before they seize.
  • Electrical gremlins – Corroded grounds, loose connections, or sensor failures can cause hard-to-diagnose electrical issues. Methodically test circuits and components.

While no machine is problem-free, paying attention to potential trouble spots on the UFORCE 600 can help catch issues early. Proper care and maintenance makes a big difference in longevity and avoiding breakdowns.

How to Diagnose and Fix CFMoto UFORCE 600 Problems?

When issues do pop up, here are some general tips for troubleshooting problems on your CFMoto UFORCE 600:

1. Gather Symptoms and Run Diagnostics

Carefully note any symptoms – noises, leaks, dash lights, etc. Recreate the conditions if intermittent. Use OBD diagnostics to check fault codes if equipped. Record any clues to the cause.

2. Inspect Mechanical Systems

Look under the hood and undercarriage for anything obviously loose, damaged, or leaking. Check filters, fluids, belts,etc. Review maintenance records. Consider recent repairs.

3. Test Components

With symptoms pointing to a suspect system, further test components. Check alternator output, fuel pressure, compression readings, voltage drops in wiring, resistance across parts like solenoids, etc. Compare readings to specs.

4. Consult Repair Manual

Get a CFMoto UFORCE 600 repair manual either online or in print. Follow troubleshooting flowcharts and repair procedures specific to your model. Manuals outline required tools, measurements, and removal/installation steps.

5. Seek Help from Mechanic

Don’t be afraid to enlist a small engine or powersports repair shop for help if you get stuck diagnosing a problem. Their experience can quickly get you back on the trails.

Repairing issues promptly minimizes further damage and avoids breakdowns out on the trails. Fortunately, the UFORCE 600 uses standard automotive components that most DIYers can troubleshoot and service themselves, saving repair costs.

Preventing CFMoto UFORCE 600 Problems

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keeping up with regular maintenance goes a long way towards minimizing problems and keeping your CFMoto UFORCE running strong.

Here are some tips to help avoid issues:

  • Follow the factory maintenance schedule – Replace fluids, filters, plugs, etc. at prescribed intervals.
  • Inspect CV boots – Look for cracks/tears. Replace damaged boots before joints fail.
  • Clean radiator fins – Use compressed air to clear debris blocking air flow and causing overheating.
  • Keep battery charged and terminals clean– Avoid corrosion and ensure full output.
  • Wash ATV after use – Thoroughly clean mud or dust before it causes excessive wear.
  • Check tire pressures – Maintain even pressure across tires for proper contact patch.
  • Look for leaks/sounds – Investigate any new drips or noises which could indicate problems.
  • Fix problems early – Small issues often lead to larger ones if left unattended.

Following a diligent maintenance routine gives your UFORCE the best chance of years of reliable use.

Finding a Repair Shop You Can Trust

Unless you are highly skilled, tackling major engine, transmission, or suspension repairs on the UFORCE 600 requires a professional shop. But finding a shop you can trust can be tricky. Here are a few tips:

  • Ask other UFORCE owners nearby for shop recommendations. Word-of-mouth is valuable.
  • Look for a shop specializing in powersports, not just cars. Experience matters.
  • Shops displaying certifications like “CFMoto Authorized Service Center” have factory training.
  • Evaluate customer service reviews and ratings online. This reveals how others were treated.
  • Ask about the shop’s diagnostic capabilities. The right tools save time and money.
  • Request an estimate of repair costs including parts and labor rates upfront. Avoid open-ended wrenches on your wallet.

Taking time to find a qualified, customer-focused shop pays off in the long run with repairs done right the first time.

Keep Your CFMoto UFORCE Running Strong

While the CFMoto UFORCE 600 has its share of potential issues, none are beyond the ability of an savvy owner to handle themselves. Paying attention to any developing problems and addressing them promptly limits any downtime or major repairs.

With routine maintenance and care, the UFORCE 600 provides years of capable service. Just take time to understand the machine, learn proper troubleshooting tips, and foster a relationship with a trusted repair shop for major work.

Equipped with the knowledge in this guide, you can confidently handle common CFMoto UFORCE 600 problems as they occur and continue exploring those favorite trails. Here’s to many more miles of adventure!

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