Hisun Sector 750 Review: Top Speed, Specs & Price for 2024

Hisun Sector 750 Review

If you’re in the market for an affordable side-by-side utility vehicle that doesn’t skimp on performance, the Hisun Sector 750 should be on your radar. With its 735cc single-cylinder engine providing ample torque and aggressive styling, this UTV packs impressive power while maintaining an attractive price point.

In this in-depth Hisun Sector 750 review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this popular sporty two-seater, including:

  • Top speed capabilities and acceleration
  • Detailed engine specs and horsepower ratings
  • Full features overview and towing capacity
  • Pros and cons compared to competitors
  • Pricing for various Sector 750 models and trims
  • What owners are saying about real world performance
  • Common problems and fixes

By the end of this review, you’ll have a complete picture of what the Hisun Sector 750 brings to the table and whether it’s the right affordable UTV for your needs. Let’s get started!

Hisun Sector 750 Top Speed and Acceleration

One of the Sector 750’s biggest selling points is its high top speed for the class and zippy acceleration. This is made possible by the 735cc single-cylinder engine which provides an exciting ride.

The Hisun Sector 750 is capable of reaching a top speed of 65 mph when unrestricted and in optimal conditions. This makes it one of the fastest UTVs under $10,000 and gives it an edge over some 500cc class models.

The Sector 750 can go from 0 to 30 mph in about 4 seconds thanks to the quick-spooling power of the V-twin. It accelerates smoothly throughout the mid range as well. The throttle response feels direct and immediate without any hesitation.

Overall, the combination of 51 horsepower and 42 lb-ft of torque provides pleasing speed for recreational trail riding, dune running, and tackling rugged terrain. The Sector 750 has no problem getting up to pace rapidly for exciting performance.

Hisun Sector 750 Engine Specs and Horsepower

What gives the Sector 750 its peppy acceleration and high top speed? Let’s look under the hood at the engine specs:

The Hisun Sector 750 is powered by a 735cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC single-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection. This provides optimal fuel delivery for smooth, reliable power.

Here are some key engine specs and figures:

Hisun Sector 750 Engine Specifications:

  • Displacement: 735cc
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, single-cylinder
  • Cooling: Liquid-cooled
  • Fuel Delivery: Electronic fuel injection
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Horsepower: 51 hp
  • Torque: 42 lb-ft

The 735cc single-cylinder has noticeably more punch than a single cylinder 500cc motor. The added power gets the Sector 750 up to its top speed even with a passenger and cargo in tow.

Electronic throttle control helps ensure smooth engine response. There is also an engine braking system to help maintain control going downhill.

Overall, the Sector 750’s engine performance provides pleasing acceleration for recreational UTV riding with max hauling capacity.

Hisun Sector 750 Features And Specs Overview

As a two-seat sport-utility side-by-side, the Sector 750 is feature-packed with specifications optimized for off-road fun and versatility.

Let’s look at some of the key features and capabilities:

  • 2-seater side-by-side design with roomy ergonomics
  • Rugged steel tube frame + composite bodywork
  • Digital gauge cluster with speedometer, odometer and warnings
  • Tilt steering wheel for adjustability
  • McPherson strut front suspension and dual A-arm rear suspension
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide strong stopping power
  • On-Demand true 4WD with turf mode provides traction when you need it
  • Generous 11.4 inches of ground clearance for overcoming obstacles
  • Towing capacity up to 1,500 lbs
  • Rear cargo bed hauls up to 500 lbs

Hisun Sector 750 Specs Chart:

Engine735cc single-cylinder
Horsepower51 hp
Torque42 lb-ft
Fuel Capacity2,000 lbs
Towing Capacity1,500 lbs
Payload Capacity500 lbs
Wheelbase75 inches
Ground Clearance11.4 inches
Occupancy2 passengers
Brakes4-wheel hydraulic disc

As you can see from the chart, the Sector 750 packs great specifications for recreational sport and utility use at a reasonable price.

Hisun Sector 750 Pros And Cons

What are some of the biggest advantages and downsides of the Hisun Sector 750 compared to other UTV models? Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros of the Hisun Sector 750:

  • Affordable price under $10,000 out the door
  • Powerful 735cc single-cylinder provides rapid acceleration
  • Top speed not specified for high performance fun
  • EPS power steering now standard for 2023 models
  • True on-demand 4WD and 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Towing capacity of 1,500 lbs and 500 lb bed capacity
  • Comfortable seating for two with ample legroom
  • Large fuel tank provides good range

Cons of the Hisun Sector 750:

  • No roof or windshield options available from manufacturer
  • Not as refined in fit/finish compared to Polaris and Can-Am
  • Some reports of unreliable CVT belt durability
  • Engine requires more frequent valve adjustments
  • Basic instrumentation lacks features like GPS and Bluetooth
  • EPS power steering still optional on base trims
  • Ground clearance not as high as wider UTVs

While the Sector 750 represents a good value in the UTV class, it does lack some of the luxury finishes and options of pricier models. But if you can live without features like a factory roof or power steering on the base version, the performance and utility are hard to beat at this price point.

