Kayo Bull 125 Reviews, Top Speed, Specs & Price 2024

Kayo Bull 125 Reviews

If you’re a new or returning dirt bike rider looking for an affordable, entry-level trail bike, the Kayo Bull 125 should be on your shortlist. This Australian-made dirt bike packs reliability, quality components, and easy handling into a very attractive price point.

But is the Bull 125 the right starter dirt bike for you? In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive into all the details like engine performance, features, ergonomics, pros and cons, and owner impressions to see if the Kayo Bull 125 is the best beginner dirt bike for recreational trail riding.

An Introduction To The Kayo Bull 125

The Kayo Bull 125 is a 125cc four-stroke trail and recreational dirt bike aimed at beginner and intermediate riders. With an approachable seat height and mellow power delivery from the 125cc engine, it’s a great choice for newer riders who want a capable and quality-made dirt bike without intimidating performance.

While it lacks the extreme power and suspensions for motocross, the Bull 125 excels as an all-around trail and play bike for trail riding, open off-road areas, and improving fundamental dirt bike skills. It’s also suited for smaller or younger riders thanks to the low seat height and minimal weight.

Kayo Bull 125 Quick Specs

Before we get into the details, here’s an at-a-glance look at the key specs and features on the Kayo Bull 125:

  • Engine: 125cc air-cooled single cylinder 4 stroke
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual
  • Seat Height: 35 inches
  • Weight: 231 pounds
  • Type: Trail bike
  • Price Range: $1,799

Some of the standout features of the Bull 125 include:

  • Electric start – No kickstarting needed to fire up the 125cc engine
  • Dual sport tires – Provide traction both on and off-road
  • Front and rear disc brakes – Strong stopping power and control
  • Adjustable suspension – Tuned for recreational trail and play riding
  • Approachable seat height – Perfect for newer adult riders
Engine125cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder SOHC
Power11 hp
StartingElectric start
Transmission5-speed manual
Seat Height35 inches
Wheelbase51 inches
Ground Clearance12 inches
Fuel Capacity1.3 gallons
Front SuspensionTelescopic coil spring fork, 6.5 in travel
Rear SuspensionTwin coil spring shocks, adjustable preload, 7.1 in travel
Front BrakeHydraulic disc, 220mm
Rear BrakeHydraulic disc, 190mm
Front Tire70/100-19 dual sport
Rear Tire90/100-16 dual sport
Wet Weight231 lbs
Top Speed40 mph

Next let’s take a more detailed look at the engine performance and handling of the Kayo Bull 125.

Engine Performance and Power Delivery

The Kayo Bull 125 gets its name from the 125cc 4-stroke, air-cooled SOHC engine. This single cylinder motor provides smooth, predictable power that’s very manageable for most beginner riders.

With a modest 11 horsepower, the power delivery focuses more on control and smoothness rather than sheer output. Throttle response is easy to manage, allowing newer riders to get comfortable without the front wheel unexpectedly coming up.

Some riders may want more top end power for high speed trail riding or sand dunes. But for general recreational use, many find the mellow power gives them room to build fundamental throttle and clutch skills with confidence. The generous torque also helps overcome obstacles and challenging terrain.

The engine features electric start activated by a button, eliminating any kickstarting. This makes firing up the motor hassle-free each ride. It starts up easily when hot or cold. There are very few reports of any starting issues.

Routine maintenance like oil changes, air filters, and spark plugs are straightforward thanks to the simple single cylinder design. The engine is proven to be reliable over the long haul when properly serviced. The 5-speed transmission supplies smooth gear changes.

In terms of fueling, the Bull 125 runs on a carburetor. A handful of owners reported issues with carburetor leaks or needing adjustments. But generally they provide reliable performance. Some modifications like re-jetting and an upgraded air filter can eke out a bit more top end power if desired.

Key Features and Components

In addition to the easy-starting 125cc engine, the Kayo Bull 125 comes well equipped with features and components that make it very capable and usable as a recreational trail bike straight from the dealer.

1. Suspension

The Kayo Bull 125 features telescopic coil spring front forks. They provide 6.5 inches of travel to soak up bumps and trail obstacles. The twin rear shocks can be adjusted for preload and rebound to dial in the ride quality and handling for different terrain and rider weights.

While not as sophisticated as motocross suspensions, the front and rear suspension offer a smooth ride and capable handling for most trail conditions. The sprung seat also helps reduce fatigue on longer rides.

2. Brakes

Strong stopping power comes from the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. The front uses a large 220mm disc and 2 piston caliper. The rear is a smaller 190mm disc and single piston caliper.

These high quality disc brakes provide excellent control and modulation for beginners learning proper braking techniques. Many owners praise their power and responsiveness.

3. Tires

The Bull 125 comes stock with dual sport style tires. They feature an aggressive open tread pattern to provide decent traction both on pavement and off-road terrain like gravel, packed dirt, trails, and forest roads.

While not high end knobbies, the dual sport tires are versatile to handle a wide range of conditions. They provide a good balance of longevity, on-road manners, and off-road grip for recreational riding. More aggressive riders may choose to swap in a dedicated knobby tire later.

4. Comfort and Ergonomics

With its low 35 inch seat height, the Kayo Bull 125 is well suited to shorter riders or those with less inseam. The narrow seat, mid-size frame, and overall light weight also make it more approachable for beginners. The neutral riding position doesn’t put excess weight on the wrists.

The clutch and brake levers feature adjusters to fine tune the reach. Controls like the throttle feel responsive without being twitchy or overly sensitive.

The digital instrument display is compact but provides the vital information needed like speed, RPM, and gear position. The sprung seat gives reasonable comfort for shorter rides, though some may find it a bit stiff.

5. Younger and Smaller Riders

In addition to its friendly power delivery and low seat height, a few other factors make the Kayo Bull 125 a smart choice for younger beginner riders who are just getting started in the sport.

The backing of the electric start means kids don’t have to worry about kickstarting. The light 220 pound curb weight also helps keep it maneuverable. And the mild power lessens the chances of speed getting out of hand.

The Kawasaki KLX125 is another good alternative for younger riders. But the Bull 125 packs in more value and capabilities. With guidance and lessons on proper riding from experienced adults, it can give kids and smaller riders the right platform to learn excellent dirt bike skills.

Pros and Cons of the Kayo Bull 125

To recap, here’s a closer look at some of the key pros and cons that stand out on the Kayo Bull 125:


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Reliable 4-stroke engine is easy to maintain
  • Great choice for new and upgrading dirt bike riders
  • Enough power for trails without being overwhelming
  • Quality components like brakes and tires
  • Approachable seat height for shorter riders
  • Electric start for hassle-free starting
  • Adjustable suspension to fine tune handling


  • Not enough power for motocross racing
  • Difficult for taller/larger riders
  • Seat could be more comfortable
  • No engine guards or skid plate stock
  • Some reports of leaky carburetors
  • Basic suspension limits rough terrain capability

While not perfect, the Bull 125 provides a very wide range of capabilities that should suit most beginner and intermediate trail riders. Let’s look closer at how it stacks up as a recreational play and trail bike.

Performance and Capability as a Trail Bike

The Kayo Bull 125 hits a nice sweet spot between cost, approachable power, and quality components that make it a very attractive starter bike for trail riding and open off-road areas.

It has enough grunt with the 125cc engine to confidently climb hills, traverse loose terrain, and overcome obstacles like rocks or fallen trees. The smooth delivery gives you time to build clutch and throttle control rather than unexpectedly spinning the rear wheel.

The compliant long travel suspension soaks up bumps and rough sections well at recreational trail speeds. It tracks straight and holds lines with precision thanks to the inverted front fork design. The disc brakes offer plenty of power to control speed in fast downhills.

While it lacks high end components of a dedicated motocross bike, the Bull 125 is playful and nimble on trails. It carves corners with ease and handles technical sections with excellent balance thanks to its light weight. The adjustable clicker suspension lets you fine tune the ride for your terrain and riding style.

The stock dual sport tires may limit loose surface traction compared to pure knobby dirt bike tires. But their extended tread life is a bonus for trail riding. Upgrading to more aggressive rubber can further improve traction in sand or mud when needed.

For recreational trail riding, light enduro, forest roads, open dirt areas, and improving rider skills, the Kayo Bull 125 excels as a willing partner. It has some limitations in rocky rough terrain or high speeds compared to larger bikes. But its accessible performance, quality components, and affordable price make it one of the top trail bikes for beginners.

What Bull 125 Owners Are Saying?

To better understand the real world performance, pros and cons, and capabilities of the Kayo Bull 125, it’s helpful to look at reviews and feedback from actual owners:

Beginner-Friendly Power

Many owners agree the mellow power from the 125cc engine provides the perfect performance for learning riders. It’s quick enough for fun trail riding without intimidating. The smooth delivery helps build clutch and throttle skills in a controlled way.

Quality Components

The adjustable suspension components, hydraulic disc brakes, and reliable engine earn praise from owners as high quality parts that enhance the trail riding experience and capabilities.

Great Starter Bike

Experienced riders upgrading appreciate the easy-going nature that allows building fundamental skills with room to progress. Most new riders find the approachable seat height, controls, and power gives confidence right away.

Issues Reported

A few owners mentioned issues like sporadic carburetor leaks, stiff seat, and a wandering front wheel at high speeds. But most report excellent reliability and say any issues were minor.

Affordable Price

Almost unanimously owners feel the Kayo Bull 125 provides outstanding value. For a beginner friendly dirt bike with quality components, the pricing under $3,000 is very reasonable.

Who is the Bull 125 Best Suited For?

While a versatile bike, the Kayo Bull 125 excels for:

  • Beginner riders – Both kids and adults learning to ride dirt bikes benefit from the mellow power delivery and quality components that instill confidence. The Bull 125 provides an ideal platform to build skills.
  • Intermediate recreational riders – With room to progress your abilities, it supplies enough capability for fun trail riding while remaining forgiving.
  • Smaller riders – The low seat, narrow ergonomics, and light weight make the Bull very approachable for riders under 5’ 8” tall with less experience.
  • Casual trail use – It matches well to casual trail and play riding. The limits come for high speeds, big jumps, or rough motocross terrain when more performance is needed.

The Bull 125 is not ideal for:

  • Tall/larger riders – The ergonomics are cramped for riders over 6 feet tall. Bigger riders may feel underpowered.
  • Aggressive motocross – With only 11 horsepower, it can’t compete with high strung race bikes on an MX track. But it still teaches good dirt skills.
  • Extreme terrain – The recreational suspension and lack of skid plate limits suitability for very rocky, rough terrain at speed compared to enduro models.

Kayo Bull 125 Top Alternatives

The Bull 125 fills a nice niche as an affordable, easy handling recreational trail bike. But depending on your needs, a few other entry-level models could be considered:

  • Yamaha TT-R125 – Very similar mellow power and capabilities. Slightly taller seat.
  • Honda CRF125 – Iconic reliability. Higher price but also higher resale value.
  • Kawasaki KLX140 – More power from the 140cc engine. Heavier than the 125 options.
  • Suzuki DR-Z125 – Legendary DR-Z durability and handling. Harder to find used.
  • KTM 125 SX – Closest to a motocross race bike. Price jumps higher.

Do your homework test riding different models. But for most beginner riders, the Bull 125 represents an unmatched combination of quality, reliability, and value in the entry-level dirt bike category.

Common Kayo Bull 125 Problems and How to Fix Them

Like any machine, the Kayo Bull 125 can experience some issues. But overall it is a reliable bike when properly maintained. Here are some of the most common problems owners report and how to get them resolved:

Carburetor Problems

Some owners report issues like a bogging engine, difficult starting, or carburetor leaks. Solutions:

  • Clean the carburetor jets, floats, and passages
  • Rejet or re-shim the carb for optimal fueling
  • Check for air leaks or damaged vacuum lines
  • Adjust the fuel mixture screw
  • Replace the carburetor as needed


Excessive engine heat is uncommon but can happen. Solutions:

  • Clean radiator fins and improve airflow
  • Replace clogged air filter
  • Check proper coolant levels
  • Flush and replace coolant
  • Replace water pump or thermostat

Tight or Sticking Clutch

This can cause difficulty shifting. Solutions:

  • Adjust clutch cable freeplay
  • Replace worn clutch plates and springs
  • Lubricate the clutch cable
  • Check for damaged clutch basket notches

Electrical Gremlins

For starting or lighting issues:

  • Inspect battery terminals and charge
  • Test or replace the stator
  • Check for loose wiring connectors
  • Replace CDI unit if faulty

Staying on top of routine maintenance and repairs will keep your Bull 125 running strong for years. But overall it is one of the most reliable starter dirt bikes on the market.

Conclusion: Who is the Kayo Bull 125 For?

When it comes to beginner-friendly trail bikes with quality components, the Kayo Bull 125 stands out as a top choice to learn and progress your dirt bike skills at an affordable price.

While it lacks true motocross capabilities, the smooth power, nimble handling, and long travel suspension strike an ideal balance of control and confidence on the trails. With the Bull 125, starter riders get a proven platform for advancing their abilities matched to a durable, easy to maintain four stroke engine.

Intermediate level riders may eventually feel held back by the mellow 125cc power plant. But there’s no doubt the Bull 125 provides an accessible and highly capable foundation you can enjoy for years of recreational trail riding and continuing to build technique and experience.

For anyone from kids moving up to their first dirt bike all the way to smaller adults looking for a confidence inspiring trail machine, the Kayo Bull 125 deserves strong consideration. It delivers a supremely rider-friendly package marked by quality, reliability, and long term value. Simply put, it’s one of the best beginner friendly dirt bikes for sale today.

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