Top Speed of CFmoto’s Popular 500cc & Acceleration

Top Speed of CFmoto's Popular 500cc

Have you ever wondered just how fast CFmoto’s 500cc ATVs and UTVs can really go? With potent engines delivering substantial torque, these mid-sized machines are capable of some pretty impressive speeds.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll uncover the top speeds, 0-60 times, quarter mile times, horsepower figures, and more for CFmoto’s lineup of 500cc ATVs and UTVs. You’ll get the full breakdown of how these recreational and utility vehicles perform when it comes to acceleration, speed, and power.

An Introduction to CFmoto and Their 500cc Models

CFmoto is a Chinese manufacturer of ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles and more. Founded in 1989, they’ve grown into one of the largest power sports companies in China. CFmoto ATVs and UTVs are now sold worldwide.

Their 500cc class models are extremely popular for both recreational riding and utility use. These mid-sized machines bridge the gap between 400cc and larger 700-1000cc ATVs.

Some of CFmoto’s most popular 500cc ATVs and UTVs include:

  • CFMoto CForce 500: A sporty recreational ATV capable of reaching 95 MPH. Powerful acceleration and handling.
  • CFMoto ZForce 500 Trail: Their fastest and most powerful trail-ready 500cc ATV, with a top speed around 80 MPH.
  • CFMoto ZForce 500 EX: A 2-seat 500cc UTV adept at trail riding and utility use. Top speed of 75 MPH.
  • CFMoto 500cc UTVs: The CForce 500 HO, CForce 520, and other 500cc UTVs offer substantial power and speed.

These 500cc models are equipped with liquid-cooled single cylinder engines featuring four valves and fuel injection. Displacements range from 494cc to 522cc.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty details on how fast these CFmoto 500s can really go.

What is the Top Speed of CFmoto’s 500cc ATVs and UTVs?

The top speed any ATV or UTV model can achieve depends on a variety of factors like engine power, gearing, weight, rider/cargo load, and terrain. However, here are some general top speed figures for popular CFmoto 500cc models:

  • CFMoto CForce 500: 80-95 MPH top speed when unrestricted. CFmoto claims it can reach 95 MPH, making it one of the fastest 500cc ATVs.
  • CFMoto ZForce 500 Trail: 63-78 MPH top speed depending on conditions. A lighter, single seat ATV optimized for quick acceleration.
  • CFMoto ZForce 500 EX: 63-70 MPH top speed. Slower than the ZForce 500 trail due to the additional weight of a 2nd seat and longer wheelbase.
  • CFMoto 500cc UTVs: Typical top speeds of 63-75 MPH depending on the specific model. The CForce 500 HO is the speed leader of the 500cc UTV lineup.
  • CFMoto 500cc 2-Up ATVs: Models like the CForce 500 2-up are limited to lower top speeds of 55-65 MPH. The extra passenger weight impacts acceleration.

As you can see, CFmoto’s single seat 500cc ATVs like the CForce 500 and ZForce 500 are the speed demons of the bunch. Their lighter weight and purpose built design allows them to reach upward of 80 MPH given enough room.

500cc 2-seat ATVs and UTVs in the CFmoto lineup sacrifice some top end speed for increased passenger capacity and utility. But even the “slowest” 500cc models can still cruise at 60+ MPH – not too shabby!

Quarter Mile Times and 0-60 MPH Acceleration

In addition to top speed, quarter mile times are an excellent measure of how quick an ATV or side by side can accelerate up to speed.

Here are some general quarter mile times and 0-60 figures for CFmoto’s 500cc models:

  • CFMoto CForce 500: Quarter mile in the 14.5 second range. 0-60 MPH in 4.5 seconds.
  • CFMoto ZForce 500 Trail: 15 second quarter mile time. 0-60 MPH in 4.8-5.2 seconds.
  • CFMoto ZForce 500 EX: 16+ second quarter mile. 0-60 MPH in 5.5-6 seconds.
  • CFMoto 500cc UTVs: 15-17 second quarter mile times depending on cargo/passenger load. 0-60 MPH from 6-7.5 seconds.

It’s clear from the quarter mile figures that the CFMoto CForce 500 is their fastest accelerating 500cc ATV. The light weight single seat design allows it to rocket from 0-60 MPH in just 4.5 seconds – substantially quicker than the 2 seat models.

But even the “slowest” 500cc UTVs can hit 60 MPH in under 8 seconds. The strong torque from these 500cc single cylinder motors helps deliver pleasing acceleration whether riding solo or with cargo and passengers aboard.

What Engine Specs Enable 500cc CFmotos to Reach These Speeds?

The peppy acceleration and high top speeds are made possible largely thanks to the potent single cylinder 500cc engines found in these ATVs and UTVs:

  • Displacement: 494cc-522cc
  • Engine Type: Liquid-cooled single cylinder with electronic fuel injection
  • Valvetrain: Single overhead cam (SOHC) with 4 valves
  • Compression Ratio: 10.3:1 to 11.0:1
  • Bore x Stroke: 3.35″ x 3.14″ up to 3.46″ x 3.26″
  • Max Horsepower: 30-40 HP at 6000-7500 RPM
  • Max Torque: 29-36 lb-ft from 5000-6500 RPM

This modern single cylinder powerplant generates substantial low end torque while revving freely to deliver strong mid-range and top end power.

