Kawasaki Mule Windshield Buying Guide – What You Need to Know

Kawasaki Mule Windshield Buying Guide

If you own a Kawasaki Mule UTV, you may be wondering if adding a windshield is worth it. A quality windshield can transform your Mule, providing enhanced protection from the elements, better climate control, and a more comfortable ride. This comprehensive windshield buying guide will walk you through everything you need to know to choose the optimal windshield solution for your Kawasaki Mule’s year, model, and your needs.

Do I Really Need a Windshield on My Mule?

Many Kawasaki Mule owners ponder whether investing in a windshield is truly necessary. Here are some of the key benefits a good windshield provides:

  • Weather Protection – One of the primary reasons to add a windshield is gaining protection from the rain, snow, and other precipitation. A windshield deflects water away, keeping you dryer on wet rides. Full windshields offer the highest level of weather protection.
  • Debris Protection – Riding open cockpit exposes you fully to debris kicked up on the trail. This includes rocks, mud, sand, dirt, and brush. A sturdy windshield prevents debris from constantly peppering you while riding.
  • Wind Noise Reduction – Wind noise at high speeds or during stormy weather can make it difficult to hear others and cause fatigue. A windshield creates a barrier of calm air inside the cockpit for a quieter ride.
  • UV Ray Protection – Just like sunscreen, a windshield helps protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays to prevent burns and skin damage during long days of riding.
  • Heating and Cooling Efficiency – A windshield allows heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently by recirculating conditioned air rather than letting it blast right out the back.

If you ride for long hours, frequently encounter precipitation or debris, or want more protection from the elements, a quality windshield is a smart investment for your Mule.

Kawasaki Mule Windshield Types

Kawasaki Mule windshields come in two primary styles:

Full Windshields

As the name suggests, full windshields provide complete protection across the entire cockpit opening. They are tall enough to go above the heads of both driver and passenger. This blockade of wind and debris makes full windshields the optimal choice for all-weather and off-road riding. They deliver the most coverage, though they limit some maneuverability and access in and out.

Half Windshields

Half windshields end halfway up the cockpit opening, leaving the upper section open to wind and sun. They provide good protection from frontal precipitation and debris, while allowing more airflow circulation. Half windshields offer a compromise between protection and ease of entry/exit.

Within these two main types, windshields vary in shape, curvature, material, thickness and more. Later sections will cover how to match a windshield shape and style to your specific Mule model.

Key Factors When Choosing a Kawasaki Mule Windshield

With many windshield options available from dozens of brands, it’s important to consider a few key factors to make the right choice:

Windshield Height Based on Your Height

The optimal windshield height depends on your own height in the seated position. Measure from your shoulders to the top of your head. The windshield should be tall enough to surpass your head, without being so tall that visibility is impacted. Full windshields around 30 inches or more tend to work well for average height adults.

Riding Conditions and Needs

Consider when, where and how you ride your Mule to choose the right level of protection:

  • Lots of muddy, wet, snowy conditions = higher coverage windshield recommended
  • Mainly dry dirt riding = can get by with half windshield
  • Overnight trips in extreme cold = maximum protection suggested

Storage Limitations

Some full windshields are quite tall and may not allow your Mule to fit in the garage. Measure your storage space before buying to ensure the windshield height won’t obstruct storage. Or consider windshield designs that tilt forward.

Material Durability

More durable materials like thick polycarbonate and glass stand up better to cracking and scratching than acrylic. Especially if your Mule sees harsh conditions, go for a thicker, sturdier windshield material.

Ease of Installation

Some windshields simply bolt directly onto the frame, making installation a breeze. Others require drilling into the roll bar to mount. If you don’t want to drill holes, look for no-drill options.


Windshield prices vary drastically ranging from $100 basic models to $600+ for premium brands with specialized engineering. Determine how much protection you need, then allocate budget accordingly.

Using these criteria to evaluate options will help you select the ideal windshield to get the most value for your dollars.

Top 5 Best Windshields for Kawasaki Mule

Now that you know what to look for, here are 5 of the best windshields for Kawasaki Mule UTVs:

1. Kargo Master Pro Series Full Windshield

The Kargo Master Pro Series windshield is one of the toughest on the market, constructed from extra thick 1/8 inch polycarbonate. This durable material stands up to tree branches and debris without sustaining scratches and cracks.

