Hammerhead 250 Go Kart Twister Specs, Price & Review 2024

hammerhead 250 go kart twister specs, price & review 2023

Are you searching for an off-road go kart that packs serious power at an affordable price? Look no further than the Hammerhead 250cc Twister go kart!

With its rugged construction and 247cc engine, the Hammerhead 250 Twister delivers thrilling speed and nimble handling to dominate trails and backroads.

In this 2024 review, we’ll dive into all the key specs, features, performance metrics, and pricing details you need to know about the Hammerhead 250 Twister go kart model.

Whether you’re a recreational rider or avid racer, read on to see if the Hammerhead 250cc Twister is the right fit for your off-road adventures!

A Brief Background on Hammerhead Motors

Before jumping into the Twister 250 itself, let’s take a quick look at Hammerhead Motors – the company behind this rugged go kart.

Founded in 2007, Hammerhead Motors aims to provide affordable, high-performance off-road vehicles for work and recreation. Their lineup includes ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, and go karts.

The brand is focused on delivering powerful models packed with innovative features at accessible price points. Their vehicles excel at tackling tough trails and technical terrain.

Within the go kart segment, the Hammerhead 150cc Shredder established the company as a force. The Twister 250 builds on that momentum, bringing more power and top-end speed to dominate the trails.

Okay, now that you know who’s behind this go kart, let’s move onto the Twister 250 itself!

Introducing the Hammerhead 250cc Twister Go Kart

The Hammerhead Twister 250 go kart first arrived on the scene for the 2020 model year. It instantly made waves with its brawny 247cc engine pumping out 15 horsepower.

With thick tires, dual rear suspension, and muscular bodywork, this go kart looked ready to devour muddy trails right off the showroom floor.

Now entering its fourth year of production, the 250cc Twister remains a top choice for recreational riders and racers wanting mid-sized power and speed. The 2023 model rolls out with a few key upgrades too.

Let’s dig into the specs and features that make the Hammerhead Twister 250 so popular in the off-road go kart world:

Hammerhead 250 Twister Go Kart Specs

The Hammerhead Twister 250’s engine, transmission, chassis, and other specs equip it for trails and racing alike. Here are the key technical details:

  • Engine: 247cc 4-stroke single cylinder, air cooled
  • Horsepower: 15 hp
  • Top Speed: 45 mph
  • Fuel Type: Unleaded 87 octane
  • Transmission: Automatic CVT
  • Tires: All-terrain knobby 15″ tires
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
  • Weight: 575 lbs dry weight
  • Dimensions: 75″ L x 55″ W x 47″ H

With 15 horsepower churning from its 247cc powerplant, the Twister 250 hits 45 mph to outrun rivals on straightaways.

An automatic CVT transmission keeps acceleration smooth as the rpm climb. All wrapped in a rugged steel tube frame weighing under 600 pounds.

Engine247cc, 4-stroke single cylinder, air cooled
15 horsepower
Electric push button start
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Top Speed45 mph
0-60 mphEstimated under 6 seconds
Chassis/FrameSteel tube chassis with integrated roll cage
SuspensionDual A-arm independent rear suspension with adjustable shocks
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes front and rear
Tires15″ all-terrain knobby tires
SteeringRack and pinion, 3.5 turns lock-to-lock
Fuel Capacity5 gallons
Fuel Type87 octane unleaded
SeatingBucket seats with 4-point harnesses for 2 occupants
Weight575 lb dry weight
Length75 inches
Width55 inches
Height47 inches
Ground Clearance5 inches
Available ColorsRed, blue, black, gray, white
InstrumentationAnalog speedometer and tachometer with LCD display
LightingLED headlights and taillights
StorageRear cargo rack with 50 lb capacity
SafetyRoll cage, side intrusion bars, 4-point harnesses
Warranty6 month limited warranty
OriginUnited States

