TrailMaster Challenger 300 UTV Specs, Price & Review 2024

trailmaster challenger 300 utv specs, price & review 2023

If you’re looking for an affordable, entry-level utility terrain vehicle (UTV) for recreational trail riding and utility use, the 2024 TrailMaster Challenger 300 is a top option worth considering. This in-depth TrailMaster Challenger 300 review covers everything you need to know about specs, pricing, performance, pros, cons, and alternatives to help you decide if it’s the right recreational UTV for your needs and budget.

Overview of the TrailMaster Challenger 300 UTV

The TrailMaster Challenger 300 is a two-seat sport-style utility vehicle equipped with a 275.6cc single cylinder engine putting out 18 HP. This small UTV provides good power paired with features like hydraulic disc brakes, 12″ of ground clearance, and 500 lb towing capacity.

While it lacks the performance of higher-end Side by Sides, the TrailMaster 300 hits a sweet spot of capability and value. It’s a great choice for new and intermediate level trail riders, farmers, ranchers, and anyone needing an affordable gas-powered workhorse for property or outdoor recreation.

This hands-on review will cover everything potential buyers need to know about the Challenger 300, including:

  • Detailed specs and features overview
  • Pricing and packages
  • Performance abilities
  • Towing capacity
  • Comfort and seating
  • Available accessories and upgrades
  • Pros and cons compared to alternatives
  • Common problems and fixes
  • Owner impressions and reviews
  • Our final verdict after testing to help you decide if it’s the right entry-level UTV for your needs.

TrailMaster Challenger 300 UTV Specs And Features

The TrailMaster Challenger 300 combines a utilitarian design with recreation-friendly components at an attractive price point. Here are the most important specs and features to be aware of:

SpecsTrailMaster Challenger 300
Engine275.6cc, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke
Horsepower18 HP
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Length110 in
Width48 in
Height73 in
Curb Weight770 lbs
Ground Clearance12 in
Wheelbase73 in
Fuel Tank Capacity3.7 gallons
BrakesHydraulic Disc Front, Hydraulic Drum Rear
Tires25×8-12 in Front, 25×10-12 in Rear
SuspensionDual A-Arm Independent
SteeringRack & Pinion
Drive Train2WD/4WD Selectable
Seating Capacity2 passengers
Cargo Bed Dimensions28 x 38 in
Towing Capacity500 lbs
Top Speed35 mph
Warranty12 months limited

Some other noteworthy features include:

  • 2″ Receiver Hitch: Comes standard for attaching cargo carriers, small trailers, and other towable equipment.
  • Front Brush Guard: Provides added protection when riding on trails.
  • Steel Cargo Bed: Durable cargo area for hauling equipment, gear, tools, and more.
  • 4-Point Safety Harnesses: Helps keep passengers secure while riding over rough terrain.

TrailMaster Challenger 300 UTV Pricing

The TrailMaster Challenger 300 has an MSRP starting at $6,249, making it one of the most budget-friendly recreational UTVs available. With average market prices in the $4,500 to $5,000 range, it compares very favorably to competing starter level models from other brands.

Here’s a pricing breakdown of packages and options available:

  • Base Model: $3,899 MSRP – Comes in Red or Yellow and includes basic features like rack and pinion steering, 12V charging port, bench seat, and steel cargo bed.
  • EPS Model: $4,299 MSRP – Adds battery-powered Electronic Power Steering for easier low-speed maneuvering and reduced steering effort. Recommended upgrade for improved handling.
  • Special Edition Models: $4,599+ MSRP – Available in camo, pink, blue, and other colors with minor styling tweaks. Typically cost $200-300 more than base models.
  • Accessories/Upgrades: Winches, doors, windshields, roofs, lighting and audio packages available from $500-2000+. Allows customization based on how you plan to use it.

When comparing models and packages, the mid-level EPS edition provides the best overall value by including power steering while keeping the initial purchase price low. Investing in protection accessories like doors, roof, and windshield may also be worthwhile depending on riding conditions.

TrailMaster Challenger 300 Performance, Speed, & Handling

The TrailMaster Challenger 300 provides capable entry-level performance from its 275.6cc single cylinder engine and automatic CVT transmission. Here’s a look at speed, acceleration, handling, and capabilities:

