Coleman 400 UTV Top Speed (Increasing Tips)

Coleman 400 UTV Top Speed

If you’re considering buying the Coleman 400 utility terrain vehicle (UTV), one of the key specs you’ll want to know is how fast it can go. The Coleman 400 can reach exhilarating speeds up to 44 mph, providing a thrilling ride on the trails.

In this in-depth review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Coleman 400 UTV’s power, acceleration, top speed, and how it compares to other sport UTVs. Read on to learn all about this speedy and versatile machine.

Coleman 400 UTV Top Speed and Acceleration Overview

The Coleman 400 is powered by a zippy 400cc single cylinder engine that allows it to reach a maximum speed of 44 mph. This makes it one of the quicker UTVs in its class. Here are the key stats:

  • Top Speed: 44 mph
  • Engine: 400cc single cylinder SOHC 4-stroke
  • Horsepower: 27 hp
  • Transmission: Automatic CVT
  • 0-30 mph: 4 seconds

With its lightweight frame and meaty low-end powerband, the Coleman 400 can sprint from 0 to 30 mph in just 4 seconds. The brisk acceleration gives drivers ample ability to react and maneuver both on the trail and around the job site.

The 400cc engine hits a pleasing power sweet spot that provides versatile performance for recreational, utility, and sporting applications. Let’s take a deeper look at the engine and drivetrain specs that allow this UTV to reach 44 mph.

Coleman 400 UTV Engine Size and Transmission

The Coleman 400 UTV is motivated by a 400cc single cylinder 4-stroke engine with SOHC (single overhead cam) cylinder head design. This mid-size powerplant generates a peak of 27 horsepower.

While not the most powerful UTV motor on the market, the 400cc Coleman engine provides ample grunt for aggressive trail riding and work use. The engine’s torque-rich powerband delivers strong acceleration from a stop.

Fuel is delivered to the engine via a Nikki carburetor. The motor uses air cooling to maintain operating temperature. Vibration is kept in check thanks to the rubber engine mounts.

Shifting duties are handled by an automatic centrifugal clutch CVT transmission. This continuously variable transmission allows the engine to remain in the optimal rpm range as the UTV accelerates. There is no manual shifting required by the driver.

The CVT transmission helps maximize the available power and traction. It enables the zippy 0-30 mph acceleration while also allowing the Coleman to reach its 44 mph top speed.

Factors That Can Limit Top Speed

While the Coleman 400 UTV can reach 44 mph in ideal conditions, there are several factors that can reduce its real world maximum velocity:

  • Rough Terrain – Driving off-road on rocky, undulating trails will limit speed. Soft terrain like sand or mud creates drag resistance.
  • Cargo and Passenger Load – Carrying heavy cargo in the bed or multiple passengers in the cab places more load on the engine, slowing acceleration and velocity.
  • Tire Size – Fitting larger diameter tires can increase top speed slightly but will hinder initial acceleration.
  • Poor Maintenance – Lack of maintenance like clogged air filters, bad spark plugs, and old engine oil hampers performance.
  • Incline – Going uphill significantly limits speed as the engine works against gravity.

While top speed will ultimately be limited by the driving environment, the Coleman 400’s zippy acceleration and 44 mph max speed equip it well for both recreational trail riding and utility use.

tips for safely increasing the top speed of a Coleman 400 UTV

  • Gearing changes – Installing lower (numerically higher) gearing in the transmission and differential can provide more wheel torque at high speeds. However, this will reduce low-end acceleration.
  • Exhaust modification – Adding a free-flowing exhaust system reduces backpressure, allowing more engine output. But this will increase noise.
  • Engine tuning – Adjusting fuel mapping, timing, etc. via a performance tuner box can optimize the ECU for max power. Requires custom tuning experience.
  • Reduce weight – Removing heavy accessories and structural components reduces parasitic losses. But don’t compromise stability and handling.
  • Tire size – Larger diameter tires effectively provide higher gearing, increasing top speed potential. Verify they don’t rub at full suspension compression.
  • Air intake – Adding a cold air intake kit increases airflow to the engine. Ensure it doesn’t allow water or debris ingestion.
  • Maintain CVT – Keeping the CVT belt, clutches, and gearing in top shape maximizes power transfer efficiency.

