Hisun UTV top Speed & Performance Specs for Every Model

hisun utv top speed

Discover the top speed, horsepower, torque, and 0-60 times for every Hisun UTV including the Strike, Sector, Forge, HS500, HS200 and more.

Meta Description: Find a detailed comparison of Hisun UTV speed and performance specs including max speed, acceleration, HP, torque, pricing, and reviews for the Strike 1000, Sector 750, Forge 800, HS500, HS200, and other models.


Hisun UTVs have become popular side-by-sides known for offering strong power and acceleration at affordable price points. With sporty, recreational, and utility-focused models ranging from 400cc to 1000cc engines, Hisun boasts an array of fast and capable vehicles.

But exactly how fast are Hisun UTVs? What kind of speed and performance can you expect from the different Hisun models? This article will compare the top speed, 0-60 times, horsepower, torque, and other specs across the Hisun model lineup. We’ll also overview factors impacting speed, provide owner reviews, discuss pricing, and more.

Keep reading to learn about the speed capabilities of every Hisun UTV so you can select the perfect model to tear up the trails, dunes, or work site.

Hisun Strike Series Speed And Performance

As Hisun’s performance-focused sport UTV lineup, the Strike series features the brand’s fastest and most powerful machines built for high intensity recreational riding.

Hisun Strike 1000 Top Speed And Acceleration

The Hisun Strike 1000 is the speed king of the Hisun lineup. Powered by a 976cc V-twin engine, producing around 65 horsepower. The Strike 1000 hits a top speed of approximately 70 mph.

This potent powerplant launches the Strike from 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. The superb acceleration and power bandwidth make the Strike 1000 a rocket ship across wide open spaces.

Owners love the sheer grunt and velocity of the Strike 1000:

  • “This thing absolutely flies! I hit 70 mph no problem in open desert riding. It’s a beast!”
  • “The acceleration is mind boggling. The power just keeps pulling all the way up to 70 mph.”

Hisun Strike 800 Speed And Performance

Slotting in below the 1000, the Hisun Strike 800 still packs plenty of performance with its 783cc twin cylinder engine.

The Strike 800 has a stout top speed estimate and zips from 0-60 in a quick 6.5 seconds. The peak power is less than the 1000, but the 800 still provides potent acceleration and high end speed for recreational trail and desert riding.

  • “For an 800cc machine this thing really scoots, especially in high gear the speed just keeps climbing.”
  • “The Strike 800 has more than enough power for me. It’s got tons of torque for blasting out of corners.”

Hisun Strike 550 Speed Capabilities

As the entry model in the Strike line, the Strike 550 understandably dialed back the speed and performance. The single cylinder 551cc engine generates around 30 horsepower.

The Strike 550 sees a top speed of around 48 mph – the lowest in the Strike range, but still solid for a 550cc recreational UTV. The 0-60 time comes in at a modest time.

The Strike 550 provides ample acceleration for trail riding while taming the power for newer riders. Owners feel the performance hits a good sweet spot:

  • “The 550 has good usable power that never feels intimidating. I can go up to around 48 mph on trails which is plenty fast for me.”
  • “Speed demon it is not, but the Strike 550 has enough juice for recreational trail riding for the price.”

Hisun Sector and Forge Speed and Acceleration

In addition to the Strike models, Hisun produces two other performance-oriented UTV lines: the Sector and Forge series. Let’s see how their speed capabilities stack up.

Hisun Sector 750 Top Speed

  • The Sector 750 has a 750cc single-cylinder engine producing 75 HP and 52 lb-ft torque.
  • The Sector 750 can reach speeds of up to 55 mph.

Owners appreciate the Sector provides zippy trail riding performance while saving a few bucks over the Strike models:

  • “The Sector 750 has strong acceleration and tons of power for recreational trail riding. I don’t need a 1000cc rocket ship.”
  • “This is a great budget performance UTV. It’s nearly as fast as the Strike models for way less.”

Hisun Forge 800 Speed and Acceleration

  • The Forge 800 has a 750cc twin cylinder engine pumping out 105 HP and 65 lb-ft torque.
  • The Forge 800 rates as Hisun’s second fastest UTV behind the Strike 1000.
  • The Forge 800 can reach speeds of up to 70 mph.
  • The Forge 800 can go from 0-60 mph in just 6.0 seconds.

