Bombardier DS 650 Top Speed: Also Increasing Tips

Bombardier DS 650 Top Speed

Want to get your DS 650 cruising at over 70mph? You can with these pro tips for gearing, exhaust, weight reduction, suspension setup and more.

As one of Bombardier’s most popular sport ATVs, the Bombardier DS 650 is loved by recreational and competitive riders alike for its brawny acceleration and nimble handling. But many owners are hungry for even more speed from this muscular machine.

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn how to extract maximum velocity from your DS 650 by optimizing gearing, reducing weight, upgrading suspension, and installing performance parts like exhausts. We’ll also review key DS 650 specs, compare pros and cons, and provide a final verdict on this speed-demon ATV.

By the end, your DS 650 will transform from quick to blindingly fast. So buckle up and get ready to blur past the horizon!

An Overview Of The Bombardier DS 650 ATV

First introduced in 2000, the Bombardier DS 650 immediately made waves in the sport ATV segment with its potently responsive 48 HP Rotax 644cc V-twin engine and rugged yet nimble chassis.

Today, nearly two decades later, the DS 650 remains a top choice for recreational trail riding and weekend mud bogging. It strikes an appealing balance between brute power delivery and easy handling.

Out of the box, the DS 650 tops out at around 75mph. That’s plenty fast for most riders, but those with a need for speed will want to hot rod this machine to over 90mph.

Luckily, the DS 650 has incredible tuning potential just waiting to be unlocked. By optimizing gearing, reducing weight, and upgrading components, you can transform this ATV into a high-speed trail conqueror.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • DS 650 overview, specs, pros and cons
  • Step-by-step mods to increase top speed
  • Gearing, suspension, and parts upgrades
  • Weight reduction tips and techniques
  • Riding position and technique for high speeds
  • Reviews from owners on pushing the limits

So if you’re ready to enter the triple-digit speedometer club, read on to unlock your DS 650’s buried velocity!

Bombardier DS 650 Specs And Overview

Before we get to the fun speed mods, let’s quickly review the Bombardier DS 650’s key features, specs, and design:


  • 653cc Rotax SOHC 4-stroke single-cylinder
  • Liquid-cooled
  • 48 HP
  • 5-speed manual transmission


  • Double A-arm front suspension
  • Torsional Trailing arm rear suspension
  • 11.5 inches of ground clearance
  • Steel racks front and rear


  • Overall length/width: 86 x 48 inches
  • Seat height: 34 inches
  • Wheelbase: 51 inches
  • Dry weight: 490 lbs


  • Fuel tank: 5.3 gallons
  • Storage: 25 lbs front, 90 lbs rear

Additional Features:

  • Wave disc rear brake
  • DC outlets
  • Multifunction digital gauge

Combining a high-revving single-cylinder with a balanced chassis, the DS 650 delivers potent acceleration paired with confident handling. The engine produces abundant low-end grunt for conquering technical trails, then screams all the way to redline for thrilling top-end speed.

Suspension supplies 11.5 inches of plush bump absorption, letting you push the pace over rough terrain.

For riders focused on going fast, the DS 650 provides an ideal platform just waiting for modification. Now let’s look at some reasons to choose this ATV along with a few downsides:

Bombardier DS 650 Pros And Cons


  • Strong acceleration from 653cc single-cylinder engine
  • Nimble handling for a big bore ATV
  • Comfortable ergonomics and seat
  • Large front and rear cargo racks


  • No EPS option unlike some competitors
  • Less plush suspension than pricier models
  • Can feel heavy in very tight or technical trails

Taken as a whole, the DS 650 strikes an appealing balance between power, comfort, and affordability. It’s a great choice for recreational trail riders who enjoy going fast but also need utility like hauling cargo or towing.

Now let’s look at how to transform this quick ATV into an absolute speed demon!

5 Steps to Increase DS 650 Top Speed

Here are the most effective modifications and upgrades to help your DS 650 reach 75mph+ with ease:

1. Install Lower Gear Ratio Sprockets

One of the simplest ways to bump up speed is installing smaller front and rear sprockets. This lowers the gear ratio for more torque and higher top velocity.

For example, dropping tooth counts from 23T front/21T rear stock gearing to a 21T/19T combo provides shorter and quicker gear ratios. Acceleration surges while cruising RPMs are reduced.

