Ultimate Review of 2015 Can-Am DS 450 ATV

Ultimate Review of 2015 Can-Am DS 450 ATV

Have you been looking for a powerful, race-ready ATV that can conquer motocross tracks, trails, and everything in between? The 2015 Can-Am DS 450 may be the perfect fit. This sport ATV packs impressive performance into a nimble, lightweight package ready for the podium.

In this detailed review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the 2015 Can-Am DS 450 and help you decide if it’s the right high-performance ATV for your needs. We’ll take an in-depth look at the engine, suspension, features, trim models, accessories, and more. Whether you’re an aspiring racer or experienced rider looking for a new adrenaline rush, read on to learn all about this exciting Can-Am model!

Overview Of The High-Performance Can-Am DS 450 ATV

The Can-Am DS 450 is a sport ATV model first introduced in 2008. It’s built around a powerful Rotax 450 single-cylinder 4-stroke engine and designed for motocross, racing, dunes, trails – anywhere speed and nimble handling are required.

Can-Am offers the DS 450 in several trim packages:

  • DS 450 – The base model with essential performance features.
  • DS 450 X – Adds upgraded suspension and wheels for motocross.
  • DS 450 X xc – Built for cross-country riding with different tires and gearing.

No matter which version you choose, the DS 450 delivers podium-worthy performance thanks to its incredible power-to-weight ratio. This ATV is lightweight and agile, yet packs the acceleration and speed to outrun the competition.

2015 Can-Am DS 450 Specifications

Engine449.7cc Rotax single cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke
Bore x Stroke97 x 60.8 mm
Compression Ratio11.5:1
Fuel System46mm EFI throttle body
Transmission5-speed manual
Wheelbase51.0 in.
Ground Clearance12 in.
Dry WeightApproximately 345 lb.
Front SuspensionDouble A-arm with KYB HPG piggyback shocks, 9.2 in. travel
Rear SuspensionSwingarm with KYB HPG piggyback shocks, 8.8 in. travel
Front/Rear BrakesHydraulic disc 214mm / 205mm
Front/Rear Tires20 x 6 x 10 / 20 x 10 x 9

The High-Performance Rotax 450 Engine

The beating heart of the DS 450 is its advanced Rotax 450 engine. This 449.7cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder powerplant provides an ideal mix of top-end speed and low-end torque.

Some key engine features and specs include:

  • 449.7cc displacement
  • Liquid cooling with fan-assist
  • 46mm throttle body with EFI
  • Electric and kick starting
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • 97 x 60.8 mm bore and stroke
  • 11.5:1 compression ratio
  • Est. 43 horsepower

This Rotax engine stands out for its high-performance design. It uses electronic fuel injection (EFI) and a 46mm throttle body for optimized airflow. The engine offers the largest bore in its class at 97mm for maximum power. It also has the largest intake valves (36mm) of any 450cc ATV engine thanks to the DOHC 4-valve head.

The result is an ATV motor that churns out tons of low-end torque yet screams all the way to its 9500 RPM redline. It provides incredible power delivery across the entire RPM range. Whether you’re launching off the line, railing berms, or blasting through the whoops, the DS 450 has the performance you need.

How Fast Can A DS 450 Go? Top Speed Of The DS 450

One of the key specs riders want to know for a high-performance ATV like the DS 450 is its top speed capabilities. With its race-tuned 450cc engine, this Can-Am has some serious straight-line speed.

Here are some details on how fast you can expect a properly running DS 450 to go:

  • Peak Speed – The DS 450 is geared to hit a maximum of around 77 to 80 MPH when conditions are ideal. This top speed figure assumes an unrestricted, stock machine on a flat surface.
  • Real World Speed – When riding off-road on trails, motocross tracks, etc., expect peak speeds of 55-65 MPH depending on terrain. Sand, hills, and other factors will lower achievable speed.
  • Acceleration – The DS 450 can rocket from 0 to 30 MPH in about 2.5 seconds thanks to its incredible power-to-weight ratio. It pulls hard throughout the RPM range when you crack open the throttle.
  • Gearing Effects – The DS 450 X xc model comes with lower gearing more suited for trail riding. This also lowers its overall top speed slightly compared to the track-focused DS 450 X.
  • Conditions – Rider weight, elevation, sand or mud, headwinds, and rolling resistance can all impact maximum speed. A smooth high-speed trail or motocross track presents ideal conditions.