Hammerhead 250 Twister Features

In addition to brute power, the 250cc Twister packs some innovative features to enhance safety, comfort, and customization. Key features include:

  • Roll cage – The steel tube chassis includes an integrated roll cage and side intrusion bars for added safety and rigidity.
  • 4-point harnesses – Secure bucket seats use 4-point harnesses to keep riders protected on rough terrain.
  • Dual rear suspension – Independent dual a-arm suspension smooths out the rear end and improves traction. Adjustable coilover shocks dial in stiffness.
  • Rack and pinion steering – Responsive steering with 3.5 turns lock-to-lock improves handling precision.
  • Steel tube frame – The rugged steel frame provides a solid foundation and allows welding custom brackets.
  • LED lighting – Bright LED headlights and taillights enhance visibility and look slick.
  • Electric start – A handy push-button electric starter ignites the engine instead of pull-starting.
  • Gauge cluster – Analog speedo, tach and LCD displays keep tabs on vitals.

These smartly designed features allow the Twister 250 to take on tough terrain and driving conditions while keeping the rider secure and comfortable. The electric start and LED lights add everyday convenience as well.

Hammerhead 250 Twister Performance

With its brawny engine, optimized chassis, and trail-tackling tires, the Hammerhead 250 Twister delivers impressive acceleration, speed, and handling:

  • Acceleration – The large 247cc engine generates abundant low-end torque, allowing rapid acceleration from a standstill. Hammerhead doesn’t publish 0-60 times but seat-of-the-pants feel pegs it under 6 seconds.
  • Top Speed – The Twister 250 can achieve over 45 mph when uncorked, making it one of the fastest in its class. Perfect for blurred sightlines on trails.
  • Handling – Tight 15″ chassis dimensions, low center of gravity, and rack and pinion steering give the Twister 250 very nimble handling. It carves turns and changes direction with ease.
  • Suspension – Dual rear shocks soak up bumps and ruts without upsetting the chassis. The responsive suspension keeps tires planted for traction.
  • Braking – Hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels provide strong, reliable stopping power even when trailing at speed.

The combination of abundant power with balanced handling makes the Twister 250 daredevil-fast but also controllable in expert hands. It chomps through mud, sand, hills, and other off-road conditions that stop lesser go karts.

Hammerhead 250 Twister Comfort

In a go kart built for speed, what kind of comfort features allow the Hammerhead Twister 250 to tackle long days on the trails?

  • Bucket seats – The molded bucket seats secure riders in place while cushioning with foam padding. Side bolsters prevent sliding in corners.
  • 4-point harnesses – 4-point seat belts keep riders locked down while allowing upper body mobility. Shoulder straps have quick one-pull adjusters.
  • Rack and pinion steering – The precise steering reduces fatigue by requiring less sawing of the wheel to steer on bumpy terrain.
  • Rear suspension – Dual rear shocks provide a less jarring ride than stiffly sprung carts, keeping riders fresh longer.

While short on cabin space, the attention paid to the seats, restraints, and suspension demonstrate Hammerhead’s focus on all-day rider comfort despite the minimalist design. The Twister 250 won’t baby you, but it won’t beat you up either.

Customizing Your Twister: Accessories & Upgrades

One of the Hammerhead 250 Twister’s best attributes is its potential for accessories and upgrades to customize performance and looks. Popular add-ons include:

  • Windshield – Windshield options from Hammerhead and aftermarket suppliers provide protection from weather and debris.
  • Doors – Half doors bolted to the chassis increase cockpit security and safety. Must-have for dune riding.
  • Tires & wheels– More aggressive tire treads and wider rims enhance traction in sand or mud. Great for racing.
  • Suspension – Upgraded shocks like Fox Racing boost handling precision and ride comfort.
  • Exhaust – Aftermarket exhaust headers and mufflers reduce weight while adding horsepower.
  • Paint & graphics – Custom color and graphics packs let you personalize your Twister.
  • Winch – Front-mounted winches help extract the go kart from sticky situations while out on the trails.
  • Snow plow – Yes, you can even outfit your 250 Twister with a plow mount for clearing winter snow!