  • Top Speed: The top speed is listed as 35 mph. It can reach speeds of 25-30+ mph on flat ground. This is plenty of speed for recreational trail riding but slower than high-end side-by-sides designed for dune riding and wide open spaces.
  • Acceleration: Moderately quick acceleration for a 300cc UTV. It can go from 0 to 15 mph in around 4 seconds. Quick off the line thanks to automatic CVT but lacks top end power for high speed runs.
  • Handling: Easy to maneuver at slow speeds thanks to tight turning radius and electronic power steering on EPS models. Rack and pinion steering provides precise feel. 12 inches of ground clearance allows traversing over rocks, logs, and uneven terrain. Independent suspension absorbs bumps well. Overall nimble handling for trail riding.
  • Traction: Available 2WD for improved fuel efficiency and 4WD for maximum traction. 4WD performance is impressive in low traction situations like mud, snow, and hills. The automatic locking front differential really helps get through slippery terrain when engaged.
  • Towing/Hauling: 500 lb towing capacity via the standard 2” receiver hitch. Strong enough for small utility trailers, equipment carriers, or an additional passenger in a tow-behind. The steel cargo bed also provides a 28 x 38 inch area for hauling gear, tools, and other cargo.
  • Trail Capability: Great for recreational trail and off-road riding. 12 inches of ground clearance allows clearing rocks, logs, and uneven ground. 4WD traction and low gear range can conquer mud and steep hills. Lacks features for extreme rock crawling or technical trails.
  • Comfort: Bench seat provides decent comfort but gets stiff after longer rides. The seat could use more padding. Lack of doors/windshield allows trail air but less protection from weather and debris. Aftermarket upgrades can improve comfort.

Overall, the Challenger 300 UTV provides solid recreational performance for the price point courtesy of its 18 HP engine, nimble handling, and 4WD that can tackle moderate trails.

Fuel Efficiency & Range

With a 3.7 gallon fuel tank and rated efficiency of up to 25 mpg, the TrailMaster 300 can cover approximately 90 miles between fill ups. Range is further increased by engaging 2WD which saves gas mileage in optimal conditions.

Fuel efficiency compares well against other 250-300cc class UTVs which average 20-25 mpg depending on driving style and terrain. Owners report getting over 2 hours of ride time from a full tank when riding conservatively in 2WD mode.

Towing Capacity & Hauling

The Challenger 300 comes equipped with a 2” receiver hitch and has a max towing capacity of 500 pounds. This allows pulling small utility trailers, equipment carriers, or an additional passenger in a tow-behind trailer.

The 28 x 38 inch steel cargo bed provides ample space for hauling gear, tools, and other equipment as well. Some popular uses include:

  • Hauling hunting/camping equipment
  • Transporting gardening tools and landscape supplies
  • Carrying construction materials around a job site
  • Quick errands around the farm or property

While not the largest cargo area compared to full-size Side by Sides, it gets the job done for light duty hauling needs. Optional cargo racks and boxes can further expand carrying capacity.

Aftermarket Accessories & Upgrades

One benefit of the TrailMaster Challenger 300 is the wide selection of aftermarket accessories and upgrades available to customize it based on your needs. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Doors – Offer enhanced protection from weather, debris, and trail obstacles. Steel half doors run $200-300.
  • Windshield – Further increases rider protection and comfort. Available in glass or polycarbonate for $150-300.
  • Roof – Steel, aluminum, or plastic roofs provide shade from the sun and allow installing roof-mounted lights. Around $300-500.
  • Audio – Bluetooth/stereo head units for listening to music on the trails. Prices from $100-300.
  • Lighting – Add LED light bars and spotlights for improved visibility. Go for $100-300.
  • Storage – Rear cargo racks, boxes, and bags add hauling room. $50-200.
  • Winch – Up to 3,000 lb winches help extract the UTV from mud or heavy brush. Around $500 installed.
  • Tires – More aggressive tread tires improve mud and trail traction. $600-800 installed.

While the base model provides good value, accessories allow customizing the Challenger 300 for how you plan to use it. Investing in protection and comfort upgrades is recommended if riding for extended periods.

TrailMaster Challenger 300 Pros vs Cons

Here is a full breakdown of the pros and cons of the TrailMaster Challenger 300 based on specs, owner experiences, and expert evaluation:

TrailMaster Challenger 300 Pros

  • Affordable Price Under $5k – Hard to beat value in the recreational UTV market.
  • Good Power from 300cc Engine – 15 HP provides solid torque and speed for trail riding.
  • 1 Year Warranty Coverage – Protection for powertrain components and defects.
  • Nimble Handling & Steering – Tight turning radius and EPS models have great low speed maneuverability.
  • 12 Inches Ground Clearance – Helps clear obstacles and uneven terrain.
  • 4WD & Diff. Lock Performance – Provides traction in slippery conditions when engaged.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Responsive stopping power even when hauling cargo or a trailer.
  • 500 lb Towing Capacity – Can pull smaller trailers and equipment.
  • Aftermarket Accessories Available – Allows customization for specialized uses.

For a sub-$5k starter Side by Side, the TrailMaster Challenger 300 ticks a lot of boxes in terms of capability, utility, and value.