So while the DS 450 is certainly no slouch, its top speed does depend on gearing, conditions, and other factors. In optimal situations, speeds of up to around 80 MPH are possible on this expert-level sport quad. But for most off-road use, expect moderate speeds but incredible acceleration and reactive handling.

Race-Ready Chassis, Suspension, and Handling

A high-performance ATV needs a chassis, suspension, and handling capabilities to match. The Can-Am DS 450 delivers with its race-bred components.

The backbone of the DS 450 is its rigid chromoly steel frame paired to a lightweight R-type cast aluminum swingarm. The swingarm uses a strong yet lightweight hollow rear axle design.

Up front, the double A-arm suspension uses preload and compression adjustable KYB HPG piggyback shocks to soak up bumps and landings. The rear swingarm suspension also gets high-end KYB piggyback shocks with preload, rebound and compression adjustment. This advanced suspension gives you the ability to fine tune the DS 450 for any riding style or track condition.

Stopping power comes from hydraulic disc brakes measuring 214mm up front and 205mm in the rear – more than enough for control in any situation.

The DS 450 rolls on aluminum wheels wrapped in Maxxis tires (unless you opt for the xc model with different rubber). Standard tires are 20” x 6” at both ends.

With its dialed-in ergonomics and lightweight feel, the DS 450 carves up corners and handles like a dream. The chromoly steel and aluminum construction help keep weight down to a scant 292 pounds dry on the base model. This feathery curb weight makes the DS 450 an absolute blast to maneuver on the motocross track.

DS 450 X Trim Models for Motocross and Cross Country

As mentioned, Can-Am offers the DS 450 X and DS 450 X xc variants with enhancements tailored for motocross and cross country riding.

The DS 450 X gets upgraded suspension, wider foot pegs, a larger rear brake rotor, and wheels designed for motocross. It comes equipped with aluminum beadlock wheels so you can run ultra-sticky moto tires and ignore the possibility of pinch flats.

The DS 450 X xc also gets specialized wheels and tires, but they’re optimized for cross country riding. It comes with different gearing that provides more low end grunt for trails. The xc also has a larger fuel tank and revised ergonomics to stand up to miles of rough terrain.

No matter which version you pick, the DS 450 platform provides a thrilling ride on the track or trails. Choose the model that aligns with how you plan to use this awesome ATV.

Unleash the DS 450’s High Performance

With its stiff chassis, dialed suspension, and the unrelenting power of the Rotax 450 engine, the DS 450 begs to be pushed to its limits. This ATV offers stunning acceleration whether you’re launching out of corners or blasting down straightaways.

The power delivery makes the DS 450 a joy to ride when the throttle is pinned. It pulls hard through every bit of its powerband as the revs rise. The precise fuel injection and throttle response give you exact control of the output.

Hit the whoops at speed and the long travel suspension soaks up the impacts while the stiff frame remains composed. Attack berms and the DS 450 carves a clean arc, using its lightweight design and narrow profile to dip and dive.

No matter if you’re hammering through rhythm sections or railing endless desert whoops, this Can-Am eats it all up. The DS 450 begs for aggressive riding and has the capability to handle it.

Essential Upgrades and Accessories

While the DS 450 is potent in stock form, ATV racers are always looking for every competitive edge. Here are some of the most popular upgrades and accessories DS 450 owners add:

  • Exhaust – An aftermarket exhaust like the Yoshimura RS-4 Slip-On can add horsepower, save weight, and give you louder, better sound.
  • ECU Tuning – Get custom EFI tuning to maximize power gains from exhausts and intake kits.
  • Suspension – Upgrade to high end shocks like Fox Podiums to get the ultimate performance and adjustability.
  • Wheels – Switch to DOT beadlock wheels for the ability to run sticky low-profile tires.
  • Protection – Add heavy-duty skid plates, guards, and bars like the Pro Armor X-Factor components to protect against trail damage.
  • Ergonomics – Upgrade handlebars, grips, seats, and levers to customize the fit.
  • Airbox and Filter – Install a high-flow filter kit to allow increased airflow.

The options for boosting performance and durability are nearly endless when upgrading a machine like the DS 450. Work with reputable companies to customize the ATV for your needs and riding style.