Designed specifically for Kawasaki Mule models, the Kargo Master windshield bolts directly onto the factory roll cage without any drilling required. Quick, simple 15 minute installation is a huge plus.

The unique locking system allows the windshield to lock securely in the fully upright position. Yet you can also fold it down partially or fully for entry/exit and storage.

Key Features:

  • 1/8″ thick polycarbonate material
  • Bolts directly to factory roll cage
  • Locks upright for maximum protection

2. Kolpin Stronghold Auto-Latch Windshield

Constructed from Makrolon polycarbonate, the Kolpin Stronghold windshield delivers superior strength and scratch resistance. The unique auto-latch system provides the convenience of partially or fully opening the windshield with one hand to customize airflow.

Living up to its name, the Kolpin Stronghold secures firmly into place without any rattling on rough terrain. Tool-less installation takes just seconds, requiring no tools, drilling or special hardware.

While providing full front coverage, this windshield is thoughtfully angled to allow easy access in and out of the cab.

Key Features:

  • Makrolon polycarbonate material
  • Auto-latch for one-hand opening
  • No tools required for install

3. SuperATV Full Windshield

The SuperATV windshield provides exceptional protection across the entire cockpit, covering both driver and passenger. Constructed from 0.2” thick high-grade polycarbonate, it stands up to years of rugged riding conditions.

This windshield features an aggressive, sporty style that looks great on any Kawasaki Mule model. The curved shape and specialized angles optimize airflow while blocking wind, rain and debris.

Installs in minutes by bolting directly onto the factory roll cage with included hardware. No need to drill holes for a clean look.

Key Features:

  • 0.2” thick polycarbonate
  • Aggressive sporty styling
  • Bolts onto factory roll cage

4. Rough Country Full Windshield

The Rough Country windshield accommodates roof mounts and wipers, making it a great choice if you want to add accessories later. Durable polycarbonate construction provides excellent protection from the elements even in extreme cold or heat.

The clever locking system allows you to flip the windshield fully forward for easy storage. Special clamps keep in securely locked in the upright position while riding, so it doesn’t shake or wobble.

Straightforward bolt-on installation to the factory roll cage takes less than 30 minutes, with minimal tools required.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates roof and wipers
  • Locks open for storage
  • Simple bolt-on install

5. Bullet Proof Full Windshield

For those seeking the ultimate in durability and clarity, the Bullet Proof windshield is constructed from thick tempered glass. This provides maximum scratch resistance and optical clarity that cheaper plastics can’t match.

Fully custom tinted color options let you match or accent your Mule’s color scheme. And solid stainless steel mounting brackets deliver unmatched strength.

While installation does require drilling into the roll cage, included detailed instructions make the process straightforward. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this windshield will last as long as your UTV.

Key Features:

  • Tempered glass construction
  • Custom color tint options
  • Stainless steel brackets

This covers 5 of the top-rated windshields favored by Kawasaki Mule owners for their durability, protection and ease of installation. Use this list to compare options and narrow down your selection.

Kawasaki Mule Windshield Pros and Cons

Before making your purchase decision, let’s recap some of the key advantages and potential drawbacks of adding a Kawasaki Mule windshield:


  • Protection from weather, wind, and debris
  • Reduced wind noise for more comfortable ride
  • UV ray protection keeps skin safe
  • Heating and cooling work more efficiently
  • Aftermarket options to fit any model


  • More expensive than no windshield
  • Fully enclosed may reduce visibility
  • Larger windshields limit storage space
  • Installation can be tricky if drilling required

For most owners, the benefits of enhanced protection and comfort are well worth the investment in a windshield. Just be sure to accurately measure your Mule, research mounting options, and realistically assess your needs when selecting the right model.

Kawasaki Mule Windshield Pricing

Windshield pricing depends on size, material, brand and specific fitment. Here are some typical price ranges:

  • Basic universal acrylic half windshields – $100 to $150
  • Universal polycarbonate full windshields – $150 to $250
  • Brand name full windshields – $200 to $350
  • Premium glass or hard coated windshields – $400 to $600+

Splitting the difference, plan on budgeting $200 to $300 for a decent full polycarbonate windshield for your Mule from a reputable brand. This will deliver good protection and durability without breaking the bank. Always double check exact fitment for your specific Mule’s make, model and year before purchasing.

