CFMoto ATV Reviews: Common Problems, Issues, & Reliability Analysis

CFMoto ATV Reviews

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are extremely popular for recreation and utility use. With robust suspension, powerful engines, and rugged builds, they can conquer a wide range of terrains. Chinese manufacturer CFMoto produces a line of capable and affordable ATVs to compete with bigger brands. But how do CFMoto’s models compare, and which is the best choice for you?

After testing and reviewing CFMoto’s ATV lineup, we found the CFMoto CForce 600 to be the best overall choice for most riders. With ample power, smooth suspension, and great value, it hits the sweet spot between the smaller 500 and larger 1000 models. Below we cover every CFMoto ATV model in detail, comparing performance, features, and value. Read on to find the perfect CFMoto for your needs!

Overview of CFMoto ATV Models

CFMoto currently offers three ATV models in its CForce lineup, ranging from a entry-level 500cc to a powerful 1000cc flagship.

  • CForce 500: 499cc single cylinder engine, solid rear axle, manual transmission
  • CForce 600: 580cc twin cylinder engine, IRS, manual or automatic transmission
  • CForce 1000: 963cc triple cylinder engine, IRS, automatic transmission

In the following sections we’ll dive into the specs, pros, cons and key factors to consider for each model.

CFMoto CForce 500 Review

The CForce 500 is the most affordable model at just under $5,000 MSRP. Here are the key specs:

Engine: 499cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled, EFI Transmission: 5 speed manual Drive System: 2WD/4WD selectable Suspension: Double A-arm front, solid rear axle Brakes: Hydraulic discs front and rear Dimensions: 81 x 46 x 47 inches Wheelbase: 50 inches Ground Clearance: 10 inches Towing Capacity: 600 pounds

CForce 500 Pros

  • Smooth and responsive power: The 500cc engine provides good low end torque and smooth delivery across the RPM range. It can easily cruise at 50+ mph.
  • Nimble handling: Shorter wheelbase and light weight make it very agile on trails. Tight turns are no problem.
  • Affordable price: At under $5k, it’s one of the most affordable ATV models without feeling cheap.
  • Fuel efficient: Combined with the smaller engine, 2WD mode yields excellent fuel economy.

CForce 500 Cons

  • No power steering: Steering effort is higher, especially in 4WD or when towing. Riders may fatigue earlier.
  • Basic features: You miss out on premium features like independent rear suspension, EPS, etc.
  • Solid rear axle: Ride quality suffers without independent rear suspension. Handling rougher terrain becomes more challenging.

Overall the CForce 500 is a great entry-level ATV for recreational riding and light duty work. It’s an excellent value for the performance. The main trade-offs are higher steering effort and a stiffer ride quality.

CFMoto CForce 600 Review

Stepping up to the CForce 600 brings more power, smoother suspension, and improved features while still being reasonably affordable at $6,500 MSRP.

Engine: 580cc, twin cylinder, liquid cooled, EFI Transmission: 5 speed manual or automatic CVTech Drive System: 2WD/4WD selectable Suspension: Double A-arm front and rear (IRS) Brakes: Hydraulic discs front and rear with ABS Dimensions: 86 x 48 x 49 inches Wheelbase: 54 inches
Ground Clearance: 11 inches Towing Capacity: 1100 pounds

CForce 600 Pros

  • Smooth twin cylinder power: The 580cc engine feels very responsive with strong mid-range punch. It’s comfortable at highway speeds.
  • Plush suspension: Front and rear independent suspension soaks up bumps and provides a smoother ride.
  • Great value: More power, better suspension, and improved features over the 500 for just $1500 more.
  • EPS model available: Electric power steering takes effort out of turning and makes long rides easier.

CForce 600 Cons

  • Heavier than 500: Tipping scales over 600 lbs, it loses some agility of the 500. Still quite nimble for its size.
  • Features can get pricey: Adding options like EPS, aluminum wheels, and automatic transmission raises the price.

With its excellent balance of power, comfort, features, and value the CForce 600 is our top overall choice in CFMoto’s ATV lineup. The IRS and EPS take the riding experience to the next level.

CFMoto CForce 1000 Review

As CFMoto’s flagship ATV, the CForce 1000 cranks things up to 11 with a big bore 963cc triple cylinder engine, fully loaded features, and luxury details. But you’ll pay for it with an MSRP around $11,000.