Owning and Maintaining the Can-Am DS 450

If you’re considering purchasing a new DS 450 for your future motocross domination or trail adventures, here are some ownership considerations:

  • Used pricing – Expect to pay around $4000-$7000 for a used example in good condition.
  • Common repairs – Valves may need occasional adjustment. The clutch and other consumable parts can wear over time.
  • Parts availability – Parts are readily available through Can-Am dealers and many standard retailers.
  • Routine maintenance – Follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual for fluid changes, checks, etc.
  • Repair costs – Repairs are very reasonable compared to exotic sportbikes. DIY work can save money.

As a whole, the DS 450 is regarded as a reliable and durable machine that responds well to proper care and maintenance. Keep up with routine services, inspect wear parts, and fix any issues promptly to keep your Can-Am running at its best.

ModelMSRPUsed Price Range
DS 450$8,999$4,000 – $6,500
DS 450 X$9,549$5,000 – $7,000
DS 450 X xc$9,649$5,500 – $7,500

Prices shown are in USD. Used pricing varies based on condition, mileage, and modifications.

Key Safety Tips for DS 450 Riders

The Can-Am DS 450 serves up stunning speed and performance. Here are some key tips to stay safe while enjoying this powerful machine:

  • Always wear helmets, protective gear, and riding boots when on the ATV. Safety equipment can prevent serious injuries.
  • Take time to get familiar with the DS 450’s handling traits before pushing the limits. Work up to full pace gradually.
  • Use caution in wet conditions – the high horsepower can break traction easily in rain or snow. Reduce speed.
  • Don’t override your skills or vision by riding beyond your line of sight at excessive speeds.
  • Study the owner’s manual and understand how to operate the DS 450 properly before hitting trails.
  • Maintain your machine and replace worn components to prevent failures or crashes.
  • Attend a hands-on training course to hone your ATV handling skills if new to the sport.

Stay safe out there, ride within your limits, and enjoy the thrilling performance of the DS 450!

How Does the DS 450 Compare to Other Sport ATVs?

The 2015 DS 450 went head-to-head with similar big-bore sport ATVs from other brands like:

  • Yamaha YFZ450R
  • Honda TRX450R
  • Kawasaki KFX450R
  • Suzuki QuadRacer R450

The Can-Am DS 450 more than holds its own in this competitive set. Key advantages include:

  • Superior peak power thanks to the Rotax engine’s large bore, intake valves, and EFI.
  • A visibly larger throttle body than rival models for optimized airflow.
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio that makes the DS 450 exceptionally quick.
  • Race-ready suspension and chassis components on par with the rivals.
  • Adjustable suspension that can be tuned for different conditions.

The DS 450’s stellar powerplant gives it an edge over the competition when the gate drops. This ATV has the sheer grunt and nimble handling to beat its peers off the line and out of the corners.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Can-Am DS 450

Here are answers to some common questions about the 2015 DS 450:

Does the DS 450 Come with a Warranty?

Yes, it has a standard 6 month factory warranty from Can-Am. Extended protection plans are available too.

What is the Curb Weight?

Around 292 pounds dry for the base DS 450 model. The xc is slightly heavier.

What Tires Does it Come With?

Maxxis tires (20” front, 20” rear) on the standard DS 450. The X variants get specialized rubber.

Is the DS 450 Fuel Injected?

Yes, it uses electronic fuel injection with a 46mm throttle body for optimized engine performance.

Is There a 2022 DS 450 Model?

No, the DS 450 was last made in 2015 before being discontinued. Only used models are available now.

How Much Does a Used DS 450 Cost?

Used pricing averages $4,000 – $7,000 depending on year, condition, mileage, and extras.

Conclusion – A Thrilling High-Performance ATV

After reviewing all of the features and capabilities of the 2015 Can-Am DS 450, one thing is clear – this ATV is built for racing, riding fast, and conquering trails.

Between the high-revving Rotax 450 engine, dialed-in suspension, and nimble handling, the DS 450 has what it takes to conquer motocross tracks, desert terrain, woods courses, and more.

If you crave an ultra-quick, high-output ATV that begs to be pushed hard, the Can-Am DS 450 is an outstanding choice. This potent performer can hang with rivals from all the major manufacturers while offering its own unique advantages.

So if you’re searching for your next adrenaline rush on four wheels, be sure to keep the DS 450 on your shopping list!

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