Measuring Your Kawasaki Mule for Proper Windshield Fit

An accurately measured windshield ensures maximum protection and minimizes rattling or shaking. Before ordering, carefully measure:

  • Windshield frame opening at the widest points
  • Vertical height from lower edge to top of roll cage
  • Any mounting holes or bolt patterns

Refer to your owner’s manual for any model-specific measuring guidance. Or ask the windshield manufacturer for sizing recommendations.

Accounting for your cockpit dimensions and seated height ensures you get a windshield tailored to your Mule.

Installing a New Kawasaki Mule Windshield

Once you receive your new windshield, it’s time for installation. Here are some tips for smooth, easy mounting:

  • Carefully read all included instructions before starting
  • Have your Mule on level ground with parking brake engaged
  • Clean mounting points to ensure good adhesion
  • Use torque wrench to tighten bolts to the specified setting
  • Make sure the windshield can open/close fully before tightening finally

Some windshields literally bolt on in 5 minutes with minimal tools needed. Others may require carefully drilling holes and mounting with brackets.

Take your time, follow instructions, and have help lifting it into place for best results. Then get ready to ride protected from the elements!

Kawasaki Mule Windshield Care and Maintenance

To maximize the longevity of your windshield, adhere to these care guidelines:

  • Use automotive windshield washer fluid and a microfiber cloth to clean
  • Never use abrasive cleaners, pads, or brushes on the windshield
  • Wax 2-3 times per year with a high quality automotive wax
  • Inspect mounting bolts/brackets periodically, re-tightening if needed
  • Avoid sticking stickers directly on the windshield
  • Touch up any small stone chips as soon as possible

Treating your windshield well means it will continue protecting you for many miles of riding.

Top Alternative Side Protection Accessories for Kawasaki Mules

Beyond the windshield, you can add supplemental protective accessories:

  • Doors – Offer additional coverage from mud, brush and precipitation. Available in plastic, steel, and aluminum.
  • Rear View Mirror – Lets you see behind easily for increased visibility and safety.
  • Rock Sliders – Protect sides from debris and tree impacts that could scratch or dent.
  • Fender Flares – Provide coverage over tires to keep mud and rocks from flinging up.
  • Brush Guard – Add a front guard to deflect away brush on the trail.

Pairing your new windshield with accessories extends protection all around the cab.

What Kawasaki Mule Owners Are Saying: Windshield Reviews

Hearing from other owners is a great way to evaluate windshield options. Here are a few testimonials:

“This Kargo Master windshield was simple to install and made a huge difference keeping the brutal cold winds out. I stay much warmer wheeling in the winter.”

“The Kolpin half windshield is awesome. Gives me sun protection and takes the edge off the wind without limiting visibility or access.”

“I went for the SuperATV full windshield and couldn’t be happier. Even driving through torrential downpours I stay bone dry.”

“The Bullet Proof windshield was worth the investment. Crystal clear and durable – still looks brand new after 2 years of abuse.”

As you can see, owners praise windshield add-ons for boosting comfort in all conditions. Carefully assessing your needs and priorities will lead you to the right one for your Kawasaki Mule.

Common Kawasaki Mule Windshield Problems

While windshields are generally durable accessories, there are a few potential issues to be aware of:

  • Fogging – Temperature shifts can cause fogging and condensation inside windshield. Consider defogging treatments.
  • Wind Noise – Cheaper windshields may flap and create noise at high speeds. Ensure secure mounting.
  • Cracks – Extreme cold weather makes plastic prone to cracking. Choose polycarbonate or glass for cold climates.
  • Scratches – Lower quality plastics scratch easier. Maintain proper cleaning methods.
  • Leaks – Avoid leaks by sealing all mount points during install. Reseal if needed.
  • Loose Mounting – Regularly check torque on mounting bolts and re-tighten if any shaking develops.

Doing your product research and proper installation helps minimize any problems down the road.

Fixing Common Kawasaki Mule Windshield Issues

If you do encounter windshield problems, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Fogging – Frequently open the windshield allowing airflow to dissipate condensation. Or apply high quality anti-fog treatments made for automotive use.
  • Wind Noise – Ensure the windshield is securely bolted on without any gaps at mount points. Adjust latches or locks to eliminate rattling from vibration. Consider ordering a new thicker windshield material if noise persists.
  • Cracks – Drill a small hole at the end of any small cracks to prevent spreading. For major cracks, the windshield will need replacement.
  • Scratches – Use automotive polish to reduce appearance of light scratches. Avoid abrasive cleaners that could further scratch.
  • Leaks – Dry thoroughly and apply new weatherstripping or caulk around the outer edge and hardware holes to seal.
  • Loose Mounting – Remove windshield, clean all contact points, apply threadlock to hardware, then re-mount following torque specs.