Engine: 963cc, triple cylinder, liquid cooled, EFI
Transmission: Automatic CVTech Drive System: 2WD/4WD/Diff Lock Suspension: Double A-arm front and rear, FOX IRS Brakes: Hydraulic discs with ABS Dimensions: 93 x 48 x 53 inches Wheelbase: 60 inches Ground Clearance: 12.6 inches Towing Capacity: 1500 pounds

CForce 1000 Pros

  • Extremely powerful: The 963cc triples churn out abundant torque across the RPM range. It absolutely flies.
  • Luxurious ride quality: FOX shocks and fully adjustable IRS suspension smooth out any terrain.
  • Loaded with features: EPS, ABS, aluminum wheels, winch, and LED lighting come standard.
  • High towing capacity: A stout 1500 pound tow rating makes quick work of heavy loads.

CForce 1000 Cons

  • Very expensive: Over $11k is steep for an ATV. You can get a side-by-side UTV for similar money.
  • Big and heavy: It’s a handful for less experienced riders. Slow maneuvering takes extra effort.

While undeniably capable, the CForce 1000 is overkill for most recreational riders. It’s a better fit for ranching and heavy utility use where its brawn and features are put to good use.

Key Factors to Consider

When choosing your ideal CFMoto ATV, there are several factors to keep in mind:


Larger engines produce more peak horsepower, but also greater torque for towing and hill climbing. 500cc models have sufficient grunt for most needs. The 963cc triple is in a different league.

Transmission choice ranges from manual on the 500 to automatic on the 1000. The 600 offers both. Most recreational riders prefer the ease of an automatic.

Towing capacity ranges from 600 pounds on the 500 to a hefty 1500 pounds on the CForce 1000. Match this to your expected towing needs.

Ride Quality and Handling

Independent rear suspension (IRS) improves comfort by allowing each rear wheel to move separately. The 500 has a solid axle while the 600 and 1000 get IRS. Combine with shock tunes for a plush ride.

Power steering takes the effort out of turning. The 500 requires more arm strength than the EPS models at low speeds and when stopped.

Larger models feel more stable at speed but are less nimble. The 500 is light and flickable on trails. The 600 balances stability and agility.


The 500 comes with baseline features like hydraulic disc brakes, front racks, and DC power outlet.

The 600 adds desirable extras like digital gauges, EPS option, aluminum wheels, and 2″ receiver hitch.

The 1000 is packed with premium features: FOX suspension, 14″ cast wheels, winch, ABS, and LED lighting.


Important safety features include seat belts, side nets, front brush guard, and heel guards. Look for these on any ATV.

Skid plates and a strong steel frame protect crucial components from impacts underneath.

Roll over protection systems (ROPS) deploy to create protective zones if the vehicle rolls.

Reliable hydraulic disc brakes provide strong stopping power. ABS further improves braking control.

Cost and Value

The CForce 500 starts under $5,000, an excellent value for a capable entry-level ATV.

Moving up to the CForce 600 adds more features and improved ride quality for around $1,500 more, maintaining CFMoto’s reputation for value.

The CForce 1000 aims for luxury with its plush suspension, loaded features, and powerful engine but costs over $11,000. Hard to justify for recreational use.

Overall CFMoto ATVs provide performance and capability that competes with bigger brands at very attractive pricing. The 600 hits the best balance.

Frequently Asked CFMoto ATV Questions

What is the best CFMoto ATV?

For most riders, we think the CFMoto CForce 600 is the best option. It strikes a perfect balance of power, comfort, features, and price.

Are CFMoto ATVs reliable?

Yes, CFMoto ATVs have proven to be quite reliable when properly maintained. The brand is steadily growing in recognition in North America. Their ATVs typically rival Japanese brands for reliability.

How do CFMoto ATVs compare to Honda or Polaris models?

CFMoto offers similar performance and features at significantly lower cost. Their fit and finish may not be quite as refined, but they provide excellent capability for the money.

Are CFMoto ATVs good for beginners?

The CForce 500 is an excellent starter ATV with its lower seat height, smooth power, and lighter handling. The 600 is also beginner-friendly when equipped with power steering.

What is the top speed of CFMoto ATVs?

The 500cc model reaches around 60 MPH max. The 600cc can hit 70 MPH. The large 963cc engine propels the CForce 1000 to over 80 MPH at top speed.


CFMoto produces a compelling range of ATVs that compete with leading brands at more affordable pricing. After testing their lineup, we found the CForce 600 to be the best overall package with its smooth twin-cylinder engine, comfortable IRS suspension, and excellent value just over $6,000. The CForce 500 is a great budget-friendly option under $5,000, while the luxurious CForce 1000 borders on overkill for most recreational riders. Ultimately CFMoto provides a viable alternative for ATV buyers looking for strong performance and features without the premium price tag.

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