Hisun Sector 750 Prices and Trims

The Hisun Sector 750 is offered in a few different trim packages that allow you to get the features you want at different price points. Here is a breakdown of the major 2023 Sector 750 model pricing:

  • Hisun Sector 750 EPS: Starting MSRP of $11,999. Comes standard with a 735cc single-cylinder engine, steel frame, McPherson strut front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, true On-Demand 4WD, and tires on wheels. EPS power steering is now standard for 2023.
  • Hisun Sector 750 Crew EPS: Starts at $14,299 MSRP.

Keep in mind pricing does not include dealer setup, tax, or additional accessories. Real world out the door cost will be higher than MSRP.

Hisun Sector 750 Prices by Year:

YearStarting MSRP

As you can see, the Sector 750 has increased in price by about $800 over the last few model years. But it remains one of the most affordable recreational UTVs with a 750cc engine. The strong performance represents a great value. 

What Hisun Sector 750 Owners Are Saying?

To better understand the real world pros and cons of owning a Hisun Sector 750, we surveyed reviews from owners. Here is a summary of feedback on performance, features, and reliability.

Owners like:

  • “This thing is quick!”
  • “Engine has really nice low end torque.”
  • “It can climb hills impressively well in 4WD.”
  • “Brakes work great even at high speeds.”
  • “CVT clutch engages so smoothly.”
  • “Easy to switch between 2WD and 4WD.”
  • “Comfortable seat with plenty of leg room.”
  • “Cargo bed carries a lot of gear.”

Owners don’t like:

  • “Shocks are very stiff off the showroom floor.”
  • “Fuel economy averages 15 mpg.”
  • “Wish the engine was quieter.”
  • “Fit and finish feels a little cheap.”
  • “Reliability of the CVT belt is questionable.”
  • “Headlights could be brighter for night riding.”

Overall, owners agree the Hisun Sector 750 provides thrilling speed and acceleration that outweighs some of the minor comfort and quality drawbacks. For the affordable price, the performance is hard to beat.

Common Hisun Sector 750 Problems and How to Fix Them

While the Sector 750 has proven to be a fairly reliable UTV, there are some common issues to be aware of. Here are the most reported problems and how to diagnose or repair them:

CVT Belt Failure

Some owners report premature wear or slipping of the CVT belt that connects the engine to the transmission. Replacing the belt and cleaning the clutch components can fix this issue. Use an OEM Hisun belt.

Overheating Issues

With extended use in hot conditions, the Sector 750 may overheat, especially if towing or climbing hills. Improving airflow by cleaning the radiator screen and upgrade the fan can help.

Faulty Fuel Pump

If the UTV has trouble starting, won’t accelerate smoothly, or loses power, the fuel pump could be malfunctioning. Replace the pump and filter. Verify fuel pressure.

Burning Oil

Excess oil consumption and leaks point to worn piston rings or clogged oil return ports. Rebuild the top end, or just keep oil topped off during use.

EPS Failure

Loss of power steering assist is usually due to a failed EPS torque sensor or controller. Replace the defective component.

By proactively maintaining and upgrading components like the CVT belt, overheating issues can be minimized. Otherwise the Sector 750 has proven to be a durable and reliable UTV.

Is The Hisun Sector 750 Right For You?

The Hisun Sector 750 is packed with performance and utility at an affordable price. It’s a great option for recreational riders looking for ample speed and acceleration paired with cargo-hauling capability.

If you want a UTV with strong performance, true 4WD, and 1,500 lb towing capacity, the Sector 750 delivers excellent value. Factor in the comfortable two-seat setup, digital instrumentation, and EPS readiness, and you have a fully featured side-by-side.

The main drawbacks like the lack of roof options and unrefined fit/finish are understandable at this price point. With a strong 735cc single-cylinder engine providing thrilling speed, the Hisun Sector 750 stands out as one of the most fun and budget-friendly UTVs on the market. It finds the sweet spot between performance and affordability.

Conclusion: Hisun Sector 750 Review

After reviewing the specs, owner feedback, pricing, and real world use cases, the Hisun Sector 750 earns high marks for performance UTV seekers on a budget.

While it may lack some of the premium features and refinement of pricier side-by-sides, the Sector 750 impresses where it counts with its strong 735cc single-cylinder engine that provides pleasing acceleration.

Factor in the versatile utility from features like 1,500 lb towing capacity, true 4WD, and ample cargo room, and you have a fully capable side-by-side for recreation and hauling.

If you can live without factory accessories like a roof or windshield to keep the price low, and don’t mind the basic fit and finish, the Sector 750 gives you tons of bang for the buck. Looking at the thrilling performance and utility it delivers priced under $10,000, the Hisun Sector 750 stands out as one of the best UTV values on the market today.

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