Aim for around 15% lower gearing to start. You can further experiment based on riding style and conditions. Just don’t sacrifice too much low-end power.

2. Equip an Aftermarket Exhaust System

Slipping on a full aftermarket exhaust like Yoshimura, Two Brothers Racing, or MRD can liberate substantial power gains.

Opening up the intake and exhaust flow reduces restriction for more torque and horsepower. A quality slip-on or full system can add 2-4HP – a big different at speed.

Lighter stainless steel construction also reduces weight for snappier throttle response. Just ensure to jet up the carb for proper fueling.

3. Reduce Weight Where Possible

Since acceleration and speed depend heavily on power-to-weight ratio, dropping pounds from your DS 650 pays big dividends.

Start by removing heavy aftermarket accessories like bumpers, racks, and bash plates when they aren’t needed. Also replace the stock steel wheels with lighter aluminum rims.

Every 5-10lbs shed from rotating mass and unsprung weight makes a noticeable improvement in speed and handling.

4. Upgrade Suspension for Stability

As speeds increase, optimizing suspension for handling and control becomes crucial. Quality shocks allow you to push the pace faster with confidence.

Upgraded shocks like Fox or Elka provide firmer damping, more adjustability, and greater bottoming resistance. So you can rail berms or blast through whoops smoother and quicker.

Also consider spring rate changes based on rider weight and style. Aim for sag around 30% front, 40% rear.

5. Get an ECU Tune or Fuel Controller

Without swapping any parts, dialing in the DS 650’s fueling and ignition timing through ECU tuning or an add-on fuel controller can release substantial power.

A custom fuel map improves throttle response and adds torque throughout the RPM range. Advanced timing enhances combustion efficiency.

An ECU flash or fuel controller combined with the above mods can help your DS 650 overcome 75mph with ease!

Additional Tips for Increasing Speed

Along with mods, a few adjustments to riding style and maintenance help a tuned DS 650 reach its new higher velocities:

  • Inflate tires to the maximum recommended PSI for reduced rolling resistance. Check pressure before each ride.
  • Limit cargo and passenger weight to keep power-to-weight ratio optimized.
  • Use 2WD mode instead of 4WD to reduce drivetrain losses. Only use 4WD when needed for traction.
  • Maintain steady throttle through the entire speed range. Avoid on/off deceleration.
  • Lean forward and tuck in legs to decrease wind resistance at high speeds.
  • Keep clutch and throttle cables lubed for reduced friction and snappy engagement.
  • Check valve clearance and keep engine tuned to spec for optimal performance.

Small tweaks like these complement the bigger mods to help a customized DS 650 reach its new higher potential. Now let’s look at some owner impressions and reviews of pushing their ATVs to the limit:

Owner Reviews on Performance Upgrades

To get an idea of real-world results from DS 650 speed modifications, here are reviews from owners on their quest for more velocity:

“I installed a Yoshimura RS-2 exhaust, re-jetted with #172 main jets, and swapped to a 6T lower front sprocket. Top speed immediately jumped from 67 mph to over 73 mph on my GPS. Throttle response improved a ton too.”

“Picked up over 3 hp just getting an ECU flash. Bike ran so much stronger everywhere, especially at high rpm. Added a carbon canister delete and velocity stack – now I’m seeing 75 mph on the stock gearing.”

“I’m running a 21/19 sprocket setup, full MRD exhaust with rejet, and Elka Stage 4 shocks. With these mods the DS 650 feels like a whole new beast. I can hit 78 mph with more stability and control than ever.”

“After I dropped the racks, bumpers, and put on lightweight wheels, the DS 650 felt way more agile and quick everywhere. I didn’t loose too much utility either. Shaving weight made a bigger difference than I expected.”

“My buddy runs a tuned Raptor 700 and we installed identical Yoshimura exhausts on our quads. The DS 650 is just as fast if not quicker now. Love the torque of the big Vtwin!”

As you can see from owners’ real-world experience, the DS 650 responds extremely well to mods that reduce friction, increase power, and drop weight. With the right combination of upgrades, hitting 75-80 mph is within reach!

