Are Tractor Supply ATVs Legit or Scam? An Unbiased Review

Are Tractor Supply ATVs Legit or Scam

If you’re looking for an affordable all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for recreational riding, you may have come across models sold at Tractor Supply stores. But are Tractor Supply ATVs high quality and worth the investment? Or are they cheap knockoffs that will break down quickly?

In this unbiased review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Tractor Supply’s ATVs covering pricing, build quality, warranties, pros, cons, and tips for getting the best deal. Read on to learn if their ATVs are too good to be true or a smart budget buy for casual off-road fun.

An Overview Of Tractor Supply’s ATV Lineup

Tractor Supply is a major farm and ranch supply store chain with over 1,900 locations across 49 states. In addition to livestock feed, pet supplies, and workwear, many Tractor Supply stores sell their own brand of affordable ATVs and UTVs (utility task vehicles).

These house-brand models are designed to target beginner and budget-focused riders looking for lower-cost machines for recreational use. They are not built to the same durability and performance standards as models from established ATV manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, and Kawasaki.

The primary ATV sold at Tractor Supply is the Massimo MSA 550, available in multiple colors with prices ranging from $1,499 – $1,599. It’s a mid-sized utility ATV with a 500cc engine, dual A-arm suspension, hydraulic disk brakes, and towing capacity up to 1100 pounds.

Tractor Supply also sells mini ATVs like the Coleman AT150 and Coleman AT200 for kids ages 12 and up, starting around $949 – $999.

While affordable, these Tractor Supply-exclusive ATVs are designed for casual recreational use, not hardcore riding or farming work. Quality and durability do not match top brands that cost two to three times more.

Tractor Supply ATV Pricing

Here is a pricing comparison of the main Tractor Supply ATV models versus comparable models from leading manufacturers:

ATV ModelTractor Supply PriceComparable ModelComparable Price
Massimo MSA 550$1,499 – $1,599Honda Rancher 4×4$5,299
Coleman AT150$949Yamaha Raptor 90$2,990
Coleman AT200$999Kawasaki Brute Force 90$2,199

As you can see, Tractor Supply’s ATVs are priced significantly lower than the comparable models from major brands, in some cases costing less than half.

While the lower prices are appealing, it’s important to understand where Tractor Supply is cutting costs to reach these price points and how that affects quality and long-term value. We’ll take a closer look at build quality next.

Build Quality and Materials of Tractor Supply ATVs

The Massimo ATVs sold at Tractor Supply use cheaper materials and less precise engineering than major ATV brands. However, reviewers note that overall quality is fairly decent considering the bargain pricing.

The MSU500 uses a stamped steel frame rather than a welded frame. It has a 500cc air-cooled single cylinder engine that produces about 32 horsepower – adequate power but well below top-of-the-line models.

Suspension is a basic dual A-arm design with 7.5 inches of travel in the front and 8 inches in the rear. It uses low-end Kenda or Renli tires rather than premium brands like ITP or Maxxis.

Braking relies on hydraulic disk brakes that perform respectably well on trails according to owners. The ATV can tow up to 1,100 lbs and has 25 inch Maxxis Big Horn tires, 1.5 inch steel cargo racks, and basic but sufficient gauges and switches.

The kids ATVs use high tensile steel frames with single cylinder air-cooled 110cc engines (MB200) or 125cc engines (MB200-2). Standard features include front and rear disc brakes, adjustable throttle limiting screws, and automatic transmissions suitable for ages 12 and up. Tires are low-cost generic brands.

While the materials and components are budget-oriented, most reviewers say the Massimo ATVs are fairly well put together, especially considering the affordable pricing. They may not hold up to years of rugged use like a Honda or Yamaha, but serve most recreational riders well.

Tractor Supply ATV Warranty Coverage

One area where major ATV brands clearly beat Tractor Supply models is warranty coverage:

  • Massimo ATVs – 90 days from date of purchase
  • Honda ATVs – 6 months from date of purchase
  • Yamaha ATVs – 6 months from date of purchase

The Massimo warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship within the first 90 days. In comparison, leading brands like Honda and Yamaha provide 6 month warranties. Some even offer 1 year or longer warranties.

The short 90 day Massimo warranty reflects the lower build quality and durability. While Tractor Supply ATVs work fine for lightweight recreational use during the warranty period, long term reliability is questionable.

Extended protection plans are available to provide coverage for 1-4 years. But at around $600 on top of the ATV purchase price, it adds significantly to the overall cost.

Tractor Supply ATV Return Policy

On the plus side, Tractor Supply does have a customer-friendly return policy. If you are not satisfied with your ATV, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund as long as it is in new condition.

Make sure to thoroughly test drive the ATV and inspect for any defects or damage before accepting it. Returns need to have the original packaging and all components.

This 30 day try-before-you-buy return policy helps reduce the risk of purchasing one of these budget ATVs of unknown reliability. Take advantage of the full refund window in case issues arise with performance or quality.

Pros of Purchasing a Tractor Supply ATV

Affordable and Cost-Effective

The #1 advantage of Tractor Supply’s house-brand ATVs is the low pricing. The Massimo models provide an inexpensive way to enjoy off-road riding without spending thousands of dollars. The MSU500 costs 80% less than a comparable Honda Rancher.

Good for Beginners and Casual Riders

While serious ATV enthusiasts may be better off with a premium model from an established brand, the Massimo line serves well for riding lightly on trails and around your property. They are good starter ATVs for new riders not ready to invest in something high-end.

Convenient Support at Tractor Supply Locations

Bringing your Massimo ATV into any Tractor Supply store for maintenance or repairs is more convenient than having to take major brand models to a dedicated dealership. Their in-house service centers can handle oil changes, tire swaps, fluid checks, and any warranty-covered fixes.

Optional Protection Plans Available

For extra peace of mind, Tractor Supply offers extended protection plans to cover your ATV for up to 4 years. While an added cost, the plans do allow longer coverage of repairs beyond the very limited 90-day factory warranty.

Cons of Purchasing a Tractor Supply ATV

Questionable Long Term Durability

The biggest downside to the Massimo ATVs is uncertain reliability and durability in the long run. The cheaper materials, basic components, and short 90 day warranty do not inspire confidence in these machines holding up over years of use like better built models.

Not Ideal for Intense Trail Riding or Heavy Work

While the Massimo ATVs can handle recreational trail riding, their performance and durability fall short for intense off-roading, mudding, hill climbing, or heavy farm/ranch work. Serious ATV users are better off investing in a high-end name brand built for tough conditions.

Low Resale Value

Since Tractor Supply ATVs are house brands rather than recognized names like Yamaha or Polaris, they have very little resale value. These are not machines that will retain anywhere close to their original value if reselling after a few years.

Limited Customization Options

There is little aftermarket support in terms of accessories and upgrades for the Massimo ATVs. Owners are limited to basic add-ons sold through Tractor Supply. There are no extensive customization options like you’d have with major ATV brands.

Key Specifications – Massimo MSU500 ATV

Engine500cc air-cooled single cylinder 4-stroke
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Power32 hp
Dimensions81 x 48 x 47 inches
Seat Height31 inches
Ground Clearance7 inches
Towing Capacity1,100 pounds
Wheelbase50 inches
Wet Weight770 pounds

What Owners are Saying About Tractor Supply ATVs

To get a better sense of real-world performance and reliability, here are some quotes from Massimo ATV owners:

“For the price you can’t beat it. I use mine for trails and around my property. Haven’t had any problems yet after a year.”

“My son loves his Massimo mini ATV! It has plenty of power for what he needs and saves me thousands over a name brand model.”

“Quality feels cheap but the Massimo serves me fine for light use. I wouldn’t depend on it holding up under heavy ranch work or anything extreme.”

“It runs well but the Maxxis tires that came with my MSU500 wore out extremely quickly on gravel. Upgraded to better tires which improved it.”

“Wish the shocks were a bit better but otherwise it handles nicely on trails. Definitely a good beginner ATV for the price.”

So while not perfect, for many casual riders the savings outweigh the shortcomings in quality compared to premium ATVs. As long as expectations are realistic, owners are often happy with the value.

Common Problems and Issues to Look Out For

Here are some of the most common complaints about Tractor Supply ATV issues to keep an eye out for:

  • Tires wear out prematurely – Invest in better quality tires to replace OEM tires.
  • Engine lacks top speed/power – Upgrade air filter or exhaust. But don’t expect major performance gains.
  • Shocks/suspension feel cheap – Upgrade to an aftermarket shock kit for better handling and comfort.
  • Brake issues – Confirm brakes are bled properly and change brake fluid regularly.
  • Electrical problems – Check wiring harness, battery connections, fuse, and relay.

While not exceptionally common, these issues reflect the lower component quality. Addressing them may improve performance and longevity.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Tractor Supply ATV

Here are some tips to save money and get maximum value if purchasing a Massimo ATV from Tractor Supply:

  • Wait for monthly special financing offers to get reduced ATV loan rates.
  • Time your purchase around bi-annual sales events when models are discounted $200-300 typically.
  • Buy in the off-season when deals are best. Avoid the busy spring rush.
  • Ask about open box, used, or return ATV inventory which is often steeply discounted.
  • Use Tractor Supply credit card rewards, coupons, and gift cards to lower the price.
  • Add accessories like a helmet or winch kit and negotiate free installation/assembly.

Following these tips can help you score the lowest price and maximize savings on a Tractor Supply ATV model.

The Verdict: Are Tractor Supply ATVs Worth Buying?

In the end, Tractor Supply ATVs are best suited for beginners and casual hobbyists looking for an inexpensive machine for light recreational use rather than intense trail riding or heavy utility work.

They sacrifice performance, long term durability, and resale value versus premium ATVs. But their ultralow pricing makes them an appealing option for riders whoprioritize upfront cost savings and don’t demand high capability.

For young riders getting started in the sport or occasional trail and ranch usage, a Massimo ATV can be a worthwhile bargain buy. Just go in with realistic expectations around build quality and longevity compared to pricier big name ATVs. And take advantage of the 30 day return policy to ensure you get a solid machine.

With sensible precautions and proper care, a Tractor Supply ATV can provide years of budget-friendly fun. They open up off-road motorized recreation at a very affordable price point for riders who have always dreamed of owning their own ATV.


Tractor Supply provides a range of affordable ATVs that can be a smart choice for budget-conscious riders who understand the trade-offs around build quality, durability, and performance compared to premium models. Use the 30 day return policy to test drive and inspect your machine, and focus on light recreational riding rather than intense use. With realistic expectations, a Massimo ATV from Tractor Supply can deliver years of casual off-road enjoyment at a very wallet-friendly price.

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