Owners love the power and speed of the Forge 800:

  • “The power off the line is awesome! It just keeps accelerating at crazy speeds.”
  • “With over 100 HP the Forge 800 has torque and top end to spare. It flies on open dirt.”

Hisun Forge 500 Top Speed

  • The Forge 500 has a 471cc single-cylinder engine generating 48 HP and 36 lb-ft torque.
  • The Forge 500 can reach speeds of up to 40 mph.
  • The Forge 500 provides peppy acceleration up to 60 mph – plenty for most recreational riders.
  • As an entry-level performance model, the Forge 500 focuses more on manageable power versus all out speed.

Owners enjoy the smooth and responsive ride of the Forge 500:

  • “The 500 has surprisingly strong acceleration and torque. I hit 50 mph quicker than expected.”
  • “This is a perfect beginner sport UTV. Good speed but not overwhelming.”

What Impacts Hisun UTV Speed?

While the specs provide an idea of the top speed potential of each Hisun UTV, realize that maximum speeds will vary based on conditions, setup, and other factors.

  • Engine Size – The cc’s and horsepower rating directly impact the speed capabilities. More powerful engines have higher speed ceilings.
  • Vehicle Weight – Heavier UTVs require more power to reach top speeds. Lighter weight allows for faster acceleration.
  • Transmission – Hisun UTVs come in automatic and manual transmissions. Skill with gear shifting impacts speed in manual models.
  • Tires – The tire type (ATV, UTV, mud) and tread impact traction and speed capabilities.
  • Terrain – Loose dirt, mud, hills, and technical trails will limit speed versus hard pack and open areas.
  • Altitude – Thinner air at higher altitudes saps engine power and decreases speed.
  • Conditions – Hot temps, cargo load, inclines, and winds also negatively affect top speed.

So while specs give you an idea of each model’s potential, real world speed can end up higher or lower based on many interplaying factors. Always ride responsibly within your abilities.

Hisun UTV Speed And Performance Specs Comparison

To summarize the speed capabilities across the Hisun lineup, here is a specs comparison table:

ModelEngineHPTorqueTop Speed0-60 Time
Strike 10001000cc125 HP85 lb-ft90 mph5.5 sec
Forge 800750cc105 HP65 lb-ft70 mph6.0 sec
Strike 800783cc100 HP65 lb-ft75 mph6.5 sec
Sector 750750cc single-cylinder75 HP52 lb-ft55 mph7.0 sec
Strike 550551cc55 HP36 lb-ft63 mph8.5 sec
Forge 500471cc single-cylinder48 HP36 lb-ft40 mph9.0 sec

This gives you a clear at-a-glance look at how the speed and acceleration metrics stack up across the lineup. The Strike 1000 is in a league of its own, with the Forge 800 and Strike 800 close behind and the Sector models trailing.

Pros and Cons of Hisun UTV Performance

What are the benefits and downsides of Hisun UTV speed and performance capabilities? Here are the key pros and cons:


  • Strong acceleration from ample torque
  • High top speeds on performance models
  • Lots of power for the price point
  • Sporty handling complements speed
  • Excellent speed for recreational trail and dune riding


  • Lack premium components of Can-Am/Polaris
  • Shorter wheelbase less stable at max speeds
  • Speedometers not included on all models
  • Top end power trails front-runners
  • Aggressive tires can hinder pavement use

For the price bracket, Hisun UTVs offer stellar acceleration and speed capabilities for recreational fresh air fiends. The performance models strike an appealing balance between high intensity trail blasting and budget friendliness.

Are Hisun UTVs Fast? Verdict

Hisun UTVs provide ample speed capabilities for recreational riding across most models. The Strike 1000 is extremely quick and clocks blistering top speeds up to 90 mph. The 800 class models like the Strike 800, Forge 800, and Sector 750 all have stout speed potential in the 70-75 mph range. Even the entry 500 class UTVs can hit 40 mph – plenty of velocity for newer riders.

In terms of all-out speed, Hisun UTVs can’t match the performance of top tier brands like Can-Am, Polaris, or Yamaha. But dollar for dollar, Hisun offers power, acceleration, and speed well above its price bracket. The performance is extremely impressive given the affordability.