TrailMaster Challenger 300 Cons

  • Low Top Speed – Lacks high speed capability over 30 mph. Not ideal for sand dunes or wide open areas.
  • No Doors or Windshield Stock – Exposes riders to weather and trail debris. Need to upgrade protection accessories.
  • Basic Feature Set – More expensive models offer better shocks, tires, digital screens, and other upgrades stock.
  • Small Cargo Bed – Not as large as some higher-end UTVs. Limits hauling capacity without upgrades.
  • Few Color Options – Only comes in bright red, yellow, or special edition colors from the factory.
  • Seat Comfort – Thin bench seat padding causes discomfort during longer rides. Could use an upgrade.

While the TrailMaster Challenger 300 represents a solid value, it’s built to a budget and lacks some features found on pricier recreational UTV models. Adding upgrades can help overcome some shortfalls depending on your needs.

Common Problems Reported

While generally reliable, here are some common TrailMaster Challenger 300 problems reported by owners:

  • CVT Belt Failure – Premature wear of the automatic CVT belt under hard use. Replacing with a high-performance belt recommended.
  • Overheating Issues – Engine running hot on long uphill climbs or in high temps. Improved cooling mods can help.
  • Electrical Gremlins – Glitchy wiring harness and electronics. Careful inspection and dielectric grease can prevent.
  • Leaking Shocks – Cheap stock shocks may leak oil. Upgrade to better aftermarket shocks.
  • Engine Smoking – Excessive valve guide wear causes smoking. May require top end rebuild to correct.
  • Clutch Noise – Sounds from the CVT clutching under load. Typically normal but can indicate problems in some cases.

Most issues are related to cutting costs and can be improved with targeted upgrades and preventative maintenance. Overall reliability is reasonably good for recreational use with proper care.

What Owners Are Saying

Here are some comments from actual TrailMaster Challenger 300 owners:

“Purchased the TrailMaster 300 for my son’s 16th birthday gift. It’s his first UTV and he loves it. We ride trails across our property and it handles them with no problem. Comfortable for two people and handles well.”

“Bought the Challenger 300 EPS last year and put nearly 100 hours on it already. Use it to haul tools and gear around our 10 acre property. Saves so much time and effort over an ATV. Very happy with the value for what we paid.”

“Added a windshield, roof, and doors after getting blasted by debris on my first ride. Now it keeps me clean and dry while riding through the woods. Very solid entry level UTV once you upgrade a few key components.”

“Only complaint is the cheap stock tires and lack of tread. Swapped them out for a more aggressive tire which made a huge improvement in mud and trail grip. Machine handles great otherwise.”

Overall, owners agree that the TrailMaster 300 provides excellent capability and value for recreational trail riding and utility use given its price point. Adding accessories improves comfort and customizes it based on terrain.

Key Alternatives to Consider

The TrailMaster Challenger 300 competes against other entry-level Side by Side models in the sub-$5k price range:

  • Massimo Talon 250i – Closest competitor with similar 250cc engine and capability. Marginally cheaper around $200-$400.
  • Cool Sports 150 – Even more compact 2-seat 150cc UTV. Basic features but extremely low cost under $3k.
  • Copperhead 150 – Another very affordable 150cc option with decent owner ratings. Starts around $3,300.
  • Taotao Rhino – Veteran Chinese UTV maker offers the TaoRhino 200 for around $3,600. Comparable specs and price.
  • Kazuma Meerkat – Their 50cc Meerkat model is the most budget-friendly at under $2,000 but lower performance.

While options like the Massimo Talon 250i give it a run at the entry-level, the TrailMaster Challenger 300 stands out for offering slightly more engine performance and features for just a few hundred dollars more. It hits a great sweet spot in terms of value versus capability.

TrailMaster Challenger 300 Review Verdict

After thoroughly evaluating its specs, capabilities, and owner experiences, our verdict is:

The TrailMaster Challenger 300 is one of the best recreational UTVs available for under $5,000. It provides impressive off-road performance, utility, and value standard features given its entry-level price point.

While it lacks the speed, storage, and refinement of more expensive Side by Sides, it’s very capable for new and intermediate trail riders or anyone needing an affordable gas-powered workhorse.

Upgrading accessories like doors, roof, and tires can further expand its capabilities for more extreme riding and weather protection. But even in stock form, the TrailMaster 300 is ready for most recreational trails and utility jobs around the property thanks to its robust 15 HP engine and 4WD system.

In the sub-$5k utility vehicle market, nothing can match the Challenger 300 in terms of overall value and ownership experience. It’s an excellent investment for penny-pinching outdoor enthusiasts and small property owners looking maximize their budget.

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