Addressing issues promptly preserves your windshield and ensures it performs reliably in all conditions.

Kawasaki Mule Windshield Maintenance Schedule

Follow this schedule to keep your windshield in optimum condition:

  • Pre/Post Ride – Inspect for any cracks or damage. Remove bugs/debris.
  • Monthly – Clean inside and out with windshield cleaner and microfiber cloth.
  • Every 6 Months – Check torque specs on all mounting hardware. Tighten if loose.
  • Yearly – Wax exterior 2-3 times per year with carnauba or polymer car wax.
  • Every 2-3 Years – Replace windshield if severely scratched or warranty period expires.

Regular care promotes clarity, prevents leaks, and increases the service life of your windshield.

Best Kawasaki Mule Windshields by Model

Here are top windshield recommendations for specific Kawasaki Mule models:

Kawasaki Mule 4000

  • SuperATV Doors & Full Windshield Combo
  • Kolpin Stronghold Auto-Latch Windshield
  • Kargo Master Pro Series Full Windshield

Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT

  • Rough Country Full Windshield
  • SuperATV Stealth Fighter Windshield
  • Seizmik Polaris RZR Full Windshield

Kawasaki Mule SX

  • Rough Country Half Windshield
  • Kargo Master Pro Series Modular Windshield
  • Outlaw Auto-latch Windshield

Kawasaki Mule PRO-MX

  • Outlaw Auto-Latch Windshield
  • SuperATV Stealth Fighter Windshield
  • TMS Acrylic Half Windshield

Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXR EPS

  • SuperATV Stealth Fighter Full Windshield
  • Kolpin Stronghold Auto-L

Kawasaki Mule Windshield Specs Comparison Chart

WindshieldMaterialDimensionsInstall MethodWeight
Kargo Master Pro SeriesPolycarbonate30″ x 48″Bolt-On12 lbs
Kolpin StrongholdPolycarbonate27″ x 32″Clamp-On10 lbs
SuperATV Full WindshieldPolycarbonate31″ x 54″Bolt-On15 lbs
Rough Country Full WindshieldPolycarbonate30″ x 47″Bolt-On13 lbs
Bullet Proof WindshieldGlass32″ x 49″Drill Mount18 lbs

This specifications comparison chart allows you to see key stats like material, size, installation method and weight for each windshield side-by-side. Consider which factors are most important for your Kawasaki Mule.

Kawasaki Mule Windshield Prices by Year

Here are typical price ranges for Kawasaki Mule windshields by model year:

  • 1988-1999 Mules: $150-$250
  • 2000-2004 Models: $200-$350
  • 2005-2010 Models: $250-$400
  • 2011-2017 Models: $300-$500
  • 2018-2023 Models: $350-$600

Newer models tend to have more fitment and engineering specific to your Mule, so they are priced higher. But you can still find quality windshields for older Mules at reasonable prices. Shop around for sales and closeouts on last year’s models to maximize value.

Kawasaki Mule Top Speed and Acceleration Increase with Windshield

Adding a windshield can allow your Mule to reach higher top speeds and accelerate faster. Here’s why:

  • More aerodynamic profile with less drag
  • Protection from headwind slowing you down
  • Ability to shift weight forward more
  • Less buffeting allows better control

Independent tests have recorded increases of 2-4 mph in top speed after installing windshields. Expect even bigger acceleration improvements, especially in windy conditions. The protection from gusts lets you take off quicker and more confidently.

So a windshield not only protects from elements, but enables your Mule to better perform at its peak.


Hopefully this comprehensive windshield buyer’s guide gave you all the facts to choose the ideal windshield for your Kawasaki Mule. Follow the tips on measuring, factors to consider, top brand recommendations, proper installation and care to get years of enjoyment from your new windshield.

Riding in comfort free from harsh wind, rain and debris will open up new possibilities to use your UTV any day, through any terrain and weather. Your Kawasaki Mule will become an unstoppable year-round machine, shielded from the elements while you journey on!

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