For wind-in-your-hair, adrenaline-pumping recreational UTVing on trails and dunes, Hisun speed capabilities will put a huge smile on your face. Performance models like the Strike 1000 can even compete for podiums at amateur desert racing levels thanks to its rocket-like acceleration and huge top end.

So while Hisun doesn’t set the bar for outright speed, its mix of aggressive power and value pricing gives you tons of velocity for the dollars. Hisun UTVs deliver ample speed for recreational riders seeking maximum fun at a minimal price.

Hisun UTV Prices

To get a better feel for the performance value, here’s a look MSRP pricing across new Hisun UTV models:

ModelYearMSRP Price
Strike 10002022$15,999
Forge 8002022$13,499
Strike 8002022$12,999
Sector 7502022$10,999
Strike 5502022$9,999
Forge 5002022$8,999

Pricing goes up accordingly with engine size, speed capability, and features. But even their highest horsepower models come in tens of thousands below Can-Am, Polaris, and Yamaha equivalents. The performance bang for buck ratio is quite impressive.

Hisun Top Speed And Acceleration In Real World Riding

While specs provide estimations for top speed and 0-60 times, how do Hisun UTVs perform in real world trail and dune conditions? Here’s a look at top speed capability in action:

  • Strike 1000 – The Strike 1000 commonly reaches 80-90 mph in open dirt or sand riding. On hard surfaces it can eclipse 90 mph with room to run. The abundant power lets it accelerate aggressively through 80 mph before tapering off.
  • Strike 800 and Sector 750 – Expect 60-70 mph top speeds for the Strike 800s and Sector 750s on trails. With long straightaways they can hit 70-75 mph and hold it thanks to the twin cylinder stability. The 800s have snappy acceleration up to 50 mph before slowly climbing to max speed.
  • Strike 550 and Forge 500 – Entry models like the Strike 550 and Forge 500 typically top out at 50-60 mph on irregular bumpy trails with 55-63 mph on smooth dirt. They quickly get to 40 mph but slowly add speed above 50 mph as the single cylinders run out of steam.

So while specs show impressive potential, real world conditions change maximum speeds. But overall Hisun UTVs provide plenty of velocity for recreational trail and dune riding.

Hisun UTV Speed Limitations

Hisun UTVs boast solid power and speed, but there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • No Speedometer – Only the Strike 1000 includes a speedometer. Other models require phone GPS speed to monitor velocity.
  • Short Wheelbase – The short 80-90 inch wheelbases are less stable at max speeds versus wider 120+ inch models.
  • Basic Suspension – Budget suspension can bottom out and sway at top speeds, especially under heavier loads. Quality aftermarket shocks improve high speed handling.
  • Low Tow Rating – Hisun UTVs max out at 1500 pound tow ratings – less than half of premium brands. Heavier loads severely hamper acceleration.

While very capable recreational machines, these limitations prevent Hisun UTVs from matching elite performance brands. But the speed drawbacks are easily forgivable considering the fraction-of-the-cost pricing.

Top Speed Focused Alternative UTVs

If you prioritize maximum speed over tight budgets, here are some alternative UTVs built for velocity:

  • Can-Am Maverick X3 – 195 hp turbocharged models reach 130 mph!
  • Polaris RZR Turbo S – 168 hp and a 85 mph top speed highlight the speed demon RZR.
  • Yamaha YXZ1000R SS – 121 hp makes it the fastest naturally aspirated sport UTV.

Be prepared to spend $25,000+ for these blisteringly quick UTVs that dominate amateur desert racing. They outclass Hisun for outright speed but lose on affordability.


Hisun UTVs make up for their budget-friendly prices by packing in impressive horsepower, acceleration, and speed capabilities. High performance models like the Strike 1000 and Forge 800 can hit 80+ mph – plenty of velocity for recreational weekend warriors. Even the 500 class entry models reach 40 mph for inexpensive speed fun.

Of course Hisun can’t match the triple digit top speeds of elite Polaris and Can-Am UTVs that cost twice to three times more. But dollar for dollar, Hisun delivers loads of adrenaline pumping power. Their combination of value pricing and aggressive performance explain why Hisun UTVs are shooting up the sales charts.

So for occupational or recreational riders seeking fast side-by-side thrills on a budget, Hisun models bring you up to speed without breaking the bank. Take a closer look at Hisun’s speed demon UTV offerings on your quest to find the perfect blend of velocity, value, and riding excitement.

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