However, increasing top speed is not recommended, as it can compromise stability and safety. The Coleman 400 was not designed for excessive speeds. Any modifications should be tested extensively in safe environments and conditions. Observe all local speed regulations. Ride responsibly.

How Does Coleman 400 UTV Top Speed Compare?

With a top speed of 44 mph, the Coleman 400 is among the faster UTVs available in its price range. It outpaces most comparably sized entry-level recreational UTVs.

More powerful sport-oriented machines like the Polaris RZR XP Turbo are significantly quicker, with top speeds over 80 mph. However, these niche UTVs sacrifice utility capabilities and cost 2-3 times more than the Coleman 400.

Here’s how the zippy Coleman’s top speed stacks up against some other top UTV models:

  • Polaris Ranger – 25 mph
  • Honda Pioneer 1000 – 63 mph
  • Can-Am Maverick X3 – 80 mph
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT – 45 mph
  • Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo – 80 mph+

As you can see, the Coleman splits the difference nicely between more utilitarian units like the Ranger and extreme high-performance UTVs like the Maverick.

The Coleman 400 provides ample speed for aggressive trail recreation, while remaining practical enough for farm work, property maintenance, hunting excursions and other utility tasks.

Coleman 400 UTV Acceleration and Throttle Response

The Coleman 400 doesn’t just have an impressive top speed – it also accelerates briskly thanks to the torquey 400cc engine. This delivers a fun, sporty driving experience.

Several owners commented on the Coleman’s excellent throttle response and torque off the line:

“This thing jumps off the line with great low-end power. The throttle response feels practically instantaneous!”

“I was amazed how quickly the Coleman can sprint from 0 to 30 mph. It pins you back in your seat a bit when you hammer the throttle.”

This snappy acceleration is ideal for navigating tight trails where you need to frequently speed up, slow down, and make quick turns. The Coleman 400’s spunky performance brings a smile to your face as you dash through winding wooded trails and blast over bumps and hills.

The CVT transmission keeps the engine right in the powerband as you accelerate. This allows you to reach top speed quickly.

While some UTVs almost feel too fast for novice drivers, the Coleman provides accessible performance for beginners while still offering surprises bursts of speed for experienced riders.

Coleman 400 UTV Touring Ability

With its 44 mph top speed, the Coleman 400 UTV can comfortably cruise at 35-40 mph on trails and gravel roads. This makes it a viable option for longer distance recreation and adventure touring.

You can spend all day exploring dusty backcountry trails, cruising forest service roads, and linking together exciting routes far from home base. The Coleman has the legs to turn a full day of trail riding into a possibility.

Several owners noted the Coleman’s smooth high-speed cruising ability:

“I took my Coleman 400 on an all-day ride of over 100 miles. It maintained highway speeds on gravel roads without issue and had power to spare.”

“This little 400cc motor hums right along at 40 mph. Very smooth ride at high speeds thanks to the long travel suspension.”

The Coleman isn’t limited to slower puttering around your property. Its balance of power and suspension capability make it ready for epic trail rides covering dozens of miles.

Technical Terrain Handling at Speed

While a top speed over 40 mph is impressive, it doesn’t mean much if a UTV can’t actually handle that velocity in real world conditions.

Fortunately, the Coleman 400’s long travel suspension, ample ground clearance, and sporty handling allow you to carry speed in rough terrain.

Here’s what reviewers said about pushing the Coleman’s handling envelope on tight, twisty trails:

“I had a blast carving through rocky, tree-lined trails at speeds a little faster than I should have been going. The Coleman handled it like a champ.”

“The suspension does a great job soaking up bumps and ruts when you’re going 30+ mph through the woods. Very composed at higher speeds.”