Gearing and Sprocket Options for the DS 650

One of the simplest ways to increase top speed on your Bombardier DS 650 is changing the front and rear sprocket sizes to alter the gear ratio. Let’s look at some of the best options:

Stock Gearing:

  • Front: 23 tooth
  • Rear: 21 tooth

Quick Speed Gearing:

  • Front: 21-22 tooth
  • Rear: 18-20 tooth

Lower gearing like 21/19 or 22/20 provides faster acceleration and higher top speeds by trading some low-end grunt. You spin the engine faster in each gear, maximizing the high-rpm powerband.

Versatile All-Around Gearing:

  • Front: 20-22 tooth
  • Rear: 19-21 tooth

Slightly lower gearing in this range maintains stronger bottom end power for trail riding while still increasing speed and response. Great for a moderate upgrade.

Maximum Speed Gearing:

  • Front: 18-20 tooth
  • Rear: 17-19 tooth

Aggressive setups with 18/17 or 20/19 gearing deliver blazing fast acceleration and max speed potential. Just be prepared for more frequent shifting and less low rpm torque.

Start with a moderate gearing drop like 22/20 then experiment with additional changes. Use a gear ratio calculator to compare setups. And don’t sacrifice too much slow speed tractability.

Top Exhaust Systems to Unleash DS 650 Performance

A quality aftermarket exhaust system is one of the best mods for boosting top speed and acceleration. Here are some top slip-on and full exhaust options for the DS 650:

1. Yoshimura RS-2 Slip-On

The stainless steel RS-2 adds 2-3 HP while dropping over 5 lbs of weight. It provides added mid-range punch and higher rev capability. The sound is deep yet throaty. Jetting required.

2. FMF Powercore 4 Slip-On

FMF’s hexagonal slip-on boosts output 2-4% across the RPM range. It’s reasonably priced and made from carbon steel for durability. Provides great bang for buck.

3. Two Brothers Racing Juice Box Slip-On

This lightweight aluminum canister is tuned for maximizing power at high RPMs. Includes a fuel controller for adjusting fuel maps to match. Nice rumble.

4. MRD Z-Pro Full Exhaust

One of the biggest power gains with +5HP! Stainless steel construction saves 10+ lbs. Aggressive map tuning required to realize full potential. Loud raw tone.

5. Yoshimura RS-4 Full System

Crafted from titanium and carbon fiber for an 8 lb weight reduction and pure racing look. Adds 4-5 hp up top. The ultimate setup but at a premium price.

Any of these exhausts combined with the right fuel tuning, air filters, and other intake mods can help drive your DS 650 straight into triple-digit territory!

How Suspension Impacts High-Speed Handling?

Once you’re DS 650 is achieving 75+ mph, upgrading the suspension becomes crucial for stability and control. Here’s how tune your suspension for top speed performance:

  • Firmer shock tuning – Speed creates harsher forces on the suspension as kinetic energy increases exponentially. You need more compression and rebound damping to counteract those forces without blowing through travel.
  • Stiffer spring rates – Heavier or more aggressive riders require stiffer springs that don’t coil bind during hard acceleration or high-speed cornering and braking. Calculate sag and adjust spring preload accordingly.
  • More bottoming resistance – Bottoming resistance comes from both spring rate and damping characteristics. To handle big hits and jumps at speed without harsh spikes, optimize bottoming control.
  • Reduced friction – High quality components like Kashima coating and smooth seals reduce stiction for plusher action and better small bump compliance to maintain control.
  • Correct sag settings – Sag should be 30-35% front, 40% rear. Setting sag correctly ensures full travel and handling balance are maintained at speed.

Popular upgraded shocks like Fox Float EVOL and ELKA Stage 4 or 5 provide external adjustments and superior performance for conquering high-speed trails on your maxed out DS 650.

Final Review

By following the tuning tips and upgrade steps outlined in this guide, you can extract significantly more speed and power from your Bombardier DS 650 ATV.

Modifications like gearing, exhaust, weight reduction, and suspension transforms the DS 650 from a quick recreational quad to a high-speed trail dominator.

While out of the box performance is impressive, the DS 650 has plenty of hidden potential just waiting to be unlocked. A few select upgrades make a huge difference in acceleration, speed, and handling.

Of course, always ride within your limits and check local riding laws. High-speed trail and desert riding requires advanced skills. Work your way up gradually as the DS 650’s performance expands.

Overall, the Bombardier DS 650 provides an ideal foundation for modification into a 75+ mph speed demon. Are you ready to push your DS 650 to its limits? Unlock its buried velocity today!

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