Can Am Maverick R Top Speed: Making Faster

Can Am Maverick R Top Speed

If you’ve ever gotten behind the wheel of a Can Am Maverick R, you’ve likely wondered just how fast this beast of a UTV can really go. With its powerful engine, optimized clutching, and sport-tuned suspension, the Maverick R is built for speed and thrills.

But what’s the actual top speed for stock and modified Maverick R models? Can it really hit 60 mph in under 5 seconds as advertised? And how does it compare to other top sport UTVs on the market?

In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Can Am Maverick R’s top speed capabilities, acceleration, engine performance, and how it stacks up against the competition.

Overview Of The Can Am Maverick R UTV

First introduced in 2019, the Maverick R is the pinnacle of Can Am’s sport-focused Maverick lineup. It takes the raw power of the Maverick X3 platform and optimizes it for blazing fast speed runs through the dunes and desert landscapes.

Some key features and specs of the Can Am Maverick R:

  • Engine: 240 horsepower turbocharged and intercooled Rotax 999T triple-cylinder engine with sophisticated electronic fuel injection
  • Drivetrain: QRS-X transmission with extra-low L gear perfect for fast acceleration
  • Suspension: Industry-leading FOX 2.5 PODIUM RC2 Piggyback shocks with bypass and 24-way compression damping adjustability
  • Chassis: Lightweight but durable High Molecular Weight chassis construction to balance performance handling with strength
  • Ergonomics: Low seating position for a secure feel behind the wheel and optimized center of gravity

With its powerful turbocharged engine, race-tuned FOX suspension, and superior traction and control features, the Maverick R has the performance pedigree required to achieve insane top speeds while still inspiring driver confidence.

Stock Maverick R Top Speed

So what kind of top speed can you expect to reach with a stock Can Am Maverick R right off the showroom floor?

According to Can Am’s official stats and reported speed testing, the stock Maverick R tops out at 100 mph at maximum speed.

This high top speed is made possible thanks to the Maverick R’s 240 horsepower turbocharged Triple-Cylinder Rotax 999T engine. The sophisticated electronic fuel injection system enables precise control over the air-fuel mixture for optimal power delivery across the RPM range.

In stock form, Can Am rates the Maverick R as being capable of going 0-60 mph in just 4.9 seconds. This incredible acceleration comes from the engine’s impressive torque output and the QRS-X transmission’s extra-low gearing suited for fast launches and rapid upshifts.

To achieve these maximum speed ratings, Can Am conducts its speed testing under controlled conditions with safety drivers onboard. Testing is done on closed courses or in remote areas away from traffic and obstacles.

Of course, always use proper judgment if pushing a UTV anywhere near its top speed limit. These high velocities can quickly become dangerous if not approached carefully and skillfully.

How The Maverick R Engine Enables The High Top Speed?

The Can-Am Maverick R is powered by a 240 hp turbocharged and intercooled Rotax 999T triple-cylinder engine. This sophisticated powerplant gives the Maverick R superior speed by several key factors:

High horsepower output

At 240 hp, the Rotax 999T brings more than enough power to push the Maverick R to its high top speed given its optimized drivetrain and lightweight chassis. More ponies under the hood directly translates to higher speed potential.

Broad powerband

The Maverick R’s turbocharged engine makes peak torque at lower RPMs and sustains it across a wide band. This gives you solid acceleration whether launching from a stop or reaching for higher speeds.

Triple-cylinder design

With three cylinders, the engine delivers power more efficiently by reducing pulsations and vibration compared to a twin-cylinder. The smooth delivery enables building speed quickly.

Advanced electronics

Precision electronic fuel injection maximizes combustion efficiency. The ECU finely calibrates the air-fuel ratio for optimized performance at all RPM levels.

Efficient turbocharger

The turbo rapidly spools to eliminate lag early in the RPM range. Boost pressure then increases to pile on power through the mid and upper RPM levels.

The sum of these features allows the Rotax 999T to pump out the sheer grunt required to push the Maverick R to its max speed while maintaining superb rideability.

How The Maverick R Hits 60 MPH In Just 4.9 Seconds?

In addition to its high top speed, Can-Am touts the Maverick R as being capable of rocketing from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.9 seconds. This impressive acceleration is on par with many sports cars. So how does the Maverick R pull it off?

Raw horsepower and torque

These are certainly key ingredients, but the Maverick R optimizes several other elements to enable its fast acceleration band:

Low-end torque

The turbocharger eliminates lag down low in the RPM range so torque pours on instantly when accelerating from a stop.

Transmission gear ratios

The QRS-X transmission utilizes extra-low gearing giving tremendous mechanical leverage for launches and rapid upshifts.

Clutch engagement

Smart clutching provides quick yet smooth power delivery to the wheels as RPMs rise.

Chassis design

The lightweight chassis construction and low center of gravity aid fast launch dynamics and traction.


At 90 inches, the Maverick R has a tighter wheelbase than wider side-by-side UTVs giving it more agile handling.

When combined, these performance factors allow the Maverick R to transfer every ounce of engine power to forward momentum in a rapid, controlled manner. It wastes no time clawing to 60 mph and beyond.

What Speed Is Safe In A UTV?

While the Can-Am Maverick R is certainly capable of eye-watering speed, how fast should you actually drive one of these vehicles? What’s considered a “safe” top speed?

The Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice published by the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) offers these UTV speed guidelines:

  • On paved roads, limit top speed to 35 mph or less
  • On unpaved roads and trails, do not exceed 50 mph
  • Use additional caution on hilly, loose, or slippery terrain

Exceeding these recommendations significantly elevates the risks of:

  • Losing control and rolling the vehicle
  • Collisions due to limited visibility and stopping distance
  • Ejections if occupants are not wearing seat belts
  • Damage from terrain impacts at high speed

While advanced models like the Maverick R offer impressive high-performance potential, they still share the same stability and safety concerns inherent to UTVs. Even professional drivers approach top speeds with extreme care.

Consider the conditions and your own skills before pushing any UTV to its limits. Prioritize control and safety above all else.

Common Maverick R Mods to Increase Top Speed

While the stock Maverick R already boasts an stout top speed, many owners still can’t resist modifying their machines to go even faster.

Some popular mods to eke out higher maximum velocity include:

  • Intake systems – Aftermarket intakes like snorkels increase airflow to allow more boost and power from the turbo engine.
  • Intercoolers – Upgraded intercoolers bring down charge air temps for denser intake and stronger combustion.
  • Exhaust systems – Complete exhausts reduce backpressure and flow restriction to let the engine breathe better at high RPM.
  • Engine tuners – Custom ECU tuning eliminates the speed limiter and optimizes ignition timing, boost, and fueling for more top-end power.
  • Clutch kits – Stage kits change clutch engagement and gear ratios for faster acceleration and higher speed in each gear.
  • Wheels and tires – Larger-diameter wheels with 29 to 31 inch tall tires raise top speed by reducing drivetrain RPM at a given vehicle speed.

With the right combination of mods, experienced Maverick R drivers report reaching 100+ mph. But this much speed demands serious driving skills and judgment.

How Does the Maverick R Top Speed Compare to Other Sport UTVs?

The Can Am Maverick R sits at the pinnacle of high-performance sport UTV offerings from major manufacturers. But how does it stack up to competitors when it comes to max speed?

Here’s a look at top speed capabilities of other top sport UTV models:

  • Polaris RZR Turbo S – Stock top speed of 80 mph, tuned for 90+ mph
  • Yamaha YXZ1000R SS – Stock top speed around 80 mph, 100+ mph modified
  • Arctic Cat Wildcat XX – Stock top speed 87 mph, can hit 100+ mph modified

The Maverick R is right in the mix hitting 87 mph in stock form just like the Wildcat XX. When modified, it can also reach 100+ speeds like the YXZ and RZR.

The Maverick R does hold an advantage in 0-60 mph acceleration hitting sub-5 seconds times that none of the competitors can quite match stock for stock.

But all of these sport-minded machines offer incredible performance potential in stock and modified form. Ultimately the Can Am’s triple-cylinder engine gives it a leg up on rival two-cylinder motors for top speed supremacy.

Key Takeaways on Maverick R Top Speed

Here are some key takeaways on the Can Am Maverick R’s impressive top speed and performance:

  • Stock Maverick R models reach 100 mph top speed from the factory due to the 240 hp turbocharged engine.
  • The Maverick R accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds with the X rs package – among the fastest UTV launches.
  • The triple-cylinder Rotax Ace engine provides smooth, linear power delivery ideal for high speed runs.
  • Experienced owners can reach 100+ mph with intake, clutch, turbo and gearing modifications to remove the limiter.
  • Exercise extreme caution and skill if operating at high speeds – UTV rollovers and collisions can be deadly. Prioritize control.

So while the Can Am Maverick R offers incredible speed potential, it’s critical to temper its performance with mature judgment. Master lower speeds before exploring the limits. And always keep safety the top priority during UTV operation.


The Can-Am Maverick R stands at the forefront of high-performance UTV engineering. Its stout 240 horsepower Rotax 999T engine, optimized clutching, and race-bred chassis enable it to reach an astounding 100 mph top speed right off the showroom floor.

With additional mods, experienced drivers can unlock 100+ mph potential. But with this incredible speed comes significant risk if not approached carefully. New and novice UTV drivers should maintain reasonable speeds and prioritize developing vehicle control skills.

While the Maverick R may be built for blazing velocity across open dirt, ultimately the most important goal is getting back home safely. Use your best judgment, take it slow at first, and always wheel within your limits. Speed will come naturally as your experience grows.

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