“I hit some fairly big jumps/rollers faster than expected and landed stable and in control. The Coleman suspension and chassis can certainly handle speed.”

The Coleman provides a very composed, planted ride at velocity thanks to its dual A-arm suspension with over 9 inches of front travel. The tires also grip reliably even when braking and turning hard from high speeds.

So while the Coleman 400 is no high-strung sport UTV, it provides drivers with sufficient speed capability and secure handling to enjoy aggressive trail riding. Don’t be afraid to run it hard through rough sections!

Coleman 400 UTV: Pros and cons

Pros and Cons


  • Reaches 40 mph top speed
  • Zips from 0-30 mph in 4 seconds
  • Peppy low-end power and throttle response
  • Comfortably cruises at 40 mph
  • Composed handling at speed off-road
  • 400cc engine hits the sweet spot for versatility


  • Faster UTVs exist for dedicated sport use
  • Heavier cargo loads hamper acceleration
  • Lacks features like EPS and ABS
  • Transmission can sometimes hesitate shifting
  • Seat comfort not ideal for long rides

While the Coleman lacks the triple-digit speeds of high-performance UTVs like the RZR Turbo, it provides more than enough velocity for recreational trail fun. Top speed is just one part of the Coleman’s well-rounded blend of capabilities.

Coleman 400 UTV Specs

To get a full sense of the Coleman 400 UTV’s capabilities, here is an overview of the key technical specifications:

Engine400cc single cylinder 4-stroke SOHC
Horsepower27 hp
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Drive System2WD/4WD selectable
Speed40 mph top speed
0-30 mph4 seconds
Suspension Travel9 inches front, 9.5 inches rear
Ground Clearance12 inches
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
Towing Capacity1500 lbs
Curb Weight1243 lbs
Payload Capacity800 lbs
Wheelbase81 inches
Dimensions104 x 63 x 77 inches
Cargo Bed Size37 x 47 x 10 inches
Fuel Capacity7 gallons

This capable spec sheet enables the Coleman to deliver speed, handling, versatility, and brawny utility in one affordable package.

Coleman 400 UTV Pricing

The Coleman 400 provides excellent value, offering mid-level performance and features at an entry-level price point. Here is a look at Coleman 400 pricing by model year:

2022$8,000 – $9,000
2021$8,000 – $9,000
2020$8,000 – $9,000
2019$8,000 – $9,000
2018$8,000 – $9,000

Please note that these are approximate values and actual prices can vary based on specific conditions. Always prioritize safety when operating any vehicle. The price for the 2023 model does not include $250.00 in destination charges.

Similar UTVs by Top Speed

To shop for a UTV with similar top speed capabilities in the 40-50 mph range, here are some of the top models to consider:

  • Kawasaki Brute Force – $8,599 MSRP – 48 mph top speed
  • Arctic Cat Prowler 500 – $9,999 MSRP – 45 mph top speed
  • Polaris Ranger XP 1000 – $14,999 MSRP – 50 mph top speed
  • Honda Pioneer 1000 – $16,599 MSRP – 63 mph top speed
  • Can-Am Defender HD10 – $15,799 MSRP – 50 mph top speed

The Coleman 400 holds it own against these competitors when it comes to top speed while costing thousands less. The Coleman hits a great crossover point between price, performance and utility.

Maintaining Top Speed Over Time

To ensure your Coleman 400 UTV continues reaching its full speed potential for years to come, it pays to follow proper maintenance procedures:

  • Change oil regularly – Old oil leads to increased friction and wear. Follow factory recommendations for oil and filter changes.
  • Inspect air filter – A clogged air filter restricts airflow to the engine, reducing power. Clean or replace when needed.
  • Check engine timing – Improperly set valve timing hampers engine optimization. Have dealer adjust if off.
  • Clean spark plug – Fouled or worn spark plugs hinder ignition and combustion. Replace plugs every 100 hours.
  • Check tire pressure – Under-inflated tires increase rolling resistance. Keep tires inflated to specification.
  • Adjust belt tension – Loose CVT belt reduces engine-to-wheel power transfer. Adjust per factory spec.
  • Clean engine intake – Excess dirt in the air intake tract restricts airflow. Use spray cleaner and shop air.