Special features like battery-less electronic fuel injection and dual counterbalancers ensure smooth, reliable power across the RPM range. It’s capable of generating 40 HP in high performance models like the unrestricted CForce 500.

Complemented by short, low gearing and relatively lightweight chassis, these 500cc engines allow properly equipped CFmoto quads and UTVs to exceed 80 MPH at full throttle given enough open trail.

Factors That Influence the Top Speed and Acceleration

While the engine performance figures above give a general idea of what to expect, there are many variables that affect how fast any ATV or side by side can accelerate and its ultimate top speed:

1. Rider and Cargo Weight

More weight to carry means slower acceleration and lower top speed potential. A lighter load allows an ATV to reach higher speeds.

2. Gearing

Final drive gear ratios have a big impact. Lower geared machines accelerate quickly but have lower top speeds, while higher geared models focus on maximum speed.

3. Tire Size

Larger diameter tires effectively provide taller gearing, increasing top speed at the expense of slower acceleration.

4. Aftermarket Modifications

Intake, exhaust, engine tune modifications, etc. can add substantial power to increase acceleration and top end.

5. Terrain and Surface

Smooth, flat dirt or pavement allows reaching maximum speed. Rough or loose terrain will limit top speed.

6. Rider Ability

An experienced rider that can fully open the throttle will see higher speeds than a newer rider.

So while the engine performance provides a baseline of speed capability, real world conditions determine if a 500cc CFmoto machine can actually reach its maximum speed potential.

How Do CFmoto 500cc ATVs and UTVs Compare to Other Brands’ 500s?

CFmoto’s 500cc class ATVs and side by sides deliver competitive acceleration and top speed compared to other big brands’ 500cc offerings. Here’s how they stack up:

Vs. Suzuki QuadSport 500: The CFMoto ZForce 500 Trail is faster with a 10+ MPH higher top speed and quicker 0-60 time. But the 2-seat CFmoto 500s are closer in performance to the Suzuki.

Vs. Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon: The Rubicon tops out around 65 MPH, while CFmoto’s 500s can reach 70-95 MPH depending on the model. The CForce 500 is considerably quicker.

Vs. Can-Am Outlander 500: Very similar top speed potential in the low 70 MPH range. The CFmoto may have a slight edge in 0-60 time.

Vs. Polaris Sportsman 500: The single seat ZForce 500 Trail is faster than the 65 MPH Sportsman. But the 2-seat CFmoto models are closely matched.

Vs. Yamaha Grizzly: The 580cc Yamaha Grizzly EPS is limited to 56 MPH top speed, while CFmoto’s 500s can exceed speeds of 70+ MPH.

Vs. Kawasaki Brute Force/KFX500: The 94 HP Kawasaki has more power than CFmoto’s 500s but a comparable top speed around 80 MPH.

So while not always the absolute speed king, CFmoto’s 500cc ATVs and UTVs hold their own against competitors while offering great performance for the price.

Tips for Safely Reaching the Maximum Speed

While we’ve uncovered the top speed potential of these 500cc ATVs and UTVs, it’s critical to ride responsibly within your abilities and conditions when accelerating to maximum speed:

  • Gradually work up to maximum speed, avoiding sudden full throttle acceleration.
  • Ensure you have adequate room to safely reach top speed and come to a complete stop. Don’t attempt top speed runs on trails or tracks with tight corners or close obstacles.
  • Properly break-in the engine and moving components during the first 50-100 miles before high speed operation. Follow the owner’s manual guidelines.
  • Check tire pressures and inspect brakes to ensure the vehicle can handle maximum speeds safely.
  • Wear safety gear including a helmet, goggles, gloves, and protective riding clothes.
  • Avoid attempting top speed with a passenger or heavy cargo load. Go solo with a light load.
  • Understand how terrain, riding surface, weather, and visibility impacts safe operation at speed. Adjust accordingly.

While reaching max speed on an open trail straightaway can be exhilarating, always ride within your limits, erring on the side of caution. These machines have speed capabilities that can far exceed many riders’ abilities. Slowly work your way up as your skills improve to stay safe.

The Best 500cc CFmoto ATVs and UTVs for Speed and Acceleration

If you’re looking for the fastest accelerating and highest top speed 500cc recreational CFmoto vehicle, the CFMoto CForce 500 or ZForce 500 Trail are your best bets:

  • CForce 500 – This light, single seat sport ATV model offers the absolute highest top speed capability up to 95 MPH. Blistering 0-60 acceleration in 4.5 seconds. Perfect for experienced thrill-seeking riders.
  • ZForce 500 Trail – Nearly as fast as the CForce 500, with a top speed around 80 MPH and quick 0-60 time. Better suited for aggressive trail and off-road riding with its sporty, rugged build.