With the huge aftermarket support offered by Hammerhead and third-party companies, the Twister 250 is one of the most customizable recreational go karts around. You can outfit it for your exact off-road purpose.

Hammerhead 250 Twister Pricing

With its robust set of features and trail-taming performance, what does this muscular go kart cost? Here’s a look at Hammerhead 250 pricing:

  • Base Model MSRP – The 2023 Twister 250 starts at $6,299 for the base model without accessories. That’s up $200 from the 2022 MSRP.
  • Accessory Packages – Hammerhead offers bundled accessory packages that provide added value. For example, their “Trail Package” with a windshield, mirrors, and winch is a popular add-on.
  • Used Pricing – Since the 250 Twister has been available since 2020, used models can also be found on the private market. Expect to pay $4,000 – $5,500 for a used 250 Twister in good condition.

At an MSRP just over $6k, the Hammerhead 250 hits a sweet spot of affordability while still delivering 15 hp and 45 mph to outpace lesser recreational karts. Factor in the abundant accessories and upgrades available, and you get a lot of customizable performance for the dollar.

Hammerhead Twister 250 Go Kart Pros

What are the stand-out positives of choosing the Hammerhead Twister 250 for your go-karting adventures?

  • Strong acceleration – 247cc engine provides thrilling acceleration off the line
  • High top speed – Achieves over 45 mph to outpace rivals
  • Nimble handling – Tight chassis and rack steering create very nimble handling
  • Rear suspension – Soaks up bumps and ruts to improve comfort and control
  • Safety features – Roll cage and 4-point harnesses protect occupants
  • Electric starter – Push button electric ignition eliminates pull-starting
  • Affordable price – Under $7k MSRP provides great value

Hammerhead 250 Twister Cons

No vehicle is perfect, so here are a few downsides to weigh with the Twister 250cc:

  • No manual transmission – Only automatic CVT, no option for manual shifting
  • No reverse – Must push the go kart backwards or turn around if you get stuck
  • Rack steering feedback – Rack and pinion isn’t as smooth as worm gear at high speeds
  • Fuel requirement – Needs premium unleaded gas for maximum performance
  • Minimal cargo room – Very little space for hauling gear since it’s purpose-built for speed
  • Basic gauge cluster – Has not been upgraded to include a digital display

While the lack of a reverse gear and manual transmission may frustrate some drivers, the Twister 250 focuses mainly on delivering an adrenaline-pumping ride for the money.

Hammerhead 250 Twister Review Verdict

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re big fans of the Hammerhead 250cc Twister go kart! Here’s a quick summary of our verdict:

  • Best for recreation – With its thrilling speed and handling, the 250 Twister shines best as a recreational sport kart for trails and open off-road.
  • Great power-to-price ratio – 15 hp pumping out 45+ mph is an amazing powerband for under $7,000. You get speed thrills at an accessible price point.
  • Ideal for customizing – Between Hammerhead’s huge accessory catalog and aftermarket support, you can outfit a 250 Twister for your exact needs.
  • Excels at tight handling – Thanks to its compact chassis and strong rack steering, the Twister dominates tight, twisty trails.
  • More power than entry-level – With 250cc and 15 horses, it delivers a big step up from sub-200cc beginner karts.

The Hammerhead Twister 250 secures its place as one of the most well-rounded and fun recreational go karts under $10k. Its great blend of affordability, power, and nimble handling make it our top pick for 2023.

Where to Buy the Hammerhead 250 Twister?

Ready to get your hands on the high-performing Hammerhead Twister 250? Here are some purchase options to find one:

  • Check Hammerhead’s website – Use their dealer locator tool to find sellers near you with 250 Twister inventory.
  • Visit local motorsport dealers – Independent dealers that carry multiple recreational vehicle brands may also stock Hammerhead go karts.
  • Watch eBay and Craigslist – Listings for used Hammerhead 250 karts often pop up on these popular resale sites.
  • Attend a go kart show or event – Manufacturers and dealers sometimes display go karts at local shows and you can ask about purchasing.
  • Join Hammerhead forums – The active owner forums have For Sale sections to connect with folks selling used 250 Twisters.

Expanding your search across both new and used markets gives you the best chance of finding a Hammerhead Twister 250 for your budget.

Hammerhead 250 Twister: Expected 2023 Release Date

Wondering when you can get your hands on a brand new 2023 model Hammerhead 250? Here are the key dates:

  • Initial 2023 model release – Hammerhead began shipping the newest Twister 250s to dealers in December 2022 once production rolled out.
  • Nationwide showroom availability – Dealers across the U.S. will have 2023 model Twister 250s on their showroom floors by February 2023 at the latest.
  • Peak summer inventory – Most dealers will have full inventory of the 2023 Twister 250 by May or June as demand ramps up heading into summer.

So if you’re itching for the latest model, early 2023 is the time to start shopping and reserving your new go kart. Keep an eye out for deals offered on remaining 2022 inventory as well.

How Does the Hammerhead 250 Compare to Similar Go Karts?

How does the Twister 250 stack up against rival 250cc-class go karts in terms of power, specs, and pricing? Here’s a look:

  • BMS Avenger 250R – Very comparable with 15 hp and 44 mph top speed. No electric start on the Avenger. More basic components bring price down to $5,700 MSRP.
  • American Sportworks Cheetah – Comes in just shy of the Twister at 13 hp and 40 mph top end. But starts lower at $5,300 MSRP. More dated design as well.
  • TrailMaster MB200-2 – 14.5 hp gets it to 40 mph top speed. Similar $6,100 MSRP but lacks cargo rack and high-end components of the Twister.
  • Kandi KD-250GKA – Nicely equipped Chinese kart also in the 15 hp/45 mph range. Priced aggressively at $5,400 MSRP but unproven reliability.

When you compare performance-for-dollar, the Hammerhead Twister 250 emerges as a strong value in the power go kart segment. You get proven speed, handling, and build quality for reasonable money.

Is the Hammerhead 250cc Twister Right For You?

The 250 Twister shines for certain uses, but could fall short elsewhere. Here are guidelines for whether this speedy go kart is a fit:

Best For

  • Recreation – With its 45mph top speed, the Twister delivers thrilling acceleration and speed for recreational weekenders on trails and open land. It’s built for fun.
  • Customization – The abundant accessory and upgrade aftermarket makes the Twister 250 extremely customizable. Ideal if you want to tailor it.
  • Young adult/teen drivers – With some training, mature teens can safely handle the 15 hp powerband for an exciting off-road experience.

Not Ideal For

  • Younger beginner drivers – The 250cc engine gives it too much speed for novice pre-teen drivers. Look at the Hammerhead 150cc instead.
  • Workhorse utility use – No cargo bed and limited accessory mounts limit its utility use versus UTVs. It’s built purely for speed.
  • Tight wooded trails – Tight chassis dimensions could limit maneuverability on narrow single-track trails. Better suited for open spaces.

Our Final Thoughts on the Hammerhead 250cc Twister

To recap, the Hammerhead Twister 250 delivers thrilling speed and precise handling in an affordable package ready for customization.

With its brawny 15 hp engine hitting 45+ mph, the Twister 250 offers serious performance upgrade from entry-level karts. Factor in its nimble trail handling and cushy suspension, and you’ve got a complete recreational speed machine.

Downsides like the lack of manual transmission and reverse gear may disappoint some. But if speed and customization are your top concerns when shopping for an off-road go kart under $7k, it’s hard to beat the Hammerhead Twister 250!

Just be sure to budget some extra dollars for upgrades like a windshield and wheel/tire mods to tailor this quick kart for your driving style.

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