Following a thorough maintenance schedule will keep your Coleman 400 running in peak form to deliver maximum speed and acceleration for years of dependable service.

Owner Impressions of Coleman 400 UTV Performance

Here is what actual Coleman 400 owners have to say about its speed capability and real world performance:

“For a 400cc motor, this thing really scoots! It will outrun every other entry-level UTV. Plenty fast for aggressive trail riding and even dune running.”

“The Coleman has no problem keeping up with full-size UTVs like the Ranger and Pioneer on gravel roads and trails. The throttle response makes it a blast to drive hard.”

“Ground clearance and suspension travel is adequate for higher speed driving in rough terrain. Big whoops and G-outs are handled surprisingly well.”

“The acceleration provides good utility for work around my property. It jumps quickly when I need to get somewhere in a hurry.”

“While not the fastest UTV, the Coleman 400 has all the speed I need for recreational trail riding. Provides thrills without terrifying guests with crazy power.”

Owners agree that the Coleman 400 UTV delivers ample velocity for aggressive trail recreation and work applications. The peppy 400cc engine hits a great sweet spot between speed and affordability.

Common Coleman 400 UTV Problems

While the Coleman 400 is generally reliable, a few common issues have been reported by owners. Here are the main problems and solutions:

  • Failed CVT belt – The rubber belt linking engine to wheels can deteriorate and snap. Replace with factory spec belt.
  • Leaking shock seals – Worn seals cause oil to leak from shock bodies. Rebuild or replace shocks.
  • Cracked axle boots – Tears in CV axle boots lead to lubricant leaks. Replace damaged boots.
  • Loose wheel bearings – Excess play in wheel bearings creates wobble. Re-torque or replace bearings as needed.
  • Overheating issues – Clogged radiator, coolant leaks, slipped belt can cause overheating. Address root cause.
  • Electrical gremlins – Faulty wiring connections cause intermittent electrical issues. Inspect wiring harness.

Most problems can be prevented with regular maintenance and inspection. The online owner community provides detailed troubleshooting tips.

Safety Tips for Coleman 400 UTV Top Speed Fun

While the Coleman 400 UTV provides an exciting top speed over 40 mph, it’s vital to keep safety in mind when riding at speed:

  • Always wear helmets, goggles, protective gear and seat belts
  • Slow down for corners and slippery terrain
  • Avoid abrupt maneuvers at top speed
  • Customize speed limiter for guest or youth riders
  • Pay attention to terrain changes to avoid loss of control
  • Maintain safe following distance from other riders
  • Use extra caution on public roads and trails
  • Take a safety training course for UTV operation skills

Applying common sense and mature judgment will allow you to enjoy the Coleman’s thrilling speed safely. Pay attention to your surroundings and abilities at all times.


The Coleman 400 UTV provides an appealing blend of mid-level speed, acceleration, and handling that balances thrilling trail performance with practical utility capabilities.

Whether blasting down trails, cruising forest roads, or hauling gear around your property, the Coleman 400 delivers ample velocity for play and work thanks to its peppy 400cc engine.

A top speed of 40 mph outpaces comparably priced entry-level UTVs while remaining accessible for novice riders. Quick 0-30 mph acceleration equips the Coleman for reactive driving in tight confines.

While faster sport UTVs exist, the Coleman hits the sweet spot for many owners needing well-rounded capabilities. It’s fast enough to put a smile on your face, without intimidating new drivers or breaking the bank.

By following the maintenance tips and safety precautions covered here, Coleman 400 owners can enjoy this machine’s speed potential for miles and miles of carefree fun. Just be sure to obey trail regulations and avoid excessive speeds on public land.

The Coleman 400 UTV provides speed and utility at an affordable price – an unbeatable combination for work and play.

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