For a 500cc CFmoto model focused more on utility use but still capable of 70+ MPH speeds, the ZForce 500 EX 2-seat ATV or CForce 500 HO side by side are great options:

  • ZForce 500 EX – Compromises some speed for increased passenger capacity, but still reaches 70 MPH and does 0-60 in under 6 seconds. Capable trail explorer.
  • CForce 500 HO – CFmoto’s fastest 500cc UTV with 75 MPH potential. Roomy side by side build hauls cargo and passengers at speed.

Any of CFmoto’s 500cc class ATVs or UTVs deliver strong acceleration and ample top speed for exciting trail riding. Choose based on your riding style and priorities to pick the perfect 500.

Owner Impressions – The Good and Bad of CFmoto’s 500cc ATVs/UTVs

While the specs above demonstrate the performance potential of these machines, here’s what actual owners have to say about the pros and cons of owning a CFmoto 500 based on their experiences:


  • “This ZForce 500 is the fastest ATV I’ve owned. It just keeps pulling when accelerating.”
  • “The engine has so much torque. It will power up our hunting club’s steep trails no problem.”
  • “Affordably priced but very capable. I’m impressed with the fit and finish.”
  • “Reliability has been good over the 2 years I’ve owned my CForce 500.”


  • “Stock tires left a lot to be desired. Upgraded to better ones.”
  • “Fuel injection system had some issues first year but they worked out the kinks.”
  • “Passenger comfort not the best. Seats are hard and could use more cushion.”
  • “Turning radius is wider than I expected. Takes some getting used to.”

In summary, most owners praise the acceleration, reliability, and affordability. But comfort, tires, and steering/handling are common complaints. Pay attention to component specs and upgrades can resolve most issues.

Major Problems and Solutions for CFmoto 500cc ATVs and UTVs

Like any machine, CFmoto’s 500 class ATVs and UTVs can experience some problems. Here are a few major issues along with solutions to address them:

Problem: Overheating issues, especially in hot weather riding.

Solution: Upgrade radiator, improve airflow to radiator, use high quality engine coolant, install fan kit.

Problem: Engine stalling and hard restarting when hot.

Solution: Clean/replace air filter, check fuel pump, replace spark plug, verify valve clearance spec.

Problem: Poor shifting and hard to find neutral.

Solution: Adjust shift linkage, inspect shift fork, replace worn shift components if needed.

Problem: Engine noise like piston slap at startup.

Solution: Use heavier oil like 10W-40, adjust valve lash spec, replace piston rings if slapping persists.

Problem: Steering wanders and is loose/vague feeling.

Solution: Tighten steering stem nut, verify proper tire pressure, install steering stabilizer.

Paying attention to proper maintenance and using quality parts when repairs are needed will keep any issues with a 500cc CFmoto ATV or side by side to a minimum. Their durability continues to improve with each model year.

CFmoto 500cc ATV and UTV Model Specs Comparison

CForce 500ZForce 500 TrailZForce 500 EXCForce 500 HO
Year Range2020 – Present2021 – Present2020 – Present2021 – Present
Engine494cc Liquid-Cooled Single494cc Liquid-Cooled Single494cc Liquid-Cooled Single495cc Liquid-Cooled Single
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel InjectionElectronic Fuel InjectionElectronic Fuel InjectionElectronic Fuel Injection
TransmissionCVT AutomaticCVT AutomaticCVT AutomaticCVT Automatic
2WD or 4WD2WD / 4WD Selectable2WD / 4WD / Front Diff Lock2WD / 4WD / Front Diff Lock2WD / 4WD / Front Diff Lock
Seating1 Passenger1 Passenger2 Passenger2 Passenger
Curb Weight669 lbs.591 lbs.775 lbs.1,373 lbs.
Max Towing660 lbs.660 lbs.880 lbs.1,100 lbs.
Wheelbase50.6 in.49.2 in.57.5 in.81.3 in.
Ground Clearance10.6 in.10.4 in.10.0 in.12.0 in.
Rack/Bed CapacityN/A35 lbs.150 lbs.600 lbs.

Pricing Comparison of New CFmoto 500cc ATVs and UTVs

CForce 500$6,999
ZForce 500 Trail$7,499
ZForce 500 EX$8,999
CForce 500 HO$10,999

Conclusion – Finding the Right 500cc CFmoto for You

We’ve covered all the details on how fast CFmoto’s 500cc ATV and side-by-side lineup can go. With single seat sport models like the CForce 500 reaching 95 MPH, and even 2-seat utility oriented machines exceeding 70 MPH, there’s no shortage of speed and acceleration.

Choosing the right CFmoto 500cc model comes down to your priorities. Seeking maximum velocity on a budget? Go for the CForce 500. Need two seats for a passenger while still keeping speed? Consider the ZForce 500 EX. Require a bit more utility without sacrificing 70+ MPH capability? The CForce 500 HO fits the bill.

No matter your needs, CFmoto’s 500 class ATVs and UTVs combine affordability, quality, comfort, and of course ample speed to put a smile on your face on the trails. Take your time, shop smart, and before you know it you’ll be flying down your favorite routes on a brand new CFmoto